Sunday, March 24, 2019

So Who Is Tommy Rich?

Tommy Rich is a fake facebook account Britbong made five years ago to harass his exes and competitors. 

Monday, March 18, 2019

The Disposition of CheChe's Nudes

Obviously announcing the release of CheChe's nudes was just a bit of bait.  I'm sorry if you weren't smart enough to figure that out.  Like the sign says above, we don't do nudes here.

I must say though, as bait goes, it was wildly successful.  Not including Nacho CheChe threatened three different men with lawsuits if her nudes appeared here. 

One guy I hadn't met before and only contacted me to find out why CheChe was threatening him.  He'd only known her for two years and told me that he quit talking to her after hearing her husband and child in the background and no longer felt comfortable "doing things" with an obviously married woman.

We baited CheChe in lots of other ways to demonstrate to her how easy it would be for us to be as horrible as she.  Clearly Doxing Nacho's mom was pretty disgusting on CheChe's part, but that doesn't mean we'll stoop to her level, even though we could.

In the end, CheChe decided to dox Nacho's mom and make false reports on Aubrey purely out of jealousy.  Nacho and Poppin and Aubrey were having a lot of fun together and excluding CheChe and that drove her mad, so she got her friend to help her try and get revenge by doxing his family

Thursday, March 14, 2019

World's Greatest Youtuber JMAA Joins New Team

after years of struggle, World's Greatest Youtuber, JMAA decided to become one of the good guys.

Horse Face Nude Video Coming Soon

Watch This Space!

Appearing on the campaign stage, get your dollar bills ready gentlemen, CheChe143 Gothly Fully Nude!

Surprisingly, after CheChe doxed Nacho's mom and dad because he prefers to play games with Aubrey than to do *anything* with Cheche, several of her other exes came through with some really incriminating stuff on her.  The Moral of the story is don't Dox Nacho's mom and don't tell lies about Aubrey.

Monday, March 11, 2019

Just to Set The Record Straight MrBTFO

Just to set the record straight Britbong

1) Britbong (MrBtfo) only started streaming Secondlife and GTA RP AFTER Charlie Winsmore had such remarkable success with it. 

2) Like Pyrocynical, VidoegameDunkey, ColossalIsCrazy and many others, Faceless and Sniping Soup were friends of and very friendly to Britbong (MrBtfo) only to have him turn on them after not picking up on his (not too) subtle hints that he wanted to collaborate or somehow talking youtube into reversing his (well deserved) ban.

Britbong (MrBtfo) has since taken down the tweet.  This was the second most reasonable thing he could have done since it's too late for the most reasonable thing which would be not to have made the damn thing in the first place.

I'm sure the damage is done though.  Once you drive a wedge into a friendship like this it tends to stay, particularly if it wasn't deserved  in the first place.

Saturday, March 9, 2019

When Fearlezz was 17

[2014/05/04 00:42:28]  HarriHoudinii: can i like make out with u somtimes
[2014/05/04 00:42:34]  sαyυяı (fearlezz): >.> nuh
[2014/05/04 00:42:41]  HarriHoudinii: aw man that stinks
[2014/05/04 00:42:42]  HarriHoudinii: lol
[2014/05/04 00:42:56]  HarriHoudinii: well i do love u
[2014/05/04 00:43:01]  HarriHoudinii: ur my freinds i hope u the best
[2014/05/04 00:43:13]  HarriHoudinii: i do wish i could wrap ur legs around my head but
[2014/05/04 00:43:17]  HarriHoudinii: we all have wishes lol
[2014/05/04 00:51:55]  HarriHoudinii: dont be mad im attracted toi

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