Wednesday, November 30, 2016

What Are Onesies

What Can You Do In High Fidelity

Change Of Heart

[2016/11/27 15:59]  jackaussie: please
[2016/11/27 16:01]  jackaussie: you there
[2016/11/27 16:16]  jackaussie: hello
[2016/11/27 16:17]  jackaussie: wake up
[2016/11/29 16:26]  jackaussie: hello
[2016/11/29 16:26]  jackaussie: you there
[2016/11/29 16:27]  jackaussie: call me your hot
[2016/11/30 14:20]  jackaussie: hi
[2016/11/30 15:42]  jackaussie: hi

[2016/11/30 15:43]  Ƙяιѕтι (xxalexiesxx): FUCK OFF
[2016/11/30 15:43]  Ƙяιѕтι (xxalexiesxx): YOU UGLY CUNT

[2016/11/30 15:43]  jackaussie: omg your ugly

In Other News:

Tristina Found Alive

stories of aliens and assaults to follow

Addie Braveheart Had Sex With This Woman -- What Did You Do?

And he was in a wheel chair when he did it.

what did you do?

Oh yeah, Jaypee tried to get with her for 3 years and couldn't, but Addie did :)

REDNECK RANDY At biker club Trolling

Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Snizzlefoot Used To Sell Porn Ads

Britbongreturns And Age Player AlexKidJapan

One has to wonder why Britbongreturns would spend so much time with AlexKidJapan who is possibly the only person to ever be banned from both Secondlife and Inworldz for Age Play.

This odd 20 year old Australian has been run out of every decent place in secondlife for seeking homosexual encounters using his 9 year old boy avatar and banned by LindenLab several times for it.

Verylikely Autistic, Alex (his current screen name is Colby since Alex was banned long ago) has played Secondlife for at least five years now and has always gotten in trouble for sexual activities with other imaginary  little boys.

Parents of autistic children often suffer from a type of Shell shock from dealing with their difficult charges and find it much easier to just lock them in a room with the internet then trying to actually make something of them.

People like Ellie use kid avatars to annoy other users.  
Colby (Alex) uses kid avatars to have imaginary sex.  
Apparantly Britbong is ok with that since this weirdo is always around him.  
Possibly he's having sex with Colby too.

$5.00 is a lot of money for autistic age-players

Jaypee (SLDOX) Doing His Best To Be Intimidating (And Failing)

[08:28] Boyds A Nonce Case (iirrelevantt):
[08:29] Boyds A Nonce Case (iirrelevantt): coming for u old man
[08:35] Lazarus (ramiprilboy): have fun
[08:35] Boyds A Nonce Case (iirrelevantt): got u bitch
[08:35] Boyds A Nonce Case (iirrelevantt): lets see how you cope with it
[08:35] Boyds A Nonce Case (iirrelevantt): last time u shit yourself
[08:44] Lazarus (ramiprilboy): I liv ein St Neots

What's funny about this is: absolutely nothing happened "last time" other than Jaypee passed out some photos he got from michelita.

What did happen today though is Cult Chief and I got Jaypee to log out twice today because he is literally the biggest bitch boy in SL.  He also flat-out refused to meet CultChief in the ring or go on tinychat to prove he's not a catfish.

The other fun bit is that all of Jaypee's names lately have been something I called him.  I'm in his head and I'm gonna stay.  He was half insane when I met him.  I'm gonna push him till it's 100%

Monday, November 28, 2016

The First Guy I Ever "Trolled"

trav is so drunk he doesn't even know I'd left the sim

About a year after this trav quit drinking and quit secondlife.

BritbongReturns Dressed As A Woman

From the depths of 4chan comes this photo of Britbong dressed like MsAlchemy

FromSwing: I'm assuming he did it to be funny
FromSwing: try to troll a trans board or something

(orion080): everyone here gets exposed. whats your storey

Janet (JanetM Aeon): Maybe he feels "free" wearing a dress?

