Tuesday, August 30, 2016

SOCRATES Avindar In Real Life

A World Of Aubrey

Poppin             Poor Man's Aubrey
Ellie                 Baby Aubrey
Shiskova         Futa Aubrey
Alivina            Fat Gay Aubrey
H4Z3               Stoner Aubrey
Tamen              Half-Asian Aubrey
Jenise               Fat Black Aubrey
Ellen Frog        Insignificant Aubrey
Blamft              Bearded Aubrey
Boyd                Bald Aubrey
Seleukos          Angry Aubrey
Brash               Worm Aubrey
ediedelacroix   Edward Aubrey
Josh Latrell      Arizona Of Florida Aubrey
Mr Broccoli     Musical Aubrey
Lola                  King Of Korea Aubrey
Trigger             Australian Aubrey
Harrison           Nobody Aubrey

Creepy Treats

[18:57] HarriBeariMannilo: why is the fbi looking at ur creepy treats  boyd

Leslie Whittenstall Should Know...

These Things Are Illegal
Making Death Threats Over The Internet
Filing false police reports against UK residents
Doxing children because you got thrown out of a chat party
Improperly Disposing of Dead Cats

These Things Are Not
Urinating on Video Game Characters
Making Fun Of People's Facebook Photos

School Lunches Are Gross

So Ellie made her own

Most Secondlife Residents Ineligible To Donate Sperm

Monday, August 29, 2016

Pure Imagination

On a Mission

I really want the live kitten channel to become more popular than Keemstar


Watch, subscribe, send to your friends!

Ellie's First Lunch

Of her last year in high school... was pretty boring, but tasty

No Exceptions For No Man's Sky

A few days ago there was a rumor on reddit that Steam was offering extended refunds for No Man's Sky and a few incredibly stupid people believed it whithout checking the facts.  They were wrong.

Sunday, August 28, 2016

Four Dudes And Xtina

Che Che Gothly Drives To Work

Apparantly she actually owns this truck in Real Life

Snowbella's Cat Is Fucking Terrifying

More Normal Boys...

[07:41] IrishRich: was tinychat good with aubrey yesterday?
[07:42] Edgar Button: lol worked out ok
[07:43] IrishRich: u know who this is?
[07:44] Edgar Button: ratcloner?
[07:44] IrishRich: is that my new name?
[07:44] IrishRich: it's richy
[07:45] Edgar Button: lol
[07:45] Edgar Button: you're the trannys little brother?
[07:45] IrishRich: julia is life
[07:45] IrishRich: why dont you like her
[07:46] Edgar Button: evrybody likes him
[07:46] Edgar Button: most of us don't jerk off to his pictures like you do
[07:47] IrishRich: you care to much about what gets me off
[07:47] IrishRich: too*
[07:48] IrishRich: why does aubrey hate me boyd?
[07:48] Edgar Button: she like more normal boys

A Dog A Cat A Bratz Doll And A Thumb

VR Without A Headset: This Is Real

One of These Is NOT A Sandwich




Saturday, August 27, 2016

Secondlife's Newest Trans Girl

Tattianna Imari Blocks Alvina

So she can continue to milk Uncle Lawl

Three Thumbs, Tina And A Tranny

Duel Of The Fates

Bald Brash Looks Like Harrison's Penis

I Dunno Who Emmahdorable...

but apparently  I'm conspiring with her to ruin some body's life.

Maybe I should find out who she is and actually do it.

The issue seems to be she's making more money at Stream.me  I wonder if she's making as much as the box full of kittens.

Loser Among Losers

Britbongreturns is in fourth place at stream.me, behind BDTV and a channel that just has a live cam on some kittens in a box.

Maybe it really is time to quit...

Blues Song About Lesbians From 1935

A lot of (what were considered at the time) untouchable social issues were simply absent from published white art forms in the first half of the 20th century, but black artists often dealt with subjects such as sexuality and drug use without prohibition or consequence.

Britbong Asks For Understanding

Friday, August 26, 2016

Is This appropriate?

Talatha Larnia is a teacher

For some reason she has Hentai on  her blog about pixies.

I'm not comfortable with this.  I'm betting the Washington State Board Of Education won't be either.

Talitha thought it was so funny when she called Hershel's boss.  It might be time to call hers.

This Kid Has 250,000 Subscribers and a Girlfriend

How's that feel Britbongreturns?

A Date With Mr Noob

Five Pounds Of Mascara

Sausage Fat fingers, a moustache and an unmade bed gives Calisto India the perfect Myspace Photo

When Mage Floods

Niggas use boats

Bend The Knee...

What short people ask you to do when they can't hear you...

The Day After

The Day After Marlborogirl met Mufferson... She had to take off work due to vaginal soreness.

The Day After Marsy met Harrison...  Marsy had to sleep on the sofa due to the smell

The Next Day After That...Marlborogirl went to work but was still smiling

The Next Day After That...Marsy was on her way home to wash her clothes several times to get rid of the smell.

Thursday, August 25, 2016

You'll Probably Hear About This...

Some kid was getting bullied on Twitch so I got him a copy of GTAV to make him feel better.

Don't make a big deal out of it.

Even though there are whole youtube channels devoted to "trolling" underage gamers, I personally find it really distasteful and not funny in the least.  Perhaps, one day, Youtube policies will catch up.

