Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Hanja Poll Results

Most Likely to Make Peace:
41% Boyd Doghouse
37% Maybe Lunasea

Most Likely to Get Muted:
37% Leslie "Abba" Whittenstall
33% Push Button
12% Nero Bumblefoot

Most Likely to Rage Quit:

50% Ziff
20% Nero Bumblefoot
16% Dic Guisse

Sexiest Voice Male:
36% Solomon Chakrabarti
20% Benisimo Luik
16% Zif
16% Tarco Greymoon

Sexiest Voice Female:
50% Shazz Larnia
25% Caidence Andel
12% Jasmine Hancroft
12% Sabre Parabola

Most Calming Voice:
47% Maybe Lunasea
17% Sabre Parabola
17% Glurp Gurbux
13% MeowMeow Bigboots

Most Annoying Voice:
54% Push Button
33% Natalie Hanly
12% Nero Bumblefoot

Emerald Releases Statement about Emerald Bug

After nearly two weeks of speculation, the Emerald Development team released a statement today regarding the so called "emerald bug" datamine release.

The Alphaville Hearald first reported a leaked database gathered by the Emerald development team on May 5, 2010, with limited screen shots of the database. They again reported on the story on May 17, 2010, this time with a full list of the avatar names listed in the database, but without the rest of the data associated with the database. The full database is, at this writing, still available on at least one data sharing site.

What is the Emerald Bug?
The Emerald Bug is a database of 16,000 Secondlife User names gathered by the Emerald Development team. As something of an inside joke, the Emerald team named the database "datamine", in reference to the act of data mining (this data was mined) and their ownership of the data (this data is mine).

How did they Gather the Data?
Emerald put listening devices on the land they own in Secondlife. There was some speculation that the data was gathered from other locations, including welcome areas, but this does not appear to be the case. If you never visited an Emerald owned parcel or region, then your name is not on the list.

Emerald used the media function of Secondlife to gather the data. It's the same function that allows users to hear music, see video and now read web pages within Secondlife. It's the same sort of information gathered by many web developers, including Google who gathered similar information about you (excluding your SecondLife user name) simply by reading this article.

Emerald apparantly DID NOT use any function of the emerald viewer to gather this data.

What information is in the Database?
Included in the leaked emerald database, known as "datamine" is SecondLife user names and their location in secondlife when the data was gathered, IP addresses, and time and date information.

What informaton IS NOT in the Database?
Very sensitive information like your Secondlife password, real name and address and other sites you've visited in Secondlife WAS NOT gathered by datamine, and cannot be determined from the information included in datamine, so even if your name does appear in the database, there is virtually no cause for concern for your privacy or security.

Why did Emerald Gather this Information?
Like many "white hat" organizations in Secondlife, Emerald occasionally suffers griefing attacks. The datamine operation was an attempt to link repeat griefers to a specific IP address, even if they change account name, so they can ban them from their in-world locations by IP and prevent griefing on their land.

Datamine apparently was not part of the Emerald Onyx project which seeks to gather information about malicious Secondlife viewers, as was suspected by many. There is no information in the datamine database with regards to viewer type which would make it part of the Onyx project.

How did the Information Get Out?
A member of the Emerald development team leaked the information. They apparently know who it was and have ousted him from the Emerald organization and tightened security within the rest of the organization. They have not said who it was.

How is all this Related to Woodbury?
Woodbury University is a Secondlife group often associated with griefing. The Alphaville Herald speculated repeatedly that Linden Labs shut down the Woodbury sim and banned many of their users in retaliation for any part Woodbury members might have had in the data leak from Emerald.

While it appears there may be some connection between the two, I suspect the recent actions against Woodbury has more to do with a general house-cleaning and security tightening by Linden Labs, including a recent (and nearly identical) slap-down of W-Hat, another group associated with griefing, and changes in the approved viewer policy.

Should I be Worried?
Whether your name appeared in the datamine database or not, there appears to be almost no cause for concern. None of the information in the datamine database can damage your home computer or your Secondlife account, nor can anyone use this information to discover any of your real life data. At this time it is very safe to use the emerald viewer. They maintain (and I believe) they DO NOT retain your Secondlife password information, nor any data about what you do or where you go within Secondlife.

Was the Alphaville Herald Biased in Favor of Griefers in reporting this story?
This is an old allegation. The Herald focuses on the misuse of the Secondlife platform as part of their journalistic mission. This includes griefing.

While they do occasionally express concerns over the rights of people associated with griefing, I have yet to see them say anything to encourage the activity or teach anyone how to do it.

The editorial policy and position of the Herald is what it is, and like it or not, what they report about Secondlife is news in Secondlife, and they're the only ones doing it. As with any writer or group of writers (including this one), we can only encourage the individual Alphaville Herald reader to use their own judgment and discernment on these issues before taking the writer's position as your own.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Meme of the Day "I'm Spartacus"

Directed by Stanley Kubrick and released in 1960, Spartacus remains a masterpiece of cinema.

Final scene. Spartacus sees his only prayer come to pass.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

A Visit to Retropolis

Imagine you're adrift in the mysterious South China Sea, on a tiny junk, in the middle of a monsoon and a giant octopus attacks! What do you do? Why dance of course!

