Saturday, July 31, 2010

The Calleta Dump Truck

So there was this guy and he hated me.  He *hated* me, and I never knew why really, but I accepted it.

It turns out, he hated me because there was one thing in SecondLife he loved the most.  It was an old junk dump truck at the Calleta sim and he thought it was just the funniest thing ever.  One day the dump truck disappeared, and for reasons yet unknown he became convinced I was responsible for it's disappearance.

Calleta is basically run by the Hobo Group, and I'm in the Hobo Group, but I'm perhaps their least active member, so I really didn't have anything to do with what happened to the dump truck, but it doesn't really matter because in life and in SecondLife, perception is often more important than facts, and in his perception I was responsible and that was that.

Once I found out that's why he hated me though, I made some inquiries amongst the Hobos, basically along the lines of "does anybody remember this dump truck" and somebody did and they told me it was never removed but it was moved to a new location and the guy who hated me must not have looked around very well or he would have found it.

Here I have photographic evidence that the Calleta Dump Truck still exists, so now maybe this guy will quit hating me.

If you ever want to visit the dump truck, it's here:

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Who's Left When The Grid Goes Down

Normally around 50,000 this time of day, the current population of SecondLife is now around 15,000.

So who stays online when the grid goes down?

The grid isn't totally out, it's just not accepting new log-ins and anyone left in world is unable to teleport from sim to sim.  The individual sim servers are up and running, it's just the network that links them together that's borked.

People who run bots and many campers use text-based viewers that keep the avatar online, able to receive IM's, but usually sitting in one spot,  this segment of accounts is largely unaffected by grid outages.

People often wonder just how many bots and campers and other forms of non-live avatars are active in SecondLife, that figure of 15,000 users still on the grid when the grid goes down is probably a pretty close approximation.  That would suggest that at non-peak times, something like 1/5 of the grid is bots, which is pretty close to the observations and sampling figures people have come up with.

It would be kind of creepy to be in-world at times like these.  The only other people you find are frozen and unresponsive, like something from an episode of The Twilight Zone.

Van Gough's Starry Starry Night in SL

Constructed for a festival, this build no longer exists in SecondLife. The video gives you an idea of how wonderful it was though..

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Robot Waiter

You can't get good help anymore so I bought t his Robot Waiter for the  Hanja Hangout.  It cost only $L75 from D-Lab.  You can get your own here:

He's the coolest little guy.  He walks around with a tray of champaigne.  Click on the tray to get a glass.  You can see him at the Hanja Hangout.

Dozens of Robot Waiters Attack Maybe at Hobo Island

Monday, July 26, 2010

Three Rules of a Happy SecondLife

I've mentioned these three simple rules often.  Stick with them and your SecondLife will go along just fine.

Don't Fall In Love:
You'll hear about who partnered who and people who met on SecondLife and got married in real life, but that doesn't mean it's going to happen to you.  The vast majority of SecondLife romances are very, very short-lived and many of the people who leave SecondLife do so because of a romance gone bad.

The truth is: there's a lot of data you need to make good romantic choices that just isn't transmitted by SecondLife and you won't even know you're missing this important information until it smacks you in the face like a dead trout.

There is sex in SecondLife and lots of it, but don't seek it out, let it find you. It's out there but it aint really that great and if you spend your time seeking it out, you're going to be disappointed.

Leave Your Ego Out of the Game
If you come to SecondLife hoping to shore up a fractured ego or if you hope to impress people by how much of a bad-ass you are, prepare to look foolish.  Your avatar might look like Arnold Schwarzenegger with long hair, but that doesn't mean you won't get spanked by a chipmunk in a baseball cap.

We're all pretty much equal here and as long as that's ok with you then SecondLife can be a lot of fun, but if you're the kind of person who needs to feel like  you're above somebody then it's just not going to end well for you. 

That goes double for griefers and trolls.  They come saying it's for the lulz, but the leave wondering why they ever bothered in the first place.