Avatars By Funko

Avatars By Salvador Dali

I Never Considered...

that, as Secondlife died, only the most boring, contrite or deranged people who ever played the fucking game would be all that remained.

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Two Million Views In Four Days

I knew It Would Come Down To This

Ratcloner is the coolest person to log into SL today...

Britbongreturns Vs ColossalisCrazy

A few people have asked me about this and the short answer is: I don't know.

They used to be friends, but Britbongreturns made a big display of removing him from friends on skype and un-following him and continues to bring it up, even though ColossalisCrazy never does.

I  do know that Britbong has been complaining that none of the "bigger youtubers" he knows have been helping him grow his rapidly sinking channel.

I also know (despite all his rants on never toe-sucking) Britbong made a sub-reddit for ColossalisCrazy, who never realy used it and a bunch of other smaller things to help him.

ColossalisCrazy may just not like Reddit since he last posted 4 months ago and has fewer than 10 total posts so making him a sub-reddit might seem like a big deal to Britbong (even though it only takes about 2 minutes) but never even occured to ColossalisCrazy.

Britbong's autism (and general lack of maturity) makes it very difficult for him to make and keep friends.  Most of the people he now considers enemies were once friends (or at least friendly) who tried to help him including: Kopy, Shekleberg, Jamku, DanielfromSL, Tesla, 6Ted9, even GrossGore and myself.

I feel like ColossalisCrazy is torn between his fascination with awkward personalities like BritbongReturns and Keemstar and his logical distaste for their behavior.

If it means anything, I personally follow ColossalisCrazy and find him one of the most logical and reasonable of all the "bully-commentary" channels on Youtube.

For some reason this recording has Britbong really upset even though it's 100% accurate

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Fat Ginger Kid Gets His Revenge

Jaypee wanted to have sex with Rocky Spot

Rocky Spot wanted to have sex with Wolf Instead

Rocky said "send me a picture of your face and maybe I'll changed my mind" and Jaypee said "no, I'm a fat ginger catfish"

Beause Linden Lab is incredibly incompitent, Jaypee took control of Rocky's account to see if she had any nudies in her inventory.

Words Of Wisdom

[04:16] Splinter Smirnov: did u notice people on second lifes genitals all look depressed and unhealthy

The Man Who Made Robin Williams Want To Become An Actor

Insane Burn Victim Plays Secondlife

In Memoriam Lunaire Farspire

Besides Shazz and RagaJos Lunaire was one of the most unjust bans in the history of Secondlife.  

Troll Yourself Popular!

Monday, August 22, 2016

The Thirst Is Real

[03:34] HarriBearrrr: are we dating
[03:35] Shroom Soup: yes
[03:35] HarriBearrrr: ok
[03:35] HarriBearrrr: can i kiss your vagina
[03:35] Shroom Soup: HARRI NO
[03:35] HarriBearrrr: ok
[03:48] HarriBearrrr: yep

Sunday, August 21, 2016

When Marsy Met Harri

After six years of trying, Harrison Digfoot finally got a girl from Secondlife to give him a chance in real life.  Her trip was planned to be a week, but she only made it 2 and a half days.  Here is her honest review of the experience:
  • His tiny apartment was so filthy the first thing she did was clean it (after she bought cleaning supplies and air freshener)
  • He couldn't afford to feed her so she bought groceries (and cleaning supplies) and paid for his gas to the store
  • He was so fat she couldn't reach around him
  • She verified his penis pictures are the real deal (especially the skype jacking one)
  • He only takes his hat off to sleep
  • He only has 2 hats which he switches every other day.

[20:10] Ϻ ᴧ ᴿ Տ ӌ: and he knew days in advanced and he said he wasnt sure if i should go cuz he couldnt afford gas
[20:11] Ϻ ᴧ ᴿ Տ ӌ: and he kept telling me he didnt want me to leave.
[20:11] Ϻ ᴧ ᴿ Տ ӌ: he fucked like it was his first time
[20:11] Ϻ ᴧ ᴿ Տ ӌ: he had no real motion
[20:11] Ϻ ᴧ ᴿ Տ ӌ: LOL
[20:12] Ϻ ᴧ ᴿ Տ ӌ: and his little dick didnt help

 [06:41] HarriBearr: unblock me daisy i wouldnt put wasabi on ur clit im sorry

What we learned from this experience:
  • Harrison has two people on snap chat.  One is Marsy and one is transgender
  • Harrison lives in section 8 housing
  • Harrison is unemployed
  • Harrison doesn't have a television (or plates)
  • Harrison smells bad  (she had to wash her clothes several times when he got home)
  • Harrison has *no camping gear* of any kind
  • Harrison's never been to Applebees
  • It took six years for harrison to finally get a date from Secondlife and he blew it after only four days.
  • Secondlife Relataionships Can End Without Brash Being Involved
Even though she had to cut her visit short (because of the smell) and the sex was embarassing, Marsy probably would have been civil about the whole matter and not thrown Harri under the bus had he not bragged about his conquest to try and talk to other girls.  She gave him more of a chance than any other woman in years and he blew it in just a few days.

