Saturday, August 28, 2010

Parktown Shops

Name: Lok's by Hanja
Owner: Sera Lok

Description: A little place by my first little place in SL ever, and close to the welcome center i spent a lot of time at awhile back. some freebies, and randomness.

Name: Fuzzy Bee
Owner: Quinby Hancroft

Description: Furniture  clothing clothes shirts tables beds couches couch table bed kitchen bedroom fan dresser cabinets chair chairs living room home decor office rug  lamp mirror low prim linden home

Name: Art In Frames / Authentic Replica
Owner: Sabre Parabola

Description: Modern, contemporary and abstract art for your home.  Nothing over 100L.  Stop by my store and have a look around.  New pieces added often. Art, Wall Decor, Scenery, Decoration, Modern, Abstract, Contemporary, Pop Art, Paintings, Sculpture, Photographs,


Name: Chaotic Cognitions HQ
Owner: Stryfe Lowell



Name: Cilabel!
Owner: Percila Paine

Description: Boots, Heels, Shoes, Home, Decor, Furniture, Shelf, boho, bedroom, Fishtank, Club, Hangout, romantic, pose, FREEBIES, 0L, 1L, Bar, Dj booth, Lighting, Kitchen, Living room, Dinning room, burlesque, Game room, Plant,  dress, Antique, vintage


Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Emerald Gate Update

With regards to Emeraldgate and the surrounding events, I'd like to point out something obvious: the system worked.

Problems with the Emerald viewer were quickly identified and corrected, and in the case of EMKDU, problems with the corrections were quickly identified and corrected again, even though conflicts over how the corrections were made induced team member LordGregGreg to leave the team.  Even with the (former) team leader not as forthcoming as he should have been: the system still worked.

I'd like to point out something else obvious: although Emerald's Arabella Steadham was criticized for saying there was no DDOS on because there was no actual denial of service, she has a pretty good point.  Whatever Hazim Gazov's theoretical damages in the incident were, his actual damages were zero.

Although annoying, Fractured Crystal's actions in this case produced no actual denial of service.  I should also point out that, as an individual, Gazov is far more sinned than sinned against.  It's true Fractured Crystal should have just ignored this douche bag and gone about his business, but let's not paint Gazov as some sort of innocent victim.

Last night, presented a panel of the entire issue of third party viewers. Moderator Phaylen Fairchild hosted panelists Toxic Menges, Gianna Borgnine, Angela Talamasca, Oz Linden and Joe Linden.  Many thanks to Polyhistor for the heads up on this event.

Although the broadcast itself was very useful, the most useful part came afterwords with an informal discussion between Jessica Lyon of Emerald, the show panel (minus the lindens) and the audience.

First, let me say I was very impressed with Jessica.  Although Arabella, head of the emerald team, said all the right things, last night Jessica made them quite believable.   She also impressed Emerald critic Talamasca, who several times said she thought Emerald was the best viewer out there despite her issues with the team.

Jessica  told us Linden Labs sent the Emerald team what amounts to a demand letter listing the things Emerald must do for Linden Labs to continue allowing them on the SecondLife grid.  While Jessica didn't elaborate on the specific items on the list, she made it clear the emerald team would comply as much as possible and as soon as possible.

Earlier, Phillip Linden posted on the LL website and in an Email to Emerald viewers that Emerald viewers should seek alternate viewers to access SecondLife should the worst happen and LL has to block emerald from the grid.

At this point there's no way to tell how likely it is LL will block Emerald from the grid.  Jessica indicated that emerald hopes to comply with the entire list but there may be at least one item they either don't have the resources to comply with, or infeasible to comply with, but they would still try.

Should Linden Labs block emerald from the grid, emerald users stand no chance at all of getting in trouble.  They will simply run into a screen when they try to log in saying they can't use emerald and give them a link to other viewers to download and use to access SecondLife.

This is by no means a definite outcome at this point.  Jessica did point out that should the emerald team find they cannot comply with the Linden Labs demand letter, they will just disband and there will be no more emerald, rather than trying to continue emerald underground and their talented group of developers and support people will seek other viewer projects to join.

