Saturday, March 18, 2017

Why You Should Never Give Your Phone Number To Harrison

[11:42:51 AM] ♥♥♥Dreams♥♥♥: Harrison just put my phone number in local!
[12:51:48 PM] Edgar Button: what's his problem?
[12:52:04 PM] ♥♥♥Dreams♥♥♥: i told him to leave constance alone cause she was sick of him harassing her phone
[12:52:10 PM] ♥♥♥Dreams♥♥♥: and he got all mad at me and defensive
[12:52:17 PM] ♥♥♥Dreams♥♥♥: and I told him he was a piece of shit
[12:52:21 PM] ♥♥♥Dreams♥♥♥: so he put it out
[12:53:04 PM] Edgar Button: good lord
[12:53:19 PM] ♥♥♥Dreams♥♥♥: yea.....:/
[12:53:29 PM] ♥♥♥Dreams♥♥♥:

09:37] Collateral Genius (crypticaleyes): no
[09:37] addie Braveheart: by air it out on open chat
[09:37] Collateral Genius (crypticaleyes): harrison is stalking young girls for years man
[09:37] addie Braveheart: i am not stupid
[09:38] addie Braveheart: if htey had a issue and were scared of harrison
[09:38] addie Braveheart: like they claim
[09:38] addie Braveheart: they do it private
[09:38] JoeCoolio1: *************  (phone number removed)
[09:38] addie Braveheart: no talk about it on public
[09:38] addie Braveheart: THEY WANTED DRAMA
[09:38] addie Braveheart: AND THEY GOT IT
[09:38] addie Braveheart: cause these bitches bored
[09:38] ßℜℰℰŹĪℰ ( thats uncalled for
[09:38] Oh WOW soooo trendy (gothicnightmares):  ~* lol *~
[09:38] addie Braveheart: if u think we are stupid
[09:38] addie Braveheart: we aren't

[12:54:42 PM] Edgar Button: wow banned again since last night
[12:56:08 PM] ♥♥♥Dreams♥♥♥: ugh, of course!

For the record: Harrison was banned a total of Six times yesterday.

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