Sunday, March 26, 2017

you wanna fuck with me ass hate

 [2017/03/23 20:53] Valentina's man (007bjamesb): i am going to mass AR revalution9 until you are perma banned ass hole.

[2017/03/23 20:53] Valentina's man (007bjamesb): for crashing the sim

[2017/03/23 20:53] Kylie Jenner (kirstingillibrand): thatsnot nice James

[2017/03/23 20:53] Valentina's man (007bjamesb): your my next miussion turd boy

[2017/03/23 20:53] Kylie Jenner (kirstingillibrand): have fun =)

[2017/03/23 20:53] Valentina's man (007bjamesb): you wanna fuck with me ass hate
[2017/03/23 20:53] Valentina's man (007bjamesb): your account is done


Kidnapping A White Girl

Friday, March 24, 2017

Linden Lab Clarifies Their Position On Help Island

In a press-release today, Linden Lab clarified their position on Help Island.

Help Island is for people who need emotional or psychological help or help with drug abuse problems.

If you need technical help with their 14-year-old-but-still-cumbersome-and-confusing UI then you're pretty much shit out of luck.

 Somba Neox: medusa and the moon men rationalize being biggot sexual pigs because they know that the sexual repression of the youth is wrong, but rather than fight to unsuppress the world and lower the age of consent so that our teenage children don't have to suffer for the entertainment of empties they just become god playing worms and robin hood and his lost boys chop them the fuck up...
Somba Neox: and this is how the lambchop song always goes..
Somba Neox: so get ready for the heavens roll up like a scroll, non literally
Somba Neox: as pig feminist nazis and joker worms are shamed in the streets.

Poppy Offers Budget Girlfriend Experience

My Feelings As Secondlife Depopulates

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