Again, let me point out that it's not at all certain Linden Labs will block emerald from the grid.  The Emerald team is doing everything they can to comply with LL's demands and we should know what direction things are headed within a week.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Avoid the N Word

You know, I'm from Mississippi, home of the KKK, segregated schools, Ross Barnett and a bunch of stuff that would curl your hair, and living in Mississippi, where racism still runs deep in our veins, I hear people use the "n-word" in conversations public and private maybe two or three times a month tops.

When I come on SecondLife though, there are places where I can hear the word two or three times and hour and more.

I get that it's supposed to be shocking and funny and "deh interwebs is serious business" and all that bullshit, but really guys, enough is enough.  It's not funny anymore, it's just stupid.  It's gotten to the point where you can't tell who's using the word in the traditional sense of "I hate black people" or "I'm an inbred retard redneck" and who's just being an interwebs nihilist hipster.

Had these people grown up in Mississippi, they would have learned like I did that you avoid the N-Word, not because it hurts people's feelings or it increases your chance of getting your ass handed to you by big black guys (although those are serious considerations), but because it makes you look stupid.

I'm going to avoid calling for something like "a day without the N-Word on SL", because that would just make it worse, but come on guys... really, get the thumb out of your ass and realize the joke stops being funny when everybody starts telling it.

Monday, August 23, 2010

Horticulture In SL

And for all you perverts out there, that's a fancy name for plants and flowers, not what you're thinking.

Ok, now that we've cleared that up, on to the point of this post.

There's a store in SL that sells plants and flowers that grow in real time. Allen Parks, the owner, has made plants that grow on a daily basis. You rez them out and then click them. A drop down menu appears and you click the appropriate button to start your plant growing. (the floating text disappears after a few seconds) Depending on what you purchase determines the length of time it takes to reach full growth.

Trees 20-27 RL days
Flowers 7- 15 RL days
Plants 7- 27 RL days

This is one of the coolest things I have seen in SL and I myself own quite a few of them.  This is one of them, fully grown, a Laurel Tree.

I purchased this tree today, a Western Juniper.  I'm in the picture to show perspective.  When it reaches it's full growth it will be as large as the Laurel tree.

They're all one prim and the textures are of excellent quality. They're also reasonably priced, ranging from 39L up to 99L. And you also receive a free flower when you purchase any item. (This is on a monthly basis, if you purchase a plant in August you get one free flower for that month only) All are copy/no trans.

I'm posting this on the Parktown blog because to be honest, I know more people read it than mine. And no, I'm not getting anything for doing this.

So, if you're looking for great quality low prim trees, flowers or plants for your land, that change on a daily basis, go check out the store.

Reorganization of Emerald

As  you probably have heard, the founder and head coder of the Emerald Project, Fractured Crystal, has left the team.  He left the team because of two actions many users couldn't approve of and which caused Linden Labs to remove Emerald from the list of approved third party viewers.

So What Did He Do?

The First act involved the issue LordGregGreg left the emerald team over.  You can read  his fairly accurate take on the issue here, on his blog.  In his resignation letter, Fractured Crystal admits he backed the wrong horse on that issue, and takes the lumps for it.

I've looked at the issue pretty closely and the only way it can really pose a problem for most users is if they installed Emerald on a windows machine and installed it on their desktop instead of the default position on the c: drive.  If they installed Emerald in that unusual way, and if they used their real name when setting up their computer, then it's possible someone could use their emerald data to determine their real name and that's all they could get.

At most, I think you're talking about less than 3% of Emerald users would ever display their real name, and then only to those who know how to get it.  Still, any leak is serious and the implications was a serious loss of confidence in the Emerald viewer.

The second issue is likely to cause more alarm, although it's actually considerably less serious.  Fractured Crystal installed a bit of code in the Emerald start up screen that called up data (a 1 pixel by 1 pixel image)  from a rival's website: the idea being that it would demonstrate to his rival just how popular Emerald was.

