Monday, September 18, 2017


This Might Be Fun -- Or Not

Not Upraksi

Someone (not upraksi) has re-activated the Upraksi account and is impersonating her.

As a rule, if they refuse to use voice then it's probably not real.  Secondlife is still far from a secure platform.

Not to speak for Upraksi, but I'm pretty sure she'd like to be left alone and all this put behind her so she can have a life quite separate from Secondlife bullshit.

** update ** It was Britbong.  Big surprise huh?  Kopy showed up and all the fake Upraksi could talk about was Ehlnofey.  I feel bad for Harrison though.  He wanted sooo bad for it to be the real Upraksi.  I swear he would have had SL Sex with that account even knowing it was Britbong.

** update 2 **  Since Britbong was using the account, and Britbong is K.O.S., the Upraksi account is now banned and deleted.

I presume this outburst has something to do with the destruction of his YouTube channel.  While that was genuinely a shitty thing that happened to him, it really had zero to do with anyone on Secondlife.

[09:25] Hackerman (upraksi): Why did you pretend to talk to my sister alex
[09:25] Hackerman (upraksi): we don't like you
[09:25] WhatTookAbove: you don't have a sister dominic
[09:26] WhatTookAbove: lol did you ever think the day would come when my youtube channel was much much much bigger than yours?
[09:27] Hackerman (upraksi): can you buy me another fan my other broke thanks
[09:27] Hackerman (upraksi): oh wait.. i moved so guess not
[09:27] Hackerman (upraksi): :)
[09:27] Hackerman (upraksi): i never liked you
[09:27] WhatTookAbove:
[09:27] WhatTookAbove: lol
[09:27] WhatTookAbove: are you in england julia?
[09:28] Hackerman (upraksi): yes, visting dominic again ;)
[09:28] WhatTookAbove: lol
[09:28] WhatTookAbove: seeya dominic

Saturday, September 16, 2017

I Don't Know What's Wrong With Cello

There are two things Cello loves in this world: dressing up  his SL avatar and Crashing sims.  Now that he's banned again he can't do either.

Last night I logged in to see him pretending to be Dreaxal, screaming my real name at Julia like it had some sort of magic power.  (It doesn't)  The night before he was pretending to be Bob Dash.

Someone said MaggieGoatHerder was behind it, but when I asked her she said she had no idea, so I still don't know why he was screaming.

I guess he figures if he pretends to be Dreaxal people will think the Cortinos are back.

Friday, September 15, 2017

Second Life Trolling | Raging Race Car Drivers and More Old People

Pixie Khitan Can't Grasp What "Free Speech" Hub Means

Three people were suspended for 2 weeks yesterday, for talking shit to Pixie Khitan at the Free Speech Hub, while they were at the Free Speech Hub.

Ironically, his (only) friend  Franziska Bosatsu was in Havenhurst with Governence16 Linden at the same time.

Free Speech doesn't mean, "free until people start talking shit about me (that just happens to be true).  All Pixie really accomplished was to confirm some things we already suspected about  Franziska.

Britbong Must Be Getting Frustrated

He reported a soundcloud recording I completely forgot I even had.  Honestly, I don't think anyone really cares about a three year old recording of you harassing MrNoob Dominic.  Settle your little legs fella.  I could just re-upload it here and there'd be nothing he could do about it, but let's be honest, nobody wants to listen to a recording from 3 years ago.  It's been up for 3 years.  Anybody who wanted to hear it already has.

Apparently he's been on a soundcloud reporting spree lately, going after anything remotely negative about on him on Soudcloud made by anybody.

Wednesday, September 13, 2017

New IPhone Rules

For the next 30 days, I will personally urinate on the feet of anyone who argues for or against the new Iphone.

Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Ted Cruiz Might Be Gay

For the sake of being informed, I looked over all the tweets from sexuallposts, and the one Ted Cruiz liked was probably the least pornographic of the bunch.

Derrick Survived

World's largest hurricane aint shit to the man who's not a fish

Monday, September 11, 2017

Misty Putzo Reports Pimp Till He Gets a 24 Ban

If you look at the image it's not even Pimp holding up the sign.  Not only is Misty Putzo retarded, whichever linden took the report might be as well.

Why Nobody Goes To Ahern Anymore

Looks like LL is pretty determined nobody has fun at Ahern

The Video Clip That Got Britbongreturns Banned

What Motivates YouTube

I saw this on ColossalisCrazy's twitter.  I agree with what he says here pretty strongly, but one part of it doesn't go quite far enough.

YouTube was designed by Chad Hurley , Steve Chen and Jawed Karim to be a platform for Independent Creators.  It really was, but then they sold it to Google who saw it primarily as a platform to sell impressions from their advertising arm Google Adwords, and that's where the problem starts.

Pewdiepie is not YouTube's largest revenue creator, Vevo is.  Pewdiepie, creating content on his own, without training, but still becoming huge is YouTube's vulnerability, because occasionally he's going to do something dumb like saying the "N-Word" during a stream.

I'd like to point out here that English isn't even his first language.  The "N-word" is probably the first dirty word he learned in English, and if you watch the video he uses it out of context.

YouTube is a mature platform now, and they seem to be indicating they desire some fairly huge changes in their content, favoring less controversial, more professional content and -- less independent content.  Every day I hear that another person I watch on YouTube has lost their ad revenue.  The writing is on the wall.

At this point, I'm wondering if YouTube didn't engineer the so-called "adpocolypse" to hide their change in priorities and production, the same way that CocaCola introduced New Coke to hide their switching from cane sugar to corn sugar in North America.

Dfuse Working For His Dad...

Sunday, September 10, 2017

Harrison and the 16 Year Old From OIP

An oldie but a goodie.  This girl is probably 20 years old by now.  She hasn't been seen on Secondlife in the years since this happened.  Apparently, Dessicated had this image in his inventory all these years.

Here's some of the rest of that
It was quite the scandal at the time.

Saturday, September 9, 2017

Overwatch Song | I Need A Healer | #NerdOut!

Roblox Thinks We're Weirdos

So I had a meeting with some guys from the Roblox community.

Apparently, they were involved in the termination of Britbong.  He's been making some threats of reprisals so they wanted to see if I could help them. They basically wanted enough information to get him banned on Twitch, which they seemed to already have, so I don't know why they even wanted to meet with me in the first place.

Ultimately I couldn't give them the information they wanted but I did learn about Roblox.

Roblox is a kids game that runs on pretty much any platform.  It has a user base many, many times larger than that of Secondlife and there's a community of young adults who make their living producing content for, and Youtube videos about, Roblox.

