Saturday, December 31, 2016

Grendel's Turtle

Built on the rubicon between sculpties and mesh, turtle island by Flea Bussy is still one of the most impressive things ever made in secondlife.

How Did She Know?

[14:10] jillz Darkrose (PAPAPEDRO): boyd who is splinter is only one i blocked on skype lmao

Leslie Whittenstall Wants To Be Remembered

Remember months ago when Leslie called the cops and they did nothing and nobody cared?  She does too apparently.  Day after day, week after week, month after month she keeps waiting for them to act on her complaint.

Hope springs eternal does senile dementia

Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Top Contender In The Ellie New Boyfriend Contest

According to jillz Darkrose (PAPAPEDRO)

Splinter Smirnov and Chris Mumblewood have been my alts all along.  I'm a bit surprised she's the first to realize this to be honest.

Alphaville Herald Back In Business

Motivated by the election of Donald Trump, Urizenus Sklar announced recently the return of his virtual world focused blog.

Lauren Weyland Retiring

Second life comedian (comedienne) Lauren Weyland has announced he (she) is retiring

Performing 3 nights a week for 10 years, Lauren's Place will soon be missing their headliner.

From Reddit: 
My name is Catboy Qunhua and I have been performing regularly as a comedian, sometimes as a host at Lauren's Live.Lauren is retiring and we have lost several comedians who used to be regulars but have moved onto other things. (Usually WoW, I really don't get the appeal of that place.) We have a one hour show that performs every Tuesday at 5 PM SLT and this location; (ideally) we have about four guest comedians each are given a seven to ten minute set, or whatever they can do. With the recent loss of performers we simply do not have enough people to do a one hour show, and this is one of the very oldest regular live performance shows that has been going on for nine years coming 2017.
So if you are interested in comedy, and it doesn't have to be a full set, say if you just want to try out telling a few jokes on stage just to see what it's like please IM Catboy Qunhua, Thinkerer Melville, or Jwheels Carver.

Monday, December 26, 2016

Insilico Saved From Destruction

Famous Secondlife role-play sim, Insilico announced two months ago due to a lack of funding Insilico would close forever by the end of the year.

Recently, Insilico members announced a reprieve from their scheduled destruction by an anonymous donor.  In years past, market place sales from Skills Hax paid the tier for the Insilico sims, but when she was banned that income was cut off.

For years Linden Lab featured Insilico on their advertising material for the company leading many to suspect that the mystery donor to save Insilico was Linden Lab itself, out of fear that they would look foolish for losing their most famous sim.

Sunday, December 25, 2016

How I Spent Christmas

I'm told that someone spent most of the day going from sim to sim trying to prove that I was Secondlife on Christmas.  When I finally  did get on he's apparantly passed out drunk.  Oh well.

A litttle later, Im told the same person cried on twitter and other places that people from Secondlife had posted his nephew's Dox on the ColossalIsCrazy discord.  Since he's made this false claim before, I decided to go and ask the Mods at the ColossalIsCrazy discord myself...and guess what?  They knew of the complaint, had made an investigation and FOUND NO DOX of any kind on the discord, for Britbong (oops I said his name) or his nephew or anyone else for that matter.

In other words, he made the whole thing up


for sympathy


sigh... I get tired of being right all the time.

[23:06:35] Boyd alone on Christmas (alexanderboydcampbeli): (Saved Sun Dec 25 19:24:06 2016)Oh by the way Mark I am going to be informing your mother with a nice document of your online activities she won't be very pleased.

[23:06:35] Boyd alone on Christmas (alexanderboydcampbeli): (Saved Sun Dec 25 19:24:24 2016)Hopefully we can catch her during work hours or we can get someone to send something to her at work

[23:06:35] Boyd alone on Christmas (alexanderboydcampbeli): (Saved Sun Dec 25 19:25:30 2016)You can squeal on 8chan, nobody can help you dude no matter how much you cry there.

[23:06:35] Boyd alone on Christmas (alexanderboydcampbeli): (Saved Sun Dec 25 19:29:30 2016)Your mother already told you off, you already had the police at your door for suicide threats, nobody cares about you and your mother is ashamed.

[23:06:35] Boyd alone on Christmas (alexanderboydcampbeli): (Saved Sun Dec 25 19:30:05 2016)IHM and you are on a watchlist for the shady shit you were up to in your IRC days, especially that pedo IRC we know you were lurking on.

[23:08:46] Cruel Robot's Thesis (bomb.varnish): cool story, minivan. Did you get any new dresses for christmas? Did you try them on? post pix plox

Saturday, December 24, 2016

Christmas Amnesty

If your name is somewhere on this blog I'll be happy to take either the blog post down or youtube video down.  Just comment below with the link and I'll remove it.  This offer excludes people who are still actively a dick on Secondlife.  You get coal this Christmas.