You'll hear this called a distributed denial of service attack (DDOS).  That's a pretty big stretch.  If all of SecondLife used Emerald it wouldn't have crashed the rival site.  This was an act intended to annoy Fractured Crystal's rival, not cause him any harm.  Even if the guy was paying a metered rate for bandwidth, at market prices, this act wouldn't have cost him more than five bucks if the code was in Emerald for a year (which it wasn't).

The issue really is that he was using our computers to annoy his rival without our permission, and that's something most people find offensive (although it happens more than you know).

What Happens Now?
With Fractured Crystal gone, Arabella Steadham is now in charge of Emerald.  Crystal owned the modular systems name so emerald will be moved to its own site.  Arabella will be working with the rest of the team and Linden Labs to get Emerald back on the approved third party viewer list.

LordGreg Greg has not agreed to return to the Emerald team (as of this writing), instead he is working with people making SecondLife viewers for disabled people. 

Former Linden Labs employees Qarl Linden and now, Data Linden have joined the Emerald team.

I stand by my earlier assessment that Emerald is safe to use.  In the coming weeks it will be even more safe to use.  Although not on the Linden Labs approved third party viewer list, users of the Emerald viewer are still welcome in SecondLife, using the Emerald viewer.

A lot of people will ask the obvious question: "if these things were hidden in the Emerald code, how do we know more isn't hidden in it?"

Over the past week, the Emerald code has been incredibly scrutinized by both fans and enemies of Emerald. The things hidden before were hidden mainly because nobody was looking for them.  Now that everyone is looking, I don't think much will escape their attention.

I don't know what will become of Fractured Crystal.  He's been a griefer and then a white hat, and now I really suspect he's probably done with SecondLife.  He's a very young guy and made the mistakes of a young man and now I suppose he'll be rebuilding his life.  Prokofy Neva has called him everything from a criminal to an athiest.  While her assessment is (typically) way over-blown, that is probably how many will remember him.

In the end, he is a very good coder, and a memorable personality, but not a very prudent leader, and the users of the most popular viewer in second life need and want a prudent person developing the software they use.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Garden Mole's Butterfly House

Located along Route 9 in Jeogeot, Garden Mole's Butterfly House is a good example of just how good the moles can be at building.

Done in a Victorian design, the greenhouse weighs in at a hefty 182 basic prims, but, wow, it sure looks nice.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Is there Trouble at Emerald?

The Alphaville Herald recently made a pretty big deal about the departure of LordGreg from the Emerald team.  You might have noticed in the past that the Herald has pretty consistently criticized the Emerald team and wondered why.

There's a long-standing feud in SecondLife between forces without names, but basically break down into the "Woodbury" camp and the "Furry" camp.  (I'm sure I'll be criticized for over-simplifying the issue here.)  The Herald tends to be sympathetic to the "Woodbury" faction in this conflict and the Emerald team has members who were or are members of the "Furry" faction.

Whenever there's any questionable behavior from the Emerald team, the Woodbury faction makes sure the Alphaville Herald has enough information about it to do a story.  This doesn't mean the Herald is guilty of bad journalism.  When the developers of the most popular viewer in SecondLife behave in a questionable manner, that's legitimate news to the SecondLife community.  That they're not as willing to run stories about questionable behavior by the Woodbury faction is problematic though, if  you expect the Herald to be "fair and balanced"  (which many people really don't expect from any journalist anymore.)

LordGreg's concerns about the work-flow methods at Emerald in general and dubious aspects of the viewer in specific is something users of Emerald have a right to know about.  It might be helpful if a more neutral blog like New World Notes covered the issue though, in addition to the Herald.

You'll notice that a lot of bloggers don't cover the background conflict very much, partially because it's very difficult to get verifiable information about it beyond rumors and they may also consider it just one of many such conflicts and don't want to give their readers the impression that's what SecondLife is all about.

I think that may be short-sighted though.  These two factions and their back and forth griefing has a fairly significant impact on the SecondLife experience.  Not only do negative things come out of this conflict (like griefing tools) but positive things come from their members as well (like mega-prims and the Emerald Viewer).