That's exactly what happens in the wonderful build "Retropolis", by Tricia Farella. She calls it her "Adventure Sim" and home for all her experiments. I wonder if the giant octopus started out as an experiment.

Lectramossa swabs the deck

Deano strikes a pose, just before blowing chunks over the rail

Somehow Quinby ended up in a cage. She kind of does that a lot.

Sabre got her foot caught in a rope and ended up just hanging around.

If you like the boat, you can buy it on X-Street.

Tricia Farella and I are in danger of being eaten by her creation, the Swamp Troll.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

New Art at the Gallery

Two new artists present their work at the Art Gallery.

Two Paintings by Fang Aries

Come see these works and more art by Second Life residents at the Parktown Gallery

Art Shop Facelift

Inspired by the film Metropolis, I decided to give the Art In Frames shop an art deco face lift. Megaprims and a clever redesign of the mezzanine enabled me to actually reduce the prim count of the structure while upgrading its looks.


Bay City Second Anniversary

Bay City celebrated it's first anniversary today with a parade and a concert with Edward Kyomoon, Christov Kohnke, and AM Quar at the Bay City Fairgrounds. With help from the Lindens, nearly one hundred users were able to enjoy the music.

Huge Crowds

Edward Kyomoon Sings

Lectramossa Xaron finds a spot to listen above the crowd.

Bay City is a SecondLife experimental cross development community between individual members and Linden Labs.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Beni Concert

Sheila, Tarra, Hayda and Lectramossa

Lectramossa dances with a tommy gun to the tunes of Benisimo Luik

Saturday, May 8, 2010

What a Difference a Draw Makes

In SecondLife, "draw distance" sets how far away from your avatar position your viewer will draw objects. If you set draw distance to 100, then it draws all objects and avatars within 100 meters of your avatar, if you set it at 1000, then it draws all objects and avatars within 1000 meters of your avatar.

Increasing draw distance is a great way to make Secondlife look more interesting and realistic. There is a drawback, however, because the higher you set your draw distance, the longer it takes your computer to render SecondLife and can cause serious lag.

Draw Distance set at 1000

Draw Distance set at 100

Friday, May 7, 2010

1'st Annual Hanja Awards

The votes are counted and the winners are as follows:

Category: Stupid and Annoying
Winner: Push Button 40%
Nominees: Glurp, Push, John, Natalie, Push, Push, Push

Category: Person Most Likely to Stick a Fork Into Someone Else's Throat
Tie: Sabre & Anthonycl 40%

Category: Stupid and Entertaining
Winner: Gia Foxdale 30%
Nominees: Ebico, Pie, Gia Fozdale, Gia, Gaston, Dic

Category: Most Random
Winner: Pie Francois 30 %
Nominees: Pie, Gia, Buster, Wild

Category: Person Most Likely to Stick a Fork Into Their Own Throat
Tie: Hal & Russel 20%
Nominees: Gia, Anthony, Push, Hal, Russel

Category: Most Accidentally Funny
Winner: Gia Foxdale 40%
Nominees: Gia, Solomon, Gia, Gaston

Category: Most Obscene
Tie: Ariona & Nero 20% draw
Nominees: Push, Ariona, Nero, Samael, Ariola, Dic

Category: Most Likey to Melt Down Under Pressure
Winner: Natalie 20 %
Nominees: Gia, Anthony, Couchman, Toxx, Leslie, Natalie, Nero

Category: Most Likely to Start an Argument
Winner: Zif 60%
Nominees: Pie, Zif, Natalie, Zif, Zif, Zif, Zif, Zif...

New at the Zoo Bottle Nose Dolphin


Free Stuff From the Lindens

Although the Lindens count on us for building most of the content you see in SecondLife, they also hire some very talented builders to create content for Governor Linden owned property.

They're called "Moles" and they're regular Secondlife users, like you or me, working part-time and full-time for Linden Labs building stuff.

You already own a bunch of Mole-built items. They're in the library section of your inventory. There are locations around the grid though, where you can get even more, and the it's all free!

Here are some of the locations where you can load up on FREE Linden Mole goodies

Mole Mart
Bay City

When you go to these Mole Depots, click on everything and see if you can take a copy or buy for zero lindens. Then open the item from your inventory like you would a box from a store. Inside will be lots of free goodies, especially for builders like textures and accessories.

There are cool houses and buildings too and even some gestures.

Playing Doctor in Hanja

In attendence: Nurse Smee Dezno, Dr. Jayda Ethaniel, Sabre Parabola P.H.D., Patient RamToneAntics Ramsay, Patient Boyd Doghouse, Psych Patient Sieg Refenoir, Medical Experiment Tarco Greymoon.

Sunday, May 2, 2010

The Wedding of Glad and Even

Photo by: Shazz Larnia

Photo by: Shazz Larnia

Photo by: Shazz Larnia
Photo by: Shazz Larnia

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Reception for Hatti and Bourne at the Umpire State Building

Photo by: Shazz Larnia

Sabre Parabola slays in that style

Dancing Fartian


Who knew Poly and Quinby would make such a cute couple.

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