Sunday, February 24, 2019

What I Hate about NCIS: New Orleans

The Accents:  Scott Bakula does a pretty good southern gentleman accent, it's not at all specific to New Orleans.  That's excusable though because a lot of educated southerners do lose the rationality in their voices, there should be someone on the series who sounds like they specifically come from New Orleans.  Somebody on the show should be a "yat".  It also really bothers me that nearly every black character in the show talks like a weatherman.  I realize portraying black characters can be dicey because it's a touchy subject, but none of these people sound like they've ever been to New Orleans.

Race:  While we're on the subject of black characters, where are they?   Sure they have CCH Pounder and the hacker in the wheelchair, but there should be a bunch more.  None of the plots or sub plots deal with issues of race either which isn't realistic.

Music:  One thing I appreciate about the show is they feature one or two genuine local NO performers in almost every episode, BUT the show's main theme "BOOM BOOM BOOM" is specific to Memphis not New Orleans.  If any piece of music could be said to represent Memphis or Delta Blues, Boom Boom Boom by John Lee Hooker is probably it. 

Katrina:  One thing the show gets right is the impact Katrina had on the city.  New Orleans may never fully recover from the storm.  They don't however address the many cultural changes the storm brought about, for instance: tens of thousands of Mexican workers immigrated to New Orleans after Katrina to fulfill the thousands of construction jobs that opened during the recover, and thousands of them decided they wanted to stay and became a significant part of the rich cultural heritage of New Orleans. 

Nobody is Religious:  I realize religion is a touchy subject for television, so they just ignore it, but that's not New Orleans.  In reality a rich tapestry of different religions are a integral part of the fabric of New Orleans and should be a part of these characters. 

Nobody Hunts or Fishes:  In reality, NCIS agents in New Orleans would spend more time with a line in the water or sitting in a duck blind.

The Writers Are From Los Angeles:  The literary heritage of New Orleans is one of the richest this country has to offer, but not a single writer on the show is from there.  To be fair, the writers they use have done considerable research into the city and the region, it's pretty clear they're not steeped in the city's heritage. 

Friday, February 22, 2019

Britbong Vs JMAA


FEBRUARY 22, 2019
Credit: Killdeer
Credit: Killdeer

Sometimes, you don’t learn the dark side of someone you used to admire until you deeply learn from his personality and grow a critical mind out of his teachings. Many times a lot of people have told me “I do not take advice ever”, but a lot of times, some of these people don’t take their own advice at some extent.

You probably seen a shitwad of videos about “How to spot a sociopath” in listicle format that explain to you each and every trait of your typical sociopathic person. One of them is that they have such a superficial charm that you cannot figure he’s really such a neurotic behind the scenes of his mind. And it seems, that given the circumstances, I can now, since I cut ties with him, talk to you about one of those online sociopaths that, even then, have been giving out red flags since ages ago.

We’re talking about the man known as Dominic Vanner, AKA Britbong AKA MrBTFO.

I’ll start with the most recent stuff first.

As you may know, I’ve been disavowed by MrBTFO for “having grems in my Discord”, which by the way was a move on my part to branch off out of just being an extension of himself. Not only that, I decided to be straightforward with the guy, and in the nicest way possible, and most honest way possible, give him the best of advice I can give to him regarding my business and his business.

The guy, of course, didn’t take it so kindly and blocked me literally everywhere on social media, and banned me from his streams. Funnily enough, the guy was talking smack on his streams as if my whole paragraph of advice and good will was some sort of “Elliot Rodger Style Manifesto”, still treating me like dirt like he did since ages ago.

This is the same guy who didn’t even give a single solitary shit when I got banned on YouTube for the first time, when I was mass flagged by Deplorable (whom he made a moderator of his streams and Discord) and when anything else bad happened to me UNLESS I gave him donation money.

Granted I made my mistakes in the past, but I’d expect the man who most gives out advice to others to take his own advice and not be a hypersensitive pussbag.

Another one of the most recent kind of stuff that Dominic is blameful for is his recent endeavors against Godwinson, another youtuber who doesn’t easily suck it up for ecelebs (not even the Killstream faggots AFAIK). We’re talking about some youtuber who really know what this YouTube shit is all about, and it sounds like the kind of person I’d identify with at some point for being independent of “toesucking”.

Nonetheless, you guys gotta believe me that, before he actually deleted the messages out of damage control before I was able to screencap them or anything, he told me after I shown Godwinson’s Rewind 2018 video to him that he has flagged the video down for showing off a clip of MrBTFO getting yelled at by his mom (no joke).

So after I cut ties with the guy, I decided I could give out the scoop to Godwinson himself. To which, he replied in the YouTube comments confirming the situation:

So I decided I could ask for proof about this through Godwinson’s email of the YouTube Privacy Complaint message. I wasn’t disappointed.

