Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Tuesday, February 27, 2018

The Revenge Of ICJAY

Britbong Done Lost His Damn Mind

I thought I'd push this to the front since it seems Britbong has been suspended on all his twiter accounts.  He says he only uses it for stream announcements, but if you read below that's clearly not true.

For some reason Britbong woke up mad today and went on a psychotic rampage on twitter, again, blaming other Secondlife Youtubers for taking his youtube channel down.  He knows it was trusted flagger who took his channel down.  He even threatened the guys life on twitter and offered money for his dox, so I don't see how he's obsessed with this again.

Keep in mind, when you read Britbong's twitter rampage that the guy to the left is who really took his youtube channel down.  NOBODY from Secondlife was involved.

Come, on!  How is even one youtuber gonna live in your tiny-tiny shadow?

I really don't get this.  He is flagged down, it's complete. 
Even if secondlife youtubers were involved (which they weren't) it was six months ago.

He's super focused on Derrick for some reason. 
Derrick is probably the nicest to him of all the other SL Youtubers

Stalking families?  I'd like some proof please.

Ok, This part may be true
The ultimate goal really is to make JMAA a star.

Sunday, February 25, 2018

World's Greatest Youtuber Confronts The Godfather Of Youtube

Britbong Fans Are Just Stupid

Literally the only people who don't immediately recognize that the fake Lavender Storydel photos are actually Lady Dianna, are fans of Britbong.  Even the English ones are somehow unable to put 2 and 2 together.

All of this started with Lavender tweeting that she passed the 10,000 subscriber mark (without buying subs like Britbong did at the same point) and several people from the secondlife community began to congratulate her, to which Britbong responded:

I don't understand why anyone would congratulate her and her cronies who not only rip me off at every turn but actively flagged my videos/channel down and continue stalking my real life because they are too cowardly to show their faces online for good reason.
I have to assume he means Derrick and The Bad Guys who he attacked moments before in another tweet.   

Let me be very, very clear about this.  No Secondlife Youtuber was involved in taking down Britbong's channel.  That's simply a lie Britbong tells.  Britbong's channel came down because he attacked other YouTube streamers, who then reached out on twitter for help and received it in the form of the YouTube Hero program  -- NO ONE FROM SECONDLIFE WAS INVOLVED AT ALL.

This business of Britbong attacking The Bad Guys, and Derrick and Violet Observer and Ripahar and Oliver Seargent and Lavender Storydel is completely unwarranted.  They did NOTHING to him.  

Fat Ugly Slut No Contest

For some reason, Fat Ugly Slut (Injured Slacker) thought she was more attractive than shroom soup

She wanted to take it to tinychat but logged off when the competition arrived.

Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Two Armed Guards Were On The Same Floor as Stephen Paddock

When he killed 58 people and wounded over 400 others.  Arming teachers is foolish.

Despite Being Surrounded By Armed Guards

This insane lone-gunman was able to hit the president and three others.

Still think arming teachers will help?  Imagine if John Hinckley had a more powerful weapon...

Dfuse Reveals The Source of His Lindens

Dong Hwan - Today at 11:09 PM it's cool i got most of my lidens for free from my gay daddy

Latest Review of Linden Lab Troubling

The official count for turnover is 12, but rumors of many more are prevalent.

Second Life - Bad People Sad Universe: Revenge of the Anime (trolling)

Who Do You Love More

Tuesday, February 20, 2018

CheChe143 Gothly Explains To Reporter Why She Voted For Trump

Derrick Meets Taco

It's been almost a year since Taco left us

Saturday, February 17, 2018

Never Vacation With Aussies

World's Greatest Youtuber Hates Bus Rides

Frustrated By His Lack Of Popularity, Worlds Greatest Youtuber Turns Hacker

How Britbong Gets Banned

I don't doubt there are people who hate Britbong and report him in hopes that he'll get in trouble, but that's not what gets him banned.

