Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Britbong Still Loves IHM

While he was on vacation with Mommy and Daddy, Britbong missed IHM so much he tweeted about her all day while at the pool, despite having her blocked on twitter.

Since he's unable to see her response I'll post it here, where I know he checks several times a day

Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Ratcloner Returns -- Sim Crashes increase 70%

Supplied with ban boxes by an (as yet) un-named source, Ratcloner has returned to Secondlife.  Cover your butts boys, it's gonna be a rough night.

Only 20% of Secondlife Users Against Linden Lab's Anti Trump Position



DanielFromSL Has An Army

Britbongreturns (because he's a baby) left a bad review for some game that banned him, basically saying he doesn't like the game because they banned him, when several dozen DanielFromSL fans showed and began down-voting and spamming his review.  Britbong spent a few hours deleting hundreds of their negative comments but eventually gave up and basically called in the admin (which is ironic since it's a review of a game where he was banned for exactly this sort of thing)

You can see the whole thing unfold here: https://steamcommunity.com/id/britbongreturns/recommended/438100

at this writing there were 135 entire pages of negative comments on Britbong's review.  God knows how many there will be when you read it.

The game itself is a competitor of High Fidelity and Project Sansar.  Britbong is already hardware banned from High Fidelity so this second leg of his career seems to be getting off to a slow start.

Update:  Britbong has deleted literally thousands and thousands of replies to this review By Hand.  Things are getting heated folks

He then got on his old steam account (the one he abandoned because of all the VAC bans) and tried to do the same thing using the RL name of his ex-best friend K11Deer.

Sunday, February 19, 2017

Boom Boom Pow Back In Business

recently I reported that Boom Boom Pow had closed.

There have been changes.  Boom Boom Pow is now Re-Opened under new SALTy management

Michael Linden Leaves Linden Lab

The Linden Department of Public Works officially announced last week that 13 year employee of Linden Lab, Michael Linden is no longer working for Linden Lab.  Onetime head of the Linden Department of Public Works, Michael was considered the "head mole" of Secondlife.

I was and am a big fan of Michael.  I thought his vision for what the mainland of Secondlife could be had great promise.  If you've used the trains, highways airways or waterways of Secondlife then you have Michael to thank for your experience.  His departure is even more evidence that the company may not be headed in the right direction.

Linden Lab seems to be moving away from the idea of a "virtual world" to that of an instancing experience, similar to what Sansar is working on, but without Philip Rosedale's commitment to transparency.  

Boom Boom Pow Closed Again

Buried (Boom Boom Pow) re-opened briefly under the Winesmith Family, but is now closed again.

I'm not sure what a Winesmith Family is.  Some sort of roleplay thing I guess.  If anybody wants to try (again) with Boom Boom Pow, it's available for rent from Lorena Chung

Friday, February 17, 2017

Adult Supervision

A reliable source tells me that queenbishes logs into secondlife from work every day to watch over Zarco and make sure he doesn't masturbate with any more trannys.  I"m also told if you distribute zarco's less-than-impressive nudes while she's in the sim she'll fly into a rampage.

For a woman carrying the first human/chimpanzee hybrid inside her, I feel like she could be spending her time better and not threatening the only job between them by logging into secondlife instead of working.

Monday, February 13, 2017

The Prophesy

Long ago
                  it was written

"when the day comes that Alco and Constance begin to sell disease ridden horses with Michelita, the end of The Life Of Seconds is near"

Thursday, February 9, 2017

Britbong Threatens A Man With A Television Head

bullybeats Resident: hope you know I am paying people to find your info then I am going to be having fun with all your extended family nerdo.

Maldavius Figtree: do it up my dude

Maldavius Figtree: Could always just ask, I can give it to you lol

bullybeats Resident: you won't be laughing i can assure you

apparently this scenario was repeated several times that day with other people.  I don't know what upset Britbong so much but I'm glad to see the $800 a month he's earning is going to good use.

Sunday, February 5, 2017

Somba's Gone Ferral

No News

People keep asking me why there's no new blog posts.  Is Secondlife really this dead?  The answer is Yes, secondlife is this dead.  Every time I go on there's less interesting people than the time before and the people who used to send me most of the stuff for the blog don't even play anymore.

Other than that, Leslie is even more insane since her eviction and Michelita is Morally (and mentally) questionable.  Conan Exiles is really good and the Ark Tech Tier is really difficult.

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