Friday, March 31, 2017

If Aubrey Dies

We'll know where to look...

[16:22] Jumpy McBunnyTon420 (jumpymcbunnyton): I WANT TO KILL AUBREY
[16:23] Jumpy McBunnyTon420 (jumpymcbunnyton): I'lll do it for nothing

Thursday, March 30, 2017

Disgraced Crimefighter 007bJAMESb Single Again

Disgraced Former Crime-fighter 007bJAMESb recently had to break up with his girlfriend Valentia because he suspects she was a spy for Peteco

Wednesday, March 29, 2017

MsAlchemy Conforts Kopy Over The Recent LL Purge

Monday and Tuesday, Linden Lab orchestrated one of their largest purges in recent memory. The focus seems to have been certain "griefer associated" sims and Help Island Public.  Dozens of users were banned and hundreds of accounts disabled.

Berserker Rape

[23:50] WolfofVinland: I would run away with you
[23:51] ʙᴀʀʙɪᴇ (anunkindnessofravens): ew
[23:51] WolfofVinland: show me love
[23:55] WolfofVinland: you want to go fuck?
[23:55] WolfofVinland: I can be rough with you so you can call it rape
[23:56] WolfofVinland: I will gldaly take your little pussy
[23:57] WolfofVinland: make sure you know you just got fucked good by a big hard cock
[00:01] WolfofVinland: Imagine if I got a hold of you
[00:01] ʙᴀʀʙɪᴇ (anunkindnessofravens): stop
[00:01] ʙᴀʀʙɪᴇ (anunkindnessofravens): you're so gross
[00:02] WolfofVinland: pretty little kitty lightly prancing her way across my bed
[00:02] WolfofVinland: her sexy little ass in the air
[00:02] WolfofVinland: and I come in and see you
[00:03] WolfofVinland: pet your head and back
[00:04] WolfofVinland: kneel on the bed beside you and grab you by the back of your neck forsing your head down and your ass up
[00:05] WolfofVinland: hold you just like this from behind as I kiss all over your pretty little ass until I spread your legs open and press my tongue against your little pussy, licking you from you little asshole to your clit

Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Finally The Real Spiderman

The Assignation of Country Magic

Long Live SeniorConMuchoGusto

Britbong Hobbled On Youtube

A couple days ago I got a cryptic message from a stranger on Discord saying "watch what happens to Britbong's YouTube channel KEK"

I didn't pay it much attention at the time, but today I see his YouTube channel is completely disabled.
Can't say I'm surprised.  I've seen the conversation where he requested the artwork in question, and if he had a receipt of payment or a release he would have produced it by now.  He shit-talks his network constantly, so I doubt they'll be much help.

Update: instead of taking my advice and paying the man $200 both of Britbong's channels are now completely disabled and he's made a third to try and circumvent the suspension (which is probably a violation in itself)

Sunday, March 26, 2017

you wanna fuck with me ass hate

 [2017/03/23 20:53] Valentina's man (007bjamesb): i am going to mass AR revalution9 until you are perma banned ass hole.

[2017/03/23 20:53] Valentina's man (007bjamesb): for crashing the sim

[2017/03/23 20:53] Kylie Jenner (kirstingillibrand): thatsnot nice James

[2017/03/23 20:53] Valentina's man (007bjamesb): your my next miussion turd boy

[2017/03/23 20:53] Kylie Jenner (kirstingillibrand): have fun =)

[2017/03/23 20:53] Valentina's man (007bjamesb): you wanna fuck with me ass hate
[2017/03/23 20:53] Valentina's man (007bjamesb): your account is done


Kidnapping A White Girl

Friday, March 24, 2017

Linden Lab Clarifies Their Position On Help Island

In a press-release today, Linden Lab clarified their position on Help Island.

Help Island is for people who need emotional or psychological help or help with drug abuse problems.

If you need technical help with their 14-year-old-but-still-cumbersome-and-confusing UI then you're pretty much shit out of luck.

 Somba Neox: medusa and the moon men rationalize being biggot sexual pigs because they know that the sexual repression of the youth is wrong, but rather than fight to unsuppress the world and lower the age of consent so that our teenage children don't have to suffer for the entertainment of empties they just become god playing worms and robin hood and his lost boys chop them the fuck up...
Somba Neox: and this is how the lambchop song always goes..
Somba Neox: so get ready for the heavens roll up like a scroll, non literally
Somba Neox: as pig feminist nazis and joker worms are shamed in the streets.

