Friday, October 18, 2019

mademoisellecouture Loves Nacho

As LC's short-lived marriage fails, she tries to find an online guy, only to get ignored, again.  I guess she wants to be Aubrey so bad she made this pathetic attempt.

[2019/10/15 15:32] MademoiselleCouture Resident: hiii
[2019/10/15 15:32] xoxo LC Ⓛσηdση (mademoisellecouture): aubrey was just in arapaima
[2019/10/15 15:32] xoxo LC Ⓛσηdση (mademoisellecouture): boyd is yelling about you now
[2019/10/15 15:36] xoxo LC Ⓛσηdση (mademoisellecouture): nacho i know we are not friends but you deserver better than this
[2019/10/15 15:37] xoxo LC Ⓛσηdση (mademoisellecouture): i'm really sorry for the way she's been treating you
[2019/10/15 15:38] xoxo LC Ⓛσηdση (mademoisellecouture): if you ever want to make her mad or get her back here
[2019/10/15 15:38] xoxo LC Ⓛσηdση (mademoisellecouture): start talking on voice to me
[2019/10/15 15:38] xoxo LC Ⓛσηdση (mademoisellecouture): and if you need someone to talk to, there are people who are there for you
[2019/10/17 16:25] xoxo LC Ⓛσηdση (mademoisellecouture): you're so handsome bb
[2019/10/17 16:25] xoxo LC Ⓛσηdση (mademoisellecouture): don't let aubrey treat you so horribly  <3 p="">[2019/10/17 16:25] xoxo LC Ⓛσηdση (mademoisellecouture): i'm here for you if you need to talk
[2019/10/17 16:26] xoxo LC Ⓛσηdση (mademoisellecouture): <33 aubrey="" does="" good="" i="" like="" looking="" neglect="" p="" re="" so="" t="" wouldn="" you="">[2019/10/17 16:27] xoxo LC Ⓛσηdση (mademoisellecouture): when was the last time aubrey was there for you?
[2019/10/17 16:28] xoxo LC Ⓛσηdση (mademoisellecouture): lets cam together
[2019/10/17 16:28] xoxo LC Ⓛσηdση (mademoisellecouture): aubrey wont let you, but other womenhere would
[2019/10/17 16:46] xoxo LC Ⓛσηdση (mademoisellecouture): Nachoooooo
[2019/10/17 16:47] xoxo LC Ⓛσηdση (mademoisellecouture): how is Lewis?
[2019/10/17 16:54] xoxo LC Ⓛσηdση (mademoisellecouture): the kingdom has fallen

Monday, October 7, 2019

The Avatar 007BJamesB Bought For His New Boyfriend XRickXX

[18:09] TrumpBlocksWitness: did you thank james for buying you an avatar?

[18:10] xRickxx Resident: Yes

[18:10] xRickxx Resident: i did

[18:10] TrumpBlocksWitness: are you guys dating now?

[18:19] xRickxx: he bought me a new AO too

[18:21] TrumpBlocksWitness: I think he has plans for your relationship

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