I'm sure many of you are thinking "Boyd, shut up about this other crap and tell me if Emerald is safe to use or not."  Well, I can't say if it's safe to use or not because everybody has a different description of "safe".  I can tell you, with some level of certainty, that it's as safe or safer to use than Internet Explorer, Firefox or Google Chrome.  Security holes in Emerald may seem more daunting because the SecondLife experience has a much greater sense of presence than regular web browsing, but in terms of doing damage to your computer or gleaning data about you personally, Emerald is much, much safer than regular web browsing.

LordGreg's concerns about the security of Emerald are legitimate though, particularly if he's right that members of the team can now slip in bits of malicious code without the rest of the team knowing.  To remain a Linden Labs approved viewer, Emerald committed to a level of transparency that they'll have to struggle to maintain.  I doubt that Linden Labs has the manpower to quickly monitor whether Emerald is actually in compliance, so blogs like The Herald monitoring it as well is useful for SecondLife members who use the viewer to catch problems like this faster than Linden Labs can.

I am still pretty confident about Emerald.  Some now prefer the Imprudence viewer, but really, they have the same work-flow liabilities that Emerald has.  Recently, Phillip Linden announced Linden Lab's renewed commitment to the open source model for client development, and I think he's right in doing so.  Although the process is not without flaws and liabilities, they are fewer than the alternative and offer users a much richer experience than a proprietary code only model.

Fashion Show

Recently Hanja's own Amanita Ansome was a feature runway model in a fashion show for Moni Telling.

In attendance were Deth String, Glad Gaffer, Even Kiergarten, Quinby Hancrofft, Polyhistor Serpentene, Couchman Toxx, and Black Fromond.

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Teen Grid to Close

Saturday, Phillip Linden announced the closure of the SecondLife teen grid and the entry age for the main grid will be lowered from the current eighteen to sixteen.

Rumors about closing the teen grid have circulated for months, so yesterday's announcement wasn't a complete surprise.

I'm pretty sympathetic to Phillip's position.  If  you think managing a 3-D virtual world is difficult, try managing a 3-D virtual world full of nothing but unsupervised adolescents.  I've seen the teen grid, and to be sure there are some amazing things there, but much of it reminded me of The Lord of the Flies.

There are a number of problems and issues that come up surrounding the subject of adolescents on the Internet.  The threat of pedophiles gets the most attention and press, but more realistic examination of these areas reveal that the kids are in much more danger from each other in an unsupervised environment than they are from criminally insane adults.

In the beginning, Phillip's had a "no rules" concept for SecondLife so they had to seperate the young people on their own grid so they wouldn't be exposed to some of the more shocking elements found on the main grid.  Since then, human nature forced Linden Labs to alter the concept of SecondLife and moved the more sexually oriented content to its own secluded area so allowing the older kids onto the main grid won't be much of a problem because they still won't be able to get to Zindra.

There is an issue in that some elementary and middle school teachers were using SecondLife to teach computer skills to their students and they will be left out in the cold.  While I feel for these people, it must be noted that they were here because it's free and providing a free service to middle schools wasn't doing anything to improve Linden Labs' income statement.

If you watch the video of Phillip's speech, you'll hear a woman more or less begging him not to close the teen grid.  She's being a bit over dramatic though because the SecondLife concept will still be available to these people for free on the OS Grid though so they're not completely abandoned.  They may even find it easier to manage their students in a closed environment like the OS grid than it was on the SecondLife teen grid.

I wouldn't be against opening the SecondLife grid to anyone of any age.  Already, people who aren't age verified find themselves unable to enter mature and adult areas.  There might be some threat of exposing the kids to pedophiles, but with plenty of other adults around to watch out for them, they might be safer on the mainland than they were on the teen grid where there was little to no supervision. 

There will be some people who just don't like kids who would find kids on the grid just plain annoying.  While they might be slightly inconvenienced, it wouldn't take much effort for them to find mature areas where the kids can't go. 

