Sunday, April 23, 2017

Canadian Singer Does Her Best To Interpret Peppy Latin Song Written By Lebanese Girl

Bad Guys Not So Bad After All

For over a week now Britbongreturns has been making a big stink accusing TheBadGuys for disabling his channel for over a month.  I'd like to make two points about that:

1) There's not a shred of proof that TheBadGuys or any other SL youtuber was involved in taking down Britbong's channel, not even a hint.

2) Britbong actually knows who actually took down his channel because they used to be friends and he's spent a month doxing him at every possible opportunity.

This really is getting ridiculous.  I'm sure it's very frustrating to deal with the issues Britbong has had with his channel, but accusing people who weren't even remotely involved probably illustrates the kind of character flaws that got it taken down in the first place.

Ok This Is Pretty Funny But...

Bill Clinton's tweet to Trump made news all over the world and it is pretty damn funny, but, uh, why does he have a giant praying mantis statue fountain?

Player Unknown In Steam Top Ten Twice

Saturday, April 22, 2017

Linden Lab Releases First Video Of Project Sansar

Ahern.. We Always Come Back (Part 2) { Director's Cut }

Harrison Lies About Performing

Friday afternoon Harrison said he had a gig and wouldn't be on Secondlife Friday Night

He was on Secondlife Friday Night

Saturday Afternoon Harrison said he had a gig and would go camping after and wouldn't be on Secondlife

He was on Secondlife Saturday Night

Tristina Update

I was leaving for CA this week to get MediCal to cover my #transgender reassignment. I can no longer go because my car & belongings were destroyed w/rat piss by a neighbor. I won't be able to get into CA. #VA needs to reform Medicaid #hungerstrike #transgenderRIGHTS #ERA

By the way, my car has been packed for 2 years, because my current residence is furnished. As soon as I announced that I was moving the neighbors put the rat &/or rat piss in my car. They did the same thing when I went to CO last spring to hire a lawyer.

At one point there was a snake in my car; it also appeared right after I left town.

Thursday, April 20, 2017

Governance Miss-fires

Recently, Linden Lab banned Lucky Lamede for ageplay and Jillz Darkrose for Orbiting.

Now, Lucky is an annoying little bastard, but "ageplay"??  come on. He's simply the victim of mass reporting and poor governance on the part of Linden Lab

Similarly with Jillz.  Everyone at Help Island orbits people.  Jillz probably did it the least, yet Jillz got banned.  Why?  Because of mass reporting.

There are so many more examples of this, Lunaire Farspire, Owen Aldren, on and on.  I simply cannot respect the decisions the governance team comes to.

Second Life Trolling: The Fishman Home Invasions

Games Banned From Twitch For Sexual Content

Artificial Girl 1, 2, & 3
Artificial Academy 1 & 2
Battle Rape
Cobra Club
Criminal Girls
Dramatical Murder
Genital Jousting
Grezzo 1 & 2
Harem Party
HunieCam Studio
Kamidori Alchemy Meister
Porno Studio Tycoon
Purin to Ohuro
Purino Party
Radiator 2
Rinse and Repeat
Sakura Angels
Sakura Beach 1 & 2
Sakura Dungeon
Sakura Fantasy
Sakura Santa
Sakura Spirit
Sakura Swim Club
Second Life
Suck My Dick or Die!
The Guy Game
The Maiden Rape Assault: Violent Semen Inferno
What's under your blanket !?
Witch Trainer
Yandere Simulator

Wednesday, April 19, 2017

How Trolls Took Over Secondlife

In 2013 Vice Magazine published a surprisingly accurate summation of the situation

A decade after its launch, the online virtual world of Second Life (SL) has devolved into a realm where digital avatars engage in furry orgies, fraternize in cities where rape is allowed, and dodge flying penises.
For the most part, the world has forgotten about Second Life. While it’s unlikely that SL avatars will once again grace the cover of business magazines, the eccentric community is experiencing a renewed interest thanks to all-around genius trolls such as YouTube user Charlie Winsmore.
Pretty much everyone who made a Secondlife video afterwards were influenced by the little brown guy and secondlife became known as a place to go and make fun of people rather than pretty much anything else.

Monday, April 17, 2017

The Prophet

Ratcloner was the voice in the wilderness.  He was the prophet.  "SHE is the new one..."

She would know our ways as if she were one of us.  Her name would become a killing word...

Alchemy had become the hand of God, fulfilling the Fremen prophecy. Where there was war, Alchemy would now bring peace. Where there was hatred, Alchemy would bring love. To lead the people to true freedom, and to change the face of Secondlife.

And how can this be? 