Find Something Else To Do:
If all you do on SecondLife is hang out and chat, then eventually human nature will kick in and you'll be miserable and give up on it.  Find something else to do like, building, art, music, games, role-play, even just sight seeing will do, but you need a break from the human element of SecondLife occasionally or the human element will drive you to distraction.  Fortunately, SecondLife excels at offering these other options, so they're there if  you would only look.

Birth of a Cylon

This is Quint Spirt.  For weeks he's been coming to Hanja to test the robot/cylon avatar he's creating.

It started with just a leg, then two, then hips and body and arms and now he's gotten to the head.  I can't wait to see the finished product.

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Ultimate Weapon Deployed

Determined to have peace and security, Parktown Officials today announced the deployment of the X-47-SL Ultimate SecondLife Security Weapon.

Boyd Doghouse and Dr Mortimer Hoof install the X-47-SL
device on the border between Hanja and Parktown.

A combination device developed by Dr. Mortimer Hoof (using alien Gurbux technology), the X-47-SL listens to, orbits, and if necessary kills avatars.

With an effective range of 9,000 meters, the X-47-SL not only listens to and records all private and local chat communications on SecondLife, it also picks up all communications sent by MSN, Yahoo, AIM, Skype (including video conferences), Tiny Chat, Facebook and Email.

With special attention to the ever-present threat of invasion by drunken Scotsmen, the X-47-SL can orbit any drunken limey to a height of 11,000 meters almost instantly. Benevolent Scottish person, Jasmine Hancroft agreed to get drunk just so we could test this function of the weapon.

Although Linden Labs allows users of SecondLife to have up to five alternate accounts per household, Parktown Officials considers this a particular threat and designed the X-47-SL to detect all alts ever used by a SecondLife avatar, as well as picking up any accounts or screen names they might use on WoW, EVE, IMVU and Steam.

In the unlikely event that all else fails, the X-47-SL can guarantee the security of Parktown Residents by detonation (as a final option) killing all avatars in a 29,000 meter radius. We have made arrangements with the Lindens to test the detonation option next month, with test sights in Ahern and Waterhead.

The device is programmed to begin playing music by Swedish Supergroup Abba 30 seconds before detonation, so if you hear Abba in SecondLife, RUN LIKE HELL!

Wednesday, July 21, 2010


Real Life In SecondLife

There are tons of people I've known in real life that I'd love to meet in SecondLife.  Interesting and intelligent I'd be fascinated to know what they made of the experience.

And then there are others...

A slow night, and in the mood for a bit of exploring, I landed in one of the lesser-known info hubs.  I'm fairly accustom to rezzing into the middle of completely uninteresting conversations.  In a world full of infinite variety, it's just the luck of the draw sometimes.

These two women were talking about laundry and drinking and some in-world drama or another and I was on the brink of mentally tuning them out completely, when I realized that one of the voices sounded very familiar. 

She mentioned the place she worked and the town she lived in and I thought to myself "no WAY..."

And then I checked her RL tab and photo...

I met her in college.  She was loud and obnoxious then, and more than a bit dense.  Realizing we had nothing in common and noticing that the sound of her voice made my stomach sour, I just avoided her.  For twenty years I've avoided her. 

Avoiding her was never enough though.  She's one of those people who show up from time to time in your life just because the fates enjoy annoying you and for years I've occasionally run across her in Walmart, at the DMV and now on SecondLife.

I hadn't spoken on voice yet, and she and her friend hadn't noticed me yet, so I TP'ed away pretty quickly.

I escaped this time, but out there, somewhere in SecondLife, is a very annoying side of my first life, and I know at some point I'm going to have to confront this gorgon and say "hi"...

Or I could bag it and head for OS grid or WOW...

A voice changer!  That's the ticket!

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

New Girl In Town

[19:32]  Samael Aries: I am the new Shazz
[19:32]  Boyd Doghouse: good
[19:33]  Boyd Doghouse: it suits you
[19:33]  Samael Aries: ;)
[19:34]  Boyd Doghouse: I can hardly tell the difference

Giant Gorillas Invade Korea

Monday, July 19, 2010

Mortimer's Mom

Mortimer asked if his mother and some other relatives could move in with him.  I said "sure!"

