Thursday, June 29, 2017

Britbong Celebrates National Autism Awareness Week

To celebrate Autism Awareness week, Britbong kicked all the kids without autism out of his discord and doxed the fuck out of some kid named Summer who nobody knows or cares about.

Monday, June 26, 2017

I Won't Do Your Dirty Work

Some random sent me the Dox on a girl from Bribong's discord.  I'm told it was either Britbong himself or his friend Bungie.  Somebody gave me the discord where she hangs out but she wasn't there.

The thing is: I don't know this girl.  I have no idea why they're mad at her or what's going on.  Obviously Britbong or his friends are out to hurt her, but I really don't give a fuck and refuse to get involved.

Sunday, June 25, 2017

SecondLife | Asian Anger

ColossalisCrazy Openly Rude To World's Greatest YouTuber

I've tried to like Colossal, I really have, but this latest faux pas is just too much.

On twitter, Colossal openly referred to JMAA (the world's greatest YouTuber) as a "creature".

Technically he's correct. JMAA is a furry, and a secondlifer, and autistic, and trans-something, but really, it's 2017.  I think it's time we begin to overlook these things.  I don't think he realizes just how talented JMAA really is.  He sings, he dances, he draws furry fan art, he plays video games AND he speaks Spanish.  I think all that is more than enough to warrant some respect from his YouTube colleagues.

Oh, yeah, there was some Britbong drama too, but let's be real here, that's more common than rain.

Saturday, June 24, 2017

007BJamesB Lost His Motherfuckin Mind

Dat Spot's New Pants

εεvιε вσσ sαкαι Naked

Britbong Might Be Retarded

He spent almost 2 hours last night trying to talk to my avatar while my actual physical body was at the movies.

I was thinking of suggesting he get into GTA RP since it'd been so successful for Charlie Winsmore, but then I realized that if Britbong started playing GTA RP now, people would just accuse him of copying Charlie like they did with his SL videos and I'm pretty sure Britbong wants to get out from under that particular shadow.

Thursday, June 22, 2017

Sansar Will Require Fee, Prohibits Porn

Two major revelations about Project Sansar came out this week.

Linden lab intends to charge a small fee to access Sansar (no word on how much yet)

Linden Lab will initially prohibit "adult" content for project Sansar.  According to Peter Gray, Sansar Spokesman:
Adult content won't be allowed at the opening of Sansar's creator beta this summer. Ultimately, we want Sansar to be an open platform that enables creators to make all kinds of experiences, but early on we also want to be careful that a single genre of content doesn't come to define the platform and potentially limit its appeal to other creators.

Sunday, June 18, 2017

Rockstar Banning GTA V RP Mods

Remember what I said about GTA V RP being a threat to Secondlife?  Scratch that, Rockstar Games has started banning the mod which enables private GTA V servers making GTA V RP possible

GTA V RP has been a hot property on Twitch.  It'll be interesting to see if they start banning people for streaming it.  They have a history of banning streamers who are identified by game companies as cheaters.

Saturday, June 17, 2017

007BJamesB Probably On NSA Watch List

The From Letter From Trump now in James' Secondlife Profile
In an effort to clean up Secondlife, 007BJamesB invited President Donald Trump to join the Secondlife Green Lanterns, and received this letter in reply:

There are a few points I'd like to make here.

  • This is a form letter. The president never actually read James' letter
  • James wrote the letter in the name of his Secondlife Alt Hal Jordan, not his real name
  • If the president is actually reading letters from and replying to grown men pretending to be Hal Jordan, rather than some secretary with an auto-signer, then it's probably time to consider impeachment proceedings.
  • James isn't even a fucking Green Lantern anymore--he was politely asked to leave.

World's Greatest Streamer Needs More Subs

My Punishment

The people at Help Island were mean to my friends.  They banned Jillz Darkrose and they sustained Pixie Khitan for years.

For their punishment, I have decided that the only people to speak at Help Island from now on will be True Delight, Tristina Aeon And Dummthrust.  May god have mercy on their souls.

Touch Muh Peckah! [Second Life Shenanigans]

lordofADHD On The Blog

[22:42] lordofADHD: oh my gosh
[22:42] lordofADHD: how you doing boyd
[22:49] lordofADHD: oh my gosh
[00:13] lordofADHD: oh my gosh
[00:13] FlavorfulTitle: hey!
[00:14] lordofADHD: big fan about your blog
[00:14] lordofADHD: big fan big big big
[00:15] FlavorfulTitle: :)
[00:15] lordofADHD: will I be on your blog?

Thursday, June 8, 2017

Pixie Khitan Pretends To Be a 17 Year Old Girl

[23:32] ThisBuiltIt: hi pixie
[23:33] Shrekkie: hi ^.^
[23:35] Shrekkie: Are you my Uncle Boyd? :)
[23:36] ThisBuiltIt: ou're a very strange man steven
[23:36] Shrekkie: Oh. You are Boyd.
[23:36] Shrekkie: let me issue you a challenge
[23:37] Shrekkie: call my phone number within the next week
[23:37] Shrekkie: or I will release morgan's nudes
[23:37] Shrekkie: you have no power boyd
[23:39] Shrekkie: I bet you can't do it, because we all know, all you do is empty threats
[23:39] Shrekkie: morgan's pussy is going to be seen by everyone
[23:40] Shrekkie: and you're not even trying to stop it
[23:40] ThisBuiltIt: lol go for it
[23:40] Shrekkie: you'll be able to verify to everyone that it's hers
[23:40] Shrekkie: i know ;)
[23:41] ThisBuiltIt: your secondlife existence seems to be shrinking
[23:41] ThisBuiltIt: no friends
[23:41] ThisBuiltIt: no where to hang out

Pixie's LiveJournal account has been suspended
God knows what he was up to that got him suspended.

