Friday, September 30, 2016

Introducing Twitch Prime

Like Twitch?  Have an Amazon Prime account?  Combine the two for free!


  • Game Loot
  • Game Discounts
  • Free Stream Subscription
  • Free  if you have Amazon Prime
  • Cool Chat Badge 
  • Ad Free use of Twitch

Sorry Britbong, Twitch Prime is unavailable if you've been banned :(

Eevie Assistant Super Hacker

Why Do People Hate FouseyTUBE?

RACE:  Yousef Saleh Erakat (FouseyTube) is an Arab Muslim.  I feel like race is the main reason people hate him.  If you look at his principal detractors on youtube, they all have a history of questionable racist opinions.

SUCCESS: FouseyTube has almost ten million  subscribers on Youtube.  This allows him a six figure income.  All of the people who criticize him have channels a small fraction of that size.  Envy+racism is a powerful motivator

HIS VIDEOS ARE SHIT:  Absolutely unwatchable for even a few minutes.  The fact that he's somehow managed to amass a huge fan base while producing pure feces on youtube must frustrate a lot of people.

I unsubscribed from a guy I kind of enjoyed because he spent two months producing a 45 minute video hating on FouseyTube with a part two promised later.  A 45 minute video about a boring person is EVEN MORE BORING.

Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Kopy Boat Super Hacker

Brit Goon: your going to get chinned so hard when I catch you

Kopy: I know you're not really manlet lol
Kopy: his computer is kill right now

Brit Goon:: dumb cucky other ways of getting on skype
Brit Goon:: I know it was you who managed to mess up my computer

This was the last message Kopy was to recieve from the short man in the UK.  After this Britbong removed him and blocked hiim on skype.

Sunday, September 25, 2016

A Disturbance In The Web

The MsAlchemy Saga has gotten over 700 hits the past two days, when it normally gets only four or five a day.  Considering the age of this post I can only assume that it's being discussed somewhere on the internet.  Probably on one of the chans...

Roo Sent Me A Photo To Prove She Went To A College Party

Kind of Wimpy Huh?

Here's What A Real College Party Looks Like

We're Sad

Saturday, September 24, 2016

This Guy Makes $1,200 a Month

He makes videos about fast food.  Upraksi told me about him originally and I've been keeping up with his career.

I'm told by other youtubers that he makes more than double what most people with that many subscribers makes because he uploads very regularly and never goes more than 7 days without a new video.

Not bad for eating a sandwich once a week.


Friday, September 23, 2016

Harrison's Only Friend: Roo Banned For Age Play

Social Island Resident Roo (Calmingly) was recently banned for Age Play and is now back as SnailArmor Resident

Secondlife Age Play Policy

Jaypee Beat Down

I apologize for the length and the fact that Bungie has britbong turned way up and everybody else turned way down.  Bungie admitted to me he's autistic so maybe that's one of the results.

EskazTu: howcome wintown is a better hacker than you?

Rikki Coward Broanda (R3lCH): im the reason wintown run frm violet
Rikki Coward Broanda (R3lCH): coz i put his info out
Rikki Coward Broanda (R3lCH): yeah

EskazTu: every time I talk to you the joke gets better
EskazTu: lol

Rikki Coward Broanda (R3lCH): you know i only talk to you coz your retarded?
Rikki Coward Broanda (R3lCH): people laugh at you not with u

EskazTu: you talk to me because for some reason you want my approval
EskazTu: which is in itself pretty weird
EskazTu: then you lie about shit you can't do
EskazTu: and don't admit to the shit you actually do

Rikki Coward Broanda (R3lCH): listen i don't seek approval from pedos

EskazTu: you're a trucking trainwreck andrew

Rikki Coward Broanda (R3lCH): you make your own events

EskazTu: events?
EskazTu: lol for someone born in the Uk you don't seem to use the language very well

