Saturday, November 18, 2017

Britbong Banned On Twitch (again)

On Wednesday, Britbong tried to set up for a twitch steam only to discover he was banned.  He had recently switched to twitch because he was banned from YouTube.  He was apparently banned on twitch for evading a ban on one of his side-accounts (probably used for twitch raids)

I don't know if this is related to the issues brought up on the baited podcast, but it's interesting that the day after Keemstar makes his triumphant return to Twitch, Britbong gets banned on the same site.

phooey jaggernov suspended for art

phooey jaggernov was suspended for making a sign of his own to cover the sign linking noobs to the Torley Linden videos on, despite the fact that help island was decommissioned years ago and noobs are no longer sent there.
[nov 2017]
E.I.G.H.T. (governance8.linden)
governance8.linden i accuse you of frivolous abuse of power & interference with the legitimate use of service by paying customers. i have sworn never to put another usd into this sketchy bastardization of a community entrusting its standards to such unprofessional meddlers as you. meet me in public debate if you think you can justify yourself
-----Quote from Phooey's profile

Monday, November 13, 2017

Did Britbong Mass Report Large Twitter Accounts

A lot of high-profile twitter accounts of large and popular youtubers are being suspended.  Recently on the Baited Podcast, Keemstar, ColossalisCrazy and Anything4Views discuss that some single person is behind it and who they think it is.

Even though they never give the name of their suspect, a lot of people are assuming it's Britbongreturns. So the question remains: Is Britbongreturns and what remains of his fanbase mass reporting twitter accounts to get them suspended?

I know Britbong did this to my twitter account.  He admitted it.  To be fair, I rarely used my twitter account and when I did it was just to be shitty to somebody, so it couldn't have been hard to take down since I wasn't actually using it legitimately.  He also bragged about doing it to TheBadGuys and Kopy who did use theirs legitimately, so he's clearly capable of it--at least with smaller accounts.  Does that mean he did it to the names mentioned in the podcast, including his former friend ColossalisCrazy?

In my opinion, Britbong certainly would do it if he could.  He has an issue with all the names mentioned and he's certainly a vindictive shit.  The question is: could he?  Possibly.  Britbong has five or ten adolescents who pretty much do anything he wants just because they're bored and he generally wants them to do snarky things that most teenage boys do anyway.  He's also capable of running bots.  He used to use them to artificially inflate his viewer numbers when he streamed on youtube.

Part of the blame has to lie with Twitter though.  If their reporting system is this easy to exploit then Twitter earns part of the blame.

The thing Britbong doesn't understand is: his "fans" aren't loyal.  They come to me with shit about him all the time, just because they find it funny to see anybody get fucked over, even if it's Britbong.  Most of the time I don't publish it, because it's just not interesting.

It was one of his friends who brought me the story of him doxing his ex Paravania, not somebody from Secondlife, as I'm sure he suspected.  If he thinks they're not going to also go to Keemstar and Colossaliscrazy and spill the beans to them, he's just wrong.

Friday, November 10, 2017

The Last Resident Of Violet Infohub

Hal returns, day after day.  His robotic brain can't comprehend why nobody talks to him anymore.

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