Monday, August 20, 2018

Was John Dean A Rat

After twenty years of study, I can say without question that Richard Nixon was a great man. 

Had I been old enough, I would have voted for him.  His campaign platform reflected all the values that made me a republican in the first place. 

He promised to end the war in Vietnam.  He promised to control inflation.  He promised to support American Manufacturing, he promised to support American small business and the American middle class, he promised to uphold anti trust laws and he supported free-trade, even with China.

Nixon was brought down when he misused his presidential powers to cover up crimes committed to ensure his election.  He was guilty and spent the rest of his life coming to terms with what that meant.  If you look at his eyes in the Frost interview tapes, these things clearly tortured him.

I'm not even sure Donald Trump really is a republican.  He doesn't support free trade.  He completely ignores any anti-trust issues.  He has no desire to end our military involvement in the middle east and he has absolutely no concern for the middle class or small business.  He certainly isn't a christian.

In a recent tweet, Donald Trump called John Dean a RAT, and said his own council Don McGahn would not be like Dean. 

Calling someone a "rat" implies that hiding the truth worked for the greater good.  Criminals call associates who tell police the truth about their activities "rats".  Calling John Dean a "rat" means Trump supports Nixon's criminal activities and believes McGahn will not tell the truth about his own criminal activities. 

Nixon was a great man, but he made mistakes that ruined him.  Nixon's crimes pale in comparison to the things Trump is accused of.  Nixon went to China, but he never sold us to the Russians. 

Again and again, Trump tips his hand.  Calling Dean a "RAT" tells me even Trump knows Trump is guilty.  It may be years before we see what McGahn's testimony includes. but I can only hope he chose to tell the truth like John Dean did. 

Sunday, August 12, 2018

Britbong Cancels Stream.Me Lawsuit

Realizing he has no case at all, Britbong canceled his planned suit against and resorted to mean tweets instead, only he's banned from twitter so he's making them on which no one sees ever.  Literally more people will see this blog post

In other news, realizing it'll never work with women, Britbong is now dating Legrandwoz.

**Update** Viewer Numbers Dropping Again
Britbong left in hopes of finding new audience if he switched to mixer (formerly hitbox) now that his hitbox ban is lifted.

For a day or two it did look like he was getting new viewers, but now it seems that may have been a glitch because his concurrent viewer numbers are dropping even faster than they were at

Saturday, August 11, 2018

Thursday, August 9, 2018

How Britbong Spent His Vacation

Things He Did:

  • Every Day he played Secondlife
  • Every Night he slept in the same room as mommy and daddy
  • Nearly Every Day he made some attempt to contact Millie (even though he knew she was with her boyfriend)
  • Every Day he took pictures of old women and under-age girls and posted them to discord
  • Every Day he spent more time in his room on his lap-top than out enjoying his vacation.

Things He Didn't:

  • He didn't meet or talk to any girls
  • He never left the hotel property
  • He never visited a club or a bar or any other place that might have people his own age.

While he was gone, Keemstar caused a sudden surge in popularity for JMAA

While he was away, Britbong was promoted to the front page of 8chan!

Tuesday, August 7, 2018

CheChe143 Gothly Partnered To An Age Player

When LeGrandWoz got suspended for a few days, Simon decided to use his original account, Dejiz, which just happens to be a kid avatar.

Monday, August 6, 2018

Britbong Not Enjoying His Vacation

Forced to travel with his parents, Sun burnt and Angry, Britbong is spending most of his time checking out 14 year olds at the pool.

When all else fails, you can always play Secondlife in the hotel room.

Governance 8 Linden Using Private Conversations To Ban People

A group of us have been looking at this for a few weeks now and are very certain that Governance 8 Linden is eavesdropping on private conversations to ban people, in particular for "disclosure" and has used this technique to ban at least nine people just this weekend.

My only recommendation at this point is to have private conversations on Discord rather than secondlife.  If they're (she is) monitoring our private conversations, then you have no choice but to consider your private messages, public information and not say anything in IM that you wouldn't in open.  Including: posting any other private messages you've received.

Justin may disagree with me, but none of us have Linden Employees in our discord so we can say whatever we want there and there's fuck all they can do about it.

At this point, I can only suggest that linden lab either turn off voice at the info hubs so people won't use them, or Fire Governance 8 Linden, because these bans are becoming ridiculous and oppressive.

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