Monday, October 31, 2016

Remember The Beat Harrison Said He Made Himself? He Didn't

I Have No Idea What Rule Britbong Broke

But youtube blurred out all the faces in his most recent video.  I didn't even know they could do that.

Gross Gore Gets His First Car (and nose job) Five Years Younger Than BritbongReturns

The Secondlife Victims Of Ellie (So Far)

[12:41:33 PM] ellie smith: Brit bong
[12:41:36 PM] ellie smith: Haze
[12:41:37 PM] ellie smith: Monte
[12:41:39 PM] ellie smith: Harrison
[12:41:40 PM] ellie smith: Slick
[12:41:40 PM] ellie smith: Johnny steel

Second Life: Crazy Girlfriend Pt. 3 (Trolling)

For Halloween Ratcloner Dressed As Rodney Linden

HarriHoudiniLove Harrison Digfoot In Love With Teenager

In his own words, he's "in love" with a 17 year old high school student.
Needless to say she's not In Love With Him

Thursday, October 27, 2016

Franks Place Raising Funds To Stay Alive

Long the lion of the Secondlife Social Scene, Franks Place Jazz club has fallen on hard times (much like he rest of Secondlife)

Nanceee Sinatra started a gofund me to raise the neccessary funds to keep Franks Place alive.

So far they've made not quite half of their $2,400 goal.

Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Wired Magazine Spells Out Why Project Sansar Will Fail

High Fidelity has some hope but Project Sansar is dead before it even opens.

Channel Trailer

The Ahab Of Secondlife

Having recently announced he was working on his final Secondlife Video, Britbongreturns has been wandering around an abandoned Secondlife, not looking for bikers to troll, but seeking out his arch-nemesis Kopyboat for one final confrontation before Linden Lab turns out the lights on Secondlife.

Sadly, there's no Kopy  to be found, just Britbong stumbling around sandboxes muttering Kopy's name while the ship sinks behind him...

Remember the 14 Year Old Pixie Khitan Tried To Have Sex With On

He's still harassing her...

[12:04:30 PM] 💚 Sayu 💚: [10:01] br0 (colossal): hi, how much do you charge?
[10:01] (You): For?
[10:01] br0 (colossal): i was looking for a nice young slut to fuck
[10:01] (You): Kill yourself Steve
[10:01] br0 (colossal): lmao
[10:02] (You): Disgusting old man, you're still on here?
[10:02] br0 (colossal): little slut still looking for a daddy on here
[10:02] (You): Mate, i'm engaged to be married.. .And you're still on this pathetic fucking game preying on young girls
[10:03] (You): You're fucked maate
[10:03] br0 (colossal): no, they prey on me. i love it
[10:03] (You): Who would want to prey on you? You're ugly, old and have no life
[10:03] br0 (colossal): so many babygirls who want daddy's
[10:03] (You): you've spent the last 10 years of your life in your fathers basement
[10:03] br0 (colossal): nope
[10:03] (You): sort your shit out
[12:04:42 PM] 💚 Sayu 💚: [10:03] br0 (colossal): wrong again
[10:04] br0 (colossal): anyhow, enough of the bull. lets fuck
[10:04] (You): nty
[12:04:46 PM] 💚 Sayu 💚: Little sommin sommin for you
[12:05:19 PM] 💚 Sayu 💚: In korea1
[12:05:26 PM] 💚 Sayu 💚: atm, with his long lost love cheche
[12:08:36 PM] 💚 Sayu 💚: [10:05] br0 (colossal): you look hot
[10:05] br0 (colossal): can i lick your twat?
[10:06] (You): No but your can lick my fiances
[10:06] br0 (colossal): well, obviously, i wouldn't be interested in licking your finances
[10:07] br0 (colossal): we should go to your place and do bad things
[10:07] (You): too bad then
[10:07] (You): you can go to a place and kill yourself
[10:07] (You): You're welcome to do that
[10:08] br0 (colossal): that's not very naughty
[12:10:18 PM] 💚 Sayu 💚: [10:08] br0 (colossal): nice ass btw
[10:09] br0 (colossal): i'm camming it
[10:09] br0 (colossal): imagining being behind you
[10:09] br0 (colossal): holding your full breasts in my hands and fucking
[12:13:07 PM] Edgar Button: jesus
[12:14:13 PM] 💚 Sayu 💚: he's still going
[12:14:48 PM] Edgar Button: he's freaking out because people found out he was partnered to an autistic 15 year old
[10:10] br0 (colossal): filling your wet pussy full of cum
[10:10] (You): I really wish you'd kill yourself
[10:10] (You): Rid the world of scum like you
[10:11] br0 (colossal): do i have to pay you or something
[10:11] br0 (colossal): that's not very kiwi
[10:11] (You): Nope, not interested in your money
[10:11] (You): you can still kill yourself
[10:11] br0 (colossal): here's the facts
[10:12] br0 (colossal): i was your first love
[10:12] (You): Here's no facts, you were nothing
[10:12] (You): and you still are nothing
[10:12] (You): you're no one
[10:12] br0 (colossal): ouch
[10:12] (You): i was never interested in you
[10:12] br0 (colossal): that hurts
[10:12] (You): You're a stupid old man who preyed on a young girl, one of many
[10:13] (You): You think you know alot, you tried to bribe me with money
[10:13] br0 (colossal): can we stop blaming each other
[10:13] br0 (colossal): im kinda over all that
[10:13] (You): with a "house" that your mother was suppose to leave you when the old bitch died
[10:13] (You): supposedly
[10:13] br0 (colossal): i just wanna fuck your brains out
[10:14] (You): You can kill yourself
[10:14] br0 (colossal): after we fuck, sure
[10:14] (You): again, nty
[10:14] (You): i'd rather get fucked by a 20 inch girl dildo in my asshole and be gaped for life
[10:14] br0 (colossal): you should be more accomodating, we could be lovers
[10:15] br0 (colossal): lmao
[10:15] br0 (colossal): oh, well i have a nice female alt too
[10:15] (You): I don't want to be your "lover" steve
[10:15] (You): I never did
[10:15] br0 (colossal): if you're into chicks avatars
[10:15] br0 (colossal): she's hot atm
[10:15] (You): You got it stuck in your head that you mean something
[10:16] br0 (colossal): well, i am your first
[10:16] (You): No, you weren't anything
[10:16] br0 (colossal): i'm not that bad, stop being so hard on me
[10:16] (You): You're a horrible human being
[10:17] br0 (colossal): you're a little slut i want to tie up and rape
[10:17] (You): I wish i'd kill you
[10:17] (You): i wish someone could kill you
[10:17] (You): i wish you'd kill yourself
[10:17] br0 (colossal): ok miss issues
[10:18] (You): I have no issues
[10:18] (You): I have no problems
[10:18] (You): i'm happy, and you're still a lonely old man