Rikki Coward Broanda (R3lCH): if you keep lying for so long then eventually you'll believe it
Rikki Coward Broanda (R3lCH): kim sent me her sents
Rikki Coward Broanda (R3lCH): rocky did too
Rikki Coward Broanda (R3lCH): nudes*

EskazTu: lol
EskazTu: they sent them to tristen
EskazTu: not you
EskazTu: they sent them to phooey
EskazTu: not you

Rikki Coward Broanda (R3lCH): idk about that

EskazTu: they sent them to wolf
EskazTu: not you
EskazTu: you're a fag

ScreenShots For Proof -- The MsAlchemy Saga

For anybody who questions the authenticity of the Britbong/MSAlchemy saga, Here are the screenshots

Screen Shots of The Skype Conversation

For those not up to speed.  A few months ago Britbong got frustrated with getting a girlfriend and decided to get a boy-dressed-like-a-girlfriend instead, with hilarious results.  MsAlchemy was a really attractive young transgender woman hanging around Secondlife.  Read the entire story below.

Britbong Loves A Trans-Girl: A Drama In Five Episodes
Episode 1: A Big Fan
Episode 2: The Flirting And The Fapping
Episode 3: Monty Tries To Help
Episode 4: Betrayal And Pain
Episode 5: Threats And Reprisals

Financially Strapped -- Harrison Sold His Guitar

After months of saying he couldn't play because of a hurt shoulder, we discovered today that Harrison actually sold his guitar to pay off some past due medical bills.

Russell Coba Show Jumps The Shark

This chick made fun of Harrison so he got his revenge by making this video that makes no fucking sense whatsoever.  At this point, Harrison has really just lost his fucking mind.  There's no going back.

Thursday, September 22, 2016

How To Make Privacy Complaints To Youtube

If someone records your voice on youtube without your consent you can take action

As Predicted...

People are really upset about the Youtube Heros thing.

There are a few important things to remember here...

  1. Youtube is owned by Google, a publicly traded company who's legally obligated to make as much money as they can for their share holders
  2. Youtube is not a platform for free speech
  3. See #1
  4. People we think of as "big" youtubers like Leafy or Fooseytube mean nothing to google compared to the record companies, television networks and movie studios
  5. See #1
  6. Youtube is legally accountable for the content on their website, even if they didn't make it
  7. See #1
  8. Youtube policies have nothing to do with "free speech"  Your right to Free Speech is protected by the Constitution; your right to have Google host your Speech on their website doesn't exist.
  9. See #1
  10. It may piss you off that it's all about money, but it's all about money, and there's pretty much nothing you can do about it.  If these changes upset their major clients they wouldn't have made them.  You're probably not somebody they consider a major client.
  11. See #1

Tristina Was Mugged Last Night

Apparently this is real.  She's in the hospital recovering.

Tricked again, it's a man pretending to be Tristina.

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Prepare Yourselves

Apparently Britbong is about to flood Secondlife with one of his friend's nudes.  You'll be able to tell it's her by the plain face and the boy-size tits.

I guess he's gonna take the train to Scandinavia and fight Bloodgoil.  It'll be the first time they let him ride the train by himself like a big-boy.

How To Fix Youtube

Miss handled, these youtube heros will become something of a content mafia and a disaster like the Linden Lab mentor program was a few years ago.

It does indicate quite clearly that youtube is very concerned about the amount of very negative content on their service the last couple of years and intends to try and change things.

The vast majority of youtube's revenue comes from record companies and movie studios, making even the biggest "youtube celebrity" quite expendable if they make any move to threaten that.

You also have to consider that when people sue youtube channels they usually also sue youtube as they are the deep pockets.  Youtube seems to be coming to the fairly obvious realization that a lot of these "commentary" or "trolling" channels are a massive liability to them.

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Second Life Account steeler (frankiegambino.nizna)

Hackers removed the previous upload of this video.