Screen Shot 2019-02-20 at 18.28.26.png
It’s pretty ironic itself that MrBTFO is the one who complains about “stalkers flagging his videos and streams”, but whenever he is made fun of by someone with the superior IQ, he is free to flag someone. Sounds like a severe case of “thin skin” to me.

Also, you can possibly hear Godwinson’s take on this situation in a video he made, around the end part of the podcast:

Let’s neither forget that, when confronted about the subject on his stream, he lied saying he didn’t flag the video.

A QUICK EDIT OF THIS ARTICLE, there’s a mirror of the original Rewind video by GODWINSON, which is here:

Aside of that, I already said you can easily look up on guides on “how to spot sociopaths”, and it’s really funny, because if you see the main traits that sociopaths have, a lot of them at least match up with Britbong’s personality.

I have been hearing “banter” segments of his streams with him talking about how in his school days he had misconduct problems before adult age, and one of the traits of a sociopath is conduct problems before the age of 15.

But the biggest thing is his superficial charm and his egotistical bragging. His superficial charm in the sense that he makes himself appear like a good guy and a regular person, and you may know this also by the sociopathic shallow emotions he does on the stream webcam. He’s also an egotistical bragger in the sense that he constantly brags about “being an alpha male” or “looking gorgeous”, even as a joke, because joking about it just serves as an escape route to get away from looking like an actual sociopath, which, again, is a sociopathic move.

All I gotta say is, you gotta grow up, Britbong. I may still live with my parents, but I at least have a job and responsibilities and I’m not a complete NEET who’s been babysitted by his safe environment of a home. Just man up.

In the words of a famous engineer, “take it like a man, shorty”.

Friday, February 15, 2019

The Real Reason Why Britbongreturns Changed His Name To MrBtfo

In the chat of Keemstar's stream, Britbong demanded an apology or he will dox ColossalisCrazy
Keemstar ignores the threat and spells out all the ways he BTFO Britbong over and over for the last six months and how powerless Britbong is to do anything about it.  

The beating that followed this video was so brutal and so complete the Britbong began denying that he ever was Britbong and created the MRBTFO brand to distance himself from it.  

While back on Youtube (for the moment) Britbong (as MRBTFO) is so paranoid of kicking off another round of getting banned that he bans people who call him Britbong in chat and refuses to discuss politics during his "banter" hour for fear of earning a channel community standards strike. 

Sunday, February 10, 2019

Life At The Bottom: LC London Loves SLAquaman

The Greatest Victory of DJ Stefanos

Of all the dubious accolades earned by DJ Stefanos, the greatest stunt he pulled off so far was having grown people believing that somehow he's been hiding on Secondlife as a woman named Elise.

Apparently the theory started with Harrison Digfoot.  So far the only people who actually seem to believe it is Britbong, Harrison and Joe Liefstrum.  According to their story, Stefanos is in such terrible legal trouble that the only way he can use the internet is by pretending to be a woman...

you can't make this shit up.

Friday, February 8, 2019

The New Kings Of Secondlife Streaming

Streaming at the same time, both on youtube, The Bad Guys nearly double MrBtfo's viewers.

Something bad must have happened on Britbong (MrBTFO)'s stream tonight.  He ended it an hour early then logged in to scream about me somehow getting an "army of teenagers" to dislike his stream.  I don'pt know where he thinks I got an "army of teengers" or even how many dislikes he got but it really set him off.

Saturday, February 2, 2019

Minkah Purple - Secondlife Living Relic

When Minkah Purple started hanging out in the info hubs a couple months ago, she challenged people to figure out who her original SL account was.  The results were predictable.  She got what she wished for and everyone was disappointed.

Minkah's most famous SL account was Xara Fiasco, a rainbow haired middle-aged woman, who likes music, but was never really very successful at it--except in Secondlife.

Xara is a  relic of a time when the world was still very optimistic about what Secondlife could do and would become.  The idea was that musicians and DJ's could make a lot of money performing in Secondlife.  There were tons of people who really thought they would spark a wave of internet busking that would take over the world.

To date, I've only heard of one person who ever supported themselves with music on Secondlife.  He began as a car salesman 13 years ago, playing Secondlife where he discovered he could be a DJ.  He started really devoting himself to it and became super popular (in secondlife terms) so eventually he quit his job selling cars and supported himself making music in Secondlife.  He attracted a lot of attention from journalists and industry writers who hailed him as the beginning of "something big!"

A year and a half later he was selling cars again and quit Secondlife for good.

Friday, February 1, 2019

Info Hubs Dying Even Faster Than Before

With voice off in Ungren and Nelsonia vacant, everybody has been meeting at Arapaima, but even it goes completely dead about 10:00 or 11:00 central time.  If Linden Lab is bringing new people in, they're doing a good job of keeping them away from the infohubs.

Second Life: Busting The Turtle

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