Saturday, July 30, 2016

Because Charlie Winsmore...

made some successful Secondlife "trolling" videos, almost five years ago, there are at least 25 people on Secondlife right now trying to duplicate his success

Friday, July 29, 2016

The People Of Violet By Capuchinno

The People Of Violet By Capuchinno

Why Is Dreams Emerald Orange?

How Far Is High Fidelity Ahead Of Project Sansar

While project Sansar has yet to release *any* video, High Fidelity is having pet contests.

People Are Stupid

In the last 10 days Marina Joyce has gone from slightly over 500,000 subscribers to over 1,700,000 subscribers on YouTube.

Considering what's gone on the past few days the influx of subscribers isnt' that surprising.  What surprises me is how the fuck she had over half a million subscribers to begin with.

Monday, July 25, 2016

Meanwhile In Nelsoina

Merilwen Theories

Because Merilwen is super private and doesn't use voice there are many theories floating around violet about her.  Personally, I'm pretty sure they're *all* wrong.
  • Man
  • Transexual
  • Old
  • Disabled
One of the Most Common Theories Is That She's Someone who was "run out" of violet before
  • Goblin
  • Chapel
  • Malika
  • Tristen
  • Michelita
  • Sufi

Who's Back? Korea1's Back

HarriHoudiniiiiii's Still Thirsty - u ned to ask ur pussy

HarriHoudiniiiiiii Resident: love you babes
(xxalexiesxx): be nice
HarriHoudiniiiiiii Resident: suck it
Ƙяιѕтι (xxalexiesxx): be nice
HarriHoudiniiiiiii Resident: u be nice put your lips on my dick
Ƙяιѕтι (xxalexiesxx): i can't
HarriHoudiniiiiiii: u can
HarriHoudiniiiiiii: u can do it
Ƙяιѕтι (xxalexiesxx): no it looks roasted
HarriHoudiniiiiiii: its amazing
HarriHoudiniiiiiii: i want to lick your pussy like boyd licks tummys
Ƙяιѕтι (xxalexiesxx): yuck
HarriHoudiniiiiiii: u love it dirty girl
HarriHoudiniiiiiii Resident: thats what gets your vagina off tho
Ƙяιѕтι (xxalexiesxx): what does
HarriHoudiniiiiiii Resident: you and your pussy are 2 different entity's
HarriHoudiniiiiiii Resident: your pussy likes me alot
Ƙяιѕтι (xxalexiesxx): ??
Ƙяιѕтι (xxalexiesxx): makes no sense
HarriHoudiniiiiiii Resident: u ned to ask ur pussy
HarriHoudiniiiiiii Resident: and be honest with ursewlf

Ellie's A Cute Son Of A Bitch

Fat Shamed

The Zoidburg Effect

“The path of the righteous man is beset on all sides by the iniquities of the selfish and the tyranny of evil men. Blessed is he, who in the name of charity and good will, shepherds the weak through the valley of darkness, for he is truly his brother’s keeper and the finder of lost children. And I will strike down upon thee with great vengeance and furious anger those who would attempt to poison and destroy my brothers. And you will know my name is the Lord when I lay my vengeance upon thee.”

Remember When I Said Babygirlqueen25 Was Retarded?

She's now had a prim baby with the most retarded man in Secondlife

Retardation is forever

Sunday, July 24, 2016

Shot Down In Flames

Zarco (borntocam): hey whats goin on love :)
Zarco (borntocam): how u doing
Zarco (borntocam): ur very pretty in rl
Zarco (borntocam): i am from NJ
Shishkovaa: go away
Zarco (borntocam): lookin good
Zarco (borntocam): so hot
Zarco (borntocam): whats up baby girl
Zarco (borntocam): hehe

DarkSharkTheDude's Booty Pick Released By BritbongReturns

DarkShark came to me in a pack because Britbong was threatening to release his booty pic, then BAM he did it.  Now everybody has seen it.

Pheonixphyre Rhiadra Would Like A Boyfriend

I had a post about Haethre Saphire here, but one of her friends informs me she's severely mentally disabled (apparently schizophrenia) so I'm taking it down.  Her dating profile is still out there (and here) if you're interested.

Her Reddit History might give you some indication of what she's into.

To date, Pheonixphyre (or someone using her IP) has left over 40 comments on this post.

If Brash And Nazna Had A Baby By Phooey

Chamsu To Harrison

What happen to you brian negero?

Harri's Musical Delusions

HarriHoudiniiiiiii: i am working on a major label album rigt now
HarriHoudiniiiiiii: alejan u make beats?
HarriHoudiniiiiiii: im pretty excited to be working with these young white rappers that kill it, they heard some of my productions and they like the sound
HarriHoudiniiiiiii: i will get paid regardless on what happens but if it blows up
HarriHoudiniiiiiii: they are already popular
HarriHoudiniiiiiii: its that young shit

Get Drunk And Beat Up Your Momma Shirts For Sale At Target

Why Do Secondlife Trolls Use Wheelchairs?