He lost his first youtube account for attacking Angry Joe and Total Biscuit
He lost his second youtube account for attacking Russoplays
He lost his third youtube account for attacking AngryGrandpa
He lost his twitch account for raiding other twitch streamers
He lost his Hitbox account for playing a Nazi game on a European platform
He lost his second Twitch account because he evaded the ban on his first one
He narrowly escaped losing his account because he raided a bunch of Twitch streamers, including death threats.

Do you see the pattern here?  If he didn't go out of his way to attack other people, he'd never be banned.

Every loser in his Secondlife videos reported them and nothing happened until he attacked another YouTuber.  Attacking a Youtube Streamer, while streaming on Youtube himself got him shut down.  If he stuck with raiding people on other platforms, Youtube probably would have let it slide.

Maybe if he gave up on this victim complex crying and started looking at his situation logically it might start to improve.

Friday, February 16, 2018

Marvel / Overwatch Crossover

Black Panther Is Amazing

The theater I attended had the most amazing trailer for a coming attraction.

The movie is actually really good.  If the Afrocentric thing really bothers you then look at it as an exploitation film, sort of like Blackula, but with spaceships.

Just be glad the Wesley Snipes version was never made.

Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Bad Timing NRA

Ninetales hates Valentines Day

he finally got a fursuit

To be honest i have a hatred for St Valentine's Day

Because one time I was online dating this girl and she got pissed off when i told her that i am autistic as she said that she only dated normal guys and said that she was pregnant by a guy in RL and threatened me by saying that her man will slaughter me if i got near her in RL, this was back in like 2006 or 2009

This is why i am terrified of anyone who is partnered any why i prefer to remain single while being a human

Hate me or block me if you think my reason is stupid but it's my reason

I do not want to offend anyone by it

Fabio's Valentines Day Romantic Second Life Escapade

Monday, February 12, 2018

Britbongreturns Makes Death Threats Against Streamers

Having learned nothing from his lifetime Youtube ban, Britbongreturns "raided" twitch streamers yesterday, including death threats and threats of violence against several streamers.

He's lost so much due to this kind of bullshit behavior.  These raids are how he was banned from Twitch (the first time), and Youtube.  You'd think at some point he'd get the idea it just wasn't worth it.

It looks like the police are involved now, so let's see what develops. doesn't seem to have made any sort of statement or position on this issue.  I don't think they realize, if this goes to court, they're as much on the line as Britbong. 

It looks like somebody really turned up the heat this time and Britbong tried to make an apology. 
I suspect his days at are numbered.

Sunday, February 11, 2018

IcJay's Very Lonely Stream

JMAA Should Switch Sides

I'm sure you've heard of JMAA by now.  He's the world's greatest Youtuber, a respected author, musician, artist, cyclops and more.

But you may not know that JMAA is also the world's greatest streamer.  You may not know this because when you go to his twitch stream, it always shows just one viewer.  Does this mean he has only one viewer?  Absolutely not!  My friends and I make an attempt to catch every JMAA stream, but, through a technical error (no fault of his own) we are somehow *all* blocked and muted from his stream.

JMAA is very loyal to Britbong.  He attends every Britbong stream, he donates to Britbong, he makes fantastic artwork depicting him and Britbong as futinari and yet, Britbong has never attended even one JMAA live stream on Twitch.  None of Britbong's friends or supporters attend JMAA streams either.

My friends all post notices of JMAA streams in our discords.  We encourage our friends to go.  We attend ourselves, which you would see, if we weren't all mysteriously banned and muted from his channel.

I think JMAA should make the bold move and embrace the community that embraces him.  He should leave team Britbong and go on his own, starting with clearing the entire ban list from his youtube and twitch channels.

How America Won The War

Thursday, February 8, 2018

The Legacy of Violet Info Hub In Secondlife

The question arose as to how Violet should be remembered.  Some people wanted to hold it as some sort of golden age of Secondlife.

To understand what Violet was, consider the last eighteen months before Linden Lab pulled the plug.

In the last year and a half before the end of Violet there was:
  one fatal heart attack
  one prison stint for domestic abuse
  one prison stint for drug sales
  at least two descents into complete mental break-down
  multiple cases of revenge porn
  twice people's minor children were put on billboards
  two murders
  and one suicide

That's the true legacy of Violet and that's just eighteen months.  The worst people on Secondlife were found there.  Linden Lab made the right choice.