FromSwing: but I'm afraid that picture is gonna be attached to his the word "britbongreturns" in google forever

Britbong In Love With Yet Another Tranny

[18:57] Internet Police (Noncebasher): i am hunting down shishkova
[18:57] Shishkovaa: y
[18:58] Internet Police (Noncebasher): for trying to lure me sexually out the sim
[18:58] Shishkovaa: i think i will go to gym soon
[18:58] Shishkovaa: wanna come with
[18:58] Internet Police (Noncebasher): I've exercised enough today
[18:59] Shishkovaa: doing?
[18:59] Internet Police (Noncebasher): been chinning cunts on SL all morning
[18:59] Internet Police (Noncebasher): cardio

Johnny Steel and CheChe Gothly's First Date

Britbong Tries To Get a Noob's IP

[11:49] BabyMabee: consider me unsubbed
[11:49] BabyMabee: you're a bigger fag than the fags in your videos
[11:50] BabyMabee: can you stop
[11:50] BabyMabee: this is embarassing
[11:53] KYS my dude (Buftieboy):
[11:53] BabyMabee: nobody gives a fuck about your fan art
[11:53] BabyMabee: you're embarrassing yourself
[11:53] KYS my dude (Buftieboy):
[11:53] BabyMabee: just stop
[11:53] KYS my dude (Buftieboy): click those links
[11:54] KYS my dude (Buftieboy): or block
[11:54] BabyMabee: you're a grown man for god's sake
[11:54] BabyMabee: block me then bitch
[11:54] BabyMabee: you're fucking ridiiculous
[11:54] BabyMabee: not gonna block me huh

[11:57] FromSwing: lol he wanted you to click on his tumbler to get your iP address
[11:57] BabyMabee: OMG
[11:57] FromSwing: don't worry about it.  he's tried to DDOS me for 3 years and has yet to be able to
[11:57] FromSwing: you don't have anything to worry about
[11:58] BabyMabee: is he always like that?
[11:58] FromSwing: sadly yeah
[11:58] FromSwing:
[11:59] FromSwing: that should tell you all you need to know about him
[11:59] BabyMabee: lol can't wait

I wonder what he thinks would happen if he even got her IP.  He's proven that neither he nor Jaypee can effectively DDOS people

Babymabee = noob
Buftieboy = Britbong
FromSwing = Me

Second Life - Ahern Retardedness Episode 6

The Shocking Story Of An Orangutan Forced To Have Sex With Harrison Digfoot

What is autism?

Covering Most Of His Penis

[03:17] slick Nirvana: I took some when I was laying in bed this morning with you know kiara
[03:18] թօօթlօгժ (Kiara Smythe): omg lol
[03:18] slick Nirvana: morning glory
[03:20] slick Nirvana: well I had the sheet covering most of my penis Kiara
[03:20] թօօթlօгժ (Kiara Smythe): OMG
[03:20] թօօթlօгժ (Kiara Smythe): SLICK
[03:20] թօօթlօгժ (Kiara Smythe): don't talk about your penis

Saturday, November 26, 2016

Friday, November 25, 2016

The Most Desirable Woman In SL Stalked By A Weird Fat Ginger

Semi Attractive Woman Reaches 1 Million 10 years Before Britbongreturns

I don't get it.  She's really not that pretty.  I guess it's just not that hard to get a million subscribers if you work  it right.  Well, some people take several years to reach 100K  so maybe she's smarter than she looks.  But I doubt it.

Thursday, November 24, 2016

The Familiar Ginger

[14:50]  cameron1 Badger: (Saved Thu 24 Nov 2016 23:36:38) hello
[14:50]  Ƙяιѕтι (xxalexiesxx): hi
[14:51]  Forrest Deveraux Syler (cameron1.badger): love your pic xx
[14:51]  Ƙяιѕтι (xxalexiesxx): do i know you?
[14:52]  Forrest Deveraux Syler (cameron1.badger): no i  don't think so
[14:52]  Ƙяιѕтι (xxalexiesxx): You sure?
[14:52]  Forrest Deveraux Syler (cameron1.badger): can i call you maybe you might know my voice
[14:52]  Ƙяιѕтι (xxalexiesxx): no you can't
[14:53]  Forrest Deveraux Syler (cameron1.badger): ok
[14:53]  Ƙяιѕтι (xxalexiesxx): i do assume though
[14:53]  Ƙяιѕтι (xxalexiesxx): i can sense the fat and ginger
[14:53]  Forrest Deveraux Syler (cameron1.badger): ahahahaha
[14:53]  Forrest Deveraux Syler (cameron1.badger): immnot at
[14:53]  Forrest Deveraux Syler (cameron1.badger): not ginger
[14:53]  Ƙяιѕтι (xxalexiesxx): you think i'm stupid andrew?
[14:53]  Forrest Deveraux Syler (cameron1.badger): and i laughed
[14:53]  Forrest
[15:02] Ƙяιѕтι (XxAlexiesxX): Deveraux Syler (cameron1.badger): coz i see your pic
[15:03] RailHim: lol
[15:03] Ƙяιѕтι (XxAlexiesxX): another day,another alt
[15:04] Ƙяιѕтι (XxAlexiesxX): [14:58]  Forrest Deveraux Syler (cameron1.badger): can u help me kristi?
[14:58]  Ƙяιѕтι (xxalexiesxx): yeah i can contact Boyd again :)
[15:04] RailHim: lol want me to put it on the blog?
[15:04] Ƙяιѕтι (XxAlexiesxX): Sure

