Saturday, August 28, 2010

Parktown Shops

Name: Lok's by Hanja
Owner: Sera Lok

Description: A little place by my first little place in SL ever, and close to the welcome center i spent a lot of time at awhile back. some freebies, and randomness.

Name: Fuzzy Bee
Owner: Quinby Hancroft

Description: Furniture  clothing clothes shirts tables beds couches couch table bed kitchen bedroom fan dresser cabinets chair chairs living room home decor office rug  lamp mirror low prim linden home

Name: Art In Frames / Authentic Replica
Owner: Sabre Parabola

Description: Modern, contemporary and abstract art for your home.  Nothing over 100L.  Stop by my store and have a look around.  New pieces added often. Art, Wall Decor, Scenery, Decoration, Modern, Abstract, Contemporary, Pop Art, Paintings, Sculpture, Photographs,


Name: Chaotic Cognitions HQ
Owner: Stryfe Lowell



Name: Cilabel!
Owner: Percila Paine

Description: Boots, Heels, Shoes, Home, Decor, Furniture, Shelf, boho, bedroom, Fishtank, Club, Hangout, romantic, pose, FREEBIES, 0L, 1L, Bar, Dj booth, Lighting, Kitchen, Living room, Dinning room, burlesque, Game room, Plant,  dress, Antique, vintage


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