The next day I found this scene in the garden.  I think the grave in the middle is his mother
Why is it always raining at his place?  And why just at his place? 

Are those vultures over-head?  What's going on over there?

Forgetting to Advertise?

Since I write a blog about SecondLife, I also read other blogs about Secondlife. 

Several of them use different forms of advertising to earn a few sheckles off their blog and one thing I've noticed is that almost none of them have ads for SecondLife, but they almost always have ads for competing services like IMVU or E.V.E and the like.

Blog advertising, be it Google Adwords or something similar, works off the concept of key words.  If you blog contains certain key words, then the advertising server offers up ads related to it.  The bloggers themselves are pretty much out of the loop and it's automatic.

What happens is, somebody like IMVU places and order with ad words to post their ad on blogs that contain the keywords SecondLife and pay so much per impression or click.  This is Google's main form of revenue.

That IMVU would want to be advertised on blog posts about SecondLife is Basic Marketing Strategy 101.  Advertise wherever your competition is mentioned.  Linden Labs however is forgetting another basic marketing rule, which is: don't forget to advertise to your existing users. 

Especially now, with so many existing users uncomfortable and unsettled about SL's future, Linden Labs should be advertising heavily on all the blogs about SecondLife.

I'm also surprised that none of the larger content providers and land barons aren't using google adwords to reach their market.  It would be easy enough to have an ad link to your XStreet page, for instance.

Maybe LL and SL content creators are so focused on life in-world they forget there are other means of reaching their market.  They shouldn't though.  All those ads for IMVU are going to attract some people to convert from SL. 

I'm a little surprised nobody has written a google gadget to sell advertising on SL related blogs that sells ad space for lindens.  It seems like that'd be easy to do and a fairly logical development.

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Who is the King of Hanja?

I used to work at a company that had a warehouse in a downtown urban center.  Behind the warehouse was an alley and in the alley lived this homeless guy.  If you asked the homeless guy, he would tell you he owned that alley and he owned it because that's where he spent his time, sleeping, eating, hanging out and occasionally taking a crap in the corner.

The company would tell you they owned the alley.  They bought it.  They had a deed on it and paid taxes on it and somewhere in the city records was a line saying they owned it.

The police generally agreed with the company, and occasionally they would come and remove the homeless guy, but even if he spent a couple of nights in jail or the mental hospital, he always found his way back to his home in the alley.

In the grand scheme of things, I can't tell you who was right.  The company had a piece of paper saying they owned the alley, but they never really used it, where the homeless guy had no piece of paper but he used the alley every day.  Aliens observing us from space would probably say the homeless guy was the real king of the alley.

Recently Nero has proclaimed himself "King of Hanja".  You might think a guy who's been banned dozens and dozens of times can't possibly be King of anywhere in SecondLife, but maybe he's like the homeless guy.

He's king because he spends his time in Hanja, and occasionally takes a crap in the corner and no matter how many times the Lindens remove him, he always finds his way back to his alley kingdom.  Nobody particularly likes him there, but as he's never found anywhere else to go--that's his alley, and in his alley, he's the homeless king.

To us, it seems logical that people who have been repeatedly banned have no place in SecondLife, but to them the fact that they spend so much time there gives them the right to be there, even if they have to return after a trip to the mental hospital.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

More Hoofs!

Mortimer and Scarticia introduced me to their identical twin daughters today.  Gwendolyn and Evilyn are home from school for holiday.  They're identical twins, although each has their own precocious personality.

Hoof Manor at Night

I wouldn't go in there alone.

Thursday, July 8, 2010

The Great Sex Vortex of the Southern Continent

I can't post any pictures with this story...because they'd be obscene.

Running multiple scripts can sometimes have unexpected results.