How To Secure Your Secondlife Account

It's insanely easy to take over Secondlife accounts.  Every couple days I hear about some angry fag taking over somebody's SL.  It's not hacking.  Linden Lab is incredibly insecure.
  1. Make sure the email on your account is up-to-date
  2. Make sure you know the answers to your security questions.  The answers don't have to be accurate, just something you can remember
  3. Call Linden Lab and ask them to set a PIN (personal identification number) on your account
  4. Don't keep embarrassing photos of yourself (or others) on your Secondlife account (just-in-case)
  5. Don't add sketchy people to Skype or steam.  NO EXCEPTIONS.  If you let them pressure you or trick you into adding them anyway, you may already be fucked.
  6. Don't keep payment information on your account.  Add it to buy linden dollars THEN TAKE IT BACK OFF

Jaypee's A Bitch

Andrew Todd Being A Bitch In Korea1
Jaypee wanted to get with Rocky

Rocky wanted to get with Wolf

Because Jaypee's a bitch he decided to Dox Wolf with information everybody already had

I guess Jaypee's suicidal tendencies will get worse now.

As more people started making fun of him (for being a bitch) Jaypee called in Britbong as backup (with predicitable ineffective results) so, he logged the bitch he is...

Linden Lab Attempts To Shut Down SL Blog

For some reason Linden Lab has been harassing the crap out of a simple Secondlife new blog

Ripahar Has Trouble Making Friends

New Starter Avatar

Monday, September 19, 2016

Dr. Strangelove or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Blob

[20:09] Dr. Strangelove (PinkBiatchWithACat) whispers: [19:59] Second Life: HandsomeHarrii  is offering friendship.

Would you be my friend?

(By default, you will be able to see each other's online status.)
[19:59] Second Life: Friendship offer accepted.
[19:59] Second Life: HandsomeHarrii is online.

[20:09] Dr. Strangelove (pinkbiatchwithacat): hai honneh
[20:09] Dr. Strangelove (pinkbiatchwithacat): let me rub your belly
[20:09] Dr. Strangelove (pinkbiatchwithacat): you sexy blob of pork fat


[16:41] Zarco New Jersey (borntocam): Hey whats up you're so hypnotic to me you have me in a trance. Save me !
[16:44] Dr. Strangelove (pinkbiatchwithacat): smoochies
[16:47] Zarco New Jersey (borntocam): are u new or is this ur alt lol
[16:47] Dr. Strangelove (pinkbiatchwithacat): im new bb
[16:47] Zarco New Jersey (borntocam): how u know boyd then
[16:48] Dr. Strangelove (pinkbiatchwithacat): youtube
[16:48] Zarco New Jersey (borntocam): oh ok
[16:48] Zarco New Jersey (borntocam): u got pics?
[16:48] Dr. Strangelove (pinkbiatchwithacat): nah not at the moment
[16:48] Second Life: Zarco New Jersey (borntocam)  paid you L$20.
[16:48] Zarco New Jersey (borntocam): there u go upload too
[16:48] Zarco New Jersey (borntocam): two
[16:49] Dr. Strangelove (pinkbiatchwithacat): lol
[16:51] Zarco New Jersey (borntocam): ?

My First Cat

Ellie Is Smarter Than You (Except In Math)

Because she did so well she gets chocolate and feminine hygiene products

Second Life: Old and Angry (Trolling)

Sunday, September 18, 2016

How Not To Win


I used to be impressed that some people seemed able to take over Secondlife Accounts whenever they wanted until I learned that both Frankie Gambino and Johnny Steel were doing it too.  It was then that I realized taking SL accounts wasn't a matter of being good at "hacking" as much as it's a matter of Linden Lab ineptitude.