Homosexual Furry Wants To Kill Himself Before His Fake Eye Falls Out

Linden Lab Struggles To Pay Some Creators In A Shrinking Economy

Some creators facing RL financial problems stemming from delays in payments from Linden Lab

Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Sweetpea In Trouble Again

Because she's a brat and prone to boredom, Sweetpea occasionally plays tricks on people.

Over a year ago she messaged me to say a boy she liked had taken his own life.  She felt bad because she worried it might have been because their relationship didn't work out.

I believed her.

Long-story-short, Soviet (gnomejc) is not dead and never was.

It's not the first time she tricked me, and it probably won't be the last.

Sunday, June 4, 2017

Meet one of YouTube's top fast food reviewers

Ironically he has almost as many subscribers as CNN Money

[01:51] Escoma Pragan Loves Anal

[02:00] Justintricate: how old are you?
[02:00] Escoma Praga: tell me
[02:01] Justintricate: would it be bad if i were 19?
[02:01] Escoma Praga: are you really
[02:01] Justintricate: is it ok?
[02:01] Escoma Praga: might be bad
[02:02] Justintricate: what if i would be 20 in 3 weeks?
[02:02] Justintricate: slaps your hot ass
[02:02] Escoma Praga: it would be bad
[02:02] Escoma Praga: what if i'd let you
[02:13] Justintricate:
[01:47] Justintricate: do you like dp?
[01:47] Escoma Praga: whats dp
[01:47] Justintricate: double penetration
[01:47] Escoma Praga: i've never
[01:48] Justintricate: would it be hot to try?
[01:48] Escoma Praga: i'd try
[01:48] Justintricate: mmmm kinky
[01:48] Escoma Praga: i'm scared but i'd try
[01:48] Justintricate: mmm
[01:48] Escoma Praga: i'm just so scared i'd feel so full
[01:49] Justintricate: might feel really good too though wouldn't it, feeling that full?
[01:49] Escoma Praga: you might have to push no matter what i say
[01:49] Justintricate: mmm yeah
[01:49] Escoma Praga: i'm willing to trust you
[01:49] Escoma Praga: no matter what i say you'd have to continue to push
[01:49] Justintricate: mmm yeah...just push it in deep
[01:49] Escoma Praga: even if i say no
[01:49] Escoma Praga: you still push
[01:49] Justintricate: mmmm yeah
[01:49] Escoma Praga: and even if i complain you push down on me and say shut up
[01:50] Justintricate: mmm yeah and fill you up
[01:50] Escoma Praga: and i'd hope you'd be in me
[01:50] Justintricate: deep in you
[01:50] Escoma Praga: i'm pretty subborn so you'd have to force
[01:51] Justintricate: you like it rough dont you naughty bitch? mmm
[01:51] Escoma Praga: yes i do
[01:51] Justintricate: mmmm
[01:51] Escoma Praga: and i love anal
[01:51] Justintricate: very hot
[01:51] Justintricate: you like bending over dont you
[01:51] Escoma Praga: yes
[01:52] Justintricate: like a naughty cock slut
[01:52] Escoma Praga: as long as my Master iis there
[01:52] Escoma Praga: if i trust
[02:13] KeyOntype: lol
[02:13] Justintricate: lol
[01:54] Escoma Praga: i'd like that
[01:54] Escoma Praga: are you a dom
[01:54] Justintricate: mmm me too, yes
[01:55] Escoma Praga: well i like doms but i don't have one
[01:55] Justintricate: well i could be your hot dom
[01:56] Escoma Praga: i'd like that
[01:56] Justintricate: you're not a linden are you?
[01:57] Justintricate: can I throw tacos at you?
 [02:35] Justintricate: do you take virtual second life super serious?
[02:36] Escoma Praga: depends
[02:36] Escoma Praga: why do you ask
[02:36] Justintricate: or do you see it as the virtual reality la la land that it is?
[02:36] Escoma Praga: no theres is real ppl here
[02:36] Justintricate: its not facebook , its all virtual
[02:37] Justintricate: they make fake selves to play on here
[02:37] Escoma Praga: no theres real ppl here
[02:37] Justintricate: where?
[02:37] Escoma Praga: why are you talking to me
[02:37] Justintricate: its a virtual chat room
[02:37] Escoma Praga: there is real ppl
[02:38] Escoma Praga: why are you so rude
[02:38] Justintricate: delusional people....
[02:38] Escoma Praga: delete me then
[02:38] Justintricate: i'm not, should i be charged for war crimes because i razed a villiage virtually in warcraft?
[02:39] Justintricate: its not real
[02:40] Escoma Praga: well i thought you were sexy till now
[02:40] Escoma Praga: ta
[02:40] Justintricate: lol

Saturday, June 3, 2017

London Sim Adds Bore Clause

The London Sims added a new clause to their covenant allowing them to ban residents they see as boring:

Voice is enabled so residents can enjoy conversations with each other.   However a certain etiquette is expected.   Be respectful. Do not cause deliberate annoyance.  Please do not hog the voice channel.  Remember to give other people a chance to join in too. Those who "key-up and go for it", without ever pausing for breath or giving way to other people, should be encouraged to give it a periodic rest.   London City provides a Voice Lounge which is separate from the rest of the region.  People who only talk and never listen, or monopolise (sic) the hub area should be encouraged to visit the voice lounge where they can talk until the end of time without annoying everyone else.  Same goes for screechy microphones!

The first person banned under the new rule: Chase McClure

go figure huh?

The Answer To Muslim Violence

is not more conservatism...

The answer to all religion and tribal based violence is Humanism and Skepticism.

Your typical jojo fan...

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