Part II

15:07] Forrest Deveraux Syler (cameron1 Badger): sad old man haha
[15:07] Forrest Deveraux Syler (cameron1 Badger): get a life boyd you pussy#
[15:08] RailHim: lol still in love with kristi huh?
[15:08] Forrest Deveraux Syler (cameron1 Badger): u didnt put the logs of u being calle a pedo tho did u
[15:08] Forrest Deveraux Syler (cameron1 Badger): kristi a hoe
[15:08] RailHim: lol
[15:08] Forrest Deveraux Syler (cameron1 Badger): U FAT
[15:08] Forrest Deveraux Syler (cameron1 Badger): OLD PEDO
[15:08] RailHim: you should focus on that thai ladyboy from nelsonia
[15:09] RailHim: dutchy
[15:09] Forrest Deveraux Syler (cameron1 Badger): LISTEN AT LEAST I DONT MESSAGE KIDS
[15:09] RailHim: lol you do though
[15:09] Forrest Deveraux Syler (cameron1 Badger): your a welll known pedo
[15:09] RailHim: lol you're a very angry little man andrew
[15:09] RailHim: I don't suppose that'll change
[15:09] Forrest Deveraux Syler (cameron1 Badger): u will never be anything other then a used lonely sad pathetic old man
[15:09] Forrest Deveraux Syler (cameron1 Badger): who stalks actually males
[15:10] Forrest Deveraux Syler (cameron1 Badger): and has a shitty [pathetic blog
[15:10] RailHim: I doubt things will change with kristi either
[15:10] Forrest Deveraux Syler (cameron1 Badger): following that person
[15:10] Forrest Deveraux Syler (cameron1 Badger): what kinda lie is that
[15:10] RailHim: after two years she's probably just not interested
[15:10] Forrest Deveraux Syler (cameron1 Badger): kristi only gets used untill they find out shes a used cunt
[15:10] Forrest Deveraux Syler (cameron1 Badger): 2 aced
[15:10] Forrest Deveraux Syler (cameron1 Badger): faced
[15:10] Forrest Deveraux Syler (cameron1 Badger): poor serbian
[15:11] RailHim: and yet you're still in love with her
[15:11] RailHim: lol shame that
[15:11] Forrest Deveraux Syler (cameron1 Badger): not in love i wouldnt go that far dude
[15:11] Forrest Deveraux Syler (cameron1 Badger): id prob fuck her
[15:12] RailHim: nah you wouldn't get the chance
[15:12] RailHim: which is why you're angry
[15:12] Forrest Deveraux Syler (cameron1 Badger): maybe do what u do threatern them?
[15:12] RailHim: anyway we're not having a conversation andrew
[15:12] RailHim: just know if kristi sends me stuff to put on the blog
[15:12] RailHim: then on the blog it goes
[15:12] RailHim: so keep that in mind when you talk to her
[15:12] Forrest Deveraux Syler (cameron1 Badger): oh shes gone dudew
[15:12] Forrest Deveraux Syler (cameron1 Badger): shes finishe
[15:12] RailHim: goodnight andrew
[15:14] RailHim: lol you've been trying to finish her for two years
[15:14] RailHim: with no effect
[15:14] Forrest Deveraux Syler (cameron1 Badger): i did finish her
[15:14] Forrest Deveraux Syler (cameron1 Badger): on kristi932
[15:14] RailHim: now this is going on the blog too :)

i ahve my own brain

[01:30] Big Booty Jen (XxRealChickxX): i'm not mad i think you are fucking retarded for judgng someone you don't know
[01:30] Ao (Zellexa): I think if you'd said "i think she is a super retard" it would've read better
[01:30] Big Booty Jen (XxRealChickxX): i might be brain dead but at least i ahve my own brain
[01:30] Big Booty Jen (XxRealChickxX): becuase you are letting control what you think

Wednesday, November 23, 2016

When Stefanos Met Jenni

To be fair,  Harrison did say he was going to kill this woman and her children so she has a pretty good reason to say  he's violent.