Friday, September 16, 2016

Ark: Survival Evolved Patch 245.2 Base Building

Love Is In The Air

slick Nirvana and Jenise

Shroom Soup Exposed

HarriHunkster: chris said ur pussy smelt bad
HarriHunkster: he said it melt like a cubana sandwich

007BJamesB Hacked By Gambino Crime Family

The exposure of 007BJamesB's account exposed evidence of his investigation of several groups

This is a list of names that belong to a known griefer group.the BR1CKSQUAD
CREATOR OF THE GROUP .мαттнєω тєηηιѕвαℓℓѕ (richhomiematt) AKA мαттнєω тєηηιѕвαℓℓѕ (richhomiematt)! THERE ARE 14 MEMBERS TO THIS GROUP. ONLY 7 SHOW.
Moonfox (kipakuta.ninetails
ⓁⓤⓝⓒⓗⒷⓞⓧ (tacticallunchbox
ღ ḶФФη ™ (joanna.loon
ღKittyღ (trippykittyy
victoria felisimo
ĶíЯĶ (ijustwantedagoodusername
sammi  нυηтєя (swollest
KARLL (wtfhappenedtosl)WhoImIs
єdωαяd тєηηιѕвαℓℓѕ (malarsto)

Griefers of Arapaima
This is the curant list of griefers crashing griefing and or hacking peoples computers in arapaima every day. this group of people are running all the nice people off.

the worst to the last...
frankiegambino.nizna... hacked my sound card and shut my sound off in my computer. hacker.

victoria felisimo   aka victoria volisimos alt(gigimoronez) used mvp huds to attack people and sends gift crashers, and crashes every one aground her all the time.

alexlndon....crashes and trolls every one for no reason...

katie (creapie2) has attacked me and tryed to crash me several times. 

I would give you boyds alts because he is the leader of ban buddys. a known trolling group.but i am sure you and LL are well aware of this person.   bad bad person......he is known as edgamark button. he claims to have over 300 alts.    

joshuahhard.....pushes bumps and crashes the sim. 

hal titainium is a chat bot spie... it is one of boyds alts. he uses conferance calles to grief people by adding them without there permissins.

heavenofhartes uses conference calls to harass people here to. i am suspicious that is boyd... same mo....withbrown is a new alt i just learned about.
kifi29 was crashing me today... i think it is an alt...
there is another guy that hacked my sound .but i did not get his full name. firefox somthing. still waiting for him to come back.

these are the group that come in here every day and some never leave. they have made this safe hub there own little griefer club. it must be stoped. i have been in here giving them hell . but i can't win alon. i need help!

Major hacking alert...
The FBI is involved in finding and capturing this person. Details are as follows...

a hacker has been discovered here in sl. he has taken over 63 accounts stealing money and other assets. so be on the lookout for this person. Iron Warden (moriarty.static). he is able to over ride security and everything.  the fbi is now involved trying to catch this person.
[14:46] ℳℜƧ.ℒєĞισℵ: Warning! This is a bad one. Please pass this message out to as many friends and groups as you can. If anyone passes you a gift from someone you know or dont know which may be called "stick21" delete it

Thursday, September 15, 2016



Linden Lab invented Secondlife to be an experimental creative space with infinite possibilities...

The Media portrayed Secondlife as a hotbed of nerds and weirdos...

In Reality Secondlife became training ground for really shitty trolls with autism

Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Dicks Out For Addie Braveheart

Zeph Does Lunch And Math Better Than Ellie

PeteCo Attempts To Burgle Monty

Zarco stayed in the car waiting for somebody to open the door.

Gambino Crime Boss Aassassinated

Crime Boss Frankie Gambino has been assassinated.  No word yet from Linden Lab.  There are no known suspects.

Gambino's muder follows closely behind the muder of former insane crime fighter 007bJamesb

Monty and Me

Ellie's Post Is Nutritious

But Boring

Must Be A Reptilian Thing

Hillary Clinton may be a piece of shit but...

I bet you couldn't run a presidential campaign in your 70s with full-on pneumonia

Dreams Emerald Plans To Have These Reduced

The Last University In Secondlife Pulling Out

The University of Western Australia shutting down all but one homestead out of their entire secondlife presence.

Details here:

Something you second lifers don't have : friends

Ellie's friends give her Starbucks and bagels

This Is Not Lain E. Bell (lister OHare)

It's some guy from Deviant art named
For whatever reason, Lister has been using this guy's photos as his own.

