Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Strange New Neighbors

I'd given up all hope of ever renting lot 13 in Parktown Shiot.  Located between Megan Bathgate's abandoned sex hotel and Astin Miles' Urban Grunge store and above the city's sewer and catacombs, Lot 13 wasn't very attractive to anyone.  It was the bad side of Parktown.

I really only acquired the parcel to link north and south Parktown Shiot and bought them at the lowest price possible from the Lindens, as they original owners mysteriously disappeared leaving all their belongings.  With no hope of renting the parcel I resolved to turn it into a station house for our proposed rail system, when one day a new user contacted me saying he was interested in the lot.

His name was Mortimer Hoof, and he was very eager to see the lot.  Absolutely disinterested in the surface area he'd be renting, Hoof only wanted to see the underground catacombs and sewer beneath the lot.

He was a very curious looking person: very short by SL standards, and with something of a pot belly.  His skin was pale and yellow and his sideburns grew completely out of control.  Most curiously, Hoof carried an umbrella with him wherever he went.  "I don't like the sun", he said.

Despite the rats and sewage he saw underground, and rumors of ghosts above ground, Hoof was absolutely delighted with lot 13 and eager to rent it.  His grandmother had seen it in a vision and Mortimer and his new bride decided they must have it.

I mentioned a price and Hoof pulled out a fat roll of Linden Dollars and paid for six months on the spot, giving me another ten thousand linden dollars to design and build a house for him on the lot.  "Victorian" he said.  "My wife and I are a bit old fashioned."


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