Poppy Offers Budget Girlfriend Experience

My Feelings As Secondlife Depopulates

Wednesday, March 22, 2017

This Woman Will Be A Star One Day ..... if she's human

My Favorite Youtuber Triggered By Kopyboat

Ironically I'm shadow-banned on his channel so he can't see much I support his videos.

Please enjoy this self-portrait from his Tumblr.  as you can clearly see he's no longer a tranny furry.

Linden Lab Shuffles Key Management Positions

Linden Lab adds Bing Gordon to their board of directors.  Gordon is a technical consultant for venture capital company Kleiner Perkins Caulfield & Byers.  I don't know if KPCB is an investor in Linden Lab but it seems obvious,  No mention of who Gordon replaces on the board.  The press release seems to suggest they added Gordon to help market Project Sansar in particular, mentioning his time with Entertainment Arts.

Without proof, my best guess is this move has to do with the massive investment Linden Lab made in Project Sansar in light of greater-than-expected competition and less-than-expected positive reviews and interest from customers.

Hamlet Au suggests this may be a move to develop Sansar as a gaming platform or engine (similar to Unreal but for VR) not a bad strategy, although Unreal is developing their own VR application.

Linden Lab is also advertising for a new director of Human Resources 
No word on who this replaces or why.

Linden Lab used to be known for its relative employment stability among Tech companies, but lately that seems to no longer be true.

Saturday, March 18, 2017

Tranny Makes Secondlife Porn

Second Life Family Celebration

RIP Chuck Berry

Why You Should Never Give Your Phone Number To Harrison

[11:42:51 AM] ♥♥♥Dreams♥♥♥: Harrison just put my phone number in local!
[12:51:48 PM] Edgar Button: what's his problem?
[12:52:04 PM] ♥♥♥Dreams♥♥♥: i told him to leave constance alone cause she was sick of him harassing her phone
[12:52:10 PM] ♥♥♥Dreams♥♥♥: and he got all mad at me and defensive
[12:52:17 PM] ♥♥♥Dreams♥♥♥: and I told him he was a piece of shit
[12:52:21 PM] ♥♥♥Dreams♥♥♥: so he put it out
[12:53:04 PM] Edgar Button: good lord
[12:53:19 PM] ♥♥♥Dreams♥♥♥: yea.....:/
[12:53:29 PM] ♥♥♥Dreams♥♥♥:

09:37] Collateral Genius (crypticaleyes): no
[09:37] addie Braveheart: by air it out on open chat
[09:37] Collateral Genius (crypticaleyes): harrison is stalking young girls for years man
[09:37] addie Braveheart: i am not stupid
[09:38] addie Braveheart: if htey had a issue and were scared of harrison
[09:38] addie Braveheart: like they claim
[09:38] addie Braveheart: they do it private
[09:38] JoeCoolio1: *************  (phone number removed)
[09:38] addie Braveheart: no talk about it on public
[09:38] addie Braveheart: THEY WANTED DRAMA
[09:38] addie Braveheart: AND THEY GOT IT
[09:38] addie Braveheart: cause these bitches bored
[09:38] ßℜℰℰŹĪℰ ( thats uncalled for
[09:38] Oh WOW soooo trendy (gothicnightmares):  ~* lol *~
[09:38] addie Braveheart: if u think we are stupid
[09:38] addie Braveheart: we aren't

[12:54:42 PM] Edgar Button: wow banned again since last night
[12:56:08 PM] ♥♥♥Dreams♥♥♥: ugh, of course!

For the record: Harrison was banned a total of Six times yesterday.

How BritbongReturns Got Suspended From Youtube

About a year ago, Britbong used some artwork from a guy he knows on a few of his videos.  Since the guy was his friend he didn't feel compelled to pay for the artwork or get a release (even though it would have only cost around $40 according to the guy's website)

A year later, Britbong decides to start being a real dick to the guy, so he files a DMCA against britbong for the artwork he never paid for and now Britbong is suspended for 2 weeks and in trouble with Youtube and his network yet again.

Let's be honest though.  Britbong was outright banned from Youtube twice before, so it really is just a matter of time before he is again.  If his videos don't make enough to cover $40 worth of production costs then he really should be more concerned about losing a friend.

It's ironic that after Britbong's false copyright claims to Forever Alone, Ralph Pootawn and the No Man's Sky Video, it's this perfectly legitimate copyright claim to bring him down.

Friday, March 17, 2017

Always Pay Your Bills

Apparently this happened because Britbong didn't pay for some artwork but used it anyway.  Not surprising really.

What Ever Happened To Whitness7732?

whitness7732: I have a rl bf
whitness7732: no no more SL
whitness7732: Dat Spot kinda ended the sl thing for me

Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Blake Sea Life Guards

Disgraced Former Crime Fighter 007BJamesB has a new group dedicated to keeping the Blake Sea area safe (even though he spends *all* his time in Arapaima)

We are a gruop of Life Guards with only one purpose. To patrole the Blake Sea and save Second Lives. If you think you would enjoy joining our team of Life guard profesionals. Than please send me or a Supervisor a note card with your request to help us in our battle to make the Waters in Second Life a safe place for every one!. We are looking for devoted profesionals to patrol beaches, Waters, and boating events.

Bastion: The Monster In Our Midst

Torbjörn Lindholm helped create the Bastion Battle Robot to be the most ruthless, heartless killing machines ever known, but he never counted on one going Rogue

Tuesday, March 14, 2017

This Woman Is Terrifying

thanks Celeste.  Now, I can't sleep.

Second Life - Cuck'Tendies Event: Brady's Girl

Lavender Trolls: The Babes of YouNow

Joanna Loon Case And Other News

While Joanna Loon and her lawyer prepare a case against everyone from Secondlife  who looked at her Facebook, I've been busy preparing an Amicus Brief reminding the court that it was Joanna who provided a complete dossier on Rachel to one Addie Braveheart.

In Other News: Harrison Digfoot was kicked out of the Adams sim for being a psychopath and spent the rest of the night threatening anybody who goes there.

Monday, March 13, 2017

Secondlife Land Ownership Drops Again

57% of Mainland owned directly by Linden Accounts (Contiguous Mainland is 6806 regions including Linden Home regions)

20.7% to 21.4% of Mainland by area is abandoned parcels

That leaves a whopping 22% of the mainland which is actively owned by residents of Secondlife.

Figures taken from

Sunday, March 12, 2017

Gay Furry Satan Roasts Me About Britbong

Have you ever wondered what sort of Mutant watches Britbong?  Wonder no longer...

From things I had nothing to do with, like Encyclopedia Dramatica and 8 Chan, to things I actually did, like my blog,  this very special gentleman seems to have a big ole crush on Britbong.  This is possibly the most amazing thing I've seen in a while :)

Michellita Ceriano Up To Her Old Tricks Again

[2/15/2017 2:50:25 PM] mich in seattle: hey
[2/15/2017 2:50:32 PM] mich in seattle: i need a favor
[2/15/2017 2:53:02 PM] marcello: Okay I'll call you after I get home from work
[2/15/2017 2:53:53 PM] mich in seattle: i need stefanos phone number at his mums. the address.. anything
[2/15/2017 3:30:15 PM] marcello: well send me everything you got on him and her I will look it up the best I can
[2/15/2017 8:20:55 PM] mich in seattle: all i know is his name his mums name and the city
[2/15/2017 8:21:33 PM] marcello: well I was told he died a long time ago
[2/15/2017 8:21:49 PM] marcello: and if I have his info I could look for him
[2/15/2017 8:22:23 PM] mich in seattle: ***************** and they live in edenburgh scotland
[2/15/2017 8:22:36 PM] marcello: ok give me a day I will look tonight
[2/15/2017 8:22:45 PM] mich in seattle: he’s  definitely not dead
[2/15/2017 8:22:48 PM] marcello: ok
[2/15/2017 8:22:54 PM] marcello: I will see what I can do
[2/15/2017 8:22:54 PM] mich in seattle: his mum is
[2017/03/12 06:42] Marcello Knight: though
[2/15/2017 8:22:58 PM] marcello: ok
[2/15/2017 8:23:24 PM] mich in seattle: he’s all up in my life again. he returned from the dead about six months ago
[2/15/2017 8:23:34 PM] marcello: ojk lol
[2/15/2017 8:23:43 PM] mich in seattle: he living in his mums old house
[2/15/2017 8:23:48 PM] marcello: ok
[2/15/2017 8:23:55 PM] mich in seattle: tytyt
[2/15/2017 8:24:00 PM] marcello: yw

OK so that's pretty weird, but wait!  it gets even stranger.  When I asked Michelitta about it, she tried to put the whole thing off on Xtina

[14:48] DougBeatle: why do you think cello threw you under the bus like that?
[14:50] michellita Ceriano: why do you think thats cello?
[14:51] DougBeatle: because I know where it came from
[14:51] michellita Ceriano: that isnt cello
[14:51] DougBeatle: why do you think cello handed out your chat?
[14:51] DougBeatle: that's a pretty big betrayal
[14:51] michellita Ceriano: that isnt my chat either
[14:51] DougBeatle: why do you think he did it"
[14:51] DougBeatle: ?
[14:52] michellita Ceriano: that isnt cello
[14:52] michellita Ceriano: betrayal?
[14:52] DougBeatle: lol you went to cello for information
[14:52] DougBeatle: and he sold you out
[14:52] DougBeatle: rather than give you the information
[14:52] michellita Ceriano: when?
[14:52] DougBeatle: how doe s that feel?
[14:52] michellita Ceriano: that isnt cello
[14:53] DougBeatle: lol who is it?
[14:53] michellita Ceriano: xtina
[14:53] michellita Ceriano: he gave her that account years ago

i dunno i think u like guys u just dont like me

[2014/05/04 00:57:53]  HarriHoudinii: who u with now i bet some guy
[2014/05/04 00:58:00]  sαyυяı (fearlezz): lolno
[2014/05/04 00:58:02]  sαyυяı (fearlezz): i'm with no one.
[2014/05/04 00:58:18]  HarriHoudinii: im playin greedy woth palisade and u wont have my baby
[2014/05/04 00:58:33]  sαyυяı (fearlezz): It's SL
[2014/05/04 00:58:34]  sαyυяı (fearlezz): like
[2014/05/04 00:58:35]  sαyυяı (fearlezz): fuck off
[2014/05/04 00:58:54]  HarriHoudinii: yeh its sl why wonnt u have my babay
[2014/05/04 01:03:48]  sαyυяı (fearlezz): I like chicks
[2014/05/04 01:03:50]  sαyυяı (fearlezz): i'm lesbian.
[2014/05/04 01:04:53]  HarriHoudinii: so u didnt like vinnie?
[2014/05/04 01:05:32]  sαyυяı (fearlezz): no.
[2014/05/04 01:05:53]  HarriHoudinii: aw ok
[2014/05/04 01:06:01]  HarriHoudinii: and trigger?
[2014/05/04 01:06:04]  sαyυяı (fearlezz): no.
[2014/05/04 01:06:30]  HarriHoudinii: i dunno i think u like guys u just dont like me

How to Anger People In Overwatch

Wedding Of The Year

Shishkova and Socrates were scheduled to be married but nobody paid any attention to anybody but Aubrey and Josh Latrell.  No word on how Lunaire is taking it.  Socrates may be dead.

Friday, March 10, 2017

Famous Secondlife Troll Parties At Pax East

"One day this convention will be mine"  Esteban  Winsmore parties at PAX

Crime Fighter Cry Baby

I was wrong earlier when I reported that disgraced crime fighter 007BJamesB was dumped by Shannon.  He broke up with her when she got busy in real life and couldn't log on for a day.  One day.  He couldn't handle being alone for one single day.

Thursday, March 9, 2017

More Promise Than Project Sansar More Advanced Than Secondlife

Never underestimate what a small team can accomplish

Still in early development, Space looks and functions better than Secondlife and is completely portable using the Unity Engine.

Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Sansar - Created Reality

Girlfriend Shuffle

Ok, all this is Secondhand so I may have some of the details wrong.

Shannon dumped disgraced crime-fighter 007bJamesb because he was ignoring her.

JohnnySteel dumped Valentina the day before their chat-wedding for a black MMA fighter because he's a savage like that.

Disgraced crime-fighter 007bjamesb tried to get with Valentina but even she has standards.

Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Second Life Trolling: "I'm Not A Fish" Pt. 2

Project Sansar Will Not Be a Virtual World

That realization is the basis of Sansar, which represents an entirely new take on virtual worlds for the company. Unlike with Second Life, the Linden Lab is shifting away from having a single massive virtual world, choosing instead to set itself up as an enabler of creators by making Sansar a platform, rather than an all encompassing virtual landscape.
More like the ‘WordPress of social virtual spaces’, the company readily compares.
That means that users will not ‘enter the world of Sansar‘ any more than they would ‘visit WordPress’ to find content online. Instead—much like accessing a website via a URL that’s built atop WordPress—users will seek out and choose to visit individual virtual worlds built atop Sansar.

michellita Ceriano Dresses Like A Whore

Let's overlook the slutty clothes, and the lack of mesh, and the hooker boots, and the stupid looking tiger--what's up with the size 47 cowboy hat?

Keep in mind, in real life this is a 47 year old Mexican cleaning woman

Monday, March 6, 2017

Zarco Caught Cheating Again

Even with a child on the way, the Chimpanzee of Secondlife just can't change his ways.  Several different people report that Zarco has a new Secondlife girlfriend named petitours resident.

I suppose queen-whats-her-face is out again.  It must have been pretty blatant because even people who never send me stuff went to the trouble to report it.  You know it's pretty bad when even little old ladies rat you out

UPDATE: I met petitours and asked her about all this.  She maintains that she didn't mean to cause any problems with anybody and had no designs on anybody.  Zarco gave his Secondlife password over to his partner so she can guarantee he won't stray anymore.

Deranged Foreigner Obsessed With Michael Jackson

Saturday, March 4, 2017

Justin Chatter Vs KayceTron

The Joanna Loon Vs Dreams Thing

People have been asking about this so I think I figured it out.  It's pretty gay.

Back in October Dreams and Joanna were friends.  Somebody found Dreams' YouTube channel (the one of her with the dogs and weird shit) and Joanna (because she's a dumb ass) subscribed using an account in her Real Name.  Personally, I wouldn't give a fuck because, as I recall, Dreams' YouTube channel was also in Dreams' real name.

Ok, Move forward to February.  Former DJ Stefanos now has Joanna's facebook, so Joanna freaks out and assumes Dreams gave him her real name.  The problem with that theory is that Dreams and Former DJ Stefanos fucking hate each other, so I'm pretty sure she didn't give him shit.

In the end, Former DJ Stefanos, Joanna Loon and Dreams Emerald now all know each other's real life name and NOBODY GIVES A FUCK.  The only remotely interesting thing about this that Joanna is a good 20 years older than she said she was (which wasn't really a surprise).  We also know that she'd masturbate to Rocket Andretti's voice without his consent and bursts into tears if you mention it.

Joanna has been calling Linden Lab and filing tickets etc to get Dreams banned for a few weeks now.  I got news for you honey, if it ain't happened yet it ain't happening.  Linden lab isn't going to assign a special investigator to see if Dreams and Former DJ Stefanos are communicating secretly.

Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Look Who's On Network TV

Michellita Ceriano And The Police

So, the police came to see Michellita Ceriano recently to talk about Secondlife.  I know this because she yelled at me for two hours about it while having me muted the entire time so I couldn't ask questions.  She thinks I had something to do with it, but I did not.  She's simply not that interesting to me.  DJ Stefanos says he also had nothing to do with it, but who knows there.

What I do know is that, by her own confession, this is the third time the police have come to see her about Secondlife Stuff.  Now, I know Leslie reports me to the police about once a month for the last six years, Britbong has probably reported me a few times as well as Harrison and we all know what happened when Mufferson called the cops on me, and in all this the police have yet to call me, come see me, write me, email me, nothing.  They're simply not interested.

So, my question is: what the fuck is Michellita doing for the police to come see her three times about Secondlife???

I'm holding out the possibility that she's making at least one of these incidents up just to get attention, but come on!  Put some fucking breaks on there cow-girl,  This is getting out of hand.

PS> I'm pretty sure Dreams had nothing to do with Doxing Joannna Loon.  It's just not her style.

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