Someone may have to explain to some people what "amnesty" means, but that doesn't disqualify them.

Second Life Trolling - IT'S KORISSA YOU IDIOT!

Harrison's Not Dead

He's recreated himself as JAKing and trying to hang out at Mage since there are no girls at Korea1 anymore.  He uses exactly the same avatar but with a hoodie and is something of an in-joke at Mage.

The joke's on him though, most of the girls at Mage aren't girls at all.

Friday, December 23, 2016

USNIH Recognizes Link Between Color-Blindness And Autism

The US National Institute In Health recognizes a nearly 2 to 1 increase of color-blindness among patients with autism, with the occurance of color vision deficiency increasing with the level of autism

GayPee Really Really Really Really Wants a Girlfriend

For some reason, Jaypee Eppen thought pretending to be me would help him get a girlfriend

[2016/12/23 16:30]  TakeTech (teketech): kristi
[2016/12/23 16:30]  TakeTech (teketech): how old r u
[2016/12/23 16:32]  TakeTech (teketech): virgin?
[2016/12/23 16:32]  TakeTech (teketech): it's actually good your still a virgin
[2016/12/23 16:33]  TakeTech (teketech): other wise u'd be an sl hoe for sure
[2016/12/23 16:33]  TakeTech (teketech): even tho you jump on to guys
[2016/12/23 16:33]  TakeTech (teketech): it doesnt get sexual thats why they dont stay with u
[2016/12/23 16:35]  TakeTech (teketech): very flirtatious in logs ive seen em
[2016/12/23 16:35]  TakeTech (teketech): but nothing serious
[2016/12/23 16:43]  Ƙяιѕтι (xxalexiesxx): I'm a bit worried about you
[2016/12/23 16:43]  Ƙяιѕтι (xxalexiesxx): You're having a conversation with yourself :/
[2016/12/23 16:44]  TakeTech (teketech): haha
[2016/12/23 16:44]  TakeTech (teketech): friendship kristi
[2016/12/23 16:44]  TakeTech (teketech): :D
[2016/12/23 16:46]  TakeTech (teketech): how old r u
[2016/12/23 16:46]  TakeTech (teketech): kristi
[16:48]  TakeTech (teketech): (Saved Sat 24 Dec 2016 01:46:44) i'm a stud
[16:48]  TakeTech (teketech): (Saved Sat 24 Dec 2016 01:46:48) a sexual fuck in rl
[16:53]  TakeTech (teketech): kristi
[16:53]  TakeTech (teketech): how old r u
[16:53]  TakeTech (teketech): im gonna take your virinity
[16:53]  TakeTech (teketech): coz u love me
[16:54]  TakeTech (teketech): im musclar
[16:54]  TakeTech (teketech): a sexy 6'2 hunk from the UK

Well, that last bit is a bit of a fib since he's a pudgy ginger but it was a nice try

Kristisrealname: ok so 2faced unloyal bipolar
Kristisrealname: ill be giving coremax
Kristisrealname: everybody else your address
Kristisrealname: hopefully someone kills u in rl
Kristisrealname: post boyd these logs
Kristisrealname: well see if he posts your address

Guess he got mad Kristi sent me his conversation.  I missed all the fun, but apparantly Britbong followed this outburst by making dozens of accounts to shout at people.   The holidays are hard on short people I suppose.

Parov Stelar - Booty Swing

Thursday, December 22, 2016

Chase MClure Took His Screen Name From The Viet Nam Memorial Wall

Trolling on Secondlife Is Like...

Fishing with dynamite

The explosion is kind of cool

If there's any fish in the pond at all you'll come home with a meal

Don't convince yourself it's an accomplishment though.  The skill level is basically:

  1. Light Fuse
  2. Throw

Britbong Rejected Again

Angry that Ellie rejected his boyfriend application, Britbong made four secondlife accounts to harass her about her prior relationships.

I know it sounds like I'm making this up, but two dozen people were there when it happened.

I have a song for you Dominic.  Don't give up little fella

Some day love will find you
break those chains that bind you....

Wednesday, December 21, 2016


Please fill out appropriately

Send me your screenshots with filled out answers to  SL account Zylkie

thanks babes

*gonna get all the edick*

Condensed Britbong News

I'm condensing the Britbong news so he won't moan about his blog mentions.


