Sunday, August 21, 2016

When Marsy Met Harri

After six years of trying, Harrison Digfoot finally got a girl from Secondlife to give him a chance in real life.  Her trip was planned to be a week, but she only made it 2 and a half days.  Here is her honest review of the experience:
  • His tiny apartment was so filthy the first thing she did was clean it (after she bought cleaning supplies and air freshener)
  • He couldn't afford to feed her so she bought groceries (and cleaning supplies) and paid for his gas to the store
  • He was so fat she couldn't reach around him
  • She verified his penis pictures are the real deal (especially the skype jacking one)
  • He only takes his hat off to sleep
  • He only has 2 hats which he switches every other day.

[20:10] Ϻ ᴧ ᴿ Տ ӌ: and he knew days in advanced and he said he wasnt sure if i should go cuz he couldnt afford gas
[20:11] Ϻ ᴧ ᴿ Տ ӌ: and he kept telling me he didnt want me to leave.
[20:11] Ϻ ᴧ ᴿ Տ ӌ: he fucked like it was his first time
[20:11] Ϻ ᴧ ᴿ Տ ӌ: he had no real motion
[20:11] Ϻ ᴧ ᴿ Տ ӌ: LOL
[20:12] Ϻ ᴧ ᴿ Տ ӌ: and his little dick didnt help

 [06:41] HarriBearr: unblock me daisy i wouldnt put wasabi on ur clit im sorry

What we learned from this experience:
  • Harrison has two people on snap chat.  One is Marsy and one is transgender
  • Harrison lives in section 8 housing
  • Harrison is unemployed
  • Harrison doesn't have a television (or plates)
  • Harrison smells bad  (she had to wash her clothes several times when he got home)
  • Harrison has *no camping gear* of any kind
  • Harrison's never been to Applebees
  • It took six years for harrison to finally get a date from Secondlife and he blew it after only four days.
  • Secondlife Relataionships Can End Without Brash Being Involved
Even though she had to cut her visit short (because of the smell) and the sex was embarassing, Marsy probably would have been civil about the whole matter and not thrown Harri under the bus had he not bragged about his conquest to try and talk to other girls.  She gave him more of a chance than any other woman in years and he blew it in just a few days.

[16:53] CrumbDrum: I heard ya'll had a fight
[16:53] CrumbDrum: are you ok?
[16:53] ? ? ? ? ? (MarsyMonroe): o yes, im good
[16:53] CrumbDrum: cool
[16:55] CrumbDrum: you'll do better next time
[16:55] CrumbDrum: some boys are just nuts
[17:05] CrumbDrum: just out of curoisity
[17:05] CrumbDrum: what did you send him on snap chat?
[17:06] CrumbDrum: it seemed to make an impact
[17:07] ? ? ? ? ? (MarsyMonroe): he told me he had an EX gf that he wasnt sure about, and last night he said to everyone else that "i knew he had a RL GF and still flew to see him" and the only thing i asked was if he really had a RL GF? and he didn't reply. so then i just talk shit, and he acts so innocent like u saw him do when i arrived at Korea like he's the victim.
[17:08] ? ? ? ? ? (MarsyMonroe): and last night i owned him so hard, he said im glad boyd isnt here to see this
[17:09] ? ? ? ? ? (MarsyMonroe): and he is overweight, i could barely put my arms around him
[17:09] ? ? ? ? ? (MarsyMonroe): and he has a small skinny dick
[17:10] ? ? ? ? ? (MarsyMonroe): nothing to brag about like he does
[17:10] CrumbDrum: lol
[17:10] CrumbDrum: he should have been much nicer to you
[17:11] ? ? ? ? ? (MarsyMonroe): i get that everyone talks shit to each other, but he disrespected me a lot. and im tired of it
[17:11] CrumbDrum: you'll find somebody that's nice to you
[17:11] CrumbDrum: I"m sure of it
[17:12] ? ? ? ? ? (MarsyMonroe): i told asked  why are you nicer than he is, and he just ignored it
[17:13] ? ? ? ? ? (MarsyMonroe): i heard of the stories when i got to violet, but i never knew they were so true. but i learned, and now im smarter about it
[17:13] ? ? ? ? ? (MarsyMonroe): about harri and his gfs
[17:14] ? ? ? ? ? (MarsyMonroe): and he doesnt give a shit
[17:14] CrumbDrum: lol yup
[17:15] ? ? ? ? ? (MarsyMonroe): im not losing much. he lives in a dirty one bedroom apartment, like dirty as hell.
[17:15] ? ? ? ? ? (MarsyMonroe): i got him groceries and paid his gas
[17:15] ? ? ? ? ? (MarsyMonroe): i bought a few cleaning utilities to freshen up the place
[17:15] CrumbDrum: that was really sweet
[17:15] ? ? ? ? ? (MarsyMonroe): lol


  1. Don't get me wrong, Harri is a POS... But this girl not only was attracted to him, she also ignored all warnings, met his whiny ass in RL on her own decision (and dime) , AND let him fuck her??? Match made in heaven if you ask me... SL wedding 2017?

    1. It should have been. This was probably his last chance to get a girl. He really blew it.

    2. I still can't believe this dumb ass let Harri put his deformed stump he claims is his penis, inside her.

  2. Boyd something fight club ok you gigantic fuckhead

  3. They are both fucking gross pigs
    Nym x

  4. This comment has been removed by the author.

  5. We have all done stupid stuff we wish we did not do but it is in the past. We must not look back at the stupid stuff we did, we must learn from our mistakes. Marsy is a sweet woman ok. Like it is written 'let him without sin cast the first stone' no one can so get over it and don't pick on her. Joey

  6. I do not mean stupid we have all made mistakes. I made a big one and I am very sorry for it. Joey

  7. It was not stupid per say it was a learning tool. Sorry I said stupid, I am the stupid one. Joeym117

  8. It was not stupid per say it was a learning tool. Sorry I said stupid, I am the stupid one. Joeym117


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