Silent Slitter Secondlife Assassin

Sunday, October 23, 2016


I think the #fuckFouseyTube movement would have more traction if he wasn't in the top selling movie in the world this weekend.  Granted it's a fucking Tyler Perry movie, which is problematic by itself, but I just don't think you're gonna bring the guy down with some kind of twitter war.

I'm sorry Colossal's video about him was taken down.  It's pretty clear by now Youtube doesn't support "commentary" channels that attack other youtubers.  Next time don't invest so much into making the video and it won't hurt  so much when google puts it in your butt.

Saturday, October 22, 2016

Friday, October 21, 2016

This DLC is a pretty serious threat to the Secondlife Biker Community

Troll With A Broken Heart

So Britbongreturns spent most of the day yesterday stalking and harassing LittleRen nine months after she told him to fuck off, even going so far as to make a secondlife account with her name.  I suspect it has something to do with her having a new boyfriend.

This is purely his autism coming into play.  Obsessive behavior, inability to maintain normal social contacts, the whole whole nine yards.

There might be a seasonal aspect to it as well.  It was just this time of year two years ago that the Upraksi thing went to pieces.

At any rate, if you get a message from LittleRen in Secondlife make sure it's really her and not Britbong having some sort of episode.

Harrison Without His Hat

This image got Epic Banned From Tinychat

Thursday, October 20, 2016

Au Revoir Zarco

with queen rl and sl 9/26/16

Your lips so soft and red,
the thought of kissing you is stuck in my head.
Your beauty so bright and warm,
shinning through the darkest storm.
Your eyes sparkle like stars in the night sky,
when I stare into them I feel like I am soaring high.
My love for you is pure and true,
I never stop thinking of you.
The sound of your voice saying "I love you" makes my heart pound
because I knew I'd truly found my one and only.

I promise to love you for every moment of (the rest is unfinished)

From QuEeN B (queenbishes) Profile

Dating Zarco 9/26/2016 in real life.

Who would of thought the guy I meet in game is only 4 hours away, its funny when your not looking what comes your way and Zarco Im glad you came mine. Loving the time im spending with you. xoxoxo I cant wait to see where our future goes , thank you for teaching me that its ok to open up my heart again ..... I can now say that I love (the rest is unfinished)

Gross Gore Is Sorry

I'm told from a source fairly high up at Twitch that this guy has about a 50/50 chance of getting his channel back.  He's considered one of the world's best and most popular league players which is Twitch's bread and butter.  He seems pretty genuine here so best of luck.  A lot has to do with whether or not he can repair his reputation at Riot Games which seems to be where he's heading.

Modern Times

Of all the men who promised to take DragonPrincess out of Canada and show her the world, the only one to actually come through and do it was Shiskova..........

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Chase McClure Exercises His 2nd Amendment Rights

Before There Was Photoshop

People had to grow really big-ass horses

Secondlife's Most Famous Sim Now Closing

We just reported that Vex has closed, this is considerably worse:

Insillico will close at the end of the month.  Good going Linden Lab

They should consider Inworldz where land costs are a small fraction of what they are on Secondlife.

Vex For Sale

Intoxication, the sim that  hosted the Vex group is now for sale.  No word if they plan to start over somewhere else.  The sim was really well done, I just think there's a general lack of interest in Secondlife.

Today In The Youtube Heros Program

We learned how to format comments on videos and the best way to report them.

No costumes yet.  This is turning out to be a very boring experiment.

Before Harrison Went Feral

When he was a happy catfish singing in secondlife, this was his avatar

then he met Karter Mode and started calling her dad at work because she wouldn't e-date him.