MSAlchemy Formally requests Britbongreturns stop visiting her Sim in Secondlife.  She has no Romantic interest in him at all.  She has a boyfriend.  Just please stop Britbong


Also, Britbong invades one of Kopy's Discord to cry


"He's a troubled fellow"  Tempest Lefavre


Newest Britbong Name: jon gully soon to be doxed (sperggully)


[15:51]  Ƙяιѕтι (xxalexiesxx): why so obsessed with me?
[15:51]  sperggully: ew why are you sending me messages
[15:51]  sperggully: serbian piece of shit lol
[15:51]  Ƙяιѕтι (xxalexiesxx): why so obsessed?
[15:51]  sperggully: your sending me messages you creep
[15:51]  Ƙяιѕтι (xxalexiesxx): just take the fact that i dont like you dominic
[15:51]  Ƙяιѕтι (xxalexiesxx): jesus
[15:52]  sperggully: lol why are you stalking me?
[15:52]  Ƙяιѕтι (xxalexiesxx): delusional faggot
[15:52]  sperggully: just because I am not into serbian trannies does not make me a faggot.
[15:52]  Ƙяιѕтι (xxalexiesxx): stop stalking me
[15:52]  sperggully: :)
[15:52]  Ƙяιѕтι (xxalexiesxx): IMing me
[15:52]  Ƙяιѕтι (xxalexiesxx): and being obsessed k?
[15:52]  sperggully:
[15:53]  sperggully: you imed first
[15:47]  sperggully: not partnered anymore kristi
[15:47]  sperggully:
[16:16] Ƙяιѕтι (XxAlexiesxX): lol that didn't last long
[15:53]  Ƙяιѕтι (xxalexiesxx): you IM'd me so many times before
[15:53]  Ƙяιѕтι (xxalexiesxx): freak
[15:53]  sperggully: not my fault you got rejected
[15:53]  sperggully: calm down babe
[15:53]  sperggully: i got a gf
[15:53]  Ƙяιѕтι (xxalexiesxx): you're going on Boyd's blog
[15:53]  Ƙяιѕтι (xxalexiesxx): again
[15:53]  Ƙяιѕтι (xxalexiesxx): desperate freak lol
[15:54]  sperggully: ok, you're the one sending me messages :)
[15:54]  sperggully: feels good knowing I live in a first world country and can breath the air without getting lung cancer.
[15:55]  Ƙяιѕтι (xxalexiesxx): oh God you're boring me
[15:55]  Ƙяιѕтι (xxalexiesxx): gtfo
[15:55]  sperggully: mad?
[15:55]  Ƙяιѕтι (xxalexiesxx): 24/7
[15:55]  sperggully: sat here alone because you got no friends lol
[15:55]  Ƙяιѕтι (xxalexiesxx): keep projecting
[16:00]  sperggully: still sending me messages
[16:00]  sperggully: cringe


I Don't Know What Kopy Did, But Britbong was pretty mad

Tuesday, December 20, 2016

A Tribute to Our Biggest Fan: Haley ♥

Remote Blogging

As my presence seems to cause the sim to go down I may be relying on reports sent to me for the blog.  That shouldn't slow things down that much as it's been that way for a while anyway.

Update:  I have complied with the demads of the crashers, so let's see what happens

Ellen Frog As The Elephant Man

Saturday, December 17, 2016

Pray For The Future

Zarco's Expecting A Child

Second Life Trolling: Second Life Bully feat. The Bad Guys (PART 1)

Tristina And The Massage Therapist

CheChe At Christmas

Apprantly Gaypee spent most of the night searching the internet looking for photos to terrify CheChe with and this is the result.  As you can see she's not very terrified.  Congrats on finding something wintown found six years ago though bud, you're a winner no matter what anybody says.

Secondlife Immersiva May Close Soon

Acclaimed Secondlife artist Bryn Oh may soon close her sim due to lack of support

This is fairly signifigant as Bryn is the last serious artist to put any effort into using Secondlife as an artform, once she's gone it's unlikey anyone else will take her place

Apparently John Scarce Is A Giant

Britbong Added For Scale
He wasn't invited to the party

Thursday, December 15, 2016

What Secondlifers Got For Christmas

           Nice Chatters
Dreams Emerald: New tits
Addie Braveheart: Z28
DonDon:  Donald Trump
Waterfallzz: Beautiful grandbaby
Ellie: Super cute boyfriend
CultChief: trip home for sex
Daisy: turned 21
Vahleya Enoch: spider bite repellent
Timmon Breen: GTAV MiniGun
Shishkovaa: Diamonds and chocolate
Whitness7732: Safe escape from Dat Spot
Constance: Cookies!
Ettie Follet: Peace and harmony for all (sadly, her gift was immediately followed by a riot)
AubreyXX:  Early lavish vacation
Zeph: More Vinyl Than Sizzla

           Naughty Chatters
Harrison Digfoot: a tank of gas
Britbong: another year without a girlfriend
Sizzla: Imaginary record deal
Ellen Frog: finalized divorce papers
Justhere999: Tent patch kit
Tristina: Fistula
PeteCo: Elevator shoes
Chase McClure: tracheotomy
Montezuma: Makeup and a wig (your first Tranny kit by Tycho Toys)

Tristina Receives Her Matthew Grey Gubler Shirt

[15:32] ZonZane: is this boyd?

[15:32] MostMeek: hai!

