Friday, December 28, 2018

Will MRBTFO Survive?

MRBTFO wasn't Britbong's first re-brand attempt.

Nobody remembers exactly how he spelled his original attempt at an internet brand.  It was something like "VannerShortGuy".  VannerShortGuy got bullied and banned, so he became ManlytearsUK.  ManlytearsUK got bullied and banned so he became Britbong.  Britbong got bullied and banned so he became BritbongReturns.

As BritbongReturns, he rode the wave of Charlie Winsmore's success to his biggest following yet, (which still fell far short of a silver youtube play button).  He had a network and influential friends, but retained all the behavioral problems that plagued him before, so Britbongreturns went the way of the previous brands.

Since his influential friends couldn't help him get un-banned, he made them his enemies out of frustration and rage.

I wonder what his room smells like...
After Britbongreturns he became Eggbong and when the banning and bullying of Eggbong became too great he became MRBTFO, which is ironic as it followed a year where he was Beat The Fuck Out in every way possible by everybody from Russoplays to Keemstar.

He'll tell you the plan now is to follow the rules so that MRBTFO doesn't get banned all the time like all the others.  It might even work, if he could manage it, but his own psychology won't allow it.  Besides, for someone who developed a following based on breaking all the rules, being a good boy will only lead to his audience moving on to someone else.

TrustedFlagger quit taking requests for help over twitter as it became overwhelming, but that doesn't mean MRBTFO is safe.  He was getting banned long before the Youtube Heros program existed.

Rolling fast upon middle age, with no means to support himself in sight, and his social anxiety worse than ever before, the future might not be kind to MRBTFO.  I expect there might be a few more re-brands before he gives up for good though.

I'm not immune to the Sisyphus-like cruelty of Britbong's fate.  His only means of socialization or earning a few pennies is by streaming, which he's cursed to spend his life building up, only to have it cruelly taken away from him time and time again. 

As I understand it, the behaviors which brought this fate to Britbong were not any choice he made, but some sort of accident of birth.  Doctors don't know what caused his condition, nor how to treat it, which makes his pain even more cruel.  

One thing is for certain though, Britbong was BTFO before, and will be BTFO again, probably until he dies, making MRBTFO probably his best choice for a screen name yet.  Deserved or not, getting BTFO is his fate.

Wednesday, December 12, 2018

A Quest For Vengeance Can Destroy You

Twelve years ago Leslie Whittenstall set out on a journey to get revenge on the people in Hanja who made fun of her.  She filed scores of abuse reports, hundreds of emails and almost a hundred police reports.  To date, the only question the police have ever asked us about her complaints was "how do you pee on someone's avatar?"

She left no stone un-turned in her effort to get back at us.  What she didn't do was spend those twelve years planning for her future.  Recently she started a go-fund me campaign because her financial state was so dire, but since she alienated so many people she has to date zero contributions.

Those twelve years could have been better spent.

Tuesday, December 4, 2018

The 1975 - The Man Who Married a Robot / Love Theme (Music Video)

For you,


There.Com Must Have Sucked

I never used during it's heyday.   It must have been short of men or something, because somehow Fearlezz (who was 13) and CheChe143 (who was married) somehow ended up virtually dating the same drunken Australian (Pixie Khitan).  In what world does that happen?

I hear the paintball was pretty popular though...

Travesty's Not So Dumb After All

For a few weeks now some deranged cunt has been inviting, then kicking Travesty from the Ahern discord server because she's angry and bored (sort of like how she's been doing with Constance)

She made the mistake that Travesty was too stupid to figure out what was happening, but he soon flipped the switch on her and made a game of it himself.  Once that happened she decided to make his ban from Ahern pennant.  (That'll teach him from outsmarting her)

Travesty wasn't done yet though, he made his own Ahern server which had first day traffic much higher than the original Ahern discord server.

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