The other day, I was minding my own business in Parktown, when my mysti-tool hud started picking up a strange series of messages.  These weren't messages from people, they were messages from objects, scripted objects talking to each other, very rapidly, very loudly, and in a most obscene way.

Nothing in Parktown was causing this, so I looked at the map and two sims away there was a huge pile-up of green dots in one corner.  Figuring it was some sort of griefer attack, I TP'ed in a couple of parcels away from the pile-up.

The moment I landed in the sim, my avatar started being pulled toward the dot pile-up.  I tried walking away from it and I tried flying away from it, but something was pulling me and couldn't be stopped.  It pulled me through ban-lines (which I didn't know was possible).

Blue boxes saying "You cannot enter this parcel" popped up over and over, to no avail.  Blue boxes saying "You have been ejected from this land" popped up with the same nil effect.  Whatever was pulling me,  dragged my avatar some 1000 meters in the sky to a plain wood sky-box and stuck me half-way through the floor.

Inside the sky-box was the most pornographic thing I ever saw in Secondlife.  There was a pile of twenty naked avatars, each fully equipped with Xcite sex parts, interacting with the most elaborate piece of .Xcite sex furniture I ever saw.  It was sounds, it was animations, it was particles, all interacting, and all breaking Secondlife.

Another avatar got sucked into the vortex and appeared next to me.  I could tell by radar that only the avatar in the center of the sex-pile was "real" using viewer 2.0, all the others were using text-based viewers, meaning they were bots.

"GET OUT!" screamed the one human naked avatar.  "How did you get in here?"

"I'm trying to!" I responded.  "I can't move or TP, I'm stuck in your floor and SecondLife is trying to eject me, but can't."

I have no idea how many sex scripts were in the bots or their naughty prim body parts, nor how many scripts in the orgy furniture this person set out, but they were too many and SecondLife had gone nuts.

"You can't be here!" They Screamed.  "GET OUT!" as another hapless avatar got sucked into the vortex.

I tried to explain to them that something about the scripts they were running seems to have reversed the ban lines so that they now attracted avatars rather than repelling them, and they better do something quick or the sim was going to crash!

Despite their frustration and embarrassment and anger that now a third person had broken through their ban lines, this one human in the middle of the sex-pile understood what I was saying enough to take their nineteen alts off line.  The moment they left, the three of us stuck in the floor were immediately ejected to an adjacent parcel.

"What the hell just happened?" asked one of my fellow abductees.  "I'm not sure."  I said.  "Some sort of scripted melt-down I think."

When the others left, the one naked human from the sex pile IM'ed me.  "How did you do that?"  They asked.

I tried to explain to them it wasn't anything I had done.  The Xcite sex products have scripts within them that communicate with other Xcite sex products which is how they do the things they do. 

I don't think they ever considered twenty people all using them at the same time in the same spot before, because it seemed to have caused some sort of feed-back loop which was eating up SecondLife resources and creating a vortex sucking any avatar who happened into the sim toward the pile-up.

This poor user (and I'll never reveal their name) had a sex fantasy that involved a huge orgy and unspeakable acts with them at the center.  Embarrassed to seek twenty live people to make their fantasy come true, they spent hours meticulously creating alt accounts to run as bots in their fantasy orgy.  They studied X-Street to find only the best scripted genitals for their bot sex mates and only the finest scripted sex furniture to go with it and for weeks worked on and hoped for the night when they could make their fantasy come true.

Truly embarrassed that I not only witnessed their unusual fetish, but was rudely sucked into it like a black hole, this user was despondent. 

"Look" I told them.  "This was hardly the weirdest thing I ever saw on SecondLife.  I'm pretty immune to naked avatars by now and the only thing that was the least bit interesting to me was how the scripts ran amok and what in the world caused the gravitational attraction on avatars."

"You won't tell anybody will you?"  They asked.

"I can't promise never to tell the story, because it's a great story.  But, I do promise never to reveal your name."  I said

"Fair enough.  Thanks for your help."  They replied.