Every so often you'll see a noob troll running around Secondlife in a prim wheelchair thinking they're edgy as a ginsu knife, not realizing the hundreds of other trolls who employed the same gag years before they even heard of secondlife.

But how did it all start?

Back in the early days of Secondlife, a few people wrote papers on using virtual reality to help treat disabled people.  Some of them even got grants to study and develop the idea, which lead to the creation of Virtual Ability (originally Second Ability)

One of the early things the Virtual Ability developers noticed was that some people who use wheelchairs in real life wanted to use them in Secondlife as well as a show of their solidarity.  This lead to the development of several prim-created wheelchairs available at the Virtual Ability sim.

Secondlife being what it is, and trolls being what they are, these initial prim wheel chairs were soon copybotted for use as troll-props or props in some sort of strange sexual role play.

Those initial wheelchairs have been copied and re-copied so often that it's fairly difficult to find one by the original creators.  The copybot versions of the wheelchairs have been part of many troll boxes or starter kits for at least ten years now.  The Virtual Ability sim still exists in Secondlife but is pretty empty these days.

Saturday, July 23, 2016

Britbongreturns Is Drunk And Angry

[21:26] MentalCvnts: im gonna kill you u fucking old cunt
[21:26] MentalCvnts: die of cancer
[21:26] MentalCvnts: cancer voice
[21:26] MentalCvnts: prick
[21:26] MentalCvnts: gdrfs
[21:26] MentalCvnts: f
[21:26] MentalCvnts: fgddgf
[21:26] MentalCvnts: gfd
[21:26] MentalCvnts: gdf
[21:26] MentalCvnts: gsdfsdgf
[21:26] MentalCvnts: sdf
[21:26] MentalCvnts: fsdfsd
[21:26] MentalCvnts: sdsg

SecondLife Prostitute

Allie Lakin (toxicwayog): hey slut. just to let you know.  i am about to go fuck richie  and we have been laughing about you for the last couple of weeks. and that money he have you was just for pity. btw, you will never speak to him again

MrIrish00 Resident: u want $$ but u slag me off and wont even answer my call have a nice one aubs
MrIrish00 Resident:?
MrIrish00 Resident:?
MrIrish00 Resident:?
MrIrish00 Resident:lool
MrIrish00 Resident:they are all insecure
MrIrish00 Resident:?
MrIrish00 Resident:?
MrIrish00 Resident:?
MrIrish00 Resident:dam
MrIrish00 Resident:why u ignoring me
MrIrish00 Resident:ur c learly not ogffline
MrIrish00 Resident:offline
MrIrish00 Resident:you have no
(AubreyXX):  idea
MrIrish00 Resident:what is going to happen now
MrIrish00 Resident:want that money still?
MrIrish00 Resident:dont think you know what it will cost you?
MrIrish00 Resident:hehe
MrIrish00 Resident:so
MrIrish00 Resident: u blocked me
MrIrish00 Resident: u seriously blocked me?
MrIrish00 Resident: last time aubrey if u want to be like this
MrIrish00 Resident: ill go find another slut
(aubreyxx): lol
MrIrish00 Resident:lol
MrIrish00 Resident:ya had ur chance aw but when ur 40 years old ull regret it
MrIrish00 Resident:last chance

Second Life: Ted Life "Vanilla Cream Dream" (D.P.O Productions)

Squatting Slavs

Image Correction By Ellie

First Thing I Saw When I logged In...

(Tristina): my mom was beating down my door when I peed
(Tristina): she was "looking for a nonexistant air conditioner in my closet
(Tristina): so if she tries anything stupid she violated my rights as a tenant according to va law

How To Tell Dummy Finally Passed Out At The Keyboard

[03:30] GodlyWilly: ......................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................1....................................000000000000000000000000000000000000000

Friday, July 22, 2016

I smell lies and deceit

[17:52] zepнyr (richbitz): what is your wishlist link?
[17:58] Inanna of Babylon (inanna420): <.<
[17:58] Inanna of Babylon (inanna420): I don't do wishlist.
[17:58] zepнyr (richbitz): really
[17:58] zepнyr (richbitz): awh, shucks.
[18:01] Inanna of Babylon (inanna420): Justin.
[18:01] Inanna of Babylon (inanna420): Go to bed.
[18:04] zepнyr (richbitz): Who is Justin?
[18:04] Inanna of Babylon (inanna420): <.<
[18:05] zepнyr (richbitz): I'm clearly not Justin
[18:05] Inