Tuesday, May 23, 2017

The Worst Religious Terrorists in the United Kingdom

Over the last 100 years, nearly 600 people have been killed by Muslim terrorists in the UK, including
Pan Am Flight 103, which was the worst.

In the same timer period, over 3,100 people were killed by Catholic terrorists in the UK

Torric Rodas Of London Sims Funding Griefers

Friday, May 19, 2017

Epsilon Trying To Talk To Kristi

He was sure she'd fall in love once he sent her this photo.

[2016/10/13 08:03] KAPPA SWAG LORD (dfuse): you know any good porn?
[2016/10/17 13:45] KAPPA SWAG LORD (dfuse): cunt
[2016/10/17 13:46] KAPPA SWAG LORD (dfuse): cuuuunt
[2016/10/17 13:53] KAPPA SWAG LORD (dfuse): kristi
[2016/10/17 13:54] KAPPA SWAG LORD (dfuse): sit on my lap kristi
[2016/10/17 13:57] KAPPA SWAG LORD (dfuse): you look great darling
[2016/10/17 14:10] KAPPA SWAG LORD (dfuse): kristi i love you
[2016/10/17 14:11] KAPPA SWAG LORD (dfuse): come visit me
[2016/10/17 14:11] KAPPA SWAG LORD (dfuse): lets make babies
[2016/10/17 14:14] KAPPA SWAG LORD (dfuse): rub your butt on my dick
[2016/10/17 14:20] KAPPA SWAG LORD (dfuse): lemme spit on your butt and penetrate it with my giant horsedick
[2016/10/17 14:57] KAPPA SWAG LORD (dfuse): kristi
[2016/10/17 14:58] KAPPA SWAG LORD (dfuse): i love you baby
[2016/10/17 15:25] KAPPA SWAG LORD (dfuse): baby
[2016/10/17 15:25] KAPPA SWAG LORD (dfuse): sit on my lap
[2016/10/17 15:25] KAPPA SWAG LORD (dfuse): without any panties on
[2016/10/17 15:42] KAPPA SWAG LORD (dfuse): baby
[2016/10/17 15:42] KAPPA SWAG LORD (dfuse): i love you soooooooo much

RIP Chris Cornell

Thursday, May 18, 2017

JMAA World's Greatest Youtuber Was Once Secondlife Furry

Sadly, he's now banned from Fur Affinity, along with 9Tails.  I can't imagine what he did to deserve such a fate.  JMAA is one of Britbong's friends and mods.  I don't know why he knows so many furries.

Draxter Interviews Lavender


Britbong Distributing MrNoob's Nude Photos

Somebody on youtube recorded me asking Britbong why he decided to upload MrNoob's photos

this is the link he was posting:

[16:03] Hard Case Bong (thebiglad): https://8ch.net/cow/res/266605.html#q269125

As you can see the photos themselves have been removed by the moderators but it's clear what they were.  I wanted him to admit he was mad about the Spooks video, which pretty much had to be the case since he started doing this the day the video came out.

As far as the Spooks Video is concerned, I've pieced together some of the source documents he used.  I stand by all of them

5/19/2017  Britbong and his friend Bungie came to secondlife today.  Britbong was on an account claiming to be Colossaliscrazy, which worked until people heard him on voice.  Their began distributing photos of MrNoob in Arapaima, but were ignored so they then went to Mage to try and do the same thing but were banned.

Calling Card For the ColossalIsCrazy Account
With MrNoob's Real Name as the Display Name Obscured

Britbong Blackmails Upraksi
Why did you pay Britbong Anyway
Britbong Lies About Ralph Pootawn
Britbong Lies About Forever Alone
Britbong Lies About No Man's Sky
Britbong Rejected By Know Your Meme

The MsAlchemy Saga
Episode 1: A Big Fan
Episode 2: The Flirting And The Fapping
Episode 3: Monty Tries To Help
Episode 4: Betrayal And Pain
Episode 5: Threats And Reprisals

Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Help Island Struggles to Survive Jon Gully Attack

Foreigners Making Secondlife Troll Videos

Some of the Sources for the Spooks Video

As far as the Spooks Video is concerned, I've pieced together some of the source documents he used.  I stand by all of them

Britbong Blackmails Upraksi  (Britbong's threat to make an ED page on Upraksi) ***
Why did you pay Britbong Anyway
Britbong Lies About Ralph Pootawn
Britbong Lies About Forever Alone
Britbong Lies About No Man's Sky
Britbong Rejected By Know Your Meme
Not Safe To Donate To Britbong  (Britbong using MrNoob's paypal info to dox her)

The MsAlchemy Saga
Episode 1: A Big Fan
Episode 2: The Flirting And The Fapping
Episode 4: Betrayal And Pain
Episode 5: Threats And Reprisals

To me, that Britbong spent two days spreading nude photos of MrNoob after the video came out is more than enough proof that the Spooks video is accurate.