[15:33] ZonZane: I ordered it six days ago but they were supposed to send a postage sent email seven days later, but I received it before then

[15:33] ZonZane: so it's a good chance it's his coffee

[15:33] MostMeek: does it fit?

[15:33] ZonZane: oh i got the biggest size possible because I wanted to shrink it

[15:34] ZonZane: I wash everything in hot

[15:34] MostMeek: I'd save the coffee stain if possible

[15:35] ZonZane: well the funny thing is that I said, "it's going to have a coffee stain before I even put it on, I hate white things."

[15:35] ZonZane: it's fucking hilarious

[15:35] MostMeek: lol it worked out

[15:47] ZonZane: you can put it on the blog

[15:47] ZonZane: I basically received it a day before they were supposed to ship

[15:47] ZonZane: make sure you note that

[15:47] ZonZane: no one on twitter has one

[15:48] ZonZane: you may want to mention our dream connection and how I dream about him and he lets me know if something bad happens to me the next day, and if it doesn't happen to me it happens to him

[15:49] ZonZane: the last thing that happened to him he forgot his name waiting for coffee because he was playing so many roles

[15:50] ZonZane: that was many years ago though

[15:51] ZonZane: his twitter goes dark for a couple days if I let him know I had a dream about him but he's pretty confident it's always about me now

[15:52] ZonZane: I believe my tweet to him when he forgot his name was "I was hesitant to tell you that I had a dream about you, but if I can avoid something bad happening what's the worse that could happen to you? Forget who you are? lol

You Don't Qualify As A Secondlife Hacker

Until you can revive the dead

Britbong Tries To Be Intimidating

[09:47] Birthdayboi: anyone notice how people talk to boyd and their accounts get stolen or they get doxed, almost like what boyd tries to do to others

[09:47] Birthdayboi: guess it's only faire

Broken Cartoon Mountian

By CultChief

    The number of Broken Cartoons frequenting K1 continues to rise...........OH THE HUMANITY!!!

  • Justin Chatter broken by Rachel. Assist to Waterfallz.               
  • Harrison King of Siphoned Gas broken by Boyd. Assist to       Zoidberg, CultChief, Daisy, Compeer and Addie Braveheart 
  • Max Sizzla broken by CultChief. Assist to Zoidberg,   Dondonian, Boyd, BritBong, Addie and images provided by Max himself.
  • Lorraine broken by unrequited cartoon infatuation.
  • Stefanos broken permanently by CultChief. Assist to Rachel, Waterfallz, Addie, and pretty much anyone who wants to kick the crap out of a dead, criminal cartoon scumbag.
  • Jillz Darkrose broken by logging in.
  • Ellen Frog, Chase McClure and 007Jamesb broken by their own irrelevance to the entire sl population.
  • Yeezy UnAmerican broken by Country Magic, Max Sizzla(go   figure) and CultChief.
  • Oilbase broken by CultChief and his profile picture circa   1983.
  • Montezuma broke himself. From G.I. Joe to G.I. Jane in three  weeks.                                       

Cartoon pundits, watch dogs and talking heads have unanimously predicted that as the holidays draw ever closer the broken cartoon count will continue to mount. Please be gentle when encountering these broken avatars. Despite the fact that several of them must change their user names daily, you will easily recognize them by the sounds of them audibly displaying how broken they are, screaming at other toons who can't hear them, desperately seeking the attention their mommies denied them and spitting all over their monitor.

Merry Xmas.

Wednesday, December 14, 2016

bang u for real on christmas

[01:22] KingHareBear: i want to bang u for real on christmas
[01:22] KingHareBear: i will travel
[01:22] nikki phantom (shroom.soup): harri i have a boyfriend
[01:22] KingHareBear: i dont care
[01:22] KingHareBear: he isnt as good as m
[01:22] nikki phantom (shroom.soup): im sure he does
[01:23] nikki phantom (shroom.soup): thats super disrespectful
[01:23] KingHareBear: dont let him ruin ur vagina

Jillz and Chase Sittin' In A Tree K*i*S*S*I*N*G*

[21:57] jillz Darkrose (papapedro): marry
[21:57] jillz Darkrose (papapedro): me asshole
[21:58] jillz Darkrose (papapedro): HEY MORON LOL
[22:00] Chase McClure: you are a flamming fucking idiot
[22:00] Chase McClure: muted
[22:00] jillz Darkrose (papapedro): ROFFLOH THANKS AGAIN

The Rocket Man (Second Life)




Epsilon Panda Is A Rough Dude

[13:54] dirtydisco: you are into dudes?
[13:54] Im Batman (dfuse): no, i just like humiliating them
[13:54] Im Batman (dfuse): by ploughing their ass
[13:54] dirtydisco: lol k
[13:55] dirtydisco: sure
[13:55] dirtydisco: ploughing?
[13:55] Im Batman (dfuse): plowing
[13:55] dirtydisco: explain
[13:55] Im Batman (dfuse): forced anal penetration
[13:55] dirtydisco: You like fucking dudes in the ass?
[13:55] Im Batman (dfuse): to humiliate them