[16:53] CrumbDrum: I heard ya'll had a fight
[16:53] CrumbDrum: are you ok?
[16:53] ? ? ? ? ? (MarsyMonroe): o yes, im good
[16:53] CrumbDrum: cool
[16:55] CrumbDrum: you'll do better next time
[16:55] CrumbDrum: some boys are just nuts
[17:05] CrumbDrum: just out of curoisity
[17:05] CrumbDrum: what did you send him on snap chat?
[17:06] CrumbDrum: it seemed to make an impact
[17:07] ? ? ? ? ? (MarsyMonroe): he told me he had an EX gf that he wasnt sure about, and last night he said to everyone else that "i knew he had a RL GF and still flew to see him" and the only thing i asked was if he really had a RL GF? and he didn't reply. so then i just talk shit, and he acts so innocent like u saw him do when i arrived at Korea like he's the victim.
[17:08] ? ? ? ? ? (MarsyMonroe): and last night i owned him so hard, he said im glad boyd isnt here to see this
[17:09] ? ? ? ? ? (MarsyMonroe): and he is overweight, i could barely put my arms around him
[17:09] ? ? ? ? ? (MarsyMonroe): and he has a small skinny dick
[17:10] ? ? ? ? ? (MarsyMonroe): nothing to brag about like he does
[17:10] CrumbDrum: lol
[17:10] CrumbDrum: he should have been much nicer to you
[17:11] ? ? ? ? ? (MarsyMonroe): i get that everyone talks shit to each other, but he disrespected me a lot. and im tired of it
[17:11] CrumbDrum: you'll find somebody that's nice to you
[17:11] CrumbDrum: I"m sure of it
[17:12] ? ? ? ? ? (MarsyMonroe): i told asked  why are you nicer than he is, and he just ignored it
[17:13] ? ? ? ? ? (MarsyMonroe): i heard of the stories when i got to violet, but i never knew they were so true. but i learned, and now im smarter about it
[17:13] ? ? ? ? ? (MarsyMonroe): about harri and his gfs
[17:14] ? ? ? ? ? (MarsyMonroe): and he doesnt give a shit
[17:14] CrumbDrum: lol yup
[17:15] ? ? ? ? ? (MarsyMonroe): im not losing much. he lives in a dirty one bedroom apartment, like dirty as hell.
[17:15] ? ? ? ? ? (MarsyMonroe): i got him groceries and paid his gas
[17:15] ? ? ? ? ? (MarsyMonroe): i bought a few cleaning utilities to freshen up the place
[17:15] CrumbDrum: that was really sweet
[17:15] ? ? ? ? ? (MarsyMonroe): lol

The Harrison Digfoot Chronicles

Britbongreturns: The End Is Near

Only on Stream.me for a few weeks,
Britbong prepares himself emotionally for the inevitable third site ban.


If you ever questioned whether or not Britbongreturns is stupid as fuck,
get a look at his response to the meth chat.

For the record, the meth chat is 12 people responding to the wild shit one guy actually on meth says.  Except for him, if anybody else in the chat says anything about drugs, it's just for comedic effect and not actual truth, you spastic near-virgin

The New King

Harrison's disgrace and fall forced us to make some changes in the social structure of Secondlife.

  • The new King of Korea is Lola.  
  • Since Harrison can never play the guitar again (and monkeycheese is in jail) Jackee is now the best guitarist in violet.
  • 007BJamesB is no longer the most pathetic person in Secondlife

No Mans Sky Sucks Because... A Lesson From Star Citizen for NMS

Saturday, August 20, 2016

A Different Sort Of Troll

According to Leslie Whittenstall (Winter Lecker, Sassy Siamendes) Shazz and I have been sending her free insurance policies...

I wonder if her brain made a noise when it snapped.  It's called "junk-mail" Leslie.  We all get it.  There's no great troll conspiracy behind it.

While we're at it, showing up in Secondlife dressed as Shazz six years after your behavior forced her to de-friend you is a bit disconcerting.  You're an obsessed woman and I"m grateful Shazz is in another country or I'd be worried for her safety.

Friday, August 19, 2016

Richie Knows His Place

Richie's last message before Aubrey left on her date...

[16:33] R (sicklegend00): my balls are full
[16:33] R (sicklegend00): can i pay u before u go out
[16:34] R (sicklegend00): i wish i was as good as hot as lorraine

Movie Night At The Vex

Tonight!  (Friday)

We are inviting you to join us at the Vex Drive-In at 8:00 PM SLT for the Vex’s first Movie Night! We will be premiering the movie Fight Club starring Brad Pitt and Edward Norton! This will be a fun night to watch an old classic and spend time with friends, grab a date or a friend and come on down to the Vex! 

Pixie Khitan Goes To War

[13:15] Pixie Khitan: id rather go to jail for fucking a 17yo then fucking some guys ass
[13:16] Pixie Khitan: yeah lets all be homo
[13:17] Pixie Khitan: im so going to destroy Violet
[13:17] Pixie Khitan: pedo vs homo
[13:17] Pixie Khitan: bring it on

Deranged Woman On An Alt

Disgraced by all the dead cats hidden in her garden,
this strange woman claims to have quit SL but reappears on an alt.

Britbongreturns Uses LeafyisHere For Click Bait

If you look at the meta tags from Britbongreturns' video about GrossGore you'll notice something strange

Some of the tags make sense, but Leafyishere?  Pyrocynical?  Onision?