Unlike commentary or trolling videos, Roblox videos are almost always monetized, which is probably why YouTube sided with Russoplays (who was not in the meeting) and not Britbong.

One issue that kept coming up in the discussion, is how Britbong and myself came from the "secondlife community" which they basically consider filthy and weird.  People who make virtual t-shirts for leggo-like video game characters think WE are filthy and weird.

These guys are super organized and very business-like, which is probably how they managed to destroy Britbong with like 2 days effort.  So, remember, it may look like a stupid kid's game, but these guys are super serious and there's some money involved.

I doubt that I'll ever play Roblox.  It looks, well, stupid.  Remember though, it may look stupid and populated by mostly screaming 8 year olds, but they still consider themselves better than us.

Thursday, September 7, 2017

Pimp's Not Dead

He's been banned for 24 hours.  Apparently there's a new rule that if you're in the sim when there's a cranky linden around then you can get popped.  Oh yeah, scripts are turned off at Arapaima too.

Youtube Deomonetization Round 3

YouTube seems to have started yet another round of Demonetizing uploaded videos.

I wonder if the issue is that they once had many more people wanting to buy ad time than they had space for, but since so many advertisers left YouTube they now have much more space for ads than they have people wanting to purchase it.

Supply and demand would seem to be the most logical explanation for this.

World's Greatest Streamer Fights Bullies

My 3rd (and last) Casino The Day Before Opening

About a year after this last version of Parktown games opened, Linden Lab changed the rules on gambling in on mainland in Secondlife and the whole deal came to an end.  It looks kind of like minecraft now, but at the time it was pretty impressive.

Wednesday, September 6, 2017

The Second Life PokeMASTER


Buying Games For Secondlifers

A person from Secondlife gifted me a game on steam once.  I didn't even know it was possible, but it seemed like a really easy and inexpensive way to brighten someone's day so I decided to try the same thing to brighten other people's day.  That's when the trouble started.

How can giving people inexpensive gifts become a disaster?  It's secondlife.

To begin with, you can't buy one for some people and not others.  You can't imagine how much drama that causes.  This is especially true on Secondlife where everybody has a mortal enemy hiding in the woodwork.

When gifting people steam games became super contentious, I began the practice of letting their enemy choose the game.  That's how more than a dozen people ended up with a copy of Barbie Puppy Rescue.

Another disaster happened when a super annoying teenager named Celine started coming to Violet and getting unnatural attention from Pixie Khitan.  She wanted a copy of H1Z1 in return for her agreement to go away and stay out of Violet.  The problem is she sucked at the game and nobody wanted to play with her so she tried to get out of the deal by saying it was ok if she returned to Violet under another account.  You can see the recording of the encounter on Nacho's Youtube channel.

It wasn't all bad though.  When Shrek went to the hospital for her open-heart surgery, I bought her several games for her tablet to pass the time since she couldn't talk to her online friends.  Part of that was to make myself feel better since I was fucking terrified she wouldn't make it through the surgery.  She did make it through though and is ok now so it all ended up fairly well.  It took a while before she was strong enough to play any of the games, but it helped pass the time.

After about two years of the practice I ended up having to slow down the game gifting.  People I'd never met before started messaging me wanting a game, not only for themselves, but for their friends (who I also didn't know) Buying gifts for strangers isn't bad in itself, but there were so many of them it started to feel like a mob.  Something that started out as a way to make people a little happy was becoming really fucking annoying.

On Secondlife, doing something nice for people is still the right thing to do, just don't tell anyone you did it or Secondlife will turn it to shit.

Tuesday, September 5, 2017

How We Bought Music

Forget the fact that it's actually Neil Young shopping in this video.  This is how we got music when I was a kid.  Music stores were generally small privately owned businesses run by people who actually loved music.  As I got older they started adding music chains to malls and that was probably the beginning of the end.  Now all we have is massive corporations manipulating google search results to steer the masses to the music they want you to buy.


Second Life: My New Mom (Trolling)

Sunday, September 3, 2017

Linden Moderator Caught in The Act

[22:16] Amandatar: someone told me that you are a game moderator here, is it fun?
[22:17] KwiKSanD Galaxy: Giggles
[22:17] KwiKSanD Galaxy: Yes
[22:17] KwiKSanD Galaxy: it is
[22:17] KwiKSanD Galaxy: I love it
[22:17] Amandatar: nice! :)
[22:18] Amandatar: what perks do you get? it must be nice getting paid to play sl! :)
[22:18] KwiKSanD Galaxy: Dressing my sexy avi in the hottest clothes
<3 p="">[22:19] Amandatar: Do they give you free clothes or shopping allowance for working for Linden Lab?
[22:19] KwiKSanD Galaxy: Mmmmhmmmm
[22:19] Amandatar: That is so cool! That must be great!
[22:20] KwiKSanD Galaxy: It is hehe 
<3 p=""><3 p="">[22:20] Amandatar: Why do a lot of the linden lab employees escort on here, just for extra fun and money? hehe
[22:20] KwiKSanD Galaxy: I guess and there naughty fix
[22:20] KwiKSanD Galaxy: Their*
[22:20] Amandatar: ooooo very naughty, and fun! hehe
[22:21] Amandatar: How do you get to work for linden lab, did you know someone and they hired you? That must be so fun! You are so lucky!!
[22:21] KwiKSanD Galaxy: Haha, yea something like that

Friday the 13th, Stream Sniping: (PART 1) ONION MASTER

I'm Alexx Runs Out of Paper / Signs Fans At PAX

JMAA Promises To Eat Another Onion

I just wish he'd unblock me.

People Who Talk About How Good Trump Has Been For The Economy

aren't very good at math

Saturday, September 2, 2017

Britbong: A Youtube LoveStory by Spooks The Skeleton

This is shaping up to be the worst summer ever for Britbong.

His girlfriend ran off with one of his own moderators
The year his dad spent in jail and lost the family home became public
His network told him to fuck off
He's locked out of his twitter
Youtube told him to fuck off
PUBG banned him
Colossal is Crazy told him to fuck off

on top of that he keeps telling people  his grandfather is dying, which doesn't seem to be even true.

SL: Extra THICC Cycloptic Thot Ft. Boyd Doghouse, Derrick, The Bad Guys,...

Friday, September 1, 2017

Joanna Loon Might be nuts.

Today we learned that Joanna Loon keeps an alt at Arapaima and records from it.  We also learned that she believes someone from arapaima is contacting her RL son and having her RL power turned off.

[22:35] ThereLooter: but I'm pretty sure nobody turned your power off
[22:35] ღ JФJФ LФФИ ™ (joanna.loon): well you are old and senile dude
[22:35] ThereLooter: which makes me think nobody contacted your son either
[22:35] ThereLooter: lol
[22:35] ღ JФJФ LФФИ ™ (joanna.loon): yea, they did
[22:35] ThereLooter: sure they did
[22:35] ღ JФJФ LФФИ ™ (joanna.loon): I dont really care much for you
[22:35] ThereLooter: maybe you should ask him for help the next time you can't pay your power bill
[22:36] ღ JФJФ LФФИ ™ (joanna.loon): has nothing to do with the bill
[22:36] ThereLooter: lol
[22:36] ღ JФJФ LФФИ ™ (joanna.loon): someone called the auto system and scheduled the termination
[22:36] ThereLooter: uh huh
[22:36] ThereLooter: that's what happened
[22:36] ღ JФJФ LФФИ ™ (joanna.loon): I have more money than God.
[22:36] ThereLooter: lol

Earth, Wind & Fire - September

JMAA Gets An Onion Haircut

Wednesday, August 30, 2017

JMAA Upset Britbong Was Banned

A post shared by JMAA TV (@jmaamusic) on

RIP Britbongreturns

From what I can tell, Britbong was BTFO by a guy who makes Roblox videos for kids.  Apparently Britbong was harassing him for weeks (as he does) so the Roblox guy summoned a fucking army to pretty much wipe everything in Britbong's life.

Even Keemstar got involved

His own network abandoned him
I'm sure Britbong will try to spin this so it looks like he's the victim here, but his network investigated it and chose to immediately drop him without warning, then YouTube investigated it and, even though he had no strikes, chose to not only delete his main channel but every other account he had with YouTube.

Britbong was constantly attacking other YouTubers and other people in his network.  Once his videos were demonetized and he was no longer making any profit for YouTube or his network, dumping him was just good business.  

Improvements To Secondlife

With the lack-luster launch of Project Sansar, Linden Lab announced Tuesday several planned improvements to their main product: Secondlife.

Improvements include:

  • Cloud based sim hosting
  • Non player animation system
  • More Windlight customization
  • Grid-wide game experiences (??)

Eevie is RL Hot

[00:14] εεvιε вσσ sαкαι  (eevielyn): my dick is better looking than socrates

Saturday, August 26, 2017

Harrison Harasses Chipwald

goodlookindude: chipwald i want to make love with y ou slowly then harder
Tessla Koyal (chipwald.zelwald): ew

Thursday, August 24, 2017

ARK: Survival Evolved Official Launch Trailer!

This is the first time I've been with a game all the way from Beta to Official Launch.  It's been a super fun ride guys!

Tuesday, August 22, 2017

ANTIFA Steps Up Their Game

Anti-Trump forces craft a 20-foot tall inflatable effigy of Donald Trump dressed as a Klansman to meet him at his hastily arranged Phoenix rally.

Monday, August 21, 2017

"Junkertown: The Plan" | Overwatch

TessaBrooks Has Her Accounts Back

Fans say they prefer the snail army version of Tessa.

John Scarce calls the Secondlife videos posted to her account "hilarious"

They tell me Britbong tried to blame Lavender Storydel for the hacking on twitter but I can't find it on his twitter.  It's *very* unlikely she was involved.

Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Epsalon Panda (Dfuse) Gets Banned From Palihub


[19/08/2017 01:36:28] yurii xx: I needed to find a new daddy
[19/08/2017 01:36:38] Matt Hudson: ed claims he dissed u and u got mad at him
[19/08/2017 01:36:43] Matt Hudson: and u have a drinking problem
[19/08/2017 01:36:44] yurii xx: I told you I was 21 when I was in an adult sim when I first met you
[19/08/2017 01:36:51] yurii xx: I don't drink anymore
[19/08/2017 01:36:56] Matt Hudson: yuri come ehre ill be your new father
[19/08/2017 01:36:56] yurii xx: Also he never dissed me
[19/08/2017 01:37:00] yurii xx: If he did where's the proof

[19/08/2017 01:37:31] It's Ed: ok yurri so you're admitting you lied to me?
[19/08/2017 01:37:38] It's Ed: you should really clear that up with people on sl
[19/08/2017 01:37:50] yurii xx: LOL I told you I was 15 afterwards though
[19/08/2017 01:37:55] yurii xx: Everyone was telling you
[19/08/2017 01:37:57] Keyboard Karate: lol @ matt being a creeper
[19/08/2017 01:38:00] yurii xx: You decided not to believe it?
[19/08/2017 01:38:01] It's Ed: yeah after 6 months. I thought you were joking
[19/08/2017 01:38:10] It's Ed: cause you were mad at me or soemthing
[19/08/2017 01:38:11] yurii xx: I hadn't talked to you for 6 months so
[19/08/2017 01:38:18] yurii xx: No lol I forgot you existed

Washington and Lee

Light Horse Henry Lee
Father Of Robt E Lee
9th Governor of Virgia
Member of US Congress
Eulogist of George Washington
Served Under Washington
Friend of Washington
Today, president Trump equivocated statues of Robert E Lee to statues of George Washington.

Indeed, there are many similarities between these two men.  Both were Virginians.  Both were generals.  Both had plantations.  Lee's wife was a blood relative of Washington and his father wrote the famous eulogy of Washington "first in war, first in peace, first in the hearts of his countrymen"

There is one major difference between the two men though.  George Washington led an army to create the United States of America, where Robert E Lee led an army to destroy it.

Make no mistake: had Lee's forces prevailed, there would be no United States of America today.

I still maintain that Lee was a good man, forced by history to make such an enormous and painful choice between his country and his state.  For the sake of reunifying the country, I believe Lee would see his own statues removed.

This tug-of-war over confederate statues and the rights and dignity of non-white Americans would have been very painful to Lee as a man.  Lee thanked his men and ordered them to go home and re-unite the country, not spend the next one hundred and fifty years keeping it separate.

Fashion Blogger Hacked Shouts Out Secondlife Trolls

Last night, Fashion Vlogger Tessa Brooks had most of her social media accounts hacked and several (of the funniest) videos by Derrick, TheBadGuys, Spulb and Ripahar were uploaded to her account.

There doesn't seem to be any indication that any of the channels shouted out were actually involved in the hacking.  Brooks belonged to something called Team10 which had some drama recently and some speculate that it's the people involved in the other side of that drama who did the actual hacking.  Fuck that.  Team10 is annoying as hell and I'm glad they got hacked.

Monday, August 14, 2017

CumBoi Ballad

Discord May Monitor The Content Of Your Server

I'm not even sure I disagree with the policy.  They provide free discord servers and ask nothing in return, but keep in mind, they reserve the right to revoke the free servers they provide you and may be monitoring your conversations.

Part of this may be in response to The Daily Stormer using their discord to organize attacks on Heather Hyer's funeral.

Sunday, August 13, 2017

The Other Casualties

Highway Patrolmen, Lieutenant H. Jay Cullen, 48, of Midlothian, Va. and Trooper-Pilot Berke M.M. Bates of Quinton, Va. died when their helicopter crashed in an effort to preserve the peace during the protests.

Omaha Beach Saving Private Ryan

June 6, 1944

10,000 american casualties in one day to begin the push to end the rise of national socialism in Europe.

Second Life - Cuck'Tendie Vice: Return of the Cuck (trolling)

Saturday, August 12, 2017

What Robert E Lee Would Say To The Protesters

Headquarters, Army of Northern Virginia, 10th April 1865.
General Order
No. 9
After four years of arduous service marked by unsurpassed courage and fortitude, the Army of Northern Virginia has been compelled to yield to overwhelming numbers and resources.
I need not tell the survivors of so many hard fought battles, who have remained steadfast to the last, that I have consented to the result from no distrust of them.
But feeling that valour and devotion could accomplish nothing that could compensate for the loss that must have attended the continuance of the contest, I have determined to avoid the useless sacrifice of those whose past services have endeared them to their countrymen.
By the terms of the agreement, officers and men can return to their homes and remain until exchanged. You will take with you the satisfaction that proceeds from the consciousness of duty faithfully performed, and I earnestly pray that a merciful God will extend to you his blessing and protection.
With an unceasing admiration of your constancy and devotion to your Country, and a grateful remembrance of your kind and generous consideration for myself, I bid you an affectionate farewell.
— R. E. Lee, General, General Order No. 9
After a cruel and decisive defeat at Appomattox, Lee agreed to meet Grant to discuss terms of surrender.  Grant offered Lee to allow confederate men to return home peacefully with their horses and their guns.  Lee accepted, and issued General Order No. 9

Lee went on to devote the rest of his life to heal the wounds he, himself helped inflict upon this nation.  Abraham Lincoln was in the process of pardoning Lee in recognition of his cooperation in rebuilding the nearly-destroyed country.  After Lincoln's murder, Lee died without a pardon.

From what I've seen on the news, these aren't real white supremacists in Charlotsville.   These are middle-class college kids with tiki-torches they bought at Party City and batter's helmets protecting their $100 haircuts.  One of them got too emotional and committed murder, destroying his own life in the process.  These boys lack leadership (parental or political) and they lack depth.  They would do well to learn more about the man whose statue they're protesting in front of.

This statue was erected in the 20th century not the 19th.  In my opinion, having studied Lee most of my life, he would agree to its peaceful removal. These protests, including the attack by James Alex Fields have done far more dishonor to Lee's memory than removing the statue ever could.

I always hoped that history would remember Lee as a good man who did the best he could in a terrible situation.  I'm afraid after yesterday's events history will remember Lee only as a symbol of hate.

Lee's Advice To the Protesters: GO HOME

What Does He Know?

Friday, August 11, 2017

Wednesday, August 9, 2017


Jason21Gay Is A Snitch

[17:09] LopeAbove: why are you a snitch though?
[17:09] ღ ℛußу Ɠℓσяια-нσℓє Ɲєℓѕση ღ (jason21gay): people like to say they have videos of many many things, but when I ask for the video I don't see one ever.
[17:09] ღ ℛußу Ɠℓσяια-нσℓє Ɲєℓѕση ღ (jason21gay): I'm not.
[17:09] ღ ℛußу Ɠℓσяια-нσℓє Ɲєℓѕση ღ (jason21gay): :D
[17:09] LopeAbove: but you are
[17:09] ღ ℛußу Ɠℓσяια-нσℓє Ɲєℓѕση ღ (jason21gay): if someone harasses me I send a ticket in.
[17:10] LopeAbove: ok so you admit it
[17:10] ღ ℛußу Ɠℓσяια-нσℓє Ɲєℓѕση ღ (jason21gay): admit whut?
[17:10] LopeAbove: that's what I was looking for
[17:10] LopeAbove: admit you're a snitch
[17:10] ღ ℛußу Ɠℓσяια-нσℓє Ɲєℓѕση ღ (jason21gay): mhm you got me, yikes!
[17:10] LopeAbove: you know what happens to snitches don't you?

Thursday, August 3, 2017

Past Zero Growth

For about two years, Secondlife was in a period of Zero Growth.  That means they're losing about as many people as they're gaining or basically holding their own.

With school starting back, and Sansar cannibalizing their customer base and competition from other products, Secondlife is now entering a period of Negative Growth where they're no longer gaining as many new users as they're losing.

This means, that every person they ban, every person who leaves because they had an unpleasant experience, every person who dies, every person who no longer has time to play secondlife, etc--will not be replaced.  The Secondlife population will just be one person smaller.   If this trend continues long enough, Secondlife will simply cease to exist.

Monday, July 31, 2017

Project Sansar Opens Publilc Beta - Disappointing Results

Linden Lab officially opened the public beta for Project Sansar today with disappointing numbers of people willing to try their new product.  The people who did give it a try report several performance-based problems.

JMAA Won't Eat The Onion

Ever since one of Britbong's mods stole his girlfriend, Britbong finds a visit to Mage painful as that's where he met her.  If he went on his own, there's a pretty good chance somebody at Mage would remind Britbong how he was cucked, so, on this day, he sent a one-eyed sloth to test the waters for him

Sunday, July 30, 2017

New Tristina Video?

[04:30] Splinter Smirnov: I think tristina's making a new video, she released a teaser pic:

Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Tristina No Longer Transgender Because She's Jewish

jumpymcbunnyton did some research into her family tree and discovered that Tristina was jewish all along.  Her secondlife name is now shalom1212

Friday, July 21, 2017

The Search For Toast | Second Life

Tibbles McDiddles Banned For AgePlay

After experimenting with griefer tools at the legendary Baku Cultural Center, Tibbles McDiddles Resident was banned for ageplay.  Baku exhibit director Hkyamazaru dutifully reported the infraction to Linden lab. When asked for a comment, Governance Linden 14 said "You all will learn to respect my AUTHORITAY!"

funk bunker

Thursday, July 20, 2017

Jazmine Whitesong Loves Lawl

[17:10] JaZzy JaZ (jazmine.whitesong): hi what u doin
[17:10] lawlypants402: yes hi
[17:11] lawlypants402: wtf are YOU doing?
[17:11] JaZzy JaZ (jazmine.whitesong): im fuckin chillen hows u
[17:11] lawlypants402: chillin also
[17:16] JaZzy JaZ (jazmine.whitesong): where u from honey
[17:19] lawlypants402: why u wanna know
[17:19] JaZzy JaZ (jazmine.whitesong): curious
[17:20] JaZzy JaZ (jazmine.whitesong): im not a hater
[17:20] lawlypants402: none of yo DAMN bidness
[17:20] lawlypants402: get on mic and ask me
[17:22] lawlypants402: whats ur qquestion?
[17:23] JaZzy JaZ (jazmine.whitesong): ok bye
[17:24] lawlypants402: f***in sissy
[17:25] lawlypants402: cry and panic forme some more
[17:25] lawlypants402: pretending to be smart but cant even add and subtract right?
[17:25] lawlypants402: retarded pixel person like the rest
[17:25] lawlypants402: trying to give me advice on shit
[17:25] lawlypants402: stfu
[17:25] lawlypants402: retards
[17:25] lawlypants402: lol
[17:31] AnastasiyaGFX: she will get upset
[17:31] AnastasiyaGFX: if i dont
[17:31] lawlypants403: bring another LINDEN in here and let them have a go
[17:31] lawlypants403: lol

Strange Gay Man Plays Secondlife

with almost 400 thousand subscribers this kid is one of the most successful secondlife troll ever

Monday, July 17, 2017

Britbong Cucked Again

Inside sources tell us that Britbong recently lost his girlfriend for a little over a year to one of his most trusted moderators.  Britbong is 0 for 2 in the girlfriend department (0 for 3 if you include MsAlchemy), despite his delayed start in the dating game.

Manlett has sworn mortal revenge against both parties which probably will result in almost nothing as usual.

Thursday, July 13, 2017

Richie Still Loves Aubrey

you'll notice she never even responds....

[20:30] Second Life: Incoming message from mensaxxoo Resident
[20:30] mensaxxoo: do you fuck that guy
[20:30] mensaxxoo: ?
[20:30] mensaxxoo: i hate him
[20:32] mensaxxoo: can i pay u
[20:34] mensaxxoo: are you going to?
[20:34] mensaxxoo: i want to pay you im so horny
[20:35] mensaxxoo: i want to pay
[20:35] mensaxxoo: come on
[20:36] mensaxxoo: do you fuck him afyer?
[20:36] mensaxxoo: tell me and ill pay you 3k
[20:36] mensaxxoo: just for that
[20:36] mensaxxoo: serious?!
[20:36] mensaxxoo: do you skype him?
[20:36] mensaxxoo: let me pay you aubrey please
[20:37] mensaxxoo: you make me feel so bad that i have to pay you to get your attention
[20:37] mensaxxoo: but it is so hot
[20:38] mensaxxoo: saw rob was on too last night early and you both came on at the same time
[20:38] mensaxxoo: can i give you 5k
[20:38] mensaxxoo: for 5 mins?
[20:39] mensaxxoo: just 5 mins
[20:39] mensaxxoo: please
[20:39] mensaxxoo: easy 5k
[20:39] mensaxxoo: im feeling so pathetic rn
[20:40] mensaxxoo: please?
[20:41] mensaxxoo: wow
[20:41] mensaxxoo: w/e
[20:41] mensaxxoo: 5 mins aubrey
[20:41] mensaxxoo: its 20 dollars like
[20:42] mensaxxoo: if you have anything to say about like rob
[20:42] mensaxxoo: i love hearing about when you skype guys
[20:45] mensaxxoo: seriously
[20:45] mensaxxoo: 5k
[20:45] mensaxxoo: ill pay first
[20:45] mensaxxoo: just to get humiliated by you
[20:45] mensaxxoo: pleaseeeeeeeeeee
[20:46] mensaxxoo: are you busy in a call?
[20:47] mensaxxoo: 10k then
[20:47] mensaxxoo: and ill pay first
[20:47] mensaxxoo: 40 dollars
[20:47] mensaxxoo: but i want 10 minutes
[20:48] mensaxxoo: comon
[20:48] mensaxxoo: are you in a call?
[20:49] mensaxxoo: im insanely horny rn
[20:50] mensaxxoo: why cant you just answer yes or no
[20:50] mensaxxoo: like if i pay first will you
[20:52] mensaxxoo: serious though
[20:56] mensaxxoo: so boring
[20:57] mensaxxoo: wish you were my findom
[21:13] mensaxxoo: im serious
[21:13] mensaxxoo: just to pay you
[21:13] mensaxxoo: for you to humiliate me
[21:13] mensaxxoo: since i can never have you

Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Dfuse And The Underage Girl

[11:19] Meanmemeboi Yama (hkyamazaru): Did you know that Yurii is underage right?
[11:19] Meanmemeboi Yama (hkyamazaru): Child grooming is a serious crime bro.
[11:20] Poose Slayer (dfuse): she told me she's 21
[11:20] Poose Slayer (dfuse): or 22
[11:21] Meanmemeboi Yama (hkyamazaru): Well I was on that call and I remember her specifically telling you she was underage.
[11:21] Poose Slayer (dfuse): she's 22 mate
[11:21] Poose Slayer (dfuse): you realise you are a friendzoned cuck?
[11:22] Meanmemeboi Yama (hkyamazaru): Do you realize that you committed a serious crime right?
[11:22] Poose Slayer (dfuse): talking to a 22 year old
[11:22] Poose Slayer (dfuse): nope
[11:23] Meanmemeboi Yama (hkyamazaru): And I'm not the one who got cucked by someone under 16 bro.
[11:23] Poose Slayer (dfuse): also 16 is legal in UK
[11:23] Meanmemeboi Yama (hkyamazaru): You do know she was banned from sl for being underage right?
[11:23] Poose Slayer (dfuse): you're the one trying to social justice warrior
[11:23] Poose Slayer (dfuse): you realise she asked me to go visitt her and fuck her all day
[11:23] Poose Slayer (dfuse): but i declined
[11:23] Meanmemeboi Yama (hkyamazaru): Lol
[11:24] Meanmemeboi Yama (hkyamazaru): Dude you're beyond a joke man
[11:24] Poose Slayer (dfuse): you're a beta cuck buddy
[11:24] Poose Slayer (dfuse): blocked
[11:24] Meanmemeboi Yama (hkyamazaru): <3 p="">[11:24] Meanmemeboi Yama (hkyamazaru): Lets hope no one finds out your name!
[11:24] Poose Slayer (dfuse): lets meet up in real life
[11:24] Poose Slayer (dfuse): you're in glasgow right?
[11:24] Poose Slayer (dfuse): I'd love to see you say that to my face
[11:25] Meanmemeboi Yama (hkyamazaru): Nah mate i'm not going to meet you in the park at 4 for a wee tumble I don't dance with beasts.
[11:25] Poose Slayer (dfuse): You're the beast.
[11:25] Meanmemeboi Yama (hkyamazaru): Okay, I'm not the one sending nudes to children.
[11:25] Poose Slayer (dfuse): it's not my fault she told me she was 22
[11:26] Meanmemeboi Yama (hkyamazaru): I was on the call.
[11:26] Poose Slayer (dfuse): hahaha you're such a beta cuck buddy
[11:26] Poose Slayer (dfuse): you cant even afford a plane ticket to the US
[11:26] Poose Slayer (dfuse): you work in a call center
[11:26] Poose Slayer (dfuse): you are literally a minimum wage wanker
[11:26] Meanmemeboi Yama (hkyamazaru): I work for the job centre.
[11:26] Meanmemeboi Yama (hkyamazaru): Fanny.
[11:26] Poose Slayer (dfuse): £8.00 an hour wanker
[11:26] Poose Slayer (dfuse): looool
[11:26] Meanmemeboi Yama (hkyamazaru): Civil service.
[11:26] Meanmemeboi Yama (hkyamazaru): What do you do, Groom children online.
[11:26] Meanmemeboi Yama (hkyamazaru): Wow
[11:26] Poose Slayer (dfuse): my jacket is worth more than everything you're wearing right now
[11:26] Meanmemeboi Yama (hkyamazaru): Such wow
[11:27] Meanmemeboi Yama (hkyamazaru): Lol west end fight chat
[11:27] Meanmemeboi Yama (hkyamazaru): What a puff.
[11:27] Poose Slayer (dfuse): she asked me to go fuck her all day, but she's mad cause I dinghied her for ages
[11:27] Poose Slayer (dfuse): you're such a beta loser loool
[11:27] Meanmemeboi Yama (hkyamazaru): Of course, Lets just not let it go around you send nudes to a child
[11:27] Poose Slayer (dfuse): since when is a 22yr old considered a child?
[11:28] Meanmemeboi Yama (hkyamazaru): She's 15 bro.
[11:28] Poose Slayer (dfuse): looool
[11:28] Poose Slayer (dfuse): sure she is
[11:28] Poose Slayer (dfuse): but buddy
[11:28] Poose Slayer (dfuse): the fact is
[11:28] Poose Slayer (dfuse): you earn minimum wage
[11:28] Meanmemeboi Yama (hkyamazaru): You're a pedophile.
[11:28] Meanmemeboi Yama (hkyamazaru): Who sits on second life all day
[11:28] Poose Slayer (dfuse): you cant even afford to go to the US
[11:28] Meanmemeboi Yama (hkyamazaru): Grooming kids.
[11:28] Meanmemeboi Yama (hkyamazaru): Dude
[11:28] Meanmemeboi Yama (hkyamazaru): Do you even have a job?
[11:29] Poose Slayer (dfuse): you're literally at the bottom of the rat race
[11:29] Poose Slayer (dfuse): what a genuine loser lol
[11:29] Meanmemeboi Yama (hkyamazaru): Dude I'm a former college lecturer for City of Glasgow like , are you retarded?
[11:29] Meanmemeboi Yama (hkyamazaru): Like cause that's how Yuri describes you
[11:29] Poose Slayer (dfuse): is that why you're working for minimum wage at the job centre now
[11:29] Poose Slayer (dfuse): well done mate
[11:29] Poose Slayer (dfuse): you realise I'm a senior software engineer
[11:30] Poose Slayer (dfuse): what you make in a month I make in a week
[11:30] Poose Slayer (dfuse): maybe in 3 days
[11:30] Meanmemeboi Yama (hkyamazaru): Job centre pays 15 bucks an hour and has 3 hour long paid  breaks  XS
[11:30] Meanmemeboi Yama (hkyamazaru): You know nothing about what you are talking about
[11:30] Meanmemeboi Yama (hkyamazaru): You don't know anything about me
[11:30] Poose Slayer (dfuse): dont explain yourself to me you underachieving fucktard
[11:30] Meanmemeboi Yama (hkyamazaru): You're grasping a straws
[11:30] Meanmemeboi Yama (hkyamazaru): Because you're a beast.
[11:30] Meanmemeboi Yama (hkyamazaru): Cornered.
[11:30] Poose Slayer (dfuse): not my fault your parents couldnt afford you a real education
[11:30] Meanmemeboi Yama (hkyamazaru): I have 2 degrees xD
[11:31] Poose Slayer (dfuse): 22yrs old isnt considered a child
[11:31] Meanmemeboi Yama (hkyamazaru): 15 mate.
[11:31] Poose Slayer (dfuse): 2 degrees and you work for the job center LOL
[11:31] Meanmemeboi Yama (hkyamazaru): Yeah, Employability and Computer Architecture.
[11:31] Meanmemeboi Yama (hkyamazaru): What do you have to show for yourself other than that you wanna touch kids?
[11:32] Meanmemeboi Yama (hkyamazaru): And a jacket you got from sucking off your dad?
[11:33] Poose Slayer (dfuse): do you want to die in your sleep tonight?
[11:34] Meanmemeboi Yama (hkyamazaru): Im printing off your picture at work tomorrow and handing it into the police station XD
[11:34] Poose Slayer (dfuse): ok
[11:34] Poose Slayer (dfuse): expect my  lawyers to be in touch with you
[11:34] Meanmemeboi Yama (hkyamazaru): Okay sweetheart.
[11:34] Meanmemeboi Yama (hkyamazaru): Now begone beast.
[11:35] Poose Slayer (dfuse): 25/12/1995
[11:35] Poose Slayer (dfuse): age 21
[11:35] Poose Slayer (dfuse): LOL
[11:35] Poose Slayer (dfuse): I'm printing out your picture and handing it to my lawyers
[11:35] Poose Slayer (dfuse): expect them to be in touch with you very soon
[11:36] Poose Slayer (dfuse): you just got yourself in a lot of shit
[11:36] Meanmemeboi Yama (hkyamazaru): Dude, she was banned for being underage do you need more evidence?
[11:36] Poose Slayer (dfuse): also I'm going to submit a complain to the job centre
[11:36] Meanmemeboi Yama (hkyamazaru): Yeah?
[11:36] Poose Slayer (dfuse): writing an email right now with a screenshot of your picture
[11:36] Poose Slayer (dfuse): yes
[11:36] Poose Slayer (dfuse): watch
[11:36] Meanmemeboi Yama (hkyamazaru): You seem to be in a panick
[11:36] Meanmemeboi Yama (hkyamazaru): Panic*
[11:36] Poose Slayer (dfuse): want me to show you the email
[11:36] Poose Slayer (dfuse): im laughing
[11:36] Poose Slayer (dfuse): at how fucked you are
[11:37] Meanmemeboi Yama (hkyamazaru): I dunno I think it's cute how flustered you are.
[11:37] Meanmemeboi Yama (hkyamazaru): Oh
[11:37] Meanmemeboi Yama (hkyamazaru): I mean pathetic XD
[11:37] Meanmemeboi Yama (hkyamazaru): What's next
[11:37] Meanmemeboi Yama (hkyamazaru): Your gonna get one of your hacker friends to back route my vpn you shite talking beast?
[11:37] Poose Slayer (dfuse): we'll see what your job thinks when they see that you've been soliciting little girls on the internet for sex
[11:38] Poose Slayer (dfuse): you really shouldnt put your job in your profile btw
[11:38] Meanmemeboi Yama (hkyamazaru): There is no evidence I've done such a thing, XD you'll be booked for wasting time and I have a lawyer as well pal I can get you done for slander as well.
[11:38] Poose Slayer (dfuse): made it much easier for me
[11:39] Poose Slayer (dfuse): really now
[11:39] Poose Slayer (dfuse): we'll see how it goes then
[11:39] Meanmemeboi Yama (hkyamazaru): I'm sure you'll find a way to contact the DWP about my transgressions.
[11:39] Poose Slayer (dfuse): better call your lawyer now
[11:39] Meanmemeboi Yama (hkyamazaru): Dude, you're literally of no threat too me you actual rocket XD
[11:39] Meanmemeboi Yama (hkyamazaru): You also threatened to kill me
[11:39] Meanmemeboi Yama (hkyamazaru): That's another charge.
[11:39] Poose Slayer (dfuse): That's what you say now, but we'll see how the job centre see it
[11:40] Poose Slayer (dfuse): Thanks for making it so easy, lol.
[11:40] Meanmemeboi Yama (hkyamazaru): Dude, I have friends in the police I'll send them this chat log as well as with your picture and you're gonna be gone man.
[11:40] Poose Slayer (dfuse): Really now.
[11:40] Poose Slayer (dfuse): I have friends in high places, the police can't do shit.
[11:40] Poose Slayer (dfuse): Can't and won't do shit.
[11:41] Meanmemeboi Yama (hkyamazaru): Now think heavily about what you have done and rethink who you just sent nudes too you absolute cuck.
[11:41] Poose Slayer (dfuse): Better call your lawyer as I said.
[11:41] Meanmemeboi Yama (hkyamazaru): POOOOOSE SLAYE