The Truth About Secondlife Population Numbers

of the four actual live people there, two were AFK

Tuesday, December 13, 2016

How I Knew It'd Been Two Years

It's been two years since Upraksi told Britbong he couldn't come to the US for Christmas

Yesterday he made two SL accounts of her name, including UpraksL,  Today this:

Second Life AVI Choice Awards 2016

Why Jon Gully Loves CheChe

[11:42] Jon Gully: lol she loves already
[11:42] Jon Gully: and it will never end
[11:42] Head Starsider: 0.0
[11:42] Jon Gully: i have never been with a black woman
[11:42] Jon Gully: thats why i like her
[11:43] Jon Gully: dreams is better though
[11:43] Jon Gully: her microphone is better

Notorious Dorchester Draws A Crowd

Jaypee Eppen: Video Game Cheater

Last night Jaypee (SLDOX) explained why he cheats at video games:

GTAV:  he says EU servers are over-run with Russians so he used hacks to fight them and got sentenced to the cheater's lobby.  Somehow the rest of us played against the same Russians without ending up in cheater's lobby.

CallOfDuty:  He wouldn't tell me why he cheated at COD but he was VAC banned for it.   Most of the people I know who play COD are female.  Getting beat by a bunch of girls is probably what lead Jaypee to cheat.  Britbong and Jaypee are the only people I know who've been VAC banned.  It's fairly rare.

Dead By Daylight:  Jaypee said he didn't like the Michael Myers skin on the killer so he bought hacks after playing 500 hours.  I can't imagine how you even cheat at this game.  Maybe it gives you some sort of radar or something.  It can't be much fun once you do that.  I mentioned his experience to my friend at Starbreeze Studios and they'll be on the look-out for it.

Secondlife:  Jaypee doxes people and calls Lindenlab to get people's password because it's easy and because Kristi called him a ginger faggot two years ago, even though he actually is a Ginger faggot.  He'd also really like a girlfriend on SL and there doesn't seem to be any left.

Full Disclosure:  I did use the infinite money cheat on the Sims so I can build whatever I want without having to level my characters.  I  don't really consider this cheating though as it's a single player game.

Conclusion:  You can play video games with Jaypee if you want, but he's probably going to cheat.

Monday, December 12, 2016

Sizzla As A Dog

MoistMurder Makes A Wrestler

Harrison Digfoot Deranged Wrestler

All Time Most Popular Blog Pages
57,482 page views (no idea why this got so big.  both britbong and MSAlchemy have followings on 4chan I guess)
18.534 page views (I have no idea why)
12,421 page views (I think this got passed around a lot during the whole war with DanielfromSL.  anything mentioning Danielfromsl got a lot of hits. He never actually played SL except to make videos though, so there was never that much to write about.)
12,112 page views (got a lot of play on sluniverse  and reddit)
9,726 page views  (as I recall I was the first to announce this so that may be why it got so many hits)

World's Worst Drag Queen

Saturday, December 10, 2016

Five New Infohubs 100% Mesh 0% Voice

Each has a custom stream 
Each has well developed experience systems
None have voice

Ancient Mole and Magic Mole seem to be the principal creators
(I'm sure I've missed some important creators.  I'll try to correct this)

None of the LDPW projects the past two years included voice.  I feel like this reflects a change in corporate perspective when it comes to what sort of experience they want to provide users.

Friday, December 9, 2016

Why Do They Call It Linden lab

When Phillip Rosedale left RealNetwoks to begin his new project, he rented a small office on Linden Street in San Francisco

It became known as the "Linden Lab" which became the company name when they incorporated.

Aubrey Makes An Unfortunate New Head Choice

What It Was Supposed To Look Like
What It Actually Looked Like

[10:03:22 PM | Edited 10:03:57 PM] -A-: Hello. I know you dont give refunds. and im not even asking for one. But this was the worst shape i have ever bought in my secondlife. I am a big fan of your blog and i thought your shape would not disappoint. i was wrong. I dont know if maybe you uploaded the broken version of this shape by accident. I just feel like it is nothing what the picture represents. I have used everything but the skin in the style card, but none the less, this is not the shape i was expecting. Im sad about it. I didnt write a review on your marketplace and was hoping for some resolve. Thanks for listening.
[10:03:42 PM] -A-: People need to know to not buy shapes from her. false advertisement.
[10:04:37 PM] -A-: that's what I wrote to the creator 
[10:04:55 PM] -A-: Sold by: Volupturaptor Perl

RIP John Glenn

High Fidelity Gets $22 Million In New Investment

"Investment was led by IDG Capital and new investor Jim Breyer / Breyer Capital," High Fidelity founder and CEO Philip Rosedale just confirmed to me."We'll have more to say as we get farther along with the beta!"