Since an under age user can wear any avatar, I would insist on there being some clear indication on the avatar that they are under age.  Obviously there would need to be an indication of this on their profile, but it wouldn't hurt to include it as a symbol or something on their name tag to broadcast to all users that the person they're dealing with is not an adult and they can adjust their behavior and their language and interactions with that user accordingly.

There would also need to be some way to prevent under age users from having certain items in their inventory.  There's already a space in the inventory records to indicate that an item is "adult" so this shouldn't be too difficult.

In the end, it may take a little adjusting to accommodate the presence of under age users, but most of the framework is already in place so the change over shouldn't be all that difficult.

Desperately Seeking Nero

As you may know, our resident Nero has gone AWOL, so benevolent Scottish person, Jasmine Hancroft has agreed to begin the search for a replacement:

I am representing Hanja a lovely welcome area in SecondLife.

There has recently been a vacancy for our resident Nero who is sadly missing in action.

We  would like to invite any interested parties who would  care to replace please send there CV to Jasmine Hancroft.

In order to be considered for the post of resident Nero of Hanja you must meet the following criteria:

1.  You must have a distinctive accent - Scottish is preferable but not essential
2.  You must be opinionated.
3.  Red hair is essential - non negotiable
4. Must be married or living with someone in real life
5.  You must have children in real life
6.  Must have charisma
7.  Must not be afraid to express himself
8.  Must be a gambler
9.  Must be able to sing in tune
10. Must love Neslon Mandella

Kind Regards,

Jasmine Hancroft resident Hanja hanger outer

New Sculpture

I got a new statue for Parktown.  It's called "Seraph" made by Pumpkin Tripsa of Chakra Nova.

See it in Parktown

Friday, August 13, 2010

New Mesh Videos

Although the mesh update scheduled for release in June has been put on hold while the particulars are worked out, Linden Labs is apparently still actively developing the concept.

In The following video, Runitai Linden demonstrates a mesh of the Incredible Hulk on the closed beta grid.

The Beauty of WTF?

If you logged into the above area in SL, you might think "what the hell went wrong with the terraforming in this place?"

It's not until you look at the map view that you can see the thing for what it is.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Did Chris Pirillo Cheat on his Second Video?

Realizing his first video review of SecondLife made him look kind of out of touch, Chris Pirillo returns to SecondLife with a resident to make his followup video review.

Admitting he was just plain wrong about SecondLife having nothing but "porn and gambling" in his first video, Pirillo uses his second video to attack SecondLife for its performance.

Watching his computer screen in the background of the video, I don't blame Pirillo for complaining about performance.  From what I could see, he was getting anywhere from ten FPS to less than one.

If the rest of the world got the kind of performance out of SecondLife that Pirillo gets in his video, there'd be nobody here.  The thing is, they don't get that kind of performance.  I know lots of people who use basically the same machine he uses in the video without complaints.

So what gives?  Why do they get better performance than Pirillo?  One clue might be the text to voice translator he uses.  You can see when the types and when he hits enter and when it pronounces the words and his voice synthesizer is lagging as badly as SecondLife.

Admittedly, SecondLife is a resource hog, but it's not that much of a resource hog.  I suspect there's something else running on his computer that's impacting the performance of both SecondLife and the voice synthesizer.

I don't know Pirillo well enough to call  him a cheater, but he's obviously concerned enough about the responses to his first video to make a second one.  You can tell by the way he reacts to the music stream that he's looking for something to pick apart.  He even says he has the music on auto-play, but leaves it on so he can do his Jerry Lewis impression when the music sucks.

I can't say for certain that Pirillo intentionally left open resource heavy applications while doing his SecondLife video review  to make it look like crap, but I know lots of people who use the same machine to access SecondLife and get much better performance with far less computer knowledge.

I guess that's my real complaint.  Pirillo knows enough about computers to make it so SecondLife runs much more smoothly on his machine, but he doesn't and I suspect he doesn't because he was on the spot for being so wrong and so out of touch with his first video review that he had to come back and find something else to pick apart in his second video review.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Mystery Lake Han Loso Crater

Along Route 9, on the south-eastern part of Jeogeot, lies Mystery Lake, also known as the Han Loso Crater .