Sunday, November 20, 2016

Craufo and His Children

With no normal people to hang out with, and no new people joining Secondlife, Craufo was forced to adopt two retarded english boys to be his role-play family

Friday, November 18, 2016

Thursday, November 17, 2016

Addie Braveheart can buy you out of ur struggles

[22:52] addie Braveheart: i can buy you out of ur struggles
[22:52] CheChe143 Gothly: oh yeah lmao
[22:52] addie Braveheart: yea
[22:53] addie Braveheart: i am not a pretend nigger rich
[22:53] CheChe143 Gothly: what does that even mean lmaooo
[22:53] CheChe143 Gothly: and why do you keep talking about me
[22:53] addie Braveheart: it means u dont' have to worry about money anymore
[22:53] addie Braveheart: and sell ur body
[22:53] CheChe143 Gothly: hahhahaa
[22:53] CheChe143 Gothly: you stupid
[22:53] addie Braveheart: ur going to be my bitch
[22:53] CheChe143 Gothly: stop being weird
[22:54] addie Braveheart: ok
[22:54] addie Braveheart: but u have to shave that shit
[22:54] addie Braveheart: and i'll stop being weird
[22:54] CheChe143 Gothly: is this how you flirt?
[22:55] addie Braveheart: not at all
[22:55] addie Braveheart: i dont' flirt
[22:55] addie Braveheart: i bet u get dick offers on IM EVERYDAY
[22:55] addie Braveheart: why would i approach that angle
[22:55] CheChe143 Gothly: so instead you pick on me like a child hahhaa
[22:56] addie Braveheart: yea
[22:56] addie Braveheart: u dont' get that
[22:56] addie Braveheart: too many retards here just
[22:56] addie Braveheart: give u what u want
[22:56] addie Braveheart: cause they are just glad a girls talking to them
[22:56] addie Braveheart: If i was trying to get cheche
[22:57] addie Braveheart: acting
[22:57] addie Braveheart: i probably would just talk normal
[22:57] addie Braveheart: like the weather
[22:57] CheChe143 Gothly: ????
[22:57] addie Braveheart: why don't u leave ur husband
[22:58] addie Braveheart: are u in a shitty situation
[22:58] CheChe143 Gothly: no lol
[22:58] addie Braveheart: come on
[22:58] addie Braveheart: don't bullshit me
[22:58] addie Braveheart: ur here alot drinking
[22:58] addie Braveheart: he has to be a boring guy
[22:58] addie Braveheart: that u dont' want to be around him
[22:59] addie Braveheart: instead u rather talk to retards on the internet
[22:59] CheChe143 Gothly: you are like a sexual predator
[22:59] addie Braveheart: like i said
[22:59] addie Braveheart: i can get u out of this situation
[22:59] addie Braveheart: life doesn't have to be like this
[22:59] addie Braveheart: not at all
[22:59] addie Braveheart: sex isn't my goal in life
[23:00] addie Braveheart: i can get laid whenever its not that hard
[23:00] addie Braveheart: there is more the life then just 30 min physical act
[23:00] addie Braveheart: like I SAID
[23:01] addie Braveheart: WHAT DO U REALLY LOOK LIKE?
[23:01] CheChe143 Gothly: wtf hahhaha
[23:01] addie Braveheart: i don't konw what do u look like
[23:01] addie Braveheart: are u cat fish
[23:02] CheChe143 Gothly: addie
[23:02] CheChe143 Gothly: yes I am catfish
[23:02] CheChe143 Gothly: please dont tell anyone
23:02] addie Braveheart: nah
[23:02] addie Braveheart: the fact u said that didn't give a shit
[23:02] addie Braveheart: means u aren't
[23:02] addie Braveheart: insicure about ur looks
[23:03] addie Braveheart: whats the nicest thing a guy has done for u
[23:03] CheChe143 Gothly: too me for a walk
[23:03] CheChe143 Gothly: took*
[23:04] addie Braveheart: any guy can do that
[23:04] CheChe143 Gothly: can you?
[23:04] addie Braveheart: nah
[23:04] addie Braveheart: i am not the type of guy
[23:04] addie Braveheart: who walks
[23:04] addie Braveheart: with girls
[23:04] addie Braveheart: i roll in my limo
[23:05] addie Braveheart: like i said
[23:05] addie Braveheart: i can buy you out of ur struggles
[23:05] addie Braveheart: i am not bullshit
[23:05] addie Braveheart: thats how i get woman
[23:05] CheChe143 Gothly: how is that fun for you
23:05] addie Braveheart: i like watching woman being happy
[23:05] addie Braveheart: i like getting nice shit for them
[23:05] CheChe143 Gothly: on that note I am going to bed
23:06] addie Braveheart: think about it
[23:06] addie Braveheart: i dont' want u to struggle no more
[23:07] addie Braveheart: i got soo much money
[23:07] addie Braveheart: i take baths in it

Easy Rider

Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Harrison Getting Beat Up 4 Being a Pedo!

The New Linden Homes

Linden Lab seems to have completely redone the Linden Home.  I'm guessing this is what will be in the new mystery continent to the north.  

It's pretty cool actually.  Scripted everything and double the number of prims of the old Linden homes.  That combined with discounts on premium membership and the Linden Home experience is better than ever.

The problem is, no matter how well done, the Linden home is a new user experience in Secondlife developed at a time when there are fewer new users than ever.  If it were me, I'd be more interested in retaining existing users than in trying to bring in new ones.

At Some Point...

Linden lab has to realize that even the smallest Secondlife Troll Youtube channel has more views and followers than the official Secondlife channel.

Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Today In Korea1 Britbongreturns Got So Mad

he spent two hours arguing with an American high school girl who wouldn't date him.

Eventually, he got so frustrated that he brought in a retarded 16 year old boy to help him out and all he could say is "what happened to Ripahar", to which Britbong had no answer.

Well, This Is Pretty Terrible

Sunday, November 13, 2016

Britbongreturns Was So Mad

He went to High Fidelity to find Phillip Rosedale to ask if he knew me


advance reports tell me he's already banned.  RIP

Tuesday, November 8, 2016

dreams is trying to be aubrey

dreams is spam buying ellie things on second life and giving her random spams of lindenburgs-- in attempts to be ellies new mom and kick aubrey out of the royal kingdom.

Image result for crying pig gif

I guess VideoGameDunkey Quit Taking Britbongreturns Calls

Wearing pads on SL is the new fashion craze!

formal annoucement 2

someone moved the statue near the benches- we dont know who did this but it is current under extreme investigation.

moving the statue near the royal family is against the laws of korea 1.

the statue is only allowed to exist on the wall as a pointless statue.

Formal Announcement

Elle has an advanced case of Laryngitis and cannot speak. Enjoy it while you can.

The Ballad of Kopy Doghouse

Three people sent me this.  Apparently it appeared on 4chan recently

Monday, November 7, 2016

Life As A Toady

[21:57] Barkmeistero: i take it you're bungie?
[21:57] Barkmeistero: lol
[21:58] Barkmeistero: doesn't life as a toady to an autistic troll get kind of sad?
[21:59] im gonna cum (Fartinhaler17): yeah
[21:59] im gonna cum (Fartinhaler17): im gonna go hang myself now
[22:00] Barkmeistero: lol you still trying to tallk to kopy?
[22:00] Second Life: User not online - message will be stored and delivered later.

Aubrey Gives Her Opinion On The Election

Sunday, November 6, 2016

Second Life: Ted Life "Shirtless Sleeper" (Trolling)

Zooby Creator Moves On From Secondlife

Power Prim LLC, the creator of the popular Secondlife Zooby Brand is activly working to evolve their brand away from Secondlife into phone apps.

Return To Harri's Trailer

Harrison Chia Head

The Finest Retards of Second Life

You have to be a real fucking idiot to get perma-shunned from Korea. 

Below is the most recently updated list of the freshest idiots and retards that have been shunned from our confined kingdom.

If caught communicating with these retards you will be subjected to appropriate consequences.

How To Be A Britbong Sperg

Step One) Stand up for his idiocy

Step Two) Sound like an autistic sperg

Step Three) Make an avatar resembling the fucking idiot that you are


Step Four) Lick Britbongs dick every time he speaks

Step Five) Make a Youtube trolling channel and try and steal views from your daddy britbong


Montezuma Playboy Collage




Slick Nirvana

Dreams Emerald (Miss Piggie)


Haze (good representation of him)

Koten Sivak


Wall of Lorrainne

Thursday, November 3, 2016

Vendors and Creators