Pixie Khitan Lies To Get Toxic Kitty Banned

[17:37] BreakingTime: but if you got banned for something funny I'll post it
[17:37] Robocop5476: have I ever been posted on your blog?
[17:37] BreakingTime: no
[17:37] Robocop5476: ok
[17:37] Robocop5476: let me tell you all about it
[17:37] BreakingTime: you're usually pretty quiet
[17:37] BreakingTime: lol yes please
[17:38] Robocop5476: do you remember the piece of shit that is pixie khitan
[17:38] BreakingTime: yes
[17:38] BreakingTime: he reported you for being under age?
[17:38] Robocop5476: well, he kept on bothering me to cyber with him
[17:39] Robocop5476: and I told him I was underage to scare him and get him to stop
[17:39] Robocop5476: and then he got mad and reported me

*** Note *** Toxic Kitty is actually 22 she told Pixie she was underage to get rid of him not knowing he prefers girls who are under age.

Second life: Welcome to The City of Hermosa Beach

Sunday, July 9, 2017

Doomfist Disappoints

Blizzard released their much awaited newest Overwatch character "Doomfist" this week, with disappointing results.

The second African character after Orisa, Doomfist is an enemy of Overwatch.  Foreshadowed in the comics and animated shorts, I was really expecting something big with Doomfish but got little in return.

The problem with Doomfist is that his fist is not very doom-dealing.  It's weaker than Reinhardt's hammer, doing about as much damage as Zarya's pulse cannon.

Doomfist looks and sounds and acts like a blaxploitation comic book character from the 70's, and it would be really cool if Blizzard had the courage to run with that theme but they don't.  What you end up with is a Captain Planet level villain with a weak power.

Saturday, July 8, 2017

DanielFromSL : Missing

It's been over a year since DanielfromSL uploaded his last video.  Despite his absence, his subscriber numbers continue to climb, nearing 170K now (gaining almost three times as many new subscribers in the past year as Britbongreturns, despite his disappearance)

About 9 months ago, Daniel said he was taking some time off to work on a special project and that was the last anyone heard from him.  About six  months ago the Youtube "adpocalpyse" began, drastically reducing the revenue for many youtubers, prompting several (like John Scarce) to simply stop making videos since they weren't making money anymore.

My speculation is that DanielfromSL is sitting on his "special project" videos until such time that having videos on youtube becomes profitable again.

Second Life: Well Dressed (Trolling)

Dreams Starts A Blog

Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Secondlife Avatar Sings Song About A War We Lost With Flag Mysteriously Flying Backwards

Trump Supporters Side WIth King George

On July 4th NPR tweeted out the entire Declaration of Independence  to celebrate the holiday as they have for many years, but some Trump supporters didn't recognize the tweets for what they were and saw the sections  about King George as a criticism of current US  President Donald Trump.  

Every person who ever graduated middle school in the US was at one point assigned to read the Declaration of Independence suggesting that many trump supporters may have skipped that day.

00yBJamesB and his Naked Boyfriend/Roommate

Lol the Fake News CNN reporters FORCED James to take this video down.

Second Life - Engagement Protocol: OPERATION DUMBHEAD (trolling)

Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Why Do We Celebrate July 4th

On July 2nd 1776, the American Continental Congress passed a resolution to declare themselves an independent state from Great Britain without descent.  A committee, lead by John Adams, sequestered Adams himself, Benjamin Franklin, and Thomas Jefferson to draft a formal letter to King George making such a declaration with Jefferson both composing and drafting the letter.

On July 4th 1776 Jefferson, Adams and Franklin returned to Congress with the final draft document which was passed and approved in the first vote on the same day.  Thirty-four delegates signed the letter on that day with all fifty-six members signing the document by August 2nd.