If you want to know why Britbongreturns made the video about GrossGore read here

Considering Britbong's hisitory with a fella named Justin, I can't see how he can call anybody a cuck.

Previously Popular Secondlife Locations Dead Now


Thursday, August 18, 2016

If You See This...

[14:34] Boy Next Door Shoe Left: Hello, Avatar!

The sim is moments from crashing

Second Life: Home Takeover (Trolling)

How Trolls Are Ruining the Internet

Writing for Time inc., Joel Stein makes some pretty salient comments about the state of the internet
It would be smarter to be cautious, because the Internet’s personality has changed. Once it was a geek with lofty ideals about the free flow of information. Now the web is a sociopath with Asperger’s. If you need help improving your upload speeds it’s eager to help with technical details, but if you tell it you’re struggling with depression it will try to goad you into killing yourself.

Ripahar Calls It Quits

After getting an average of 37 views per video (and having no friends), Ripahar gave up on Secondlife

Maybe he should have tried HARDER

Britbongreturns Vs Gross Gore: The Pain Of Being Ignored

  • For months Britbongreturns tried to take credit for bringing Gross Gore to Hitbox...and  got ignored...
  • Britbongreturns  got banned from Hitbox and direct messages Gross Gore for help...and got ignored...
  • Britbongreturns calls out Gross Gore for reducing staff, Gross Gore blocks him, and Britbong complains about...being ignored...

What do you want to bet he's gonna cry about twitch alerts making a custom account for Gross Gore?

Gross Gore Sums Up Britbong's Life In One Tweet

Remember when Britbong Made this video sucking GrossGore's dick?

Because GrossGore didn't help him out when Britbongreturns got banned from hitbox
he's now gonna make another video about how much he hates GrossGore

The moral of this story is: when an autistic manchild like Britbong 
makes several attempts to get your attention and you ignore him, 
he's gonna throw a fucking temper tantrum 

Now we get down to the real reason Britbongreturns Hates GrossGore

Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Proof Of The Mandela Effect In Action, Berenstein / Berenstain Bears

Ellie Was Right!!!!

The NoMan'sSky Video Britbongreturns Tried To Take Credit For....

Was taken down by the guy who actually made it...


He  even made a sock puppet account to back himself up and failed

Then  again from a slightly older sock puppet account

This is literally how he got banned from 4chan and youtube (the first time)

The only way this could be funnier is if he actually did make the video (includng the music) and was denied the ability to take credit for it because somebody else uploaded it first.  If he had never tried to take credit for Forever Alone nobody would have ever given a fuck and let him get away with it.

Variations On Chandelier

Youtube And Secondlife Have A Lot In Common

They both started about the same time
They both were pretty cool applications of new and existing technologies
They both grew into something so horrible you're embarassed to say you were ever a part of it

Tuesday, August 16, 2016

And You Thought Your Job Was Embarassing

Some people have to wear goofy looking uniforms.  At Studio wildcard you have to wear a T-Rex costume

Richy's Pretty Creepy

[15:17] Richy D Lion Dick (augeyzan Resident): think ur upset at me

[15:19] ღ ƁƦyƝ ღ  (Aubrynne Mohegan): you were talking filthy to me

[15:20] Richy D Lion Dick (augeyzan Resident): sorry
[15:22] Richy D Lion Dick (augeyzan Resident): can we be friends?

[15:24] ღ ƁƦyƝ ღ  (Aubrynne Mohegan): dude you are weird
[15:24] ღ ƁƦyƝ ღ  (Aubrynne Mohegan): creeping me out

[15:26] Richy D Lion Dick (augeyzan Resident): why babe
[15:26] Richy D Lion Dick (augeyzan Resident): look how pretty you are in your picture

[15:26] ღ ƁƦyƝ ღ  (Aubrynne Mohegan): -.-
[15:27] ღ ƁƦyƝ ღ  (Aubrynne Mohegan): i am old enough to be your mother ..can you hop in some little sluts box and leave me alone

[15:27] Richy D Lion Dick (augeyzan Resident): wow dont bring my mom into this
[15:27] Richy D Lion Dick (augeyzan Resident): but i could do that tho
[15:28] Richy D Lion Dick (augeyzan Resident): just tried to be the bigger person and apologise
[15:28] Richy D Lion Dick (augeyzan Resident): oh

[16:13] ღ ƁƦyƝ ღ  (Aubrynne Mohegan):  well
[15:28] ღ ƁƦyƝ ღ  (Aubrynne Mohegan): Oo

[15:29] Richy D Lion Dick (augeyzan Resident): as much as i think you are gorgeous
[15:29] Richy D Lion Dick (augeyzan Resident): i am in love
[15:29] Richy D Lion Dick (augeyzan Resident): with aubrey
[15:29] Richy D Lion Dick (augeyzan Resident): so i cannot
[15:29] Richy D Lion Dick (augeyzan Resident): got my penis locked up

[15:29] ღ ƁƦyƝ ღ  (Aubrynne Mohegan): i was not talking about your mother you weirdo
[15:30] ღ ƁƦyƝ ღ  (Aubrynne Mohegan): you are creeping me out...do you get that?

