Tuesday, May 29, 2018

Second Life Trolling | Return Of The Spergs

Dreams Emerald Was Almost Sober A Whole Month

Dreams Emerald doesn't just fall off the wagon.  She leaps off it like a gazelle trying to escape a hungry lion.

Last night Dreams Emerald said:

  • She Loved me
  • She Loved Justin
  • She wanted to have sex with me
  • She wanted to have sex with Justin
  • She wanted to have sex with Snowbunni
  • She wanted to have sex with xxAubreyxx
  • Her new boyfriend loved her
  • Her new boyfriend understood that she wanted to have sex with Justin and Snowbunni first
  • Her new boyfriend would fly her to europe
  • She would fly her new boyfriend to europe
  • Her new boyfriend is unemployed
  • Her tits look better now than they did when she was 19
  • It's ok if she drives drunk because she knows how to drive well
  • Julia was jealous of her taste in secondlife clothes

Sunday, May 20, 2018

Dreams Emerald's Partner Loves Someone Else

Some women don't mind being third, fourth or fifth choice.  To be fair, having seen both Dreams and Shishkova, you can't really blame Pasta for preferring Shishkova.

Saturday, May 12, 2018

JLU Offering Reward For Information

The Secondlife JLU and Green Lanterns are now offering a reward and clemency for anyone providing information to get Dreams Emerald permanently banned.

Second Life: THE KARATE KID + MEATBALL SUBS Ft. Slapchop Bogworm (Trolling)

Britbong's Alternate Facts

It took me a while to figure out what's going on here, but apparently during one of Brittany Venti's Live-streams someone appeared in chat pretending to be The Exceptional Detective and began posting dox on some of Venti's Friends and mods.

While I didn't see the stream in question (at least not that part of it) I checked the vods, and indeed it was Britbong on one of his several sock puppet accounts pretending to be The Exceptional Detective.  It was an account we'd already identified as Britbong months ago. 

Britbong hates The Exceptional Detective because he did a video and a couple of live streams about him. 

I honestly have no idea why he hates Brittany Venti.  He used to love her.  My impression is he somehow believes she owes him some sort of help getting his YouTube channel back, although I'm not sure  how.  Brittany seems to be in the same group as ColossalisCrazy, Pyrocynical, AnythingForViews and many others who used to be friends with Britbong, only to have him go mental on them for no apparent reason.

I'm also not sure what he's talking about with Zombi Unicorn.  I haven't spoken to her since he was originally banned from Twitch over three years ago and never gave her his address.  I'm not sure what she would have done with it if she had it.  Sometimes his comments just seem psychotic.  She seems to be doing pretty well though, making several television and sponsored Twitch events.

Britbong wants somebody (other than himself) to be responsible for the destruction of his career.  His viewer numbers go lower every time he streams now and it's purely because he's just not funny anymore.  I've actually asked the people who quit watching him, and that's what they said.

Wednesday, May 9, 2018

Mother's Day

Friday, May 4, 2018

Desperately Low Usage Rates, Linden Lab Re-brands Project Sansar

Linden Lab launched an updated homepage for its new social VR platform Sansar over the last few weeks (see above), but maybe we shouldn't even call it "social VR" anymore. On the new version of the site, the term "VR" is only used twice on the homepage, and in both cases, alongside "PC" -- i.e., as above, "Bring fans together on PC and VR for Q&As and meet-and-greets." This is a very smart move on Linden Lab's part -- and a major change in positioning.


Tuesday, May 1, 2018

Life After The Surrender

Derrick, Bob's Your Uncle and Lavender Storydel enjoy a quiet bedside meeting in the new era of peace following Britbong's surrender.

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