Britbong Vs MsAlchemy: A Year Later

MSAlchemy sat in Korea1 taking on all comers in League of Legends and winning when the discussion turned to how famous she is in Secondlife and how everyone seems to know her.  Korea1 is pretty famous for hating pretty much everyone who comes in, but ironically literally everyone in the room seemed to like her and everyone had a chuckle about her gender pronouns (including her) ,,,then Britbong came on...

Britbong and MsAlchemy have a somewhat famous romantic history together.  Although it's complicated, one could accurately described her as his ex.  Someone even commented that they'd probably be happy together now if not for my blog.  They may be right there.

Seeing everyone having fun with his ex MsAlchemy and having a chuckle at his expense, Britbong exploded in a sperg rage and did everything he could to ruin MsAlchemy's League of Legends game.  Impotent as he is, all he could do was bump  her avatar while she demolished some poor soul on League.  Not missing a beat, MsAlchemy began to calmly point out how many negative aspects of Britbong's behavior are due entirely to his Autism.

Observing this made me do some of cursory investigation into the two relative conditions of MsAlchemy and Britbong: Autism vs Trangenderism.

Literally Wikipedia's first line about Autism is the perfect description of Britbong: Autism is a neurodevelopmental disorder characterized by impaired social interaction, verbal and non-verbal communication, and restricted and repetitive behavior.

Although there are certainly medical issues involved with transitioning, Transgenderism isn't classified as a disease or disorder at all.  Transgender people are people who have a gender identity, or gender expression, that differs from their assigned sex.

Considering the current lifestyles of Britbong and MsAlchemy, I'd have to say, of the two, transgenderism has much less of a negative life impact than autism.  For instance:
  • MsAlchemy holds a job in real life
  • MsAlchemy is far more famous on the internet than Britbong (outside of Secondlife's small social circle)
  • MsAlchemy has a successful, happy romantic relationship that survived Britbong's attempted intrusion.
  • MsAlchemy has an automobible
  • Although younger than Britbong, MsAlchemy manages to live outside of her parent's home.
  • MsAlchemy has friends and socializes easily, both is Secondlife and Real Life.

A year later, MSAlchemy is in every way happier and more successful than Britbong.  I guess it's true that living well IS the best revenge.  In the modern world, it would seem that transgenderism really is better than autism.

While we're on the subject of Britbong, THIS GUY earned his silver Youtube play button recently.  An milestone Britbong has yet to achieve even though food review is newer to youtube.

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Birth Control

[19:32] The Girl With The Lemon Tattoo (MyHeartWillAlwaysBeHis): Besides, not saving my legs  is a good safe guard to keep me from sleeping with a moron.
[19:32] The Girl With The Lemon Tattoo (MyHeartWillAlwaysBeHis): :D
[19:32] The Girl With The Lemon Tattoo (MyHeartWillAlwaysBeHis): Go ahead repost it.
[19:32] The Girl With The Lemon Tattoo (MyHeartWillAlwaysBeHis): No one cares.

Constance Watches The Russell Coba Show

While Project Sansar Flounders They're Having Parties At High Fidelity

Sunday, October 16, 2016

The Wrath Of Harri

[15:44] HarriHoudiniLove: lol
[15:45] HarriHoudiniLove: cuddling with suz lol
[15:45] HarriHoudiniLove: wrong box
[15:57] HarriHoudiniLove: lol ur not talkin to me now
[15:57] HarriHoudiniLove: wow

[15:57] Dreams Emerald: i always want to talk to you. i just don't want drama. :(

[15:58] HarriHoudiniLove: oh so u just leave me
[15:58] HarriHoudiniLove: lol
[15:58] HarriHoudiniLove: haha
[15:58] HarriHoudiniLove: i get balamed b y elsie
[15:58] HarriHoudiniLove: saying   i ruined the party
[15:58] HarriHoudiniLove: stef said me and u got voice shut down
[15:58] HarriHoudiniLove: and u just leave me

[15:58] Dreams Emerald: i don't know why we would have made that happen
[15:58] Dreams Emerald: i just had to get out of there

[15:59] HarriHoudiniLove: so why didnt u tell me
[15:59] HarriHoudiniLove: damn i get shit for dating u
[15:59] HarriHoudiniLove: and then i get left to deal with it
[15:59] HarriHoudiniLove: nice

[15:59] Dreams Emerald: just log off and rest your shoulder. we will talk tonight.
<3 p="">
[15:59] HarriHoudiniLove: and accused for ruing the worst damn party i had to sit thru

[15:59] Dreams Emerald: please don't get upset
[15:59] Dreams Emerald: it's not your fault or mine
[15:59] Dreams Emerald: it's boyds
[16:00] Dreams Emerald: and he chose to fuck it up

[16:00] HarriHoudiniLove: who r u with

[16:00] Dreams Emerald: i'm sitting in ap

[16:00] HarriHoudiniLove: with madame?

[16:00] Dreams Emerald: talking with elsie and lawl

[16:00] HarriHoudiniLove: and boyd?
[16:00] HarriHoudiniLove: and stf?