"Remember" I told them "running multiple scripts at the same time can have unexpected results.  I wouldn't try this again."

"You're very kind"  They said.  "It's too bad you're not my type..."  and with that I TP'ed away, glad to have survived the great sex vortex of the Southern Continent.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Strange New Neighbors

I'd given up all hope of ever renting lot 13 in Parktown Shiot.  Located between Megan Bathgate's abandoned sex hotel and Astin Miles' Urban Grunge store and above the city's sewer and catacombs, Lot 13 wasn't very attractive to anyone.  It was the bad side of Parktown.

I really only acquired the parcel to link north and south Parktown Shiot and bought them at the lowest price possible from the Lindens, as they original owners mysteriously disappeared leaving all their belongings.  With no hope of renting the parcel I resolved to turn it into a station house for our proposed rail system, when one day a new user contacted me saying he was interested in the lot.

His name was Mortimer Hoof, and he was very eager to see the lot.  Absolutely disinterested in the surface area he'd be renting, Hoof only wanted to see the underground catacombs and sewer beneath the lot.

He was a very curious looking person: very short by SL standards, and with something of a pot belly.  His skin was pale and yellow and his sideburns grew completely out of control.  Most curiously, Hoof carried an umbrella with him wherever he went.  "I don't like the sun", he said.

Despite the rats and sewage he saw underground, and rumors of ghosts above ground, Hoof was absolutely delighted with lot 13 and eager to rent it.  His grandmother had seen it in a vision and Mortimer and his new bride decided they must have it.

I mentioned a price and Hoof pulled out a fat roll of Linden Dollars and paid for six months on the spot, giving me another ten thousand linden dollars to design and build a house for him on the lot.  "Victorian" he said.  "My wife and I are a bit old fashioned."

What is Gor?

Nearly every user of SecondLife has heard of GOR, but few know what it means.

Gor is a role-play community built around books written by Dr. John Lange (under the nom de plume John Norman).  Lange, a professor of philosophy, wrote 28 books based on his science-fiction/fantasy world of Gor between 1967 and 2009, with the bulk of the books published in the 1970's.

Published directly to pulp paperback, Lange's books tell the story of the planet Gor, an Earth-sized planet ruled by insectoid aliens, who (for reasons of their own) occasionally kidnap humans from Earth and life-forms from other planets to populate their world, but keep them locked into Bronze-Age technology.

Artistically, Lange borrows heavily (rips-off) from better novelists like Edgar Rice-Burroughs and Robert E. Howard, but where Rice-Burroughs and Howard suggested sexual behavior in their novels without ever describing it, the sex scenes are some of the most prominent in Lange's books.

Lange's prose has long been criticized as childish and nearly unreadable, but his willingness to spend so many words on sexual subjects avoided by most other authors probably explain why anyone bothers reading his books in the first place.

The sex in Lange's books focus on dominance, submission and bondage and openly express a misogynistic philosophy that men are naturally dominant and women are naturally subservient as Lange expands on his theory of natural order that forms the backbone of his career as a professor of philosophy.  How Lange survives in the pro-feminist atmosphere in the City University of New York system is something of a mystery.

Two very cheap films were made of Lange's books in the 1970's, neither did very well.  One was bad enough to become an episode of Mystery Science Theatre 3000.

For reasons unknown, bondage, dominance and submission were noticeable features of even the first on-line communities in the late 1970's and 1980's.  Since then, millions of virtual collars have been traded among users who seem oblivious to the absurdity of the virtual servitude concept.  With the advent of the internet in the 1990's, this sexually oriented community discovered Lange's books and Gor became one of the more noticible fan groups.

The majority of Lange's books were out of print by then, so fans passed text file copies of them amongst each other.  There were too many pirated copies of the books available to interest any traditional publisher in reprinting them, so to cash in on his revival, Lange wrote three new books between 2000 and 2009, none of which did very well. (a self-publishing service) released paperback reprints of several of the books in 2007, but considered the venture too risky to commission new cover art for them.  By and large, Lange has been unable to cash in on his internet-based revival.  He used to rent tables at science fiction conventions to sell signed copies of his books, but he seems to have stopped that activity recently.