***  I had almost forgotten about him demanding Upraksi pay him or he'll make an Encyclopedia Dramatica page about her.  I think shortly after this, anything regarding Britbong was locked down by the mods to prevent him doing shit like that. As I recall, it upset him so much that he offered money for the "dox" of the ED mods.

Britbong wrote a reply to the video

My fans are completely aware that people have been trying to get rid of me for years and that comes part and parcel of being a "trolling channel" or generally someone who has unpopular opinions and kind of tells it how it is which rubs people the wrong way.
It's his behavior outside of the channel that's in question.  Pretty much all of us troll secondlife bikers like he does in his videos
What most people are not aware of is the underhanded shit being done behind the scenes against me, my friends, and family which I've been fighting against for a long time but at this point I am desensitized to it and don't really react anymore, but here are some examples of these tactics used against me in an attempt at making me "poof" out of existence.
Pretty much everything that's been done to Britbong was out in the open, nothing behind the scenes.
If you've read "Rules for Radicals" you'll get what I mean but more easily explained would be Leftist media tactics, or your general SJW twitter tard.
-Smear campaigns (People who try to spin a false narrative and lies by cherry picking, fabricating information in hopes at least a few people will believe it)
-Scare tactics (Doxing, hacking, death threats, stalking and these extend to your family, friends and fans and anyone who disagrees with their narrative)
People from 4chan Doxed Britbong long ago.  He's doxed literally hundreds of others.  Including, most recently, MrNoob.  As far as his family is concerned, that's an outright lie.  I purposely sat on the story of his father's criminal past for over two years and worked it keep it out of the discussion.
-False flagging (Flagging off videos/streams/content you own)
Since Britbong just two weeks ago did the same to an Empty Hero video about him where Britbong's name was inserted into the song "short people" and reported TheBadGuys twitter till they got banned, I'm not too sympathetic if somebody does the same to him.
(And much much more)
I am a bit of a cunt but that comes with the "trolling" territory as people know, you'll have obsessive losers stalking you for years because you trolled them on a videogame or imageboard back 6 years ago (not even kidding) so what really makes me annoyed about all this are the commentary hypocrites who claim to care about "proof" before accusing people of a dozen things and the source for said allegations being very suspicious to outright laughable people with well known and documented vendettas against me.
And something else that I have pointed out many times which Leon Lush, Bunty King and Spooks (and some others) keep posting is my ED article and other links which lead breadcrumbs straight to all the information about my family/friends like their work, addresses and they are quite happily sharing it around twitter and posting it in videos to bring more attention to it which to me is scummy.Imagine if I did the same back people would be up in arms and rallying people to scream at me on twitter in a matter of minutes.
My crime was calling Leon Lush a toe sucker and ever since then I've had people I have never talked to actually "loathing" me and willing to do anything to get people to hate me behind the scenes and what a surprise that they are all toe suckers themselves, weird huh? 
Spooks made the video on me because his E-girlfriend Charmvere got blown the fuck out by me on Second Life when she went by the name "Mr Noob Tophat" not only was she salty because I rejected her but also because I coined her the nickname Mr Nudes because of how many times her nudes had been "leaked" by her various internet boyfriends and she quit Second Life.
Spooks and MrNoob are not dating.  I have no idea where he got that idea.  Also, much like Forever Alone and Ralph Pootawn, Britbong had nothing to do with "inventing" the name "Mr Nudes"
Fast forward a year later or so and she made a Kiwifarms thread on me with the nickname "Todesfurcht" which shows on her past names on STEAM and when I called her out on it she freaked out and deleted all her social media and videos, she tried to reinvent herself as a commentary channel.
She also modded on the Shadman discord a lot of people hated her on there too and she was eventually demodded for admin abuse and when I looked at her post history she had made various posts about Shadman and trying to spread bullshit about him too.
I informed Shad and a few others about this and left it at that, I was then informed Spooks The Skeleton was making a video on me and checked his profile and saw he was on her steam friends and it's pretty obvious she has begged him to make this video on her behalf due to getting BTFO and I'll also mention Charmvere has always been a close friend of Kopy/Krappleguy the guy who litrally stalks my entire life (see above) and all the creepy losers from Second Life are now befriending spooks quite publicly.
She says she warned him not to make the video.  Since you've spent the last 3 days spreading her nude photos around, I'm gonna go ahead and say she's more credible.
Also I hear that Buntyking is making a video on me too which will be hilarious, can't wait for another video of him screaming about me but at least this time it won't be interrupting any of his social gatherings to yell at his phone