Harrison Threatens To Murder Mr Noob

I don't know what's up with Harrison lately.
You don't even want to know what he sent Ellie on KIK

Game Of The Year

Tuesday, September 13, 2016

GoodBye CheChe

In a close election, 

CheChe143 Gothly Voted Off The Island, 

The vote was pretty close (45-55) till she started trying to cheat by asking her friends to cheat for her.  Her friends must be fairly honest because after she started cheating the vote started going even more against her.

Ingrid's List (Not Verified)

Jack Linden


Christian Weston Chandler: Autistic youtuber who became famous for his obsession with anime, girlfriend problems and getting super angry over stupid things

Britbongreturns: Autistic youtuber who became famous for his obsession with anime, girlfriend problems and getting super angry over stupid things

Of the two CWC has a slight advantage:
  • CWC made it into Know Your Meme 
  • CWC doesn't throw a hissy fit when somebody unfollows him on youtube
  • Unable to get a girlfriend, CWC became transgender
  • Unable to get a girlfriend, Britbong dated a transgender

You're Not Smart Enough To Do Ellie's Homework

Monday, September 12, 2016

A Song About Jaypee

High Fidelity Light Years Ahead of Project Sansar

While Linden Lab struggles to open a "creators preview" of project Sansar, High Fidelity is opening their marketplace.

Ellie's Vegan Lunch Is Boring

My mistake.
This apparantly is a chicken sandwich but you can't actually can barely see the chicken.

Harrison Fan Art By Ellie

Harrison has been bothering Ellie a lot lately so she decided to make some fan art of him.


[04:25] sticky note author (ZonZane): I"ve decided that I will only eat pork on 9/11
[04:26] sticky note author (ZonZane): i had bacon bits on my salad last night
[04:26] sticky note author (ZonZane): otherwise, no pork

u aint on my side

HarriHunkerster Resident: how come u aint on my side against fatman
HarriHunkerster Resident: all his bullshit dont make sense
HarriHunkerster Resident: hes gonna put u on the blog
HarriHunkerster Resident: we dont got to be enemys
HarriHunkerster Resident: come on montezuma

Montezuma: this is hilarious, you're desperate
Montezuma: I actually think you're slow Harrison.

HarriHunkerster Resident: u dont see what the fat mans doing
HarriHunkerster Resident: hes gonna betray u with backstabb

Shroom Soup Naked

Sunday, September 11, 2016

Rocky Spot's Pussy

Harrison Is Cringe

HarriBearrrrr Resident: unblock me biatch
HarriBearrrrr Resident: u are pasketti ther girl that kinda looks like luna?
HarriBearrrrr Resident: how come uhave changed
HarriBearrrrr Resident: how come u ask me if i raped my sister
HarriBearrrrr Resident: and ur not ghonna talk
HarriBearrrrr Resident: well we see ur fake
HarriBearrrrr Resident: boyd sent me a photo of you naked

yourgirlmia: oh can i see

HarriBearrrrr Resident: i think hes puttuiin u opn his blog with ur instagram
HarriBearrrrr Resident: to bad u chose to be a enemy
HarriBearrrrr Resident: ur anaerexic
HarriBearrrrr Resident: ur gross
HarriBearrrrr Resident: lol
HarriBearrrrr Resident: so why did u turn on me in the first oplace
HarriBearrrrr Resident: i thought some one was harrasing u
HarriBearrrrr Resident: using ur name
HarriBearrrrr Resident: and now ur saying i raped my sister and im fat guy
HarriBearrrrr Resident: i was like sticking up for u
HarriBearrrrr Resident: now i think ur a scum bag
HarriBearrrrr Resident: well i guess we are enemys
HarriBearrrrr Resident: good luck with that
HarriBearrrrr Resident: u cannot come to usa

yourgirlmia: i live in the usa

HarriBearrrrr Resident: ur gonna get kicked out

Reptilian Goddess From Mars

 [23:21] MotherMan5 Resident: Lorraine... I think you should dump Aubrey and date me instead.. shes dangerous, shes a viper that is as callus and cold as an arctic tundra..  Eventually she is going to tear you into smithereens and leave you alone, broken and helpless.. it is what she does.. Shes a reptilian goddess from mars.