One copy of the final copy of the original document rests in the library of congress.  The copy sent to King George has been lost to history.

When in the Course of human events it becomes necessary for one people to dissolve the political bands which have connected them with another and to assume among the powers of the earth, the separate and equal station to which the Laws of Nature and of Nature's God entitle them, a decent respect to the opinions of mankind requires that they should declare the causes which impel them to the separation.
We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness. — That to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed, — That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government, laying its foundation on such principles and organizing its powers in such form, as to them shall seem most likely to effect their Safety and Happiness. Prudence, indeed, will dictate that Governments long established should not be changed for light and transient causes; and accordingly all experience hath shewn that mankind are more disposed to suffer, while evils are sufferable than to right themselves by abolishing the forms to which they are accustomed. But when a long train of abuses and usurpations, pursuing invariably the same Object evinces a design to reduce them under absolute Despotism, it is their right, it is their duty, to throw off such Government, and to provide new Guards for their future security. — Such has been the patient sufferance of these Colonies; and such is now the necessity which constrains them to alter their former Systems of Government. The history of the present King of Great Britain is a history of repeated injuries and usurpations, all having in direct object the establishment of an absolute Tyranny over these States. To prove this, let Facts be submitted to a candid world.

Which Is Joanna Loon Which Is Donald Trump?

Tristen's Photo Art Of An Egg Cup

Monday, July 3, 2017

Britbongreturns Sanctioned for "Hate Speech"

I'm not even sure what he said.  I'm told it was something about "trannys" which would be funny since he has a history of attraction to Transgender Women and isn't above putting on a dress himself from time to time.

Currently Britbong has three known youtube channels to juggle and hide from his strikes, which have been plentiful this year already, and at least a dozen sock-puppet accounts he uses to talk up his own videos and talk down the videos of others.

At some point, some youtube employee is going to just say "oh yeah, you're THAT guy" and lock him out of all of them like they did a year ago.

Since the much-talked-about "adpocolypse" on Youtube, hardy any of Britbong's videos have ads served on them, meaning he's making virtually no revenue from them at all.  Youtube seems pretty committed to cleaning up their advertising situation, so I doubt if that will change.  

aces21 Is A Retard

01:15]  Ϯace.steppinwolfϮ (aces21): hey ya one that said u hated me flex hair?
[01:15]  Ϯace.steppinwolfϮ (aces21): lol
[01:15]  Ϯace.steppinwolfϮ (aces21): jus tryin figure out how i can crash ya
[01:15]  Ϯace.steppinwolfϮ (aces21): ass
[01:20]  Ϯace.steppinwolfϮ (aces21): hey i warned ya
[01:20]  Ϯace.steppinwolfϮ (aces21): woman
[01:20] Dreams Emerald: excuse me?
[01:21] Dreams Emerald: i don't care about your stupid hair...
[01:21]  Ϯace.steppinwolfϮ (aces21): ya were makin fun me
[01:21]  Ϯace.steppinwolfϮ (aces21): lady
[01:21]  Ϯace.steppinwolfϮ (aces21): so fuck u
[01:21] Dreams Emerald: not that i'm aware of
[01:21] Dreams Emerald: i dont know u
[01:21] Dreams Emerald: so fuck you!
[01:21]  Ϯace.steppinwolfϮ (aces21): idk u either im out tohack ya
[01:21]  Ϯace.steppinwolfϮ (aces21): bye
[01:21]  Ϯace.steppinwolfϮ (aces21): so keep talkin lol
[01:21] Dreams Emerald: reported
[01:22]  Ϯace.steppinwolfϮ (aces21): oooo0000 ya fuckins care me
[01:28] Dreams Emerald: [01:22]  Ϯace.steppinwolfϮ (aces21): lol
[01:23]  Ϯace.steppinwolfϮ (aces21): n u dont know who i am i take it
[01:23]  Ϯace.steppinwolfϮ (aces21): lol
[01:23]  Ϯace.steppinwolfϮ (aces21): im the guy thatll wreck you
[01:24] Dreams Emerald: yea reported
[01:24] Dreams Emerald: now blocked
[01:24] Dreams Emerald: thanks for being a weirdo
[01:24]  Ϯace.steppinwolfϮ (aces21): oh your so fuckin scary
[01:24]  Ϯace.steppinwolfϮ (aces21): lol
[01:24]  Ϯace.steppinwolfϮ (aces21): im not im a asshole
[01:24]  Ϯace.steppinwolfϮ (aces21): to you
[01:24]  Ϯace.steppinwolfϮ (aces21): bullying people
[01:24]  Ϯace.steppinwolfϮ (aces21): with empty threat's
[01:24] Dreams Emerald: um, telling me you're going to HACK ME
[01:24] Dreams Emerald: yes that's harrassment
[01:24]  Ϯace.steppinwolfϮ (aces21): so your threating me lol
[01:24] Dreams Emerald: also intent to disrubp
[01:25] Dreams Emerald: disrupt
[01:25]  Ϯace.steppinwolfϮ (aces21): disrupt***
[01:25] Dreams Emerald: so, reported,
[01:28] Dreams Emerald:  again
[01:25]  Ϯace.steppinwolfϮ (aces21): learn english
[01:25]  Ϯace.steppinwolfϮ (aces21): lol
[01:25] Dreams Emerald: yea whatever
[01:25] Dreams Emerald: f off
[01:25]  Ϯace.steppinwolfϮ (aces21): yeah youll say f off when u cannot login
[01:25]  Ϯace.steppinwolfϮ (aces21): XD
[01:26] Dreams Emerald: copy paste report
[01:26]  Ϯace.steppinwolfϮ (aces21): oh fuckin scary
[01:26]  Ϯace.steppinwolfϮ (aces21): lol
[01:26]  Ϯace.steppinwolfϮ (aces21): not

Saturday, July 1, 2017

Internet Trolls Are Cruel

Today I had to reassure SOCRATES Avindar that, Julia, his only internet wife was actually a woman.  Some trolls (mainly Harrison Digfoot) were trying to convince him that Julia was a man in real life, so I took the time to explain to  him that he was the real deal and people like Harrison were just jealous of his success with women (since Harrison has none) and that's why they tried to convince him that Julia was a man.

Second Life Trolling: Derrick's Big Pee Pee Journey, Ft. Flipmob

007BJamesB Abuse Reporting Dog Dicks

Thursday, June 29, 2017

Britbong Celebrates National Autism Awareness Week

To celebrate Autism Awareness week, Britbong kicked all the kids without autism out of his discord and doxed the fuck out of some kid named Summer who nobody knows or cares about.

Vendors and Creators