Thursday, December 8, 2016

Addie's Car Is Cooler Than Anything You Own

Silent Slitter And The Internet

I came onto the internet looking for Godeneye 007 cheat codes and Duke Nukem 3D Atomic Edition codes. And I ended up with broads with dementia a decade later. Thanks internet!

400K Subscribers In 1 Year: This Is How It's Done Folks


ShortStack Exercises The Deamons From Ninetales

Cheat Codes For Justin Chatter

He's gonna say you work for Linden Lab
He's gonna say you work for the NSA
He's gonna say you're an e-prostitute

He's going to say a lot of things to wind you up
He knows they're not true but he's still going to say them to wind you up
If you get wound up, then that's on you because I literally just gave you the cheat codes


Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Painful Loss For Harrison

JC Butterfly Appeals to Linden Lab to Delete Group Ellen Frog Fraudulently Took Control Of

For More Information Read Here 

Watch For Phising Attempts

If you get an email with a link for you to log into Secondlife it may not be from Linden Lab.  For some reason, some loser is still trying to phish Secondlife passwords with fake emails.

If you want to check on your secondlife account, log into AND NO WHERE ELSE.

If you get an email asking you to log into Secondlife, type in yourself rather than following a link.

Things I Don't Believe

  • I don't believe Britbong put on a dress to be sexy.  I believe he put on a dress as part of a "troll" on 4chan or somewhere and somebody saved it.  Still funny, but not proof he's gay.
  • I don't believe Stefanos got naked on tinychat for CheChe's alt.  She may believe she has that kind of effect on men, but she doesn't.  It was a loop.  Easy enough to do. I've seen  her try this bullshit twice before and her credibility takes a hit every time.
  • I don't believe Andrew suddenly remembered Kristi got naked for him a year ago and suddenly decided to "expose" her for playing with his emotions.  Again, he's done this before.  He's weak as water.  Just discard it.
  • I don't believe Constance was able to figure out who Rachel was, where she worked, who her boss is and how to contact him.  Somebody on Secondlife might be smart enough for that, but it's not Constance.  There's another player at foot here.
  • I don't believe Liden Lab "accidentally" revived Gardens of Apollo.  I think the destination guide is getting more and more empty so they're just faking it  to hide the obvious fact that Secondlife is dying.

Wacky Wayne Rides Again

Monday, December 5, 2016

Beth Odets - cover of My vigina is 8 miles wide

Rogue One: A Star Wars Wrap Party

JC Butterfly Not Involved In "Ellen For President" Effort

[09:08] IsWaiting: hey jamie
[09:08] IsWaiting: everybody is blaming you for this ellen for president thing
[09:08] IsWaiting: so I told them I'd ask you directly
[09:09] IsWaiting: I told them you didn't really seem that active in info hub BS anymore

[09:11] Jc Ҡʀση єδցιռցէ٥ռ (jcbutterfly101): no idea who this is, but i havne't seen Ellen in almost a year. she is still on my friends list. but liek i said i ahvne't tlaked to her in like a year.

[09:11] IsWaiting: lol hey it's boyd

[09:11] Jc Ҡʀση єδցιռցէ٥ռ (jcbutterfly101): hii ^.^

[09:11] IsWaiting: hai :)
[09:11] IsWaiting: lol ok so it isn't you
[09:11] IsWaiting: I'll tell them
[09:11] IsWaiting: have fun :)
[09:11] IsWaiting: lol that was easy

[09:11] Jc Ҡʀση єδցιռցէ٥ռ (jcbutterfly101): lolthanks, you too

As far as I can tell, JC made the group some years ago when people were making fun of her and invited Ellen Frog to join  as they were friends.  Ellen Frog, (being Ellen  Frog) talked JC into making her an officer and eventually JC forgot the group even exitsted.

Like she did with House of Prayer and the Green Lanterns, Ellen Frog then re purposed the old group to give her efforts a sense of respectability she couldn't accomplish on her own.

JC has since asked Ellen to either remove her name from the group or start her own, but not to use JC's group for her own ends.  We'll see if Ellen complies.

Linden Lab Opening Fake Sims

Desperate to maintain the illusion that people still use Secondlife.  Linden Lab is now restoring saved versions of sims that were closed long ago for a lack of income or a lack of interest

Read more about how the Gardens Of Apollo sim came back from the dead

Slick Nirvanna Hitting His Wife

Sunday, December 4, 2016

Emma Folger Having More Fun On Secondlife Than Harrison Digfoot

Emma Folger Having More Fun On Secondlife Than Harrison Digfoot

All For The Love Of A Serbian Girl

These Nudes Of Jaypee Eppen Are Every
Bit As Real As The Ones He's Passing Out of Kristi
After two years of trying to get with Kristi (with no luck) and over a year of trying to extort her into sexual activity, Jaypee (gaypee) has given up and decided to distribute fake nudes of the girl he loves, which literally nobody believes is her because he's retarded.

