Saturday, September 23, 2017

I Really Didn't Mean To Start This

So, several days ago I reported that Britbong flagged down a 3 year old recording of him I had on Soundcloud.  At the time I laughed and said I didn't even know you could do that.

Apparently other people saw what I wrote and decided to try it for themselves, but against Britbong, so now almost all the recording's on his channel are gone.

What I'm taking from this, based on the email I got from Soundcloud when they took my recording down, is that Soundcloud is for legitimate uses and they have little patience for troll bullshit.  I can't really blame them.

Friday, September 22, 2017

Monday, September 18, 2017


This Might Be Fun -- Or Not

Not Upraksi

Someone (not upraksi) has re-activated the Upraksi account and is impersonating her.

As a rule, if they refuse to use voice then it's probably not real.  Secondlife is still far from a secure platform.

Not to speak for Upraksi, but I'm pretty sure she'd like to be left alone and all this put behind her so she can have a life quite separate from Secondlife bullshit.

** update ** It was Britbong.  Big surprise huh?  Kopy showed up and all the fake Upraksi could talk about was Ehlnofey.  I feel bad for Harrison though.  He wanted sooo bad for it to be the real Upraksi.  I swear he would have had SL Sex with that account even knowing it was Britbong.

** update 2 **  Since Britbong was using the account, and Britbong is K.O.S., the Upraksi account is now banned and deleted.

I presume this outburst has something to do with the destruction of his YouTube channel.  While that was genuinely a shitty thing that happened to him, it really had zero to do with anyone on Secondlife.

[09:25] Hackerman (upraksi): Why did you pretend to talk to my sister alex
[09:25] Hackerman (upraksi): we don't like you
[09:25] WhatTookAbove: you don't have a sister dominic
[09:26] WhatTookAbove: lol did you ever think the day would come when my youtube channel was much much much bigger than yours?
[09:27] Hackerman (upraksi): can you buy me another fan my other broke thanks
[09:27] Hackerman (upraksi): oh wait.. i moved so guess not
[09:27] Hackerman (upraksi): :)
[09:27] Hackerman (upraksi): i never liked you
[09:27] WhatTookAbove:
[09:27] WhatTookAbove: lol
[09:27] WhatTookAbove: are you in england julia?
[09:28] Hackerman (upraksi): yes, visting dominic again ;)
[09:28] WhatTookAbove: lol
[09:28] WhatTookAbove: seeya dominic

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