Monday, April 30, 2018

While CheChe143 Gothly's RL Husband is Home Paying The Bills...

[19:14] L (Bistoufly31): i'm kim jing , i take the americans girls for my sub
[19:14] L (Bistoufly31): king jong
[19:14] L (Bistoufly31): I am Kim Jong, I am going to make American women for soumsies
[19:18] Circleward: I don't really have any problem with guys who prefer whores
[19:18] Circleward: at least you know what you're getting
[19:19] L (Bistoufly31): yes , i love my whole ♥
[19:19] Circleward: whore
[19:19] Circleward: whole is something else
[19:19] L (Bistoufly31): my whole , my slut , my wife , my GF ♥
[19:19] Circleward: so cheche is your slut your wife and your gf?
[19:20] L (Bistoufly31): yes all
[19:20] L (Bistoufly31): love my cheche ♥

Sunday, April 29, 2018

Britbong Surrenders

Realizing he's lost everything he ever worked for, Britbong asked forgiveness from Zoom, The Bad Guys, Derrick and Kopy.

Agreeing to remove the false DMCA on The Bad Guy's youtube channel, Britbong looks to make a new start and removed what seems to be dozens of negative comments from his account.

Maybe things will be different this time.

Britbong four days ago spelling out the only way he'd make peace with the Bad Guys

I guess things have changed.

** Rumors about what caused Britbong to simply abandon his vendetta exploded over night.  Will update if there's any confirmation.

Second Life - PIMP MY BITCH (Trolling)

Saturday, April 28, 2018

Britbong Files False DMCA On Bad Guys

Frustrated with a rapidly shrinking audience and trouble getting along with his family (but still unwilling to move out) Britbong filed a false DMCA claim on one of the Bad Guys Videos.

The Youtube counterclaim system is pretty straight forward, and the video will be restored, but you can tell how frustrated and desperate Britbong is getting.

Previously he filed a DMCA claim on a video Lavender Storydel posted on twitter of her making kissy noises over one of his old videos for much the same reason.

**  Update on April 30, Britbong apologized to The Bad Guys, Zoom and Kopy and removed his improper and illegal DMCA claim on the Bad Guys Video.

Secondlife Land Crises

EmptyHero vs VR Chat

Friday, April 27, 2018

Britbong Viewership Down 80% Plus

After losing his Youtube Channel last summer, Britbong's regular viewing audience shrank to 80% of it's size this time last year.

Later, in the Winter, Britbong was also banned from Twitter, which might account for some of the low numbers, but I interviewed some of his former viewers and hit on what might be the real problem.

"He's just not funny anymore" Said one former fan

"Since he lost his youtube, all he does is go on these rants for hours about the way people treat him and how he wants to get revenge"

Several fans report being banned from his once friendly discord without any reason.  Britbong's discord had been one of his biggest assets sine he would openly socialize with his viewers, but that apparently has stopped.

Britbong swears he has absolutely no plans to quit streaming, but his audience seems equally determined to quit him.  I don't see how he can possibly reach a new audience without a youtube channel. is a very, very small streaming service so it's very unlikely he'll get new viewers there.  Banned from Twitter, he's been using something called which is even more deserted than

Saturday, April 21, 2018

New Secondlife Land Policies

I was watching the live-feed of Ebbe Alberg's Secondlife Town Hall where he was talking about starting to experiment with different land hosting and pricing models.  It struck me that he has no actual plan yet, just sort of investigating making a plan.


I can rent an ark server that holds sixty people going to fucking war with scores of dinosaurs for $50 a month, compared to a secondlife server that's 1/10th the size and only holds forty people that costs Over $200 a month.

Friday, April 20, 2018

Who Keeps Banning JMAA

He thinks it's me and the guys from the cuck tendies discrod, but it's really isn't.  We may be the only people who actually watch him.  I honestly believe it's people from Britbong's discord who are doing it to fuck with him because he's kind of spergy.

Tuesday, April 17, 2018

So How Did Joe Leifstrom Get Banned Anyhow?

When Secondlife still had people, Joe Leifstrom spent most of his time at Hyannisport with a small group of people.  As Secondlife emptied out, that little group began to realize they were stuck with Joe so they began quitting secondlife all together.

Alone and friendless. Joe Leifstrom migrated to Help Island with Pixie Khitan (who was in the same position)

Joe has control issues.  At Help Island, he decided he just didn't like having Chase McClure and Colie Ceriano around.  Their presence really bugged him so he acquired a sim crasher and went to work. 

For over four months Joe would crash Help Island Public on an alt whenever Chase or Colie would show up, being careful to change his proxy IP each time to protect his Joe Leifstrom account. 

Eventually, Linden Lab went beyond IP and matched the machine ID's of the sim crasher to Joe and deleted all his accounts and removed his right to access Secondlife.

Discord Bans Britbong For Threats

Britbong lost all his discord accounts today, in reaction to an incident last week where he used an alt account to dox and threaten swatting of a former female member of his own discord.

He's made new accounts and someone else owns his Britbong "fan" discord, so it was never in danger, but it's good to see that Discord responds to quickly to situations like this and acted not only on the account he used to make the threats, but on all his accounts.

Wednesday, April 11, 2018

So Britbong's Nudes Were Released Today

You knew it'd happen eventually, and you knew it'd be fucked up.

All I can say is:

a) what were you thinking?

b) you should probably ask a doctor about that.

c) do you give these back to your mom when you're done with them?

A bunch of chatlogs were released as well.  I haven't gone through them all, but so far I can tell you, waiting until your 27 to lose your virginity must make it really hard to talk to girls because this is some pretty awkward shit.

Tuesday, April 10, 2018

CheChe143 Gothly is A Retard

Today she tried to call me a psychopath, but instead called me a sycophant.  When I asked her to repeat the word she did, three times, never understanding the mistake she made.

Britbong Girlfriend Correction

Britbong came to the Mage discord the other day, very anxious to correct us on one point.  His first girlfriend wasn't from Secondlife.  He "dated" three different girls between the ages of 12 and 16.

So, to correct the record I'd like to state that Britbong's first girlfriend wasn't from Secondlife, she was from middle school, but he still didn't lose his virginity until he was 27 and forced himself on a girl from Secondlife.

There probably were some similarities between when he dated a 13 year old and when he dated Upraksi.  To begin with, his mother would have done all the driving.  He would have been very awkward and inexperienced, and he would have kept track of every dime he spent on her so he could hold it over her head afterwards.  Oh, he also would have been about the same height.

Britbong didn't say why he didn't try girls again for the next twelve years until he met one from Secondlife.  I know it was a pretty rough time for his family, and since he was still living at home, that might have had something to do with it. 

Joe Leifstrom Has Trouble Communicating With Girls

[2015/08/23 21:27]  Mr. Asami Trizomu (joe.leifstrom): i want to taste your vagina
[2015/08/23 21:27]  Mr. Asami Trizomu (joe.leifstrom): how does that make you feel?
[2015/08/23 21:27]  奇妙な (chokobii): makeees me want to log off \o

By the Way, Below is a video of the Asami Trizomu Joe was partnered to

Saturday, April 7, 2018

Second Life: How to Build a Pool (Trolling)

Ready Player One Didn't Help Sansar Even A Little

Linden Lab hoped hiring Ebbe Alberg would help shore up their sinking numbers

Ebbe Alberg hoped Project Sansar would improve Linden Lab's future.

Project Sansar counted on their partnership with Ready Player One to make people interested in their VR experience.

It didn't happen.  Not even a little.  The movie came out and traffic at Sansar remained flat as ever.

VR Chat in the Blue, Sansar In The Yellow

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