Doggy Diddler Police | Second Life Trolling

Wednesday, February 7, 2018

David Bowie - Starman, SpaceX Falcon Heavy

as a child I always knew I'd see this day
as an adult I wondered if it'd ever come
today it did

Hundreds of Angry Nerds Duped By Subnautica Sound Designer

So you may be familiar with the whole drama involving the Subnautica sound designer who got fired for making socially questionable remarks.  What you may not know is the funny part where the same person duped hundreds of nerds into white-knighting "her" because of a deceptive profile photo on twitter.

Sy1K1's Twitter Profile

What Simon Chylinski actually looks like

Looks like Britbong was caught by yet another trap

Monday, February 5, 2018

So, Britbong Got Banned From Youtube Again...

At this point it's a meme almost as tired as the Ugandan knuckles one, but yeah, Britbong got banned from youtube again.   I believe this is the fifth time.

He made this tweet about it:

At this point I'm really starting to worry about his mental state.  He's not blacklisted, there's no "rogue employee" he's banned.  Banned means you don't get to come back.  It's kind of like being banished.  

The idea that he "didn't make" the account just means he made a new email and uploaded from a VPN.  It was still very much "his" channel.  Just because youtube employees live in India doesn't mean they're retarded.

"classics"??  Come on.  Ben Hurr was a "classic".  African Queen was a "classic"  Britbong making retard noises on secondlife doesn't exactly qualify for the national treasure treatment.

Fortunately, JJCCC managed to shed some light on the situation with his response tweet:

Saturday, February 3, 2018

CheChe143 Gothly Got Dumped On Secondlife

When her Secondlife boyfriend found out about her real life husband.


Just to give you and idea how badly CheChe143 Gothly  was cuckolding her RL husband: here's some of her cat from local in Ungren:

19:36] ßīƾƮōʮ (Bistoufly31): je l'ai vu hier quand tu m'as vu en cam
[19:36] ƇӇЄƇӇЄ ƦƠƬƬЄƝ (CheChe143 Gothly): lol
[19:36] ßīƾƮōʮ (Bistoufly31): arf
[19:36] Bistoufly31 Resident: arf
[19:37] ßīƾƮōʮ (Bistoufly31): je l'ai vu hier quand tu m'as vu à la caméra :P
[19:37] Bistoufly31 Resident: I saw it yesterday when you saw me on camera: P
[19:37] ƇӇЄƇӇЄ ƦƠƬƬЄƝ (CheChe143 Gothly): hahhaa
[19:37] ƇӇЄƇӇЄ ƦƠƬƬЄƝ (CheChe143 Gothly): did you
[19:37] ƇӇЄƇӇЄ ƦƠƬƬЄƝ (CheChe143 Gothly): shhh
[19:37] ßīƾƮōʮ (Bistoufly31): tu aimes mon corps rl lol
[19:37] Bistoufly31 Resident: you like my body rl lol
[19:37] ƇӇЄƇӇЄ ƦƠƬƬЄƝ (CheChe143 Gothly): LOL
[19:37] ƇӇЄƇӇЄ ƦƠƬƬЄƝ (CheChe143 Gothly): wtf
[19:37] ßīƾƮōʮ (Bistoufly31): xD
[19:37] Bistoufly31 Resident: xD
[19:37] ßīƾƮōʮ (Bistoufly31): the noob
[19:37] Bistoufly31 Resident: the noob
[19:38] ƇӇЄƇӇЄ ƦƠƬƬЄƝ (CheChe143 Gothly): so good
[19:38] ƇӇЄƇӇЄ ƦƠƬƬЄƝ (CheChe143 Gothly): whatever you liked me on cam
[19:38] ƇӇЄƇӇЄ ƦƠƬƬЄƝ (CheChe143 Gothly): then you made me shy
[19:38] ßīƾƮōʮ (Bistoufly31): loool
[19:38] Bistoufly31 Resident: loool
[19:38] ƇӇЄƇӇЄ ƦƠƬƬЄƝ (CheChe143 Gothly): lol

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