The was the first virtual world invaded by the fans of Gor.  Largely unknown then, the Goreans were generally ridiculed by the rest of the Palace users so they became very insular and secretive.  Like the furries, goreans made the jump to the third dimension with the advent of SecondLife, which, like Palace, allowed them to create their own content to use in-world. 

Surprisingly, in SecondLife, Gor may be more popular among women than among men.  The implications of Gorean misogyny and slavery aren't immediately evident in a virtual setting where their servitude ends with the click of a mouse and their labors require little real effort.  Perhaps, in the end, it's just a way for fat chicks to get virtually laid and has no real-world implications beyond that. One has to suspect that just one day in real servitude picking cotton or scrubbing floors would change their mind's about slavery pretty quickly.

In SecondLife, most Goreans use restrained-life or restrained-love enabled viewers which allow their masters to restrain the movement of their avatar and remove articles of prim clothing at will which is why much of gorean fashion focuses on just the prim parts instead of the avatar clothing layers.

Their role-play is heavily dependent on the physics capabilities of the SecondLife viewer.  Recently, an upgrade to the physics engine in SecondLife changed the way Gorean weapons worked, freezing arrows in mid-air, only to rain down later, often hitting the avatars that fired them rather than their opponents.

The sexual part of Gor is dependent on success in virtual combat, so with heart of their role-play in danger, Goreans protested the programming change with placards on Help Island and a mass assault on the SecondLife Jira forcing the Lindens to roll back the server upgrade until the offending bit of code could be changed.

For good or for evil, SecondLife has become a meeting place for those who have no place in the real world and, for the moment, that includes the Goreans.  Lange would argue the virtual worlds allow man's true inner nature to come forth, but I suspect the real reason behind the success of Gor in SecondLife is probably the easy virtual sex for people who have trouble hooking up in the real world.

Monday, July 5, 2010

The Most Offensive Thing Ever on SecondLife?

Generally, I'm willing to listen to any side of the Israel question, so long as the speaker is fairly grounded in reality and knows something about the history that lead us to this impasse.

Yesterday I log on to find this on Crap Mariner's blog.  It lead me to this on the SL forums.  Wow, "the most offensive thing ever".  This I gotta see.  So, I went.

What I found was pretty standard Palestinian protest rhetoric.  Apparently the most offensive piece was removed by the owner, a guy named Lord Ansar, before I got there.

The rest was mainly the same photographs of dead Muslims and crying children that I've seen a thousand times before, despite the constant mantra from the Palestinian supporters that the (Jewish controlled) US media prevents us from ever hearing their message.  Somehow I managed to escape their filters and heard both sides of the argument many, many times.  There wasn't a hint of dead Jews anywhere on the sim, so it was pretty evident how they wore their blinders and wanted us to wear ours.

There was quite a crowd built up, separated into factions.  The smallest faction was the Palestinian supporters, lead by Lord Ansar himself.  The next smallest group was the few people, like myself, who were generally interested in political or historical discourse.

There was a slightly larger group of atheists against any religion-backed government, Jewish or Muslim (a position I'm sympathetic to) but, by far, the largest group was from Ahern and similar areas simply there to troll the crowd as best they could with their non-sequiturs. 

Ansar, I discounted (and almost muted) when he said the Jews wouldn't rest until they conquered Egypt and Syria, adding them to the Zionist empire.  The atheists were full of sound and fury signifying nothing so I discounted them next.

I hate to say it, but the only people who were the least bit interesting were the Ahern watards who managed to weave their memes into the conversation, quite illogically, but with an almost musical pattern.

Needless to say, I soon bored of the spectacle of the crowd and began searching the rest of the sim for "the most offensive thing ever on SL".  I never found it.  I did find a water-slide amidst the photographs of dead Palestinians and crying children which made me question how seriously these people wanted me to take their political speech in the first place.