[16:00] Dreams Emerald: no i don't know who that is

[16:00] HarriHoudiniLove: elsie

[16:00] Dreams Emerald: stepf isn't here
[16:00] Dreams Emerald: no

[16:00] HarriHoudiniLove: elsie said i ruined the party

[16:00] Dreams Emerald: you didn't

[16:01] HarriHoudiniLove: is she ur friend

[16:01] Dreams Emerald: and i will stand behind you on that

[16:01] HarriHoudiniLove: is she ur friend?
[16:02] HarriHoudiniLove: we went from best dressed couple
[16:02] HarriHoudiniLove: to ruining the party
[16:02] HarriHoudiniLove: fuck those people
[16:04] HarriHoudiniLove: tp me
[16:08] HarriHoudiniLove: wow lol
[16:13] HarriHoudiniLove: u unpartnerd me lol
[16:13] HarriHoudiniLove: unreal
[16:13] HarriHoudiniLove: u let boyd
[16:13] HarriHoudiniLove: d this lol
[16:13] HarriHoudiniLove: nice
[16:13] HarriHoudiniLove: scum

<3 p="">[16:15] Dreams Emerald: you know i'm not
<3 p="">
<3 p="">[16:17] HarriHoudiniLove: thanks for the nudes fat bitch
<3 p="">
[16:18] Dreams Emerald: that's why you're unpartnered

[16:18] HarriHoudiniLove: lol

[16:18] Dreams Emerald: cause you're doing exactly what they said you'd do

[16:18] HarriHoudiniLove: yah i deserved it

[16:18] Dreams Emerald: you're mean

[16:18] HarriHoudiniLove: yeh ur a fat bitch that is choosing bs
[16:18] HarriHoudiniLove: now ur gonna die alone prolly
[16:19] HarriHoudiniLove: lol

[16:19] Dreams Emerald: i guess harri

[16:19] HarriHoudiniLove: ur gross anyways i dont care
[16:19] HarriHoudiniLove: lol
[16:19] HarriHoudiniLove: thanks for tha fat girl nudeys

[16:19] Dreams Emerald: enjoy

[16:19] HarriHoudiniLove: fuckin gross
[16:20] HarriHoudiniLove: im glad
[16:20] HarriHoudiniLove: u fat biatch lol
[16:21] HarriHoudiniLove: why u have a brown pussy lips
[16:21] HarriHoudiniLove: im so glad i did not share anything with u
[16:21] HarriHoudiniLove: lol
[16:22] HarriHoudiniLove: u need to bleech ur pussy
[16:22] HarriHoudiniLove: lol
[16:22] HarriHoudiniLove: looks like ur poopin out ur pussy
[16:22] HarriHoudiniLove: lol
[16:24] HarriHoudiniLove: u do needs those monkey tits cut down
[16:24] HarriHoudiniLove: hahaha
[16:24] HarriHoudiniLove: i bet them things hang to the ground
[16:24] HarriHoudiniLove: lol

[16:25] Dreams Emerald: omgosh. listen to you
[16:25] Dreams Emerald: i said i was sorry

[16:25] HarriHoudiniLove: look what u did
[16:25] HarriHoudiniLove: lol
[16:25] HarriHoudiniLove: sorry about what

[16:25] Dreams Emerald: you're like the meanest person

[16:25] HarriHoudiniLove: what did i do
[16:25] HarriHoudiniLove: looks like ur a scum ass bitch

[16:25] Dreams Emerald: look what you're writing to me!

[16:25] HarriHoudiniLove: yep

[16:25] Dreams Emerald: i just don't want to fight

[16:25] HarriHoudiniLove: i do not like u now

[16:25] Dreams Emerald: and you're going to make me cry

[16:25] HarriHoudiniLove: wtf would i care cry

[16:26] Dreams Emerald: you didn't love me

[16:26] HarriHoudiniLove: im glad i dont feel like it
[16:26] HarriHoudiniLove: lol
[16:26] HarriHoudiniLove: nope
[16:26] HarriHoudiniLove: i guess i didnt
[16:26] HarriHoudiniLove: cause i feel fine
[16:26] HarriHoudiniLove: a little pissed at u
[16:26] HarriHoudiniLove: but i can easly find a girl

[16:26] Dreams Emerald: alright well can you please not be so mean to me

[16:26] HarriHoudiniLove: i dont need u
[16:26] HarriHoudiniLove: nah ur scum as fuck

[16:26] Dreams Emerald: not really

[16:26] HarriHoudiniLove: yes u are

[16:26] Dreams Emerald: no i'm not

[16:26] HarriHoudiniLove: unpartnerd me why?
[16:26] HarriHoudiniLove: wtf did i do wrong

[16:26] Dreams Emerald: i unpartnered you because i don't want to fight
[16:27] Dreams Emerald: i didn't want to not be friends
[16:27] Dreams Emerald: i still wanted to talk with you

[16:27] HarriHoudiniLove: oh so u just do it
[16:27] HarriHoudiniLove: u know how i found out

[16:27] Dreams Emerald: i just am trying to stay sober

[16:27] HarriHoudiniLove: ?
[16:27] HarriHoudiniLove: boyd came in and told me check my box
[16:27] HarriHoudiniLove: lol

[16:27] Dreams Emerald: and its hard for me already after my mom died

[16:27] HarriHoudiniLove: thanks fat bitch
[16:27] HarriHoudiniLove: fuck ur mom

[16:27] Dreams Emerald: and now i'm trying to stay sober

[16:27] HarriHoudiniLove: u need to drink now
[16:27] HarriHoudiniLove: fuck u
[16:27] HarriHoudiniLove: lol