[15:30] Richy D Lion Dick (augeyzan Resident): hugs

[15:30] ღ ƁƦyƝ ღ  (Aubrynne Mohegan): and i am certain you creep out aubrey

[15:30] Richy D Lion Dick (augeyzan Resident): you need a hug
[15:30] Richy D Lion Dick (augeyzan Resident): ah well
[15:30] Richy D Lion Dick (augeyzan Resident): i have a facemask on
[15:30] Richy D Lion Dick (augeyzan Resident): face mask*
[15:31] Richy D Lion Dick (augeyzan Resident): and im detoxing
[15:31] Richy D Lion Dick (augeyzan Resident): so i get creepy when im detoxing

Monday, August 15, 2016

007bJamesB Voted Off The Island

James came to korea1 and we voted whether he could stay or not

Vote 1 if you've already muted him
Vote 2 if he can stay

Britbongreturns Tries To Take Credit For Someone Else's No Man's Sky Video

Original Video Uploaded August 13, 2016

Britbongreturns Tweet Dated August 15, 2016


Kind of like when he tried to take credit for being Ralph Poowtan and Forever Alone

The actual creator of the video is LeiluMultipass not BritbongReturns.

Britbongreturns didn't even have the courtesy to give credit to the actual creator LeiluMultipass, much like he never gave credit to the actual creator of ForeverAlone or Ralph Pootawn

I have to admit: when I first saw this I thought maybe I'd missjudged him.  Maybe he really was talented after all.  Then, about an hour later people started sending me the proof that he faked the whole thing and was up to his old trick of trying to take credit for other people's work and I realized that I was right all along.  He's completely un-talented by himself and built his entire reputation on other people's work.

Othe Memes Missappropriated (stolen) By Britbongreturns

What is DildoAngels.com...

and why does 007bjamesb have a premium account?

ThumperBumper: apart from being annoying, why do those people hate you?

007bJAMESb: im a snitch. i report there bully antics.
007bJAMESb: they all work togethjer to oust people they dont like.
007bJAMESb: there all scum

ThumperBumper: i have not seen anyone bully you though, all i have seen is you being mean to tjat jonny guy
ThumperBumper: if they are scum, why do you let them get to you?

007bJAMESb: they crash people. make death threats. hack peoples accounts. i dont care how anoying i am. but i need to be more anoying to them.

ThumperBumper: oh ok, maybe there is a language barrier here, but they do not seem to be bothered, im new so maybe i dont see what you do

007bJAMESb: it gets them to break them  TOS. thats all i care about. when i get mad i dont crash or hack or dos people. thes ass holes do it every day. ask a cop why he does what he does. he will tell you the same. because some body has to keep these ass hats in check

ThumperBumper: i have no idea what TOS is, why do you think you have more control than the people that own this game,  you talk to these people as if you have lots of control
ThumperBumper: im new, i dont understand anything, i just see you getting angry, i dont understand why, this is why i ask you

007bJAMESb: why ask me whats wrong with me? you shuld ask your self whats wrong with you. when you feel the need tp protect these cybor criminals.

ThumperBumper: sorry, i dont understand

007bJAMESb: I am a anti griefer. i belong to the most powerful group in SL. the green lanterns. we are peace keepers of SL> thats what we do. report griefers. but unlike most anti griefers i try to get them to break the rules they agreed to follow. then i and my groups mass report them to get there accounts banned
007bJAMESb: mass abuse reports do work. ask johnny how many time i had his account shut down
007bJAMESb: I am a good guy. realy. please don't listen to me when i argue with these jerks. it is only to get them to break the rules

ThumperBumper: oh i see, is this not against the rules to actually get someone to break the rules for the purpose of reporting  them, that seems underhand to me?

007bJAMESb: i do what it takes to get these trouble makers out of SL. its funny how no one cares about how people grief. but if some one tryes to stop them they have to play by rules. funny

ThumperBumper: what i dont understand is, why are you trying to make johnny cause trouble?

007bJAMESb: i have come to the conclusion you are not what you apier to be. like a noob . you know way to much. bye. and good luck.

ThumperBumper: you know nothing you asshole

Sunday, August 14, 2016

The End Of Voice In Secondlife?

I can't really verify this information right now.  It came from JJCCC who wouldn't give me a link to where he found it.  If you know anymore about this please contact me here.

If it were up to me, I'd cut off voice in all the public areas and let people have it on their private sims if they wish.  That way the company would probably reduce much of its governance duties.


[00:28] HarriHoudini4: daisy i came back to see u
[00:28] Feminist (harrithesnitch): You see that bleach there?
[00:29] Feminist (harrithesnitch): Drink it

Saturday, August 13, 2016

When Richie Gets Exposed For Lying About Having A Dog


Remember The SL Burn Book?

*This is an SL version of a burn book. Add whoever you like and send it back to Dumb Actor*

[Peighton Easterwood] aka Piggiton. Call her whatever you like, just dont ask her any hard questions cause this bitch is really dumb. Not much is known about her except her voice/personality is extremely annoying. She is also known for being a dirty whore, but is oblivious to the fact that she is a whore. Apparently she's not well liked in Korea either, despite the fact that she's president of her own fan club.

