Wednesday, January 31, 2018

JMAA Copies Andrew Ryan

Without a glimmer of understanding for the Objectivist commentary in Bioshock, JMAA decided to copy it's opening monologue.

Three Presidents, One Illegal Prison

Bush said he would close Guantanamo Bay detention camp -- he didn't

Obama said he would close Guantanamo Bay detention camp -- he didn't

Trump said "fuck it, room for more immigrants"

Sunday, January 28, 2018 Orders Britbongreturns To Stop Acting Like A Baby

Banned from every other streaming service on the planet, is Britbong's only available outlet and he's about to fuck it up and he's going to fuck it up the same way he fucked up all the others.

Pizzaparty531 is Cyberdemon531.  Cyberdemon531 is a transgender, speed-runner who's been on for a while now.  The issue seems to be that Cyberdemon531 is beating Britbong at the top-streamer contest so Britbong sent his army of angry 12-year-olds to harass Cyberdemon531, which prompted to issue this warning.

I'm pretty sure this ends with Britbong getting banned again as usual.

planning to cheat inside Britbong's discord

The Last Man In Violet

VRchat vs. Second Life - Part 1 (trolling) ft. Frezh

I Got Better! (Not Clickbait)

Tristina On Video

Second Life Tristina

Saturday, January 27, 2018

Ratcloner Is Alive

[13:27] ThisisReasonWhy (RatchetandClankFan69): at starbucks ip address so idiots banned favor coffie joints
[13:28] ThisisReasonWhy (RatchetandClankFan69): clever
[13:28] 13 inc (BincBinc): bbl
[13:28] Binary Ultsch: dude is at starbucks.. with help island voice on loud speaker
[13:28] ThisisReasonWhy (RatchetandClankFan69): also useing normal client
[13:28] Indica (Merilwen): i'm glad you're banned you spergy little copybotting fgt
[13:28] Binary Ultsch: this game is a secrit.. .. must never be known in real life...
[13:28] ThisisReasonWhy (RatchetandClankFan69): there own viewer
[13:29] ThisisReasonWhy (RatchetandClankFan69): Pony town selling bad products not my problem
[13:29] Binary Ultsch: hehe
[13:29] ThisisReasonWhy (RatchetandClankFan69): if people sell bad products banned creator not alt
[13:30] ThisisReasonWhy (RatchetandClankFan69): or newbies
[13:30] ThisisReasonWhy (RatchetandClankFan69): that dont know what copybot is

How The Cancer Spread To Secondlife

Friday, January 26, 2018

What the Violet Welcome Area Was Actually Like

ICJay Has Inappropriate Feelings For Lavender Storydel

Ladytotx Banned For Age Play

Linden Lab crack governance team logged in today to ban Ladytotx for age-play of all things.  Ironically, an actual age player (Franziska Bosatsu) was in the same sim and governance didn't even notice them.

lol she's asked me to take it down then to put it back up again.  Keep in mind, Ladytot did absolutely *nothing* wrong.  This is just linden lab being fucking stupid.

** Update ** Linden Lab has decided that she wasn't age playing and changed it to "indecent behavior" instead and changed her ban from lifetime to 24 hours.  Keep in mind, Ladytot never leaves Help Island.  All she does is sit there and talk about tea for a few hours before going to bed.  It's a bit fucking disgraceful that Governence18 would ban ladytot at all while Franziska and Pixie hang out there all the time unmolested.

Kronick Raps Harrison To Death

Wednesday, January 24, 2018

How lDuane and icjay Play Secondlife

ICjay And His Safe Space
You mute the entire sim except for the two people who don't bully you.

Britbong Really Never Learns

Britbong offering money for
Cyberdemon531's Dox
So far, Britbong has been banned from: Youtube four times, Twitch twice and Hitbox once, all for the same thing: harassing other streamers.

You'd think he would eventually figure out that's not such a great game plan and stop doing it, but not Britbong.  It would be so easy for him to leave other streamers alone and just harass people in video games and he'd be fine.  But for some reason he's obsessed with fucking with people on the same service he's using.

Stuck at (the only service that will have him) Britbong has been harassing the fuck out of a streamer there known as cyberdemon531.

Cyberdemon531's crime?  He beat Britbong in some sort of "emote of the week" contest.

What Happened to JMAA

Britbong And The Japanese Fur Suit

The video itself is pretty short and silly, and you'd think nothing to get upset about--but go down into the comment section and HOLY SHIT!  Britbong and two of his friends (if not his own alt accounts) do backflips defending Britbong's entire existence.