[16:27] Dreams Emerald: bye harri - thanks

[16:28] HarriHoudiniLove: oh great i dont have to date a fat bitch
[16:28] HarriHoudiniLove: lol
[16:28] HarriHoudiniLove: scum
[16:28] HarriHoudiniLove: ur shitty pussy
[16:28] HarriHoudiniLove: hahaha
[16:28] HarriHoudiniLove: gross
[16:28] HarriHoudiniLove: why were u streching it
[16:28] HarriHoudiniLove: like that
[16:28] HarriHoudiniLove: streching the fat away?
<3 p="">[16:28] HarriHoudiniLove: thanks for the nudes dreams i didnt really love u anyway

Harrison Tries To Dox Vahleya

[2016/10/14 11:08]  HarriHoudiniLove: whats ur name and address
[2016/10/14 11:08]  Vahleya Enoch: Well he doesn't talk about you that much.....
[2016/10/14 11:08]  HarriHoudiniLove: full name
[2016/10/14 11:08]  Vahleya Enoch: I never heard him say anything bad.
[2016/10/14 11:08]  Vahleya Enoch: Except about the past.
[2016/10/14 11:08]  Vahleya Enoch: :O

Addie Is On The Blog

Not sure why he wanted this but here it is...

Tinaashe Resident Is Pretty Chubby

So If You Take The Filter Off Her Photo,
Something Unusual Shows Up
  • She is a Mexican national living in Australia (her Spanish is better than her English)
  • Two of her friends on Secondlife are illegal Mexican immigrants living in the US (build a wall?)
  • She struggles with her weight (a lot)
  • Most of her friends (and SL family members) are furries
  • She spent the last 48 hours without sleep arguing with people on Secondlife
  • Nearly all of her real-life income comes from the Australian government in the form of support (welfare) payments
  • She's close friends with Misty Putzo (a prominant furry more about him here)
  • Sat and argued on secondlife for two hours when she was supposed to be picking up her childd from her mom's house.
  • She swore her Secondlife friends would never betray her and tell me about her, but as you can see--they did.

Aaron Redgrave Dog Faced Girl

Angry Lesbian Dog Faced Girl

Her husband is a regular attendant of Canadian Furcons

Thursday, October 13, 2016

Crusty Old Virginia

Big Bad Wolf Jen (xxrealchickxx): i don't take advice who have have didlos shove up thier crusty old viginia

So Leafyishere...

Goes on a podcast with Keemstar and two people employed by Keemstar.....

sounds legit to me :L

In Case You Missed It...

Russell Coba's Detox Didn't Last

After 3 days in Detox Russell Coba is drunk again.

Second Life: No Fun Allowed (Trolling)

A Little Bird Told Me...

This will probably continue...forever...

Harassing legitimate twitch streamers from and sending your friends to do the same, probably doesn't help.  

In the words of the great Taylor Swift, Britbong and Twich are never ever ever getting back together,

How Ellen Frog (Adrienne Pascal) Tried To Destroy House Of Prayer

Ellen Frog Needs Your Prayers

Some of you may have noticed that former teacher Ellen Frog (Adrienne Pascal) has been spending a great deal of time on Secondlife recently.

The truth is she's fallen on hard times.  Her addiction to prescription drugs has caused her to lose both her husband and her job.

If you see Ellen Frog in world, please be supportive.  She's seen better days.

Wednesday, October 12, 2016

So I was Invited...

to some thread about Britbong on 8chan (which apparantly is some sort of off-shoot of 4chan) but when I got there it had 400 something posts for me to catch up on...

Needless to say I decided not to read them all.    I'm glad to see people are keeping up the good fight though.  With over 400 posts to reply to, it's no wonder why Britbong had to recycle old footage in his last video.

I'm probably not going to join in.  Thread discussions tend to go on for fucking ever.

Forget What I said About Justice League

It's starting to look like this is gonna be an Aquaman origin story....

To Killer Keemstar, Leafy, Idubbez, and the rest of the ugly bitches tha...

Tuesday, October 11, 2016

This Might Not Suck

It's gonna take a lot to rehabilitate Aquaman.

A Lot Of People Don't Realize...

Jean Reno's character from "Leon: The Professional" is a continuation of his character Victor, from "La Femme Nikita, also by Luc Besson.

Twitch Prime

So far all of the Twitch Prime rewards have been for games I don't play (Hearthstone, Streamline, Smite, Paladins).  So far I haven't seen anything that would have caused me to sign up for the program if I didn't already have Amazon Prime.

It does seem to indicate (combined with the recent addition of a buddy list) that Amazon intends to develop Twich into some sort of social media/networking site far beyond it's original design.