Saturday, September 10, 2016

Popular Languages On Secondlife

  1. English
  2. Portuguese
  3. Word-Salad
  4. Ebonics
  5. Korean
  6. French
  7. Arabic

Britbongreturns Considered Irrelevant: Even On Secondlife

He's not famous.  Never heard of him.

Pamela GalliGoes to show, there are very few famous avatars, just ones that are famous in their circles. It's all little ponds in SL.

Bobbie FauldsActually, as I recall, I think it's come to light that most of his "trolling" is performance art. They are pre-arranged the meeting and the script. 

Who's The King Of Korea?

Lorraine Is The Kng Of Korea by a landslide
He Wins!

Thursday, September 8, 2016

Britbong's Not Angry

For someone who's not angry about Kopy's antics over the past two days, Britbong has:

Made 17 twitter posts about it
Made 11 comments on my blog about it
Made 23 attempts to deface ED articles
Invaded my long abandoned discord
Made Multiple Secondlife accounts to try to and talk to me.

The funniest thing to come of this so far was watching Jaypee get hacked mid-sentence.  I've never seen somebody lose control of their account without getting logged out first.  Pretty scary stuff.

Meanwhile back at, Kittendorm is still kicking not only Britbong's ass but Keemstar's as well.  Go Team Kitty!

Trannys, Traps And Drag-Queens Of Korea1

(People moving from one gender to another)
(Tranny's Who Lie About Being Trans
Because they're angry about the way the world treated them)
Svetlanna (Shishkovaa) (Advanced Former Cam-Trap Farrah Lloyd)
Edie (ediedelacroix) (Beginner)
tsloved (Intermediate)
Drag Queens
(Men Who Perform As Women)
Alvina (Advanced)
Cruella (Advanced)
Stephmane (Intermediate)
Zarina Zuta (Pretty sure he's being ironic)
LaFupaJean Zuzu
Montezuma (Exlyndro) (Beginner)
Mr. Broccoli (Xadllas Bing) (Musical)

Just Gay
Topher Morpork

Harrison (Shiskova, Edie)
Britbong (MsAlchemy)

Trap Victims
Zarco (Shiskova)
Troynobal2014 (Shiskova)
Richie (Let's face it: he's lucky to get any from anybody)
Ya Adder (presumed female)


Multi Cultural Lunch Day

Ellie's School Is Very Progressive
Sadly, if Trump wins there will be
no more Mexican Day for school lunch.

8 pm est Ellie's doing a health class education at Korea 1
Be There Or Be Unhealthy

Wednesday, September 7, 2016

He's Not Wrong

Ellie Eats Like A Rabbit

Give me some of your tots Napoelon

Shit Posting In Ark

Boyfriend Parkour

For those who don't know...

All this animosity between Britbong and Tesla and Kopy is all about her: a girl.

I knew her as EHL but others know her as Paravana.

Kopy was with her in real life (for quite a while actually), but because she has trouble with emotional detachment it ended.  After that she spent a fucking year bouncing back and forth between Britbong, Kopy and Tesla, performing Boyfriend Parkour to the point where these former friends ended up wanting to murder each other.

I'm convinced, the entire time, she sat in her room rubbing her hands together like Fu Manchu, forever pleased with her "power" over men.

I'm getting reports from multiple sources that when her father died their relationship was on the outs so Britbong made a bunch of sock puppets to deface his memorial page and harassing her mother by telephone.

I Have No Idea What Kopy Is Doing To Britbongreturns...

Britbong's Hour Long Rant
about Kopy On Twitter
But it has him and Gaypee (the fat ginger kid) and the Retarded Sweed (Based Bunghole) so triggered that they're seeking out all of Kopy's friends and even my long defunct Violet Disco.  They even got that retarded HeyHeyPay kid involved.  Why the hell do you guys want to hang out with a 14 year old?