Deep enough to be a sink hole or a meteorite crater, no one really knows how Mystery Lake formed.

A picturesque stone bridge spans the lake with a rustic wooden boat and pier underneath.

It's rumored giant carnivorous catfish inhabit the lake.
Looks like the catfish rumor might be real.

Monday, August 9, 2010

The Portable Art Colony

At it's best, SecondLife is like a portable art colony.  Portable in that it's on the Internet so we can access it wherever we happen to be at the moment and an art colony in that the main focus and drive of the place is to create for the sake of creation.

That's not to say you have to enjoy or have a talent for creating to enjoy being here, but it's that spirit of creation and the product of it that makes it worth being here.

It's perhaps one of the greatest art colonies ever, because we live and move and interact with the art to an extent never possible before.  Sure, there are people here just trying to make a buck off it all, but, for the most part, SecondLife creators create for the love of creation and nothing more.

So that birds of a feather may flock together, we break the colony down into quarters or boroughs.  There's the steam punk borough, the goth borough, the cyberpunk borough and etc., and each of these feeds off of and competes with the other to raise the over-all level of competency for each.

In the spirit of all great art colonies, there's a lot of teaching that goes on.  Both organized and informal, even the best creators in SecondLife are pretty free with their techniques, just for the satisfaction of seeing the overall level of art rise.

The platform itself promotes this attitude.  Creating in-world is free and a great place to begin.  When people reach a certain level though, they have to begin incorporate off-world tools, but there are free versions of tools like gimp and blender and audacity and a great deal of support for them amongst the users in-world.

Hanja Welcome Center

The Hanja Welcome center rests in the center of the Jeogeot continent.

It comprises the intersection of four sims including: Gukyeol, Hangeul, Hanja, and Idu

The four corners design allows the Hanja welcome center to hold up to one hundred sixty avatars.

Hanja is the Korean name for Chinese characters. It refers to those Chinese characters borrowed from Chinese and incorporated into the Korean language with Korean pronunciation.

Hangul, is the native alphabet of the Korean language. It was created in the mid-fifteenth century, and is now the official script of both North and South Korea.

Gukyeol and Idu are archaic writing systems that represents the Korean language using hanja.

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Mos Ainsley Space Base

 A linden Installation, Mos Ainsley lies on an island off the north east shore of Jeogeot.

Thanks to Jinn Saarinen for helping with the picture
Besides a cool NASA style space base, you can commandeer one of the space pods and fly it around, discover alien bodies and acquire a free space suit.

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Shamon Island

Shamon Island rests in the center of the Jeogeot inland sea.

It's owned by the Linden Labs Dept. of Public works. Michael Linden, head of the LDPW has office hours there Fridays at 3:00 pm SLT

The Coolest feature of Shamon Island is the large seaplane moored at one end.  It doesn't fly but you can sit in the cockpit and get pictures.

Guide to Jeogeot

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Twins In Parktown

Two Pies showed up in Parktown.  Both in Plaid.  Both were delicious.

Then I saw these two together.  There must be something about Parktown that promotes twins.

Zebrasil Info Hub

In the shadows of the terrible Ichelus Volcano, at the heart of Jeogeot, lies the peaceful Zebrasil Info Hub.

Guide to Jeogeot

Read about the Hanja Field trip to Zebrasill on the Hanjaism Blog

The Lordshore Bridge

Part of Route 9 in Jeogeot, the Lordshore Bridge was built by Garden Mole and managed by the Linden Dept of Public Works.

Does anybody know if there's a name for the lake in the center of Jeogeot?  If there's not, there should be.

Guide to Jeogeot

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

The Devil Visits The Zoo

Apparantly there's been some strange goings on at the zoo.

I got this message when I logged on this morning

[14:40]  Buccaneer Braveheart: Hello, I have filed an abuse report on Mr. Cloven Hoof for acting like a child predator   while my family was visiting  the Parktown Zoo. I have both copies of his text messages to my daughter and screenshots of the incident.  I wish to request that you ban him form the zoo, as to prevent any more of this type of behavior. Thank you.. Buc

[14:41]  Boyd Doghouse: hi. send me the note cards would you?

