Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Harrison Begs LadyInRed Till She Blocked Him

Leslie Whittenstall Stalked This Woman From AOL For Nine Years


I don't what her deal is with commenting on her own blogs but it's a common theme in all of them.  I think it's to give herself he impression she has friends.

It's also really common for her to write so much that nobody ever actually reads her posts.

Yet again, the very first sentence says this woman *tried* to be friends with Leslie but found it impossible (because she's fucking insane).

Check out the 4,000 word unsolicited letter she wrote to one woman's RL husband at the bottom.
(that's not an exaggeration I used https://wordcounter.net/ to check 4,178 words 22,055 characters that's the equivalent of 2 high school term papers)

Her AOL screen name was MoodyAsMoodyGets.  Those people have been contacting me lately with horror stories from the old days.  Just goes to show: there aint no crazy like Internet Crazy.

Jesus check out this archived rant from 13 years ago.

Apparantly they really hated Leslie there too.  Even then she was quite the accomplished doxxer.  I might have to contact that MD she harassed.  Bear in mind this is on a Moody Blues board, a hippie band dedicated to peace and love that seemed to turn Leslie-Balding-Cat-lady into a raving lunatic.

Check that.  After talking with other people from AOL I can confirm that Leslie's harassment and stalking of this woman began 13 years ago, not nine.

Help With RL & SL Issues

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Top Seven Secondlife Video Artists

(Just My Opinion By The Way -- In terms of actual numbers of subscribers and views DanielFrom SL and Charlie Winsmore are about tied for first)

Number 7 Violet's Finest
I originally disliked this guy because he's not actually part of the Violet Asylum, but his content is rock solid.

Number 6 Lavender Storydel
Lavender's fairly new to the game but she has a lot of potential.  I've expressed my dislike for people who spew memes and retard noises before and Lavender is just the opposite

6Ted9 and his entourage are devouring what's left of the Secondlife Bike community.  

The first and still one of the best, One day this club will belong to Esteban Winsmore

Number 3 DanielFromSL
Daniel would probably be number one except that his best videos weren't made in secondlife.

Number 2 Oliver Sargent
Oliver is amazing.  If he made more videos he might be number one.

Chris and Splinter's work transcends the realm of internet videos to become what I consider legitimate cinema.

Britbong can't even be considered for this list till his drama-to-entertainment ratio drops out of the red zone.

I will probably catch some criticism for only including troll videos on the list.

Of the non-comedic Secondlife Video Makers, the only one I really consider signifigant is Canary Beck (who's work I love) That's not to say there's no cinematic potential using Secondlife, but nobody (in my opinion) has really developed it yet except for Canary.

I don't really consider Chris and Splinter's work "troll videos".  While obviously comedic they are in a realm of their own.

That being said: look what's possible in Ark (less than a year old)

Ellie's Normally Disgusting Lunch

was replaced by a 5Guys burger delivered by her boyfriend

Talatha Larnia Is Weird

For some reason Talatha Larnia not only liked this video but tweeted it.
I'm not at all comfortable with this woman working with children or animals.
You should see her blog.

Sunday, May 29, 2016

Britbongreturns Angry On Reddit

The question was:
I'm wondering if there are any videos of either or all of the following users incidentally crossing paths: vinesauce, charliezzz, cyberdaddy, scandinavian prince, prussian prince, bedbananas, britbong, and/or lavender storydel. Thanks!

Angry BritbongReturns Tries To DDOS Secondlifers

When people make fun of Britbongreturns he uses a booter service.


Leslie Whittenstall (Winter Lecker) Harasses Animal Rights Activist for 17 Years.

Someone sent me a link to Leslie's oldest harassment blog yet


This one is about a former police officer (now full-time animal-rights activist) who had the misfortune of running into Leslie on AOL 17 years ago.

You'd think this woman would get a pass from claw-foot baldie, being an animal lover, but insanity knows no bounds I guess.

If you read these chatlogs you can see pretty clearly that Leslie Whittenstall (Winter Lecker) doxed this woman in 1999 (17 years ago) simply because Tammy didn't want to be her friend anymore. That's probably the oldest example I've ever seen of somebody doxing anybody on the internet out of rage.  Later on, Leslie threatens to kill this woman and her friends, all because nobody wants to hang out with her.

New Administrative Computer

Accepting Delivery
Since 007bJamesB has started a new Green Lantern group (after being kicked out of the old one) i had frankie deliver me a new adminstrative computer to keep up with the new challenge. 