Here's a pro-tip Gaypee:  if you want to social engineer someone try not writing like an absolute retard.  You make Harrison look like Shakespeare.

Oh nevermind...  apparantly THIS is what has Manlett so triggered.  Lol.  I wonder how they got those chatlogs.  Apparantly, more than a year later Kopy still has the ability to massivly asshurt Britbong to the point where he gathers up three or four other spergs to follow him around seeking revenge against the robot monster.

The best part about all this is I don't even have to be involved.  I just sit back with some popcorn and watch Britbong's life come apart and the sperg-rage that follows.

Since he lied about the forever alone thing Britbong should just make a cartoon of the "sperg-rage" guy and get an actual legit copyright on that.

Based Bungle has made 37 attemtps to comment on this post.  If I delete one more his head may explode.  Lol , poor sweed-tard still trying.

Tuesday, September 6, 2016

007BJamesB Has Lost His Mind Part II

GREENLANTERNJOHNSTEWART: We will start reporting for your lies if you continue to sped lies. 007bjamesb closed his account. has a new woman and dont care about you ass holes. slander my friend again and i will rain mass ARs down on you.  all your doing is repeting a lie . knock it off.
GREENLANTERNJOHNSTEWART: Dreams Emerald: 007BJamesB Has Lost His Mind
Banned on his main account, and kicked out of the Green Lanterns, 007BJamesB has tried to assume the persona of the real Green Lantern Hal Jordan (GreenLantern Excelsior)
Dreams Emerald: that's not my lie
Dreams Emerald:
Dreams Emerald: i know it's you james
GREENLANTERNJOHNSTEWART: its a lie told by boyd
GREENLANTERNJOHNSTEWART: if yuou repet it i will will make my sworn duty to shut you down
Dreams Emerald: i'm doing nothing wrong, JAMES
Dreams Emerald: i am chatting with my friends
GREENLANTERNJOHNSTEWART: because your helping him spraed lies
Dreams Emerald: and if you threaten me again, that's harrassment
GREENLANTERNJOHNSTEWART: dont you lie about james. he is a good person and does not deserve any of this abouse from you trolls
Dreams Emerald: either way, no one cares that much. not even boyd, he was just there to watch
GREENLANTERNJOHNSTEWART: you care enough to spread the lies
GREENLANTERNJOHNSTEWART: people like you need to be kicked out of SL for good
Dreams Emerald: i thought johnny should know
Dreams Emerald: because you harrassed him enough
Dreams Emerald: pls stop harrassing me
GREENLANTERNJOHNSTEWART: johnnysteel is a permabanned resident
GREENLANTERNJOHNSTEWART: keep it up and so will you
Dreams Emerald: i'm not breaking any laws or causing any fights
Dreams Emerald: like you enjoy doing
GREENLANTERNJOHNSTEWART: i have all this recorded dreams
GREENLANTERNJOHNSTEWART: your lies wont work on me
Dreams Emerald: good you've recorded me!
GREENLANTERNJOHNSTEWART: i see now that you are a problem in SL
GREENLANTERNJOHNSTEWART: I am done talking to you
Dreams Emerald: thank you

There Were No Survivors

Needlessly Agressive 
Overly Confident 
Random Chinese Tribe

CopperCab Not Really TG

Even though I used the CopperCab video to make fun of Harrison, I want to go on record saying I'm 90% sure he's not really transgender and this is just another CopperCab troll video.  He claims to be taking HRT yet, he hasn't grown his hair out, his body and voice haven't changed at all, and he puts on make-up like a retarded 6 year old girl.

His "coming out video" has over a million hits already so he's making a fair bit of coin for this troll.

Ellie Shows Her Student ID To Prove She Is Female

As alternate gender people take over Secondlife, Ellie establishes herself firmly in the camp of Genetically female.


Vendors and Creators