[21:51] Peighton Easterwood: yeah trash
[21:52] Exodus Genezzia: peighton, no one really believes those are your pictures
[21:53] Exodus Genezzia: and also you use a voice modulator and you an ip spoofer
[21:53] Exodus Genezzia: use*
that is most likely true.. just saying

[Arollyn Aeon] : sounds like a 15 yr. old and is known to get really drunk, make a complete ass of herself and then rage on everyone she comes in contact with. She always acts slutty and most people who meet her don't like her. If you see her, call her a drunk cause she really hates that :-). (also she used to fuck nuck spyker even tho she has a rl boyfriend and she was going to meet nuck in rl but she totally backed out)

[Marley String] : This whore sounds like a 14 yr old prostitue on crack, and looks like one too. She thinks shes a stoner but really she's just a stupid bitch who's slow. Linden whore to the maxxx. Watch your wallet. She says she's a "chola" but really she's just an ugly white bitch with thick arm hair. She'll "love" you till your broke & then poof. whore be gone.

[Kittie Renfold] : Is the definition of a prude. Basically a wet blanket.This bitch is dumb and stoned most of the time. She gets drunk and comes and sl and either hits on strangers or falls asleep on mic.She is boring as hell and lacks any type of creativity and sense of humor. kittie's voice is not unlike an elderly woman's

[Glitchy] : A wannabe griefer who can't grief his way out of a cheap condom...which is probably what he should double wrap around his e-cock seeing as he's fucking Cherry Ceriano. He can be found these days spamming people with his faggy voice at his faggy concerts. (where the hood at nigger .. yah old) not even funny. The secret identity of Amazing Melody's bf Eric. You can't stop him he's Rachael's bf.

[Elana MacMoragh] : Mattttttt's whore. wants his azn peen so bad she'd sell her soul for crack just to get his dick inside her. she's fat and pasty in rl. don't get her on webcam it will be a disappointment.

[filipinimini Paulino] Is a gold digging whore who is really a man in RL. Likes to talk in a high pitched voice and pretend he's a Mexican. Also likes to hang around guys pretending to be girls, thus further proving she has a dick in RL. Filthypinimini is also known to be a pathological liar. Apparently she is a rl princess and owns villas in France and condos in Italy. With all that money its really strange that she slexes hundreds of guys trying to get all of their $L's.

[Edward Dirkle] : Clearly a homosexual who sucks filipinimini's ass & Jael's big black cock. Hits on girls so they don't think hes gay, but everyone does anyway. Cries on mic. Biggest vagina known to sl. get him on voice and maybe he'll suck your cock too!

[Cherry Ceriano] : a stupid underaged sounding cunt who is known for being griefer poon. People say she has a hot voice but it's really a voice changer. A big SL whore and possibly a bisexual fat guy in RL. she leeches onto anyone who has confidence in public/welcome areas .. and when the attention turns to her .. she goes off voice immediatley .. she can't handle second life .. how could she possibly handle real life (check out her myspace page to see other pics)

[Babe Topaz] : Sociopath.Liar.Fake. Formerly known as other alts, she'll make a fake facebook and fake friends to go along with it. Don't believe she's the girl in her pictures because she's not. She sends naked photos out but chops her head off...I've always wanted the brown bag special. Butttterface. Voice whore** can't get dick though :\

[Audrina Carfagno] : A snobby, mean stuck up bitch with an all around shitty personality. She thinks she better then everyone else and will let you know it, as shetalks only about herself even when no one is listening or cares. Also known to be a gold digging whore who cheats on her own partner with ...gasp...his best freind . Hideous fat uglytrainwreck in sl and rl and is in severe denial about it . more like audrama

[Candice Vaniva] : welcome area rat who falls in love with every SL guy she meets. She will easily show you her tits even if you don't like her all that much as she is desperate for ppl to like her.

[bella Yardley] : sidekick of Piggiton Easterwood, which makes her equally as stupid. jealous cunt.

[Waterfalzz Extraordinaire] : Possibly Dennis Rodman irl, but more likey just another shit-skinned welfare nigger. Her hobbies include being fat, being a nigger, and having three way reverse butt-fisting sex with Constance and Amazing. She has admitted to "wearing a weave irl" and having somekind of genital warts. For this reason and the fact that her voice sounds like a gorilla raping a downs-kid, no man irl will so much as look at her, let alone try to find her stinky ape-vag underneath her massive belly rolls. She is afriad of "whip-cracking" sounds and cotton-fields, and can usually be spotted in ahern picking ticks off her friends and eating them like the nigger-chimp that she is.

[Nuck Spyker] : thinks hes the hottest guy in SL but in reality he's a fat mexican with a small dick who's addicted to azn whores and cam4.com. stay away, known to have multiple std's IRL and probably aids as well. he likes to hear himself moan so he's probably gay too. Sucks vel's nasty mexican dick. like pubes. if you want him, don't shave the beaver. he likes muff diving and will fuck any bitch with a pulse. except for Babe Topaz.

[Constance Maurer]: Is known for taking her top off and writing guy's name's on her boob's. Fat in real life and also known to be a gold digger who is married to a old man because of all his money. the lowest on the waterfalz/amazing food chain

[Jennylynn Inglewood]: Think she has the hottest voice in SL but looks like a tranny irl. She has a boyfriend named Walter who she is with for reals, yet sends her tits to anything with 2 balls and cheats on him constantly. probably the most pathetic girl in sl... also annoying

[Delilah Pixelmaid]: Fucking freak. Is desperate for friends and tries so hard to fit in. She's a fat canadian in RL and has fake pictures. A desperate case of trying to be popular on the internet... Fucking wierdo. beware.