I suspect, the only alternative streaming site to make it in the long run will be Youtube.  Hitbox and seem to be trying to make it entirely on people banned from Twitch, and that's not enough.  Many nights there are more people logged into the Arapaima info hub than all of

Sunday, October 9, 2016

When Misty Putzo Met Mitch Jinx

Mitch and Misty met on Secondlife.  They decided to meet in Real Life

  • Misty lived in her House for 9 months
  • Misty refused to look for work
  • Misty only showered every other week
  • Misty never left the house
  • Misty cheated on her with an older woman
  • Misty stole her lindens pretending to be a child
  • She described his sexual prowess as "millimeter peter"
  • Misty stole her credit card and charged it up to the limit and refused to give her any money to pay it off.
  • Misty Left after trying to have sex with her child

Friday, October 7, 2016

Britbong's Mad at Kopy

"you and IHM are going to be killed once the ED admins are dealt with "
Today 3:02 PM

I'm pretty sure threatening to kill four people over the internet is illegal Dominic

To make matters worse, Britbong dressed his retarded 16 year old friend bungie up as Kopy's mom and had poseball sex with him/her on Secondlife.

I gotta think when a fella is down to pretend sex with his buddy in drag, he's just about out of ammunition.

Justice In Floyd County Georgia (Where Harrison Is From)

Rick & Morty re-create the actual hearing of a Floyd County Georgia Man in Court.

From the Atlanta-Constitution: A Floyd County judge has been publicly admonished for completely losing it in open court and trading vulgarities with a murder defendant in a heated and bizarre exchange that became an Internet sensation.

The state Judicial Qualifications Commission on Friday sent Superior Court Judge Bryant Durham Jr. a letter that said he had violated two judicial canons of ethics. The commission also noted that its letter to Durham will be published in The Rome News-Tribune.***

***The Rome News-Tribune is the same paper that published Harrison's Mugshot

Since Making The Front Page Of Encyclopedia Dramatica

Britbong's ED article has been viewed more than his last five videos during the same time period.

To Worm Her Way Into The Korea1 Community MrNoob Has...

  • Posted fake nudes of Ellie
  • Posted fake fat kid pics of Ellie (not the same person as in the nudes)
  • Made a poster of me as the white knight fedora guy
  • Made a dublicate account of Ellie
  • Gotten naked for 3 more people (none of which are Harrison)

Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Somone Remind Chase McClure Stolen Valor is A Federal Crime

Stolen Valor Act of 2013

Lets look at what how Chase McClure claims to have served his country.

The United States Army Rangers are an elite military formation of the United States Army, that serve in designated U.S. Army Ranger units or are graduates from the U.S. Army Ranger School.

The 75th Ranger Regiment is an elite airborne light infantry combat formation within the United States Army Special Operations Command (USASOC). The six battalions of the modern Rangers have been deployed in wars in Korea, Vietnam, Afghanistan, and Iraq, and saw action in several conflicts, such as those in Panama and Grenada.

Psyops: Psychological operations (PSYOP) are planned operations to convey selected information and indicators to audiences to influence their emotions, motives, and objective reasoning, and ultimately the behavior of governments, organizations, groups, and individuals.

Pathfinder: In military organizations, a pathfinder is a specialized soldier inserted or dropped into place in order to set up and operate drop zones, pickup zones, and helicopter landing sites for airborne operations, air resupply operations, or other air operations in support of the ground unit commander.

LRRP: A long-range reconnaissance patrol, or LRRP, is a small, heavily-armed reconnaissance team that patrols deep in enemy-held territory. The concept of scouts date back to the origins of warfare itself.

HALO: High-altitude military parachuting (or military free fall (MFF)) is a method of delivering military personnel, military equipment, and other military supplies from a transport aircraft at a high altitude via free-fall parachute insertion. Two techniques are used: HALO (high altitude – low opening) and HAHO (high altitude – high opening).

SERE: Survival, Evasion, Resistance, and Escape (SERE) is a program, best known by its military acronym, that provides U.S. military personnel, U.S. Department of Defensecivilians, and private military contractors with training in evading capture, survival skills, and the military code of conduct. Established by the U.S. Army Air Force 1944–47 – U.S. Air Force 1947– at the end of World War II, it was extended and consolidated during the Vietnam War (1959–1975) to the U.S. Marine Corps, and U.S. Navy and in the Late 1980s to the U.S.Army. Most higher level SERE students are Military Aircrew and Special Operations personnel considered to be at high risk of capture.

When BritbongReturns Loved IHM : nobody to talk to

Britbong And IHM Visit Fort LongCat In Secondlife
[1/11/2015 12:15:25 AM] IHM: last phone was an HTC thunderbolt I got for my 20th birthday. I hate phones but HTC is awesome.

[1/11/2015 12:15:41 AM] Britbong: Nicce
[1/11/2015 12:16:06 AM] Britbong: I just had nobody to talk to so I didn't want one

[1/11/2015 12:17:00 AM] IHM: I had the same problem, plus add on to the whole not liking to talk on voice. But see, I wanna talk to you on voice. That's what I had planned new years eve :'3

[1/11/2015 12:19:04 AM] Britbong: Ohh really?
[1/11/2015 12:19:14 AM] Britbong: We can sometime
[1/11/2015 12:19:40 AM] Britbong: If you want but I'll be boring probably

[1/11/2015 12:20:15 AM] IHM: I'd love to, and no you're not boring. I like your voice. I'll be very shy though so you'll have to be patient with me

[1/11/2015 12:21:55 AM] Britbong: Sure but don't worry

[1/11/2015 12:22:52 AM] IHM: I'll try not to but you know how it is~

[1/11/2015 12:24:24 AM] Britbong: Sorry
[1/11/2015 12:24:29 AM] Britbong: Misclicked
[1/11/2015 12:24:37 AM] Britbong: Almost fell on my phone asleep
[1/11/2015 12:24:42 AM] Britbong: Lol

