Friday, January 17, 2020

The Candy Ellie Wanted Because She Was Depressed

Ellie wanted these huge bags of candy.  She was depressed because she never had a father (which turns out to be a lie) and she was raped (which also turned out to be a lie) so she set up an Amazon wish list and begged people to buy it for her so she'll feel better.

Thursday, January 16, 2020

Lies Ellie Told To Get Sympathy

  • Her father's dead (he's not)
  • She was raped (she wasn't)
  • She was trying to get into the top nursing program in the country (oh please) 
  • She's only 16 (she's at least 5 years older)
  • She has to catfish people because she was stalked (she has to catfish people because she's fat)
  • Montezuma stalked her (the opposite actually) 
  • Aubrey made her do fucked-up things to people (usually Aubrey had to clean up her messes)
  • I made her trick Harrison into being a pedophile (it was her idea, she did it to others as well)
  • Nacho seduced her (Really he was just upset about Aubrey and she sent him nudes that turned out to be fake)
  • Lied about not getting kicked out of friend groups (got kicked out of all of them)
  • Lied about not participating in ageplay (She does it for money)
  • Pretends to kill herself once a week (she's still alive)
  • Pretends to overdose on Xanax (she's still alive)
  • Told people Hades flirted with her (oh please) 
  • Her boyfriend has sex with her in real life (catfish return)
  • Her boyfriend was bringing her chicken nuggets (he never showed up three nights in a row) 
  • Her boyfriend has seen her face (he's seen the same face she sent Montezuma -- which isn't hers) 
  • She's not fat or Indian (somebody ordered that 20 piece chicken nuggets with curry sauce) 

Friday, December 27, 2019

Christmas Miracle: CheChe143 Gothly Permanently Banned

Suspended for two weeks on Christmas Eve, the Chrismas spirit returned on boxing day and elevated her status to permanently banned on all accounts.

Thursday, December 26, 2019

CheChe143's Redneck Christmas

The main thing CheChe got for Christmas was a 14-day ban from Linden Lab (which she lied about and said her account was "hidden" somehow)

Hoping to spread the redneck spirit she got on tinychat to show off her Christmas gifts

Her ex got her a makeup brush set (sold at Walmart and imported all the way from China!)

Her daughter got her some slippers (also from Walmart)

Her dad made her some suspect-looking beef jerky.

Some random neighbor got her a half-pint of (recently legal) home-brewed moonshine. You can sell it legally now so long as it meets regular alcohol by volume standards, which kind of defeats the point of getting moonshine in the first place.  It ends up just being shitty homemade vodka.

Her spirits still not lifted she decided to take off her pants and twerk for Addie Braveheart and steal attention from 666lolfun

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