Saturday, January 20, 2018

VRchat Daily Dose (Green and Purple)

JMAA Still Won't Unblock Me

JMAA was streaming on twitch.  There was just one person watching (me) and he still won't unblock me.

How am I supposed to promote his stream if he blocks me?

I feel bad for the guy.  He really wants to be a streamer.  He's gone so far to set up a green screen and a boom microphone, and day-after-day, stream-after-stream, there's one or zero people watching.

You'd think Britbong or some of the people from Britbong's stream would occasionally drop by and at least pretend to watch, but I've never seen even one of them. 

Thursday, January 18, 2018

The Secondlife Virus Escapes its Containment

 Patient Zero moves to VRChat

Don't Send Me That

To the person who anonymously sent me information about a Secondlife Streamer's family,

Don't send me that.  I've known for a long time that this guy's family life was less than ideal and has been that bad for some time. What you sent me might even be somewhat funny, he might even deserve it, but it's not appropriate to post it here.  His family doesn't play secondlife so it really doesn't belong here.



ya know,

so I'm still not posting the shit about Britbong's family, but apparently he's telling people on his stream that Colossaliscrazy dumped him because I threatened to "dox" Colossal.

First off, I don't even know Colossal's dox.  Not even his first name.  I like Colossal.  We get along pretty well.  I enjoy his content.  I think if I threatened to dox him into breaking up with Britbong he'd just dox me instead and that'd be the end of it.

This is bullshit.  I can't speak for Colossal, but I strongly suspect he dumped Britbong because being his friend is an un-ending drama of petty horse-shit that no man should have to put up with just to be his friend.

Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Saturday, January 13, 2018

test for a fistual

[23:23] Call me Lars or Rudy (rudyrockstar): you know a guy who loses the use of his penis during war or in the military gets a completely new penis now, but a woman whos' beenraped on the streets going ot work doesn't get to even have a test for a fistual

[23:25] Call me Lars or Rudy (rudyrockstar): cjay you would be a rape memer

[23:25] Call me Lars or Rudy (rudyrockstar): I should have known

[23:32] Call me Lars or Rudy (rudyrockstar): I never knew a guy who lost his job because he didn't have a penis

How Did SL Die?

Friday, January 12, 2018

Do Not Block This Sign

For some reason, Linden Lab suspended three people for blocking this sign today...

you can't make this shit up.

The Birth Of The MSAlchemy Meme

In case you live under a rock, a phenomenon known as "retarded knuckles" took over VRChat this holiday, with the game seeing an 800% increase in traffic over Christmas.

People from secondlife will recognize a familiar face in almost all the VRChat knuckles videos.   Yes, it's our own MSAlchemy.  She is "da queen".

Thursday, January 11, 2018

VRChat Content Creator Doesn't Want It To Become Like Secondlife

The creator of the 3D model that has been used to bring VRChat's "Ugandan Knuckles" meme to life regrets his decision, saying that the over proliferation of memes in the virtual reality game threatens to transform it into the next Second Life.


The Final Word On Project Sansar

 JJccc Coronet (jjccc.coronet): just tried sansar its crap lol

Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Second Life Travels: Baku

Ahern Snub?

Silent Mole has been busy, quietly re-designing the Hanja, Nix, Zebrasil, Moose Beach and Degrand Info Hubs. but for some reason Ahern remains untouched. 

What's strange, Nix, Hanja and Ahern have always been identical.  When you go to Nix or Hanja now, the pieces of the new sim are named "ahern" but none of them are actually in Ahern. 

Who knows what's going on.  Good work by Silent Mole though, using traditional SL Building methods.

EmptyHero vs SecondLife

Monday, January 8, 2018

World's Greatest Youtuber Does Futanari Artwork

JMAA, also known as the-world's-greatest-youtuber, has been making some fascinating drawings of hermaphrodites.  I'm not sure who the boy/girl in the blue hat is supposed to be, but they sure look familiar.

Wednesday, January 3, 2018

Britbong Vs Lavender Storydel

I guess it's been a bad day for the little guy

Britbong vs JJCCC

Three days into the new year and Britbong lost his channel again already.

No idea who Lyricoldrap is, but this is the third time Youtube has wiped Britbong since August.  He keeps saying they don't care about ban evasion, but apparently they do.

2017 was a year of tremendous loss for Britbong (six or seven youtube channels, 2 twitch channels, 1 girlfriend, several moderators {one stole his girlfriend}, his relationship with ColossalisCrazy and BritneyVenti,) the list goes on and on.  Three days into 2018 and the trend continues. 

Lavender Storydel Finds Old Friends In VRChat

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