Sunday, January 27, 2019

DanielFromSL Now DNSL

DanielfromSl has re-branded to DNSL.

Unlike some others who re-branded to try and keep from getting banned as much, Daniel changed his name because he doesn't want people to think of him just as a Secondlife troll, especially since he hasn't logged into SL for years.


Saturday, January 26, 2019

Cigarette Filters Are Bullshit

In the 1960's when the US Surgeon General announced that cigarette smoking leads to many health diseases, including cancer, the tobacco industry responded by adding plastic based filters to their products to help deal with some of these health concerns (which they denied existed)

Like much of their marketing strategies, cigarette filters were bullshit.  They did nothing to make cigarettes less dangerous, they just made it easier for cigarette addicts to justify not quitting and maintain the fiction that cigarettes were somehow not poison.

Although cigarette smoking has reduced considerably since the 1960's, we now face a second health crisis steaming from cigarettes.  Cigarette filters now comprise the largest portion of non-bio-degradable plastic garbage in the world. In some situations, it could take centuries for cigarette filters to break down from its solid state.

While many of the plastic cigarette filters now polluting the world's oceans may be left over from the 1960's, Americans still contribute several tons of new cigarette filters to the world's pollution problem every day. 

There's a very simple solution to this.  Cigarette filters don't make cigarettes safer to consume.  If you simply can't quit smoking, go ahead and pick a filter-less brand.

Monday, January 21, 2019

Much of The Mexico Border Wall Already Built

One of the biggest points about Trump's (now infamous) border wall is that almost half of it already exists (mostly build and paid for by the states they're in) with Texas seemingly the big hold-out.

While there have been no horrific incidents involving these extant wall sections, there are literally scores of tunnels dug under them. 

So far, these (very expensive) wall sections haven't been terribly effective at resolving our many concerns about immigration from and through mexico.

Friday, January 18, 2019

007BJamesB Finally Becomes Aquaman

Youtube's Broken System Locks Up Derrick's Channel

One of my favorite SL video makers, Derrick, had his channel disabled today from someone mass-reporting several of his videos.

The culprit seems to be someone he argued with in Discord and the whole affairs points out just how broken Youtube's system really is.

Some of these videos were over a year old.  One had already been hand-reviewed and reinstated.  There seems to be ways to trigger automated (non human) reviews of videos that almost always result in the video coming down.  The trick seems to be having more than one person filing the complaint

Human review seems to be the key to getting these things worked out.  The trusted flagger program once offered some help there, but youtube seems to be quietly retiring the program.  Getting in a decent network used to help in these situation, but with the mass demonetization of Youtube, most of these have gone out of business.

Derrick will continue working to get his channel back in good standing, but so far Youtube seems pretty clueless.

Lindens Know Us By Name

When Kopyboat got his napster Pelliot account suspended by Linden Lab, he wrote to ask why.  The responding linden addressed him as "Kopy" even though there was no information on the Napster Pelliot account to attach it to Kopy's original account.

Monday, January 14, 2019

What is Banter

By definition: banter is an exchange between two or more people. 

Ranting by yourself on youtube for an hour or more is just being lonely.

Friday, January 11, 2019

Help For MrBtfo

Last night, Britbong told me that Sam Hyde, DanielFromSL and some guy named Stiggs have all joined his discord to help build his new brand.  (I guess his new brand HELPIVEBEENBTFO hasn't been growing very quickly)

There may have been some alcohol involved because he kept saying he was talking to people in his discord, but when I checked his discord nobody was in any of the voice channels.

I'm not sure what the plan is.  Maybe Sam Hyde and DanielfromSL will make a bunch of tweets saying how great MrBTFO is without telling anybody that MrBTFO is really just Britbong trying not to get banned again. 

He's pretty serious about the re-brand.  Two of his former fans approached me recently to say that he not only banned them from Stream Chat But from Discord as well, simply because they called him "Britbong" and not "MRBtfo"

Monday, January 7, 2019

Voice Off At Ungren

In their never-ending battle against griefers and trolls, Linden Lab decided to turn voice off at Ungren, just like Ahern and Violet.

Thursday, January 3, 2019

Ⓛℭ Jǒиesăliиi ΤăуℒǒŘ Ⓛσηdση (mademoisellecouture) Is An Idiot

In June, we convinced Elsie London this news report was about Aubrey... It's now January and she still believes it was actually AubreyXX

DO NOT Remind People that MRBTFO is just Britbongreturns In Disguise

Apparently calling MrBtfo Britbong during one of his streams can get you banned.

I can see why he'd want to distance himself from Britbongreturns, as Britbong was one of the few people to have ever been banned from Streamlabs.

** Reminder ** Strawberry cider is manufactured and marketed primarily for women and homosexuals.

Britbongreturns is MRBFTO's Deadname

Leslie's Friends Are Shit

My first thought when I saw Leslie's go-fund-me effort was whether or not I should personally do something to help her.  Despite her 12 year effort to destroy me, she's still a sick old lady sleeping in her car over Christmas because life is cruel and I had the means to help her.

After consulting with people I respect, both on and off the internet, I decided that it'd be best for me not to personally get involved, for a number of reasons, not the least of which being that Go-Fund-Me has a pretty horrible reputation.

I felt certain though, that her other friends would pick up the slack and someone would help Leslie.

I even made sure that they were aware of her situation by sending people like Ellen Frog, 007BJamesB, Harrison Digfoot, Michelita Cerao, MrKatie, and Talitha Larnia, the link to her story on Go-Fund-Me.  Since they were only too anxious to help her on Secondlife I felt sure they would help her in real-life.

Christmas came and went and no-one pledged even a single dime to Leslie's Go-Fund-me page.  They can't say they didn't know about it.   I made sure they knew about it, and yet I was the only one to even consider helping her.

Heartbroken, she's now taken her Go-Fund-Me page down.  Can you blame her?

I confronted Artemiss Luminos, Harrison Digfoot and Michelita Cerano about why they chose not to help Leslie in her time of dire need and they all said that they just didn't feel like it was their responsibility to do so.  Some friends huh?

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