[Velaici Yifu]: Is just awsome pass the good news. Also Nuck Spyker's butt boy. Is known for voice sexxing with his lover in welcome areas. Also, he does have a mother. and vel's emo his alt is worthless orfan .. and he can't keep a job. Works at a gas station and can't spell for shit. he may or may not be mentally retartded. Sources show hes a dirty mexican with no manners.

[oxoSimplyxAmandaoxo Magic] Best fuckin person on the mothafukin grid who thinks this stupid fuckin piece of notecard is a waste of space. To the one that made this "shit" up you got no life and need a hobby. Are you mad cuz you can't get none or mad cuz you have none. And shit I know half these people on here. We be famous hahahah ... don't be jealous cuz you ain't cool like us cuz if you knew us, actually knew us yud wanna be us but you can't. So go back to wackin yur lil cocktail wiener off and call it a day. Peace and I'm out.
lol .. marley must have written simply amanda's last thing because that is not the case .. she's way too sensitive

[Winter Zeplin] Known as a huge whore in SL. Sounds like a fat chick trying to sound like a porn star. She will hit on your man and do just about anything for 100 $L's.

[Elizabeth Eerie]: wayyyy too sensitive .. can't handle greifing .. easy target. Fugly bitch. Seriously, don't ask for pics cause you DONT want to see them. Sometimes you've got to stick with the imagination. Specially in this case. My suggestion: double bag this hoe. Picasso's Mastepiece.

[Pinoy Paulino]: totally gay .. he can't go on voice cuz he sounds totally gay .. not that there's anything wrong with gay people but .. he definatley makes a point of trying to prove he's not gay .. also cherry's stalker

[Oggen Crazyboi]: doesn't know exactly how to flirt with women so he tries to degrade them so he'll feel superior, he's not entirely sure if he's attracted to men or women more, this confusion could get him partnered to strider

[Strider Actor]: openly flirts with oggen in an attempt to gain more than a friendship, he also frequents welcome areas and attacks any girl who denies his friendship request, he feels like he has to prove his manhood but unfortunatley his laugh makes him sound very insecure, listen for it, you won't be dissapointed, often laughs at his own jokes because he knows no one else will while he writes harassing private ims to any girl who is clearly uninterested, you can't get away from strider. Beware of his texture sharing "Strider's Jumbo" has a puss bubble and could give you herepes upon sight.

[Matttttt Tiratzo]: has two t shirts and one pair of jeans in his inventory, also likes it in his butt. Whore. Flirts with every girl in IMs.

[Tory Galli]: claims to be mattttttt's sister in real life, really just wants to suck his dick in welcome areas, which seems like insecst, these two are a couple of total noobs, probably have 7 outfits between the two of them, and tory has 5. Drunk Austrailian who's moaning sounds like a dead elephant. Do Not Arouse.

[Moth Rexen]: no one, lol, he wants to be someone so bad but he can't make the cut so he clings to his nintendo DS, venom silverfall, and nightmare skizm . Has unibrown in RL and jerks it in the mirror.

[GrRawR Deezul]: drinks so much he can't even tell boys from girls, will take anything, anything ... anything

[Dummythrust Fazuku]: plays chess like a champ, nickname used to be Chesster the Molestor because he would reach under the table and stroke his opponents cock in an attempt to distract them, enjoys long walks with cum in his ass

[Nightmare Skizm]: hes black in real life lies about being white hes a nigger that grew up in a pack of white people and like to RP white. untill he can get his skin bleached in real life. Has an odd obsession with Michael Jackson and is creepily aroused by beastiality. Stay away from this wana be troll. Also Moth Rexen's bitch.

[Lupillo Rivera] A fat mexican in rl who hangs out at Sex4All and all other Sex sims. Thinks he's some hard ass nigga but really hes just a pathetic, uneducated wetback who tries to seduce any girl to get the pixel poon, unfortunatley his G.E.D did not come equpit with a vocabulary so he'll most likely copy and paste sweet nothings from the internet. Threatens to mute you but secretly jacks off to your screen name. A sad case

[Amazing Melody]: she's not into sex with humans. Dates Eric aka Glitchy who is really a nigger from outer space who caught the aids from Cherry Ceriano.

[Empty Loon]: total soft cock, doesn't get softer than this cock, should make an alt named Shriveled Loon since his cock is so soft

[Garret Ceriano]: Gay .. obviously. Almost too gay to function. He's probably reading this right now and muting and deleting all of you because he thinks he's too good for you and can't be seen with with d-list SLoap opera stars

[Jett Scarmon]: only has one flipper, wishes he was a dolpin, mer-man, also russian

[That one guy Adam] : likes to frequent the welcome areas and spam everyone with his monotone voice about how many times he's been PARMABANNED. Goes around with a bunch of guys who all sound like him with different accents. Likes to run around in girl's hair and cares way too much about what's in people's profiles for someone who isn't supposed to give a fuck.

[Jessicaanne Bailey] : She say's she dont want love here in second life. but as soon as some cute av pay's her attention she has fallen in love once agian. She is a builder and has a store *coughs* that don't sell much. Un-Happy in real life..since the split with her husband who ran off with some chick in second life she just needs a hug and a purse full of condom's for her next real life meeting with some one in second life

[Alcoholic Loon]: A addicted gore player ...who most the time spend's his time trying to find the next girl to collar so he can take back her back to his love place and try to rip her a new ass hole. Just your typical aussie asshole ...who is fed up with life so this is what he makes of his life here

[Kla Kawadias]: Fugly Skank...