For she is the Kwisatz Haderach!

Obscure New Jersey Law Concerning Bestiality

Sex with anyone with an IQ below 60 is actually considered bestiality as they are legally pets.  A warrant has been issued for queenbishes arrest.

Completely Useless Secondlife Invention

Saturday, April 15, 2017

A Little Culture For You Savages

What Did Jesus Do On Saturday?

Jesus died on Friday (for our sins) and returned from the dead on Sunday (Easter), but what did he do on Saturday?

I'll tell you what Jesus did on Saturday, He Kicked Ass on Saturday.  That's what he did.

According to christian tradition, before the death of Christ, all dead people went to hell.  There were parts of hell that weren't so bad where good people were held, but everybody went to hell when they died as a punishment for Adam and Eve's disobedience.

God provided a loop-hole though.  By sacrificing his own Son then Adam and Eve's sin was atoned and dead people didn't have to go to hell anymore, so on Saturday, after his death, Jesus went down into hell, kicked the devil's ass, and liberated all the good people in Hell.

Jesus then lead all the people freed from Hell up to Heaven where he visited with his Dad for a while before returning to earth on Sunday.

Not All Canadians Are Bad

I've been asked to make a post to say that not all Canadians are bad, so here it is.  Not all Canadians are bad

just most of them

especially on Secondlife

Friday, April 14, 2017

The Jedi Were The Problem All Along

Oilbase Admits He Uses His Wife's Account To Have Sex With Men

For a while now, it's been common knowledge at Arapaima that Oilbase uses his wife's secondlife account and photos of his wife to lure stupid men into cyber sex with him.  I never thought he'd admit it like he did recently in his main profile:

For those that say I play as my wife's account. . . what are you afraid of?!  natasharotica and I have been married since you were in diapers so what we do in this life is not your business.  No one is impressed by your "knowledge".  You are afraid of us and our success, or are jealous. Its either one.  And if you think you can scare her or I with your "clan" of fake friends well get over yourself.  Too my friends: lets party!

Thursday, April 13, 2017

Beware The Bambino Crime Family

[22:40] Valentina ? Greenwood (nymphnymphbaby): :c

[22:41] Sun Wukong (007bjamesb): i need to go to bed. but i was hacked by frankie today. he tryed [sic] to steel [sic] 2000 us dollars. LL put my account on hold . i just got it back a while ago.

[22:41] Sun Wukong (007bjamesb): my SL sucks

[22:42] Valentina ? Greenwood (nymphnymphbaby): :C
[22:42] Valentina ? Greenwood (nymphnymphbaby): WHY
[22:42] Valentina ? Greenwood (nymphnymphbaby): Why the hell

Announce From Jon Gully

 jon gully is sorry to smoot on the blog

Tuesday, April 11, 2017

What Happens When You File Multiple Abuse Reports From The Same Location?

In the case of Help Island Public, Social Island (all of them) Violet, and Ahern, the end result is Linden Lab comes in and shuts off voice which kills the place.  The people you filed the abuse reports on make new accounts and are back in moments.

My best advise is: learn to solve your own problems and don't rely on Linden Labs

Worst offenders: 007BJamesB, Treclepie2, Leslie Monroe, Talatha Larnia (now banned herself)  Acidophilus, Ellen Frog, Kerwood Shippe, tendou shiu

Monday, April 10, 2017

Easter Ham

Second Life: 4 The Fans (Trolling)

This Could Have Been Prevented -- RIP Britbongreturns

If Britbong had simply swallowed his pride and paid K11D33r for the arkwork he requested, this wouldn't have happened.

Considering that Killdeer was only charging around $200 for the artwork. this was a fantastically bad business decision on Britbong's part.

Knock Knock, It's Spulb. Ft. Derrick

Finally Some Good News

Linden Lab announced on friday that regions now have increased capacity.  Full regions which used to only hold 100 avatars now can hold 110 avatars!!  (but only if 5 of them are premium members, otherwise it can only hold 105)

Top Ten Reasons Why Acidophilus Should Be Banned

  1. In 7 years he's never contributed a single dollar to the Linden Economy
  2. He encourages macaroni's music
  3. He has over 200 alts (you're only allowed seven)
  4. Impersonation: most of his 200 alts impersonate other users.  Ask about  his 12 MikeC Althouse alts or his 4 Waterfallz alts
  5. He's Canadian
  6. He's cheating on Jillz
  7. He needs to get banned so he'll spend less time on Secondlife
  8. He uses his 200 alts to file fraudulent Abuse Reports
  9. Did I mention he's Canadian?
  10. Acidophilus is solely and directly responsible for having voice shut off at Help Island Public
Verified Acidophilus alts:
Bifi (bifidophilus)
Lexi (alexisricelli)
Linda (lactobaccilus)
Ursüla Uranus (bumwad)
and 190 more
I don't hold Linden Lab or Tommy Linden at fault in any way for what happened at Help Island Public.