[1/11/2015 12:25:01 AM] IHM: rofl awww, go to sleep
[1/11/2015 12:27:01 AM] IHM: sweet dreams dominic

[1/11/2015 12:27:14 AM] Britbong: Nighty night nigga
[1/11/2015 12:27:21 AM] Britbong: (cool)
[1/11/2015 12:27:30 AM] Britbong: Peaccee hell yeah I love sleeping

[12/25/2014 5:14:27 PM] IHM: lol gnight, will talk to you when I'm up or something

[12/25/2014 5:15:28 PM] Britbong: aiite dude
[12/25/2014 5:15:31 PM] Britbong: i'll be up i think
[12/25/2014 5:15:34 PM] Britbong: enjoy your napperino

[12/25/2014 5:16:54 PM] IHM: Maybe this time I won't get woken up by a dream yeah?

[12/25/2014 5:17:10 PM] Britbong: what dream did you have about me huh
[12/25/2014 5:17:10 PM] Britbong: lo

[12/25/2014 5:17:54 PM] IHM: Let me lie down and I'll tell you just don't laugh at me or maybe do just not in a bad way
[12/25/2014 5:20:45 PM] IHM: Okay I'm in bed. Lol okay so my dream went like this
[12/25/2014 5:22:35 PM] IHM: No no fuck the details let me just give you a condensed version: we met, I was shy, you were you, and that was the most passionate kiss imaginable. Among other things. But that's what stood out the most.

[12/25/2014 5:22:57 PM] Britbong: oo really

[12/25/2014 5:23:02 PM] IHM: So this time let me get some sleep and NOT wake up with a flushed face laughing at myself
[12/25/2014 5:23:09 PM] IHM: Lol yes really
[12/25/2014 5:23:24 PM] IHM: Fucking dreams

[12/25/2014 5:23:43 PM] Britbong: thats an epic dream bro
[12/25/2014 5:23:45 PM] Britbong: :)

[12/25/2014 5:24:12 PM] IHM: You should have seen me when I woke up I felt like the biggest retard
[12/25/2014 5:24:30 PM] IHM: But hey I enjoyed the dream so its whatever

[12/25/2014 5:27:37 PM] Britbong: hehe

[12/25/2014 5:28:25 PM] IHM: Lol hush I can't control my dreams
what're you doing

[1/23/2015 11:39:05 PM] Britbong Anime Waifu: gonna lay in bed on my phone :P
[1/23/2015 11:39:08 PM] Britbong Anime Waifu: 2 secs

[1/23/2015 11:39:22 PM] IHM: canicomewithyou

[1/23/2015 11:41:39 PM] Britbong Anime Waifu: Sure ;)

[1/23/2015 11:41:52 PM] IHM: dohohohohoho well don't mind if I do

[1/23/2015 11:43:45 PM] Britbong Anime Waifu: Very cozy

[1/23/2015 11:44:09 PM] IHM: and warm? I need warmth~
[1/23/2015 11:45:10 PM] IHM: or maybe cuddles are in order, yep I think they are

[1/23/2015 11:46:57 PM] Britbong Anime Waifu: :D

[1/23/2015 11:47:15 PM] IHM: going to sleep soon?
[1/23/2015 11:58:39 PM] IHM: aw I got too gay and creepy rofl goodnight dominic, sweet dreams

[1/23/2015 11:59:38 PM] Britbong Anime Waifu: Sry I drifted
[1/24/2015 12:00:13 AM] Britbong Anime Waifu: Yeah I am ;)
[1/24/2015 12:00:22 AM] Britbong Anime Waifu: Gnignt dood

[1/24/2015 12:00:29 AM] IHM: gnight~

[1/24/2015 7:15:29 AM] IHM: don't seem autistic to me ;3 goodnight
[1/24/2015 7:15:43 AM] Autism Anime Waifu: good morning

Harrison At Again

King Of Korea (HandsomeHarriii): I wan ellie to be my submission little sex minion.
King Of Korea (HandsomeHarriii): Submissive*
King Of Korea (HandsomeHarriii): Ellie can I have a pussy pic

Ellie's Lunch Looks Like Vomit

Internet In The UK Sucks Ass

One interesting aspect of observing game developers is what a big deal getting digital updates out for their product becomes.  While a lot of work, these events usually come together without a hitch--except for the UK.  I've seen several game devs (from several different companies) all complain about what a pain-in-the-ass it is to digitally distribute game updates to the UK.

While all this is *way* above my head, the problem seems to be the shitty design imposed on the UK internet infastructure by Virgin Media.

Trans Regret

Since the absolute proof of his affair with MsAlchemy came out, Britbong has:

Secondlife rant

Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Without Voice

People in Violet have found other ways to entertain themselves

Secondlife Is So Dead....

Britbong is reduced to recycling old footage (including the faked dog sex skit) and making threats to strangers.