I'm gonna let this be it for the Britbong posts for a while.  What he did yesterday was pretty disgusting.  I'm going to send Mr Noob what I have on it and let that be enough Britbong Drama for a while.  The rest of the world is starting to see him for what he is so I feel like my job is done here.  I told Britbong that I would make certain that people associated his youtube brand with his He even recorded it.  That seems to be happening.

Colossal is crazy is sending people to downvote the video.  Considering his history with Keemstar I'm not surprised.  At this point his only interest seems to be protecting Britbong and his friendship.

Spooks is remarkably talented for his age.  I predict his channel will soon be bigger than Britbong or Colossal.  For one thing, his editing and timing is miles ahead of either of them.

Monday, May 15, 2017

The Story I Never Published

Sometimes people send me stuff I consider too much for this blog.

Over two years ago I was informed about some pretty tragic stuff about Britbong's family life.  I figured it was  his family and not him so I never published it.

His behavior lately has been unusually bad, so let me say this:  the stories about his dad are true.  I've known about them for more than two years.  I know they're true because it was published in his home newspaper.  I won't post them here but if you're interested check the Kiwifarms thread on Britbong.

As I said, I was fairly determined not to leak this myself, and I still won't post it here but since his behavior has been so bad lately he probably deserves it.

Britbong Got Mad

A few weeks ago Britbong and Jaypee started scouring Secondlife for nude photos of MrNoob.  He wouldn't say why he was mad or why he wanted to expose her.

Fortunately he couldn't get any so nothing happened.  Today though he seems to have found some and spread them absolutely everywhere.  He still won't say why he's mad at her.  When I confronted him about it he clammed up and quit passing them around because he knew I was recording:
[17:55] ANTlFA: where are these pictures
[17:55] ANTlFA: that you all are talking about
[17:59] ANTlFA: there are more
[18:00] Hard Case Bong (thebiglad): i dont wanna repost them

[16:03] Hard Case Bong (thebiglad): https://8ch.net/cow/res/266605.html#q269125

it looks like the 4chan mods deleted the images themselves, but you can clearly see what he tried to do.

Saturday, May 13, 2017

Second Life: Twitter Dump (Trolling)

Tristina Needs Our Help

Tristina is raising $89,000 so she can have her gender reassignment surgery and move to california


Quoted From Her Appeal For Help:
During 2006 I was considering pelvic floor surgery for a medical condition. I have chronic bacterial infections, and a rare disease called trimethylaminuria which cause me to have extreme body odor that comes from my genitals. I asked my mom to come to the appointment for emotional support, but she said, "If you get this surgery you won't be a woman anymore." I canceled the appointment and realized that I would never have support from my family unless I had a vagina that God gave me (in their eyes). This is when the break ins started in my home, and I was drugged and raped over and over. I know for a fact that my parents were responsible for the beginning of this sexual abuse. One time after being drugged I didn't wake up for a long time, and my dad was sitting outside my apartment waiting to make sure I let my dog out, and that I was, I guess, "ok," and not dead.
This is when I began considering changing my gender, and for the past two years, my entire wardrobe is male clothing. There is more that contributes to this gender identity conflict, and it can be seen at http://ex-e-butterfly.blogspot.com/ .
Since I openly declared that I was transgender I've had horrible things done to me. I've been serially raped, despite being celibate for eleven years. beaten while unconscious and raped, stabbed with a needle filled with drugs that I was highly allergic to (barely missed my heart and punctured my lung), and my mother has been poisoning my food to "feminize" me. By feminizing drugs I mean antipsychotics that make your lips protrude, and be more demure. Lately the druggings escalate when she has days off from work. I'm allergic to these medications but she continues to drug me without my prior knowledge by putting it in my food. The current drug she's using makes me sleep for 12 hours straight, then I'm suicidal for 24 hours. In the past, she's drugged me with another drug and sprayed lysol in my vagina. I guess that she believes that transgenderism is a mental illness, and must be cured, rather than addressed, and the odor part is just a matter of household cleaning supplies. Cleanliness is Godliness right?

