Tuesday, June 26, 2018

The True History Of The Clown House

Back in the old days, when Secondlife was still pretty cool, people were very excited about the idea of making 3D objects you could interact with (myself included)

I hung out at a place called "hanja" which was one of the older info hubs.

One day, teleports couldn't work in Secondlife, and I was bored, so I tried my hand at making a "skin" for my avatar.  I did it by taking a copybot skin and painting a clown face on top of it.  I didn't think much of it at the time but it became stupid popular.  So much that my friends began making a costume to go with the skin.  I ended up stuck wearing that skin for a little over a year because people kept giving me stuff for it.

One day, in Hanja, some of the other residents thought it might be fun to put on what circus themed things they had and the idea was born to have a Circus Party.  I had land, so I offered to host it.   I had been building a house on the land to help me learn how to make things in Secondlife, so I copied it and replaced it with the copy.  I then began putting clown themed textures on the walls and floors and changed the windows to eyes so that the whole house looked like a face.  This was for the party. We had the party, and though she talks about it a lot CheChe143 Gothly was not invited and never saw it.  (that might be part of why she was mad) I don't have any photos of the "clown house" but I do have a couple of the pre-party in Hanja.

The party was fun.  I had a cannon that shot people across the sim and other dumb stuff.

The Clown House itself existed only for that night though and once the party was over, it was put away and replaced by the more normal one, never to be seen again.

So, remember, if you hear people talking about seeing the clown house or anything that happened there, unless they were a hanja insider THEY'RE JUST LYING.

Two structures I did make that lasted a long time was a 1:1 scale version of the Empire State building, which was so tall most people didn't have their draw distance set high enough to see the top (which was the best part)

I also made a semi-animated Art Deco Robot based on Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow, which guarded over the entrance to Blake Sea for many years.  It's hard for some people to believe that there was ever anything cool enough about secondlife to be excited about making this for it, but you have to remember this was 12 years ago.  Half-Life 2 hadn't even been released yet, and Secondlife was actually cutting edge.


  1. Truth is the clown house is gone because it was his rape house and hes poor and can't afford SL land! hahahhaha Tell me about your bf baby jack jack jack no

    1. Lol you seem very upset about being exposed. Did owen talk to your husband yet?

  2. Wow, more Clown House tales please!

    1. Not much more to tell really. It only existed for a few hours.


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