Good going jaypee

you fail


Saturday, December 3, 2016

On The Death Of Esteban Winsmore

as told by one of his moderators on Reddit...

Anyone who is interested in WHY Esteban is retired as a character might want to read this as well.
  • He tried to stream trolling Second Life in the past on Twitch.
  • This stream was largely unsuccessful
  • Comedic trolling in Second Life is nearly impossible to do live. There is so much editing involved. Many of the funny parts in his videos are edited to present the story at a comedic pace.
  • Most people ignored him. It isn't hard to know a goofy looking 2-day old account avatar is a troll. Again, it takes a lot of editing to get to the funny bits where people take the bait.
  • The people who didn't ignore him recognized him. He is a legend in SL. Trolls cant troll if you know they're a troll.
  • He had to set his stream to a 45 MINUTE DELAY. This is because SL players saw the stream and hunted down Esteban to meet with him in-game. This ruins trolling efforts and generally isn't that entertaining.
  • He couldn't visit adult areas, which are THE MOST ACTIVE AREAS. Twitch doesn't allow pornographic nudity.
  • Streaming SL is garbage to do anyways because of how the game itself handles how it loads the world. In short, the worlds aren't saved in your computer like regular games. They are loaded by your internet and juggled by your RAM and processor. The quality of the stream was abysmal, as those two things are what makes for a good stream.
  • Twitch no longer even ALLOWS Second Life to be streamed for good reason.
  • Other services do not pay as well as Twitch, even if they do allow SL to be streamed.
  • He was making these videos when he was, to loosely quote, "An angry angsty little 18 year old. I didn't do it for the money or the fun of it. I didn't even like doing it. I think I was just addicted to the views."
  • Eventually he decided that if he wasn't doing it for money(youtube pay is shit), or for fun, and felt like he was bullying "low hanging fruit for no good reason" that he probably shouldn't be doing it at all. So he stopped. He got nothing out of it but attention and he doesn't feel like he needs that anymore.
Oh and lastly
  • He actually does make a lot of money successfully streaming on twitch. He took his sense of humor and quickwittedness and applied it to being a video game streamer. He "trolls" by playing shitty games and making fun of things and ideas instead of people.
  • In conclusion, Esteban was a gift. Charlie got next to nothing out of creating Esteban or other SL content. He does not owe us Esteban and is very successful without him.
But yeah, I wish there were more videos too. That shit is fucking hilarious.

If you want to see what Charlie Winsmore is up to these days, he's live on Twitch three or four days a week

Ellen Frog Snakes Her Way Into Control Of Yet Another Secondlife Group

Just like she did with House of Prayer, Ellen Frog has finagled her way into gaining control of JC Butterfly101's group to try and organize some sort of support for her antics on Help Island.

Her efforts to strong-arm control of House Of Prayer turned against her, so I'm gong to predict this will be a disaster as well.

For some reason she found it a good idea to make Pixie Khitan a mod in the group.

Pixie Khitan And His Next Victim

Notorious Pedophile Endorses Ellen Frog For President

Britbong Pretends To Be Stefanos And Still Gets Rejected By Beauty

I keep thinking I've made my last Britbong post and he goes and does something even gayer than the thing before.

[11:19] Lazarus (ramiprllboy): wish you would partner me again
[11:19] Lazarus (ramiprllboy): :(
[11:20] ɓɛɑuty (euthymic): Do it!
[11:20] Lazarus (ramiprllboy): whats your skype again i need to make another, this mong seems to have found it..
[11:21] ɓɛɑuty (euthymic): euthymiccc
[11:21] Lazarus (ramiprllboy): thanks beautiful
[11:23] Lazarus (ramiprllboy): I'd love to fuck your brains out sweetheart
[11:23] ɓɛɑuty (euthymic): lmao
[11:23] ɓɛɑuty (euthymic): So romantic
[11:23] Lazarus (ramiprllboy): you want my spunk inside you don't you?
[11:23] ɓɛɑuty (euthymic): Yes Daddy
[11:24] Lazarus (ramiprllboy): keep begging for daddy you might just get it
[11:24] ɓɛɑuty (euthymic): Someones feeling frisky
[11:24] Lazarus (ramiprllboy): well the last time was pretty intense..
[11:24] Lazarus (ramiprllboy): ;)
[11:24] ɓɛɑuty (euthymic): Yes
[11:25] Lazarus (ramiprllboy): beg for daddy..
[11:25] Lazarus (ramiprllboy): make me cum
[11:26] Lazarus (ramiprllboy): please i am lonely
[11:26] Lazarus (ramiprllboy): ever since my mother died I haven't felt the same
[11:26] ɓɛɑuty (euthymic): Whats your middle name?
[11:27] ɓɛɑuty (euthymic): Caught you.
[11:27] ɓɛɑuty (euthymic): :P
[11:27] ɓɛɑuty (euthymic): Plus, he has more class than that.t
[11:27] ɓɛɑuty (euthymic): Loser.
[11:27] Lazarus (ramiprllboy): proved you e-fucked him
[11:27] Lazarus (ramiprllboy): lol i'll be informing some people in your life
[11:27] Lazarus (ramiprllboy): :)!
[11:28] ɓɛɑuty (euthymic): I never did, I knew you werent him from the gate.
[11:28] ɓɛɑuty (euthymic): It's cool cheche, you dirty trailer tampon.
[11:28] ɓɛɑuty (euthymic): Nothing more to say?
[11:28] ɓɛɑuty (euthymic): Shame.
[11:29] ɓɛɑuty (euthymic): Pussy ass bitch