That's the issue really.  I'm in favor of as much political speech, and speech as free as possible on SecondLife, but to maintain my interest or gain my sympathy it has to be much better done than this.  Instead of actually listening to their message, I found myself blandly picking out how crappy and hastily done their build was.

At its base, SecondLife is a communicative medium, and a very powerful one, but it has to be done right and what you're trying to communicate has to be well considered and formed in a way your audience can digest it.

I suspect what Lord Ansar really wanted (whether he knew it or not) was to build a sim in solidarity with like-minded Arabs on SecondLife and let his message end there if need be.  I'm sure he thought it'd be shocking to a SecondLife audience because of this myth that Americans have never seen their side of the story.  The reaction of the Ahern crowd though, was pretty good evidence that Americans (and Britons) are not only exposed to the message, but so exposed to it that they're bored with it.

The most offensive thing ever on SL?  Eh, not so much.  Despite that, and despite their lack of perspective and factuality though, I have to support what Lord Ansar did with his build.  It basically sucked in terms of artistic and communicative and rhetorical skills (unless the message was just Arab jingoism), but by sucking he might inspire somebody else to do better.  If you want to reach me with your message by offending me then have at it, but you're gonna have to try harder than this.

Sunday, July 4, 2010

More Cheaters

Let us travel to the exotic south continent sim of Gye Ran and the Persian inspired Yo Animations shop.

The map shows 15 people, but where are they?  Here they are! Under the shop.  They used to be on a platform at 4,000 meters but somebody (!) kept knocking them in every direction, so their owner, Grey Kranfel, decided to move them somewhere safe.  Kranfel loves illegal bots.  Lets look at another one of his builds. 

Just 12 bots this time.  4,000 meters in the air.

 Here's the man himself.  For a guy who sells (and supposedly makes rather than just steals) animations, his AO makes him look something like one of those Santa robots you see in store windows around Christmas.

Except for Grey and myself there wasn't anybody on the sim who wasn't a bot.  This guy is responsible for 30 active accounts on the grid every day.

It doesn't seem to be doing him any good though because none of his locations seem to have any real customers.  Just bots.  What a retard.

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Cheaters Who Prosper

As children, we're told "cheaters never prosper".  Like many fairy tales, it's not true.  Most cheaters do it just to prosper.  In SecondLife, people who cheat on the terms of service to make a few extra linden dollars are rampant.  Lets look at just a few.

One way of cheating in SecondLife is by cheating the map.  The map is supposed to help people get around, not draw people to your store, which is exactly what some people do.  Lets look at how.

Huge Fucking Signs
According to the terms of service: advertising in SecondLife must be no more than 8 meters  high and must be attached to the ground.  Yet we see this sign in Jieut  The owner is Cedric Brown.  When I pointed out to him that his sign was in violation he said he wouldn't take it down.  When I told the lindens about it, I was told they'd get right on removing it, yet it's still there over a week later.

Here's another one in Paektu.  The owner is a guy named XLR8RRICK Hudson.

The rules about advertising in-world are spelled out pretty clearly on the wiki but, who cares right?  "You don't know me! I do what I want!"

Mystery Dots

Lets look at another way of map cheating.  This Haute Couture Designs store in Eup looks pretty popular right?  The map says there's 15 people there, but when you TP to the store, there's nobody around.
What gives?
Let's fly up a bit and see what's happening.

Here the people are at 4000 meters, in a box, the same people day after day, 24 hours a day.  They're not people, they're bots: alternate accounts run from a text based SecondLife viewer for the expressed purpose of cheating the system and making this person's store seem more popular than it is.  The Root account seems to be Brealla Tal, but that might be another bot. 

Not satisfied with littering the southern continent with is bots, Haute Couture Designs has another 20 bots at their shop in Pickerel and 7 in Trimaxion.   That's nearly 50 accounts, all bots, all to fraudulently draw people to the Haute Couture Designs stores.

Vendors and Creators