These Imaginary Children Are Now 7 Years Old

In Memory Of Leslie's Feet (and pets)

Why People Hate Leafy

  1. Leafy blew up on youtube: the dream off many jobless gamers
  2. A lot of people thought they could also blow up on youtube if they sucked leafy's stem
  3. They didn't blow up
  4. They made videos "exposing" Leafy for not making them famous.
a few more points:
  • What HWYM made is  moving shit around in photoshop with a mouse, not "animation" It was probably only worth about $50
  • People don't hate Keemstar because Leafy made a video about him--Leafy made a video about Keemstar because people already hated Keemstar.  Leafy doesn't create public opinion, he exploits it (which is why they call it "commentary")
  • Youtube has gone to shit.  I hope Google gets rid of them all.

Sunday, October 2, 2016


Tummy Licker (Craufo): This game is shit
Tummy Licker (craufo) is offline.

Janet (JanetM Aeon): Ragequit.

BarrenBosh: lol

Don't Fuck With the Bambinos

Recently I posted a video of 007BJamesB exposing Eevie for hacking 007BJamesB and two days later the video and the account that uploaded it to youtube is gone!

This is the fourth youtube account owned by 007BJamesB hacked by the Bambino crime family.  They are UNSTOPPABLE.

Seeker Guardian Saw Harri's Nudes

[09:38] Seeker Guardian: nice're compact  save on fuel

Britbongreturns Blackmails Upraksi

Someone sent this to me recently.  I had forgotten it existed.  When Upraksi visited Britbong, he paid for dinner a couple of times and paid for her to go bowling once.  Since the relationship didn't work out he threatened that if she didn't compensate him for these expenses he would make a page exposing her on Encyclopedia Dramatica.  There was a work file for such a page on ED, but since he's kill on sight there , it was never published.

Here, I'm MIsterMuzter and Britbong is mingeslayer.  The backstory on Upraksi is here.  The raw data of the chatlog is here.

The hero of SL (mingeslayer): epic bro
MisterMuzter: what's that?
MisterMuzter: says it's a consulting firm
The hero of SL (mingeslayer): lol making julias ed page, got any other pictures to add?
The hero of SL (mingeslayer): :)
The hero of SL (mingeslayer): and then televised

MisterMuzter: lol I doubt she'll ever see it
The hero of SL (mingeslayer): u mad?
The hero of SL (mingeslayer): my friend is on her sisters profile so yeah she will

MisterMuzter: what's she done to upset you this time?
The hero of SL (mingeslayer): ayy lmao
The hero of SL (mingeslayer): A christmas present

MisterMuzter: lol you don't take rejection very well do you?
The hero of SL (mingeslayer): i dont see any money that she owed me in my paypal
The hero of SL (mingeslayer):
The hero of SL (mingeslayer): :)

MisterMuzter: lol is that supposed to be shocking?
The hero of SL (mingeslayer): I have over 200 pictures
The hero of SL (mingeslayer): from various skype convos
The hero of SL (mingeslayer): you mad

MisterMuzter: lol so do I
The hero of SL (mingeslayer): who cares
The hero of SL (mingeslayer): add them to the page

MisterMuzter: lol I dunno if they'll be as thrilling as her sitting in a bar barely showing her face
The hero of SL (mingeslayer): ?
The hero of SL (mingeslayer): lol
The hero of SL (mingeslayer): well they are from justins mothers facebook
The hero of SL (mingeslayer): ;D
The hero of SL (mingeslayer): who has me added on 2 alts

MisterMuzter: lol shocking!
The hero of SL (mingeslayer): it will be for her
MisterMuzter: doubt it
MisterMuzter: lol sorry you're still buttmad about  her
The hero of SL (mingeslayer): Justin still working at J.F.B ?
MisterMuzter: doesn't seem to have  much of an effect on  her
MisterMuzter: lol no clue
The hero of SL (mingeslayer): Accounts Management Computer
Application Team (CAT)

MisterMuzter: ironically I rarely speak to him
The hero of SL (mingeslayer): got some very nice suggestive ones, she looks a little fat tbh
The hero of SL (mingeslayer): before she started working out
The hero of SL (mingeslayer): :D

MisterMuzter: lol just suggestive?
MisterMuzter: pitty you don't have the ones I  have
The hero of SL (mingeslayer): post them to the page when it's done
MisterMuzter: lol nah
The hero of SL (mingeslayer): whys that?
MisterMuzter: I'll send them to nym
The hero of SL (mingeslayer): LOL
The hero of SL (mingeslayer): cool

MisterMuzter: lol well mainly because I'm not buttmad and gay like you
The hero of SL (mingeslayer): send them to whoever you want lmao
The hero of SL (mingeslayer): "ill send them to nym"
The hero of SL (mingeslayer): haha
The hero of SL (mingeslayer): love the ones where she licks adderall off her hand like a doge
The hero of SL (mingeslayer): embarrassing

MisterMuzter: shocking
The hero of SL (mingeslayer): well she did smash a glass on her desk because i wouldn't remove 1 picture of her from ED
The hero of SL (mingeslayer): and made her sister grovel for my help
The hero of SL (mingeslayer): and beg like a doggy
The hero of SL (mingeslayer):
The hero of SL (mingeslayer): LOL
The hero of SL (mingeslayer): potato head
The hero of SL (mingeslayer): got so many lmao
The hero of SL (mingeslayer): this is hilarious actually i'll send a few to pixskull
The hero of SL (mingeslayer): hes gonna help me make the page

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