Furthermore the drugs I'm being dosed with by my mother are destroying my facial structure. My eyes swell badly and I'm developing huge and massive bags around my eyes. I've always had a little bulge below my eyes, but since I've been living with my mother I've woken up in aniphylactic shock on multiple occassions & have had to go to the hospital. The hospital always does nothing, and I wake up having soiled myself after passing out at the hospital. The drugs are causing massive swelling above and below the eyes, to the point where I'm getting permanent double bags under my eyes. My facial structure is already compromised, because of an attempted murder that happened during a hazing ritual at a friend's birthday party, when I started having the chronic infections in 1998. The people who were responsible made fun of me for being fat and shamed me from eating food, while overserving me drinks that were too strong. I was refused help by someone who was working the party, and then I collapsed, damaging my jaw. Therefore, I need some minor surgery to fix my face so it's symmetrical again in addition to the transgender surgery. I'll need eye surgery if the druggings continue as well, if I don't want to look like a basset houndfor the rest of my life.
I need money to get out of this situation and to FIX this situation,; it's that simple. My income on SSI is $730 per month and I'm not allowed to save more than 2,000 at a time, even if saving money were possible with that amount and pay bills. I have to liberate myself from the system and do what I can to make it on my own after I get the body I deserve, not this smelling deformed monster I"m being turned into as a result of smelling badly. People like to say I'm crazy, but it's a chicken or egg scenario. Who wouldn't be crazy if you smelled badly and all of your friends tried to kill you at a party roughly twenty years ago.
Being transgender used to be something I rejected, and would never have accepted in another person, merely because I didn't understand it. I"m asking you, as I have done, to understand that medically I can't function and work as a female, therefore this is a medically necessary situation. It's going to be next to impossible to reach my goal without a few extremely kind contributors, because my condition alienates me from the public, and I spend most of my time gaming with people who could care less if I live or die. The commuity is so ill willed that they joke about who will die next and tell people to kill themselves daily. I'm giving up if I don't reach my goal in six months. I'm going to donate my dog which I got for companionship to a person who needs a medically necessary companion animal, and walk away from this abusive situation I'm in. My parents won't give me the title to my car, the only thing I ever asked of them sinc e I've been on SSI, and just live off of the land in the woods. There's no point to be around people anymore if I can't even eat in a restaurant without having my food served raw or other disgusting and illegal things that have been done to my food. You have no idea how much discrimination I've been put through.
I'm trying to raise $89,000 to go towards relocating and funding my surgery. I plan to go back to school after my transition, and become a working, functioning person in society. I have not been able to work for 16 years because of my medical condition, as it is not socially acceptable and caused me to lose my last job in 2001, Furthermore, since I went on medicaid, after the first three years they won't even cover maintenance medications to alleviate symptoms, and my current state is not liberal enough to even address my problem as a FEMALE much less if I am transgender. It's been postulated that I have a fistula that happened during a date rape in 1996 and that's causing all of the problems, but medicaid won't cover any testing to eliminate that as a posssiblity as well.

The only way that I can make this a cross gender issue is relating my condition to having bowel cancer and the problems it causes to with your quality of life. Sadly, my condition has a sexual connatation which makes it even worse than having bowel cancer, so still, bowel cancer still falls short. Sometimes I wish I did have bowel cancer so this suffering would be over soon. Twenty-One years living with this chronic infection and being diagnosed with diagnosed trimenthylaminuria for sixteen is too long to live with this foul stench. No one should have to live like this. Please help, and donate.
Help spread the word!

John Ehrlichman Admits What We Knew All Along

Wednesday, May 10, 2017

CopyBotted Items Already Showing Up In Project Sansar

Even though very few people have been admitted to the pre-alpha version of Project Sansar, copybotting seems to already be a problem.

Several inside sources tell me this lovely cottage was illegally imported into Project Sansar and put on their fledgling marketplace by someone other than the original creator.

The controversy even made the top fold of New World Notes.

Sansar Delayed Again

Linden Lab moved the open alpha date for Project Sansar back again.  This time to late summer/early fall 2017.  They're also saying that the hardware requirements to run it are pretty steep, surpassing any video game I know of, including Ark and Conan.

From the first announcement, until today, the Projected Open Alpha date of Project Sansar has been moved back more than two full years, leaving many people wondering just what's going on at Linden Lab.