[TravisT Torok]: Marci Stalker !!

[Michelle Leckrone]: Talk on the street is man in real life with some kind of voice changer ...Take a look at her you tube O.o

[Doby Destiny]: Had a sex change in real life don't talk on mic much for that fact that when he/she does .....you can tell ....
but all in all pretty fkin lame

[Rabbit Fenstalker]: Gay in real life but wont talk much about it ...is constantly trying to get the attention of the welcome area queen bee's and at some point is know to go on stickam and show his dick

[AnthonyCI Yalin]: Some one stole his girlfriend now he spends his time crying in welcome area's and going off on innocent people ...was heard crying in korea on mic when some one asked him where he was wife was ...a wannabe griefer who secertly wants to have sex with constance ever siince she handed him his ass in hanja ...but oh yeah she married all ready to a couple different men

[Shadow Pidgeon] : Old ugly cunt in rl who think's she owns korea and try's to suck glitchy dick ....but ofc he is a bit busy these days and she get's ignored...Don't call her old she will rage quit ...Blonde hair fat girl who just has no real life but act's like's she does..Will be seen soon be on the nude cover of old women in bikini's in second life issues number 12

Friday, August 12, 2016

Korea1 Has A Very Short Ban List

HarriHoudini and two people nobody ever heard of

Violet's Finest Moves On From SL

Be sure and subscribe. He was fun on SL and will probably be fun on other games.

Most Regulars Satisfied With Voice In Violet

Years ago, when the troll infestation of Violet first began, I told Ingrid the only way to get rid of them was by turning voice off--which she did, only to have a Linden come and turn it back on again, so forgive me if I find some humor in  having another Linden come years later and turn it off.

The Violet situation has been untenable for a while now.  Many of the regulars quit using voice long ago in silent protest of what Violet became.  For them, Violet without voice just means they have fewer people to mute.

I've seen some of the Ahern regulars log into Inworldz since the change, but they seem to be missing each other.  That might be a pretty good replacement for them if they can manage to catch each other.

Advantages of Losing Voice In Violet

No More: Britbongreturns, Sizzla, Richie or Harrison,

Tuesday, August 9, 2016

The End Of An Era

Linden Lab has turned off voice at Ahern and Violet

As the War On Trolls advances this was probably a fairly predictable move.

They might have included Ahern in the campaign more as a symbol than a practical act since Ahern hasn't been that popular for a while now.

I feel bad this happend so close to Water'z 12 anniversary.

If you look at what happened friday along with Linden Lab's new focus on game of skill gambling, it's pretty clear what direction the company is heading.

While I'm not one to universally label trolls as "bad", over the years some pretty terrible things happened in Violet so maybe it's time for this.

Mrchickenchop - Free (Original Song)

Sunday, August 7, 2016

Tristina And Leslie Whittenstall In The Jail House Blues

With Guest Stars

Slick Nirvanna
Harrison Digfoot
13 Jun

The Miracle Worker

For two years  Atrocit33th sat in Violet making uninteligible sounds that no one understood.

Today, ImoutoD and Gabbeh were somehow taught him to speak in complete sentences.

We learned he likes GTA and doesn't want his steam account hacked.

Miracles do happen...

Linden Lab At War With Internet "Trolls"

Last Friday, over 20 people were banned from Secondlife.  Nearly all of them were involved in making videos for Youtube.

Some people would argue that "troll" videos about Secondlife help promote new people coming to Secondlife and wonder why they would ban people who make these videos, but they're missing something fairly obvious.

"Troll" videos bring people who want free accounts to Secondlife.  Linden Lab makes no money from those people.  On the other hand, people who participate in various types of role-play buy not only virtual land but loads of virtual merchandise.

All the Secondlife Youtube "troll" videos together make a few hundred dollars a month.  The people who make the horrific Amaretto Breedable Horses in Secondlife make thousands of dollars a month. Even some of the people who breed these abominations make more than the youtube trolls. Nearly every person who makes Secondlife Troll videos has one about an Amaretto auction making the horse breeders look like idiots. Who do you think Linden Lab will side with?

To be fair, nearly everyone I know has trolled an Amaretto auction in their time on Secondlife.  You have to think the people who put these on expect it at this point.  The difference is: we didn't record it.  We didn't put the people who go to these auctions on Youtube, possibly having a chilling effect on attendance.

The people who work at Linden Lab have their bills paid by people who participate in Secondlife commerce.  `Anything that threatens this commerce threatens their personal income.  Of course, they're going to try and do something to get rid of these trolls.

Saturday, August 6, 2016

Well This Was Embarassing

Titts Are Free At Chatturbate.com

Hey Guy!

Feeling kinna lonely?

Wanna see some tittys?

No need to hack Secondlife girls to see tits anymore---They're 100% FREE!  at Chaturbate.com!

The quantity (and quality) is much better there too.

If you're committing actual crimes to see Secondlife Girls Naked, then it's probably time to do the right thing

Brain Damaged Dwarf Thinks He's A Troll

Avoid this guy if you can.  He's actually retarded.

Vendors and Creators