My administrative computer captured this transmission from a hidden file in 007bJamesb's computer
Advanced Graphics Card

27 Core CPU

Log In Screen

Violet Drag Race By Ellie




I'd have to say Damnright is the prettiest.  Alvina actually does drag really well in RL so I'm sure he'll send me a better photo to blow those two out of the water.

We're Popular

Take the time to read the text on this poster by 007BJamesB.  It's worth the read.

Lies I've Told On The Internet

Sometimes I'll say something that starts out as a joke but for some fucked-up reason grows into a meme.

One of these is this idea that I'm passing out gifts like Santa.

Ya'll need to know that Boxxy has a job and can pretty much buy whatever she wants on her own.  She also has a backlog of suitors willing to buy her whatever she wants.  She doesn't need me to get her anything.

It started out as a joke to make Harrison look like an idiot (which it did) and grew into people doing voice impressions of her asking me to buy her things.

Boxxy has never asked me for anything.  I've never given her anything.  It's a fucking joke you short-limbed cretins.

The same goes with Ellie.  It's a fucking joke, she's never actually asked me for anything.

Saturday, May 28, 2016

Friday, May 27, 2016

Oddly Successful

It's weird to me that this blog still gets an average of 350 page views a day.

I, personally haven't been active in Secondlife in a long time, neither have most of the people in this blog, yet it's more widely read now than ever before.

I get a lot of links from twitter but it doesn't say what tweet the link comes from.

I don't really care.  At this point I'm literally just posting shit people send me on skype.  Most of the time I don't even understand the context, but they wanted it on the blog so I post it.

Something Called Griefers

She'll Never Be A Man Now

Dreams shattered, Tristina has closed her gofund me page for her gender reassignment surgery.

After reaching only .03% of her goal, Tristina has now resigned herself to remaining a woman forever.

Thursday, May 26, 2016

Ellie's Lunch Was Boring

I don't think they understand the concept of a Vegan Lunch

Frankie Gambino On The Run

Disgraced crime fighter 007BJamesB was unable to log in (during in the log-in outage) and so he assumed his Secondlife account was hacked by no less than the notirious Secondlife crime boss
Frankie Gambino.

(photo by Frankie Gambino)

Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Leslie Whittenstall (Winter Lecker) Has Imaginary Friends

At this point this is all has to be some sort of joke.

Leslie is now making fake voice mail messages from Glurp for her blog.

It's like she's really lonely so she's pretending the people who won't talk to her on the internet are calling her.

I do hope she reports these to the police.  It will take the phone company 30 seconds to verify that no such call was made.  They really should send her in for a 3 day psych evaluation since she's clearly having hallucinations.


Don't bother trying to leave a comment.  Unless it's one she wrote herself she'll just delete it.

DanielfromSL Master Troll

This one word comment on one of Britbong's videos

Digging at Britbong about his Twitch ban (over a year ago)

Lead to this massive rant by Britbong on reddit

How can he not get that Daniel is trolling the bejesus out of him?

Sleepwalk By Chris And Splinter


I can't tell you how much I enjoy these.  It's like David Lynch started to play Secondlife.


Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Ashley Paine Auditions For RuPauls Drag Race

Things I Never Knew

HarriHoudini (harrihoudinii): lady tot has wop sided tits

Ellie's Lunch Is Just Weird

Spaghetti and Meatballs OK, but Corn?

Delicious undercooked whole wheat pasta, with cold canned corn + can juice, rubbery mush mystery meat formed into spheres and a rock solid undercooked breadstick with powdered butter.

Mr Noob is on a special diet

Ellie Was Quiet All Day

She *never* said Harrison doxed her

but 30 other people did

Monday, May 23, 2016

Country Magic's Requirements For Friendship

Do not send friendship without sending 2000 linden deposit first ----no deposit ---no friendship----1500 L i give back at the end of the game------ 500 L i keep for processing-and handling----thank you for complying-------so while your fat ass is sitting there clipping your 2 cent off a bucket of lard coupons while flippin your titties that look like tube socks over your shoulders,  Get your credit card out

Harrison Digfoot Doxes High School Student

Two different people sent me this on skype so apparantly it was a big deal.

The more I hear from Secondlife the more I appreciate not being there
Since Harrison is the source I have to assume the dox is only about 50% accurate.

The Harrison Digfoot Chronicles

Britbongreturns At War With Hitbox Exec

I have no idea what's going on here or what britbong did to her.

There were some harsh words on twitter and even harsher ones on reddit.

Mrs Kelso is the wife the Hitbox North American head.

He was also attacking the wife of Boogie2988 on twitter for some reason.