[14:42]  Buccaneer Braveheart: yes, one moment

[14:47]  Boyd Doghouse: Cool thanks.  I"ll get right on this.

Here's the Note he sent:

[22:39] Cloven Hoof: Hello little girl
[22:40] Cloven Hoof: Want to have some REAL fun?
[22:40] Cloven Hoof: Leave the zoo with me
[22:40] Cloven Hoof: Your parents don't want you any more
[22:42] Cloven Hoof: Leave your child with me
[22:43] Cloven Hoof: Seriously
[22:43] Cloven Hoof: You should take your little pretend brat and leave
[22:43] Cloven Hoof: I AM very strange

I don't think the pretend devil actually did any damage to the pretend child at the pretend zoo or her pretend parents.

I've made arrangements for a pretend priest to come and bless the zoo to preclude an further involvement by the devil, just in case.

Apparently the Lindens declined to remove Mr Hoof from the grid.

Types Of Role Play in SecondLife

You hear a lot about role play on SecondLife.  There are two kinds of role play: 

Immersion role play is done for the benefit and entertainment of the role player themselves.  Often their role play character is an aggrandized version of themselves, either as they are or as they would like to be. 

Immersion role play is usually done is secluded areas where they don't have to worry so much about people not involved in the role play spoiling the fantasy.

Performance role play is done for the benefit and entertainment of the people watching the role player.  It's similar to improvisational acting.  Often the role players play characters very different from themselves or anything they would like to be. 

Performance role play is usually done in public areas and often in areas where you wouldn't expect to find such a thing, like welcome areas.

Of the two, immersion role play is far more common in SecondLife.  There are whole sims dedicated to different versions of immersion role play, like vampires, goth, furry, western, etc. 

It's possible to find performance role players within the immersion role play communities, made to entertain the other members of the community and fill out roles in their narrative that nobody wants to take as their main character.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Guide To Jeogeot

Early Map of Jeogeot
Recent Map of Jeogeot with Roads
Brought onto the SecondLife grid in June, 2006, The continent of Jeogeot was originally known as Bodem.

Virtual Reality platforms were very popular in Korea so Linden Labs decided to rename the continent Jeogeot and give most of the regions on it Korean Names.

The flood of Korean users never materialized so Jeogeot was settled by mostly English-speaking users.

Baker Blinker's Blog on Joegeot

Points of Interest

SecondLife Heat Map

Jeogeot in the Heat Map

This is cool.  It's a heat map of SecondLife based either on popularity or age rating.

Heat maps basically show as regular maps but are blue in areas of least concentration and red in areas of most concentration and several degrees in-between.

The result is a pretty good visual interpretation of what places are popular in SecondLife.

Monday, August 2, 2010

Making an Octagon

This is a great tutorial for building an octagonal structure in SL. It's fast and easy once you get a handle on it.

If you've never used the building grid, Torley has a great video on it.

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Psychological Study and SecondLife

There are a number of areas of SecondLife that I'd like to see receive more academic and scientific attention.  The impact of virtual reality on the human brain, and, in particular, the advent of a virtual reality society, has to be noteworthy, and possibly illuminating on several important and interesting areas.

One thing I'd like to see is a study of how SecondLife impacts known psychological and emotional disorders.  My naive impression is that it exacerbates and excites certain conditions but soothes and eases others.

For instance: SecondLife seems to exacerbate disorders like paranoia, narcissism, obsessive-compulsive disorder and schizophrenia.  For these people, I really can't recommend SecondLife because it seems to make their conditions worse. 

On the other hand, some disorders seem to be eased by the SecondLife experience like: depression and bi-polar disorder.

Finding out how virtual reality impacts these disorders and why could lead to significant new therapies for them, and in some cases even using SecondLife itself as a therapeutic method.  It might also lead to a better understanding of the platform in general which might give people a way to improve the experience for the entire audience.

Vendors and Creators