The fault lies entirely with the people who couldn't simply Mute Ratcloner and be done with it and chose instead to file dozens of Abuse reports, even using multiple accounts to make the problem seem worse than it was.  Tommy and Linden Lab are basically doing their best to figure out a way to deal with the train-wreck that Help Island became and I don't really know if I could do any better.

Sunday, April 9, 2017

How Acidophilus Got Linden Lab To Shut Off Voice At Help Island

The day started, as it often does, with ratcloner "testing" his GPU crashers at Help Island Public.

Some of the local residents decided they'd had enough!  It was time to DO SOMETHING about Ratcloner!  And, they began each filling in an abuse report on Ratcloner.

This wasn't enough for Acidophilus, though.  He wanted to do something extra to show how powerful he is in Secondlife so Acidophilus logged in several of his dozens of alts to file abuse reports on Ratcloner (and fill the sim so trolls can't get in)

Back at the Battery Street Headquarters of Linden Lab, the diligent governance team notices a remarkable increase in the number of abuse reports coming in from Help Island (an area already known as the source of most abuse reports filed in Secondlife.

Already cranky, and tired of dealing with the cry-babies at Help Island, Tommy Linden (head of the governance team) forgot to check the IP on the abuse reports to see if they were coming from different people, logged into Help Island on his name account rather than his Governance account so people would know he meant business.

Banning Ratcloner's account didn't work!  He was still stuck on voice and began rambling about Tizzers and Rodney Linden.  Frustrated that he didn't solve the problem in front of customers, Tommy decided to show everyone that he is the law here and shut off voice, leaving Help Island Public desolate and deserted ever since.

Moments later Ratcloner showed up at Arapaima on a new account, mumbling about his lady-love Tizzers dressed as Rodney Linden. Acidophilus was full of sound and fury signifying nothing.  His antics got voice shut off at Help Island Public for nothing.  He failed and now all the people who have been going to Help Island Public for years must suffer.

I don't really blame Tommy here.  He handled it much like I probably would have.  The people at help island should have just muted Ratcloner and gone on their merry way and none of this would have happened.

I don't hold Linden Lab or Tommy Linden at fault in any way here.  The fault lies entirely with the people who couldn't simply Mute Ratcloner and be done with it and chose instead to file dozens of Abuse reports, even using multiple accounts to make the problem seem worse than it was.  Tommy and Linden Lab are basically doing their best to figure out a way to deal with the train-wreck that Help Island became and I don't really know if I could do any better.

    What we know about Acidophilus:
  • In his 50's
  • Disabled
  • Unemployed for many years
  • Canadian
  • Has spent all day every day on Secondlife for the past seven years
  • Proudly admits to having over 200 alts
  • Has never bought lindens, choosing instead to dress his many alts in freebies.
  • Dresses several of his alts up as women to use Copybotted dance animations to Macaroni's music (even though most people have him muted)
  • Will forever be remembered as the one responsible for the loss of voice at Help Island Public

Friday, April 7, 2017

All The Small Things - Postmodern Jukebox ft. Puddles Pity Party

MonkeyCheese Pagliacci

RIP Help Island Public

Why filing hundreds (if not thousands) of abuse reports from a single sim is not a great idea.

Tommy Linden logged in today and turned voice off at Help Island Public

After what happened to Ahern and Violet, some people think they may be following Phooey around.
(that's a joke by the way, not a dig at Phooey)

Thursday, April 6, 2017

Skype Sex With Johnny Steel Considered Unsafe

Just to clarify: Johnny doesn't just have this stuff just laying around.  Some girls talked him into buying it and wearing it on tinychat.  He's gullible but not a pervert.  Still a funny photo though.

Secondlife Revenue Down 50%

Hamlet Au does the math in his article
For a while now Ive had the feeling that Project Sansar was a "hail mary" pass for Linden Lab.  Hamlet takes that theory and puts some numbers to it.

Monday, April 3, 2017

Much Needed Help

In Response To The Wall Street Journal

Youtube insists that their own Viewer Numbers should be considered "very unreliable".  Google doesn't fumble their words very often, so for them to say it there must be something to it.

Sunday, April 2, 2017

The Plan To Save Help Island

A deranged Canadian Tranny has made over 47 alts to keep Help Island full so he and Macaroni can play jazz music alone.

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