Friday, May 7, 2010

1'st Annual Hanja Awards

The votes are counted and the winners are as follows:

Category: Stupid and Annoying
Winner: Push Button 40%
Nominees: Glurp, Push, John, Natalie, Push, Push, Push

Category: Person Most Likely to Stick a Fork Into Someone Else's Throat
Tie: Sabre & Anthonycl 40%

Category: Stupid and Entertaining
Winner: Gia Foxdale 30%
Nominees: Ebico, Pie, Gia Fozdale, Gia, Gaston, Dic

Category: Most Random
Winner: Pie Francois 30 %
Nominees: Pie, Gia, Buster, Wild

Category: Person Most Likely to Stick a Fork Into Their Own Throat
Tie: Hal & Russel 20%
Nominees: Gia, Anthony, Push, Hal, Russel

Category: Most Accidentally Funny
Winner: Gia Foxdale 40%
Nominees: Gia, Solomon, Gia, Gaston

Category: Most Obscene
Tie: Ariona & Nero 20% draw
Nominees: Push, Ariona, Nero, Samael, Ariola, Dic

Category: Most Likey to Melt Down Under Pressure
Winner: Natalie 20 %
Nominees: Gia, Anthony, Couchman, Toxx, Leslie, Natalie, Nero

Category: Most Likely to Start an Argument
Winner: Zif 60%
Nominees: Pie, Zif, Natalie, Zif, Zif, Zif, Zif, Zif...

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