Notice when she calls him a fag he threatens to contact people from her real life.  Typical Britbong maneuver.


Justhere999 Might Be Retarded

Season's Greetings From MsAlchemy

Only on Secondlife

CrowleyCorp is the

* Owner of Crowley Corporation ( BDSM Sex Equipment )
* Owner of Rolling Hills Golf Course ( 18 Holes )
* Owner of Hull Breach ( Worn Space Ship Battle 'Pets' )

imaginary sex furniture, imaginary golf and imaginary space ships.

this man voted for Trump...

Friday, December 2, 2016

What Happened to GBTK1?

[11:56] smoot Chajet: violet died...thats new
[11:56] smoot Chajet: yea
[11:56] smoot Chajet: news to me
[11:56] 13 inc (BincBinc): very sad :(
[11:56] smoot Chajet: that place was a mess
[11:57] 13 inc (BincBinc): so we all wnt B2K1
[11:57] 13 inc (BincBinc): pretty sure phooey is happpy
[11:57] 13 inc (BincBinc): about it
[11:57] Phooey Jaggernov: nobody left because it was a mess. they left because voice was cut off
[11:58] smoot Chajet: loves it ?
[11:58] Phooey Jaggernov: voice was cut off because korea1 in violet was an embarrassment to LL

Kaz Faith The Professional Wrestler.

Governance Linden Called In To Protect Justhere999 From Pixskull

Governance Linden Dressed As Satan
(not gonna mention the massive copyright violation)

I guess Nathan was typing too aggressively to the guy orbiting the entire sim for a year]

Snitching when he gets made fun of is about all the proof you need that Justhere999 is a little bitch.

Thursday, December 1, 2016

Where Monkey Lives

So there was some controversy when word got out that Monkey was living with Mew.

The truth is -- he's not.

I asked Mew Directly and here's what she said

[12:31:46 PM] Edgar Button: constance said you told her monkey is living with you now
[12:31:53 PM] Edgar Button: and it's become this big stupid gay thing
[12:31:59 PM] Edgar Button: nobody beleives constance
[12:32:04 PM] Edgar Button: so I told them I'd ask you directly
[4:51:46 PM] Mew: Well thank you for being the only person to ask me rather than just scream at me. No it's not true. I've never been to LA, I'm still in NY. He's certainly not here. 
[4:52:32 PM] Mew: and as for me telling her anything that's bullshit. I don't have her added anywhere except SL and haven't logged there.

So then Constance asked Monkey and here's what he said:

So there you have it.  Monkey lied to Consance to be a shit and Mew had nothing to do with it.

Che Che Gothly's League Of Legends Tattoo

Wednesday, November 30, 2016

What Are Onesies

What Can You Do In High Fidelity

Change Of Heart

[2016/11/27 15:59]  jackaussie: please
[2016/11/27 16:01]  jackaussie: you there
[2016/11/27 16:16]  jackaussie: hello
[2016/11/27 16:17]  jackaussie: wake up
[2016/11/29 16:26]  jackaussie: hello
[2016/11/29 16:26]  jackaussie: you there
[2016/11/29 16:27]  jackaussie: call me your hot
[2016/11/30 14:20]  jackaussie: hi
[2016/11/30 15:42]  jackaussie: hi

[2016/11/30 15:43]  Ƙяιѕтι (xxalexiesxx): FUCK OFF
[2016/11/30 15:43]  Ƙяιѕтι (xxalexiesxx): YOU UGLY CUNT

[2016/11/30 15:43]  jackaussie: omg your ugly

In Other News:

Tristina Found Alive

stories of aliens and assaults to follow

Addie Braveheart Had Sex With This Woman -- What Did You Do?

And he was in a wheel chair when he did it.

what did you do?

Oh yeah, Jaypee tried to get with her for 3 years and couldn't, but Addie did :)

REDNECK RANDY At biker club Trolling

Vendors and Creators