It's A Good Thing I Didn't Include Britbong In The Top Ten List

because his channel's gone :/

This was sent to me by an anonymous source without any reference so I wonder if they had something to do with what happened to his channel.  I notice it's terms of service violations this time rather than copyright so who knows.  He's had several youtube accounts banned so him just being on youtube is in itself a terms of service violation.

Anonymous people have also been sending me pretty devastating stuff about his personal life and personal history too, but I won't post it because it would involve other people besides him and I'd rather not do that.

Thursday, May 4, 2017

How Jinx Got Banned

When Misty Putzo was at Jinx' house, he decided to participate in a bit of age play, on her account and her computer.  Now she's hardware banned and KOS from Linden Lab, all because of Misty Putzo.

Return Of The Worm

Somehow Queenbishes has managed to worm her way back into Zarco's life.  Surprising after the fake baby incident.  I think Zarco just keeps her around because he misses his mom.

Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Fameshed Re-Delivery Crap

[07:37] Dreams Emerald: hey i am having to get redeliveries
[07:39] Dreams Emerald: is there an admin here?
[07:39] Dreams Emerald: i crashed there
[07:40] Dreams Emerald: and i have half the crap i bought
[07:40] Dreams Emerald: so annoying
[07:40] Kiddo Oh: It's so rewarding to read you guys call our items crap, it really is
[07:42] Dreams Emerald: i wouldn't take it personally - i literally didn't mean it was "crap"
[07:43] Elvi Hartley (elviramidnight): Okay, I am sorry but as much as I want to let chat stay open. I am no longer allowing it. It has been abused. I will not tolerate people slamming the event or the designers. Thanks all.
[07:43] Elvi Hartley (elviramidnight): Chat is now closed as of today.
[07:44] Lucy Luscious (aubreyshadows1): wtg
[07:44] Dreams Emerald: LOOOL

Group Chat
Wed, May 03 2017 7:46:43 AM PDT

Due to people not willing to play nice and are willing to slam people, designers and the event the group chat is permanently closed. We all can't have nice things and we wanted to do a nice thing for you all to enjoy the event together.

I am just sorry it couldn't have been used that way.

Things Leon Lush Should Know

1) Britbong's dox aren't even on his fucking ED page.  Check it out for yourself

2) Britbong doxes all his enemies.  He's been passing Mr Noob's dox around like a campaign flyer.  He's probably working on doxing Leon as we speak.  The good news is: Britbong rarely leaves his bedroom so Leon is in no real danger.

Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Youtube's Biggest Live Stream Ever

Actually, don't watch it.  She's creepy as fuck!

Britbong Still Losing His Mind

As part of his latest emotional Breakdown, Britbong has been filing a number of false reports on alt accounts against Empty Hero's youtube channel, managing to take down a song Empty Hero wrote almost five years ago about how Short Britbong is.

Since Britbong can't take the heat, I guess, I've added the song as a sidebar to my blog where it will receive some 300 to 500 views a day until I take it down.

Like The Bad Guys, Empty Hero had zero to do with Britbong's channel problems, but, unable to reach the person who actually is causing the problem, Britbong is lashing out at anyone he can.

Monday, May 1, 2017

Corwin's Message to Illegal Immigrants

Lidiyan: suck my trinitrotoluene, muslim scum, I'll be watching nascar for decades to come after you're dead and gone, muslim scum

Franziska Bosatsu is Highly Suspect

Is a 50+ German man who has dozens of alternate Secondlife accounts, all little girls

He's created a Harry Potter roleplay sim to attract similar people

Known Alts: denis Bellios

Most Of The People Who Made A Living On Youtube Last Year

are now looking for more normal work this year.

What changed?

Advertisers began to look at where their ads were actually being placed and gave out a massive "fuck this!" and left.

The thing people seem to forget is that YouTube doesn't serve the people who upload the videos.  Those people are incidental.  They don't serve the audience either, although they're part of the equation.

YouTube serves the advertisers.  It's virtually their only source of revenue.

When Google bought YouTube over ten years ago, it was losing so much money, people wondered if YouTube wouldn't bankrupt Google.  Google had a plan to monetize it though, using their ad-sense program, and for a while it worked.

The basic flaw with YouTube is that, if you provide a platform where anyone can upload almost anything they want, then 99% of it will be horse-shit, and that's what YouTube became.  Advertisers went along with it because it was new and exciting and lots of people were looking at videos, but eventually they began to take a look at what they were actually advertising on and realized this just couldn't go on and pulled out.

Now, just like generations of television and radio producers before them, the producers of YouTube videos are realizing they have to please their advertisers in order to exist and that is going to change everything.

Vendors and Creators