I doubt if we'll ever know what really happened.  I'm kind of happy with being in the dark.  After witnessing this stuff for over a year now I'm 100% certain it's gonna be retarded.

** Update**

At this piont I have no idea what's going on.  Apparently there were some people hacked over at reddit and a few hitbox employees have hidden their tweets.  One of the people involved seems to be OneSavvySiren.  I don't know her but I watched about 10 minutes of one of her stream and she seems decent enough.  From what I can tell she's put her job on the line for Britbong so he probably shouldn't fuck her over. (but he probably will)

People from secondlife are going to get the blame for this, but *nobody* I know was involved.  They were as surprised about the reddit hacking as I was.  Britbong attacks a lot of people though a lot of different avenues so to assume it's people from Secondlife is premature to say the least.

If Britbong is attacking this guy's wife he should lay off.  Whatever her husband did professionally she's not at fault (or involved) and should be left alone.

Sunday, May 22, 2016

Computer Problems


Secondlife Residents Ignore Plea For Help

I'm really disappointed in the Secondlife Community right now.

Tristina Aeon needs an estimated $95,000 for her sexual reassignment surgery.

Unable to work, Tristina turned to her internet family for help starting a GofundMe page to raise the money she desperately needs.

To date she's raised $35 out of the needed $95,000.  That's .03% of the needed funds.

I'm really ashamed for the Secondlife Community at this point.  They've known this woman for years and know very well of her plight and yet they refuse to help even a little bit.


Saturday, May 21, 2016

Dehydrated Wombat

Apparently log-ins were temporarily disabled on secondlife, possibly due to an attack from an outside source.

I just want to go on record saying I had nothing to do with it before Leslie Whittenstall calls the FBI to blame me.

*it's a joke folks*
Other than hearing people complain about it on skype I have no idea what really happened.  I doubt very seriously if there was any sort of attack on Secondlife.  It was probably just a power outage or something.  People on skype were freaking out though

** lol Update ** as predicted Leslie made a blog post trying to blame the short outage on me and the other people who booted her prune-ass out of Inworldz.

Apparently she's also made some sort of text-to-speech to make it sound like I'm leaving her voice-mail, which I suppose is better than the truth which is that none of us wants to talk to her even if we had her number which we don't.  Being ignored is the most painful blow of all I suppose.

It takes the phone company about 30 seconds to find out where those calls really came from or if there ever were any calls made (which I seriously doubt).  Lying about that sort of thing to the police can proably get that dehydradted wombat into a lot of trouble.

The whole thing is just silly at this point.

She and Jewell are out-of-their-minds angry about being ejected from Inworldz, but the Hanja people simply don't care.  She can blog her withered heart out if she wants.  It's not gonna get her back in the group--she'll continue to be ignored.

You're Not Allowed Here

Virtual Name Change

The Russell Coba Show is now known as The Secondlife Virtual Reality Show.

I have no idea what transpired between these two bottom-feeders to inspire the name change, but I'm surprised it didn't happen sooner.

The first five videos of the new format make no fucking sense.  It seems to be just Kane talking shit to Harrison, which shouldn't be that surprising since Kane has a very sensitive bullshit detector.

Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Ellie's Lunch Sucked

[12:46:39 PM] Ellie: It was actually tofu
[12:46:42 PM] Ellie: Vegan life
[12:47:10 PM] Boyd Doghouse: that makes it about 300 times worse
[1:11:25 PM] Ellie: It was vegan cheese
[1:11:28 PM] Ellie: Too
[1:11:42 PM] Ellie: I think it was nut cheese
[1:11:54 PM] Boyd Doghouse: nut cheese
[1:12:20 PM] Boyd Doghouse: lol I'm not adding that
[1:12:26 PM] Boyd Doghouse: maybe next year
[1:12:31 PM] Ellie: ;(
[1:12:37 PM] Boyd Doghouse: lol
[1:12:39 PM] Boyd Doghouse: ok
[1:12:43 PM] Boyd Doghouse: I'll add it

Saturday, May 14, 2016

Solomon's Place On The Blog

Solomon wanted a place on the blog despite not being insane like Leslie Whittenstall or really hot like Shazz or really Canadian like wild.

Friday, May 13, 2016

Manlet Wizard

What's Possible On Twitch

I first learned about LIRIK because he was involved in the Britbong vs Angry Pirate incident and casually subscribed after talking to him.

The guy had 24 thousand people watching him play Doom today.  24 Thousand.  Let that sink in.  24 thousand people watching you play a video game around the world.

I'm probably going to get Doom.  It looks amazing.  Doubt I'll get 24 Thousand people watching though.

BritbongReturns Professional Victim

Let's take this point-by-point just because I'm bored

Stalking Britbong is easy.
Step 1) Go to Violet in Secondlife
Step 2) Mission accomplished
The guy literally goes nowhere, either in RL or the internet.  He doesn't even leave to make videos anymore which is why the last six videos have either been him complaining about something or just boring.

Threats To Kill:
I think he has one recording of Kopy and Tesla while they were drunk (made over a year ago) talking about how they'd kick his ass in real-life.  He made this recording on a secret alt in Secondife and put it on Soundcloud because he keeps alts in Secondlife to try and catch people talking about him because he's a paranoid weirdo.  
Other than that nobody's ever threatened a thing. Britbong has said many times he would not only "have someone" kill Kopy but also "have someone" throw feces at the windows of his home.

Done by 4chan long before any of us ever met  him accomplishing nothing.
He did get DDOS'ed by the Blackwake Pirate guys and some other guys who ran a Gmod server, but that's to be expected.  If you fuck with people who run a server they already have your IP so getting DDOS'ed should probably be expected.  

I was gonna make a list of all his sock-puppet accounts that do exactly that but it's pointless--there's too many.  Start with just his soundcloud dedicated to people form SL talking shit on him and just follow the links.  
Putting the weird shit he says on my blog is primarily because Secondlife is dying and he's almost the only one left doing anything stupid making him blog worthy.

Harassing his family:
Other than the Elvis video nobody knows anything about his family.  Britbong has tweeted several times about how he calls Kopy's mom and Tesla's dad and I know at least one of them have recordings of that.
One of many manlet threats from twitter

Guilty.  Britbong is incapable of not being trolled.  He simply cannot help but take the bait and people get bored on the internet so they make Britbong squeel.  It's probably bad since he's autistic and all but it's pretty harmless.

Thursday, May 12, 2016

Tristina Raises Money To Have Her Vagina Removed

I've been considering major pelvic floor surgery since 2006. I have a rare disease called trimethylaminuria & chronic infections that keep me from working. After these issues developed I tried to continue working, but I was harassed by employers, coworkers, & clients. Psychologically I couldn't handle the constant degrading of my body.

I've tried everything: homeopathy, herbal remedies, experimental drugs, specialists. Nine times out of ten I knew more about my two illnesses than the people attempting to treat me.
I'm 46 and watching my parents struggle through retirement, & quite simply I want to go back to work, so this doesn't happen to me, but I need your help. Please consider donating to my reassignment fund. My transgender operation is "medically necessary" because my genitals prevent me from having gainful employment.
Unless my goal is met in a timely fashion, all proceeds will go to other transgenders close to their goal (minus fees & charges unless otherwise stated in updates); remember that this is a make it or break it situation for me personally. Please support my transition for necessary surgery, because Medicaid does not cover transgender surgery, regardless of the reason.

Supporting this cause will support other transgenders if my goal is not met. Please keep that in mind.

Please Give Generously!


Alos: JJCCC is trying to sell one of his photos to support this effot

Transgender Epsilon Panda By Ellie

Looks pretty good!

Pirates Terrorize Britbongreturns

I knew when these Blackwake guys started contacting me on Reddit that it was gonna be interesting.

Apparently it all goes back to whatever happened in this video.  I don't have Blackwake so I don't really know what's going on.

I did get a message from a guy on discord saying "watch this" with a link to Britbong's hitbox stream moments before he involuntarily went offline for the night so these guys do seem to have some skill level.

I have no idea what they're doing to his family  or death threats or any of that, but they are role-play pirates so who knows what they're capable of.

Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Leslie's New Blog

Leslie Whittenstall (Winter Lecker) Has written a new blog


Considering that she's threatened to kill the first two people on it and their spouses you get the drift of what she's about here.

She also lists Vanilla Blackheart who hasn't been seen or heard from in a year but still obsesses over her because (like the others) Vanilla was once nice to her but decided to cut her off when she discovered that Leslie might be completely nuts.

Ironically the account Leslie created to write this blog is "exile".  Ironic because her rage and tirades began when she was exiled from the Hanja group.

Update: she's switched the Vanilla post to Felicity.  I guess the senillity made her confused about who she wanted to write about.

Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Britbongreturns Anal Pounding From Blackwake Pirates

He should probably get used to this.  Those pirates are savage and very interested in him.

Then the weird paranoia stepped in and he became strangely afraid of Jeytr.

Pretty sure Jeytr isn't a pirate ButthurtBong.

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