Wednesday, July 31, 2019

How To Trick MrBtfo

This requires almost no effort but funny results are almost guaranteed

Step 1:  Check MrBtfo's twitter and see who he's fighting with currently.  Who they are doesn't really matter, neither does the reason for the fight.  See if the other side has a discord and join it.

Step 2:  If he hasn't been banned yet, MrBtfo will be in the other twitter making stupid threats and accusations.  Often the other people in the discord will ignore him but he'll stay for a couple days trying to start a fight regardless.

Step 3: Post a message saying you're just there to record MrBtfo's behavior, then nothing else.

Having been banned from pretty much everywhere MrBtfo is super paranoid at this point.  He may try to engage you, but ignore him.  Slowly you'll see him deleting any comment he's made that could possibly be considered slander or a threat to try and prevent getting in trouble with wherever he's currently streaming.

Within three or four minutes, he will delete all his messages and leave the server.  Then he'll start deleting any tweets about that person.

Most recently he did this with some guy named Brad.  I don't even know who Brad is or why they were fighting.  Brad must not care much about the fight either because MrBtfo was in the server for a few hours before I joined and nobody responded to anything he said.

Wednesday, July 24, 2019

If You Make Fun Of Harrison For Not Having A Guitar

He'll buy a damaged used guitar and take photos of it in his filthy apartment.

I don't know why the toothbrush is in there either

Saturday, July 20, 2019

Proof We Landed On The Moon

For many years, issues of atmospheric interference and insufficient resolution prevented us from providing photograph evidence that we did, indeed, land on the moon.

Modern Extremely High Resolution, Space-Based cameras solved that problem and we now have photographic evidence of the moon landing.

Banned From Help Island

Misty Putzo
About a dozen alts of Justin

Friday, July 19, 2019

"Live Action" Cats Movie Trailer Is Horrifying

They should just release the album and forget the movie

So, Who Really Got Belle Delphine Banned?

The day after Belle Delphine got banned from Instagram, at least a dozen irritated incels claimed to be the one who got her banned (including secondlife's Britbongreturns aka MrBtfo) 

They all used the same image as "proof" they were the one that did the deed.  

Most likely it was another Instagram user known as athlete_thedog that accomplished the deed as he was the first one who posted the image.

Belle Delphine recently made herself more noteworthy than the thousands of other cam girls by selling her own bathwater for $30 a pint.  The only thing funnier than her getting banned was all the weirdos trying to make other weirdos think they did it.

Wednesday, July 17, 2019

Harrison Lies About Making Music

Remember the 4D is Virgin Boy song that Harrison claimed to write?

Turns out he stole the whole thing

Sound familiar?

Monday, July 15, 2019

Everybody Loves Shirley

After much prayer and thought, Linden Lab's good ol' Shirl decided to give Aubrexx her account back to her!

Once upon a time, Queen Aubrey decided to call out an evil, loathing, hateful mexican (and former casino cash out employee) Honeybear.Sparta (Honeybear.Pooley She announced (to the kind citizens of Korea) that this was a bad person who did bad things to good people. After doing so, Honeybear was upset enough to call Linden Labs and impersonate our fine queen. While pretending to be Aubrey, she stated that she felt her account got compromised. LL shut down the account to investigate.

The Aubreyxx account was falsly flagged. Aubrey was never banned. It was up to Aubrey to verify information from 7 years ago. This was very difficult to do. However, with the help and budding friendship between Shirl and Aubrey, she was able to restore everything.

Queen Aubrey now has her account back.

Honeybear is no where to be found (Not even in Drip City where she has been hiding with Cheche). Moral of the story is, Dont fk with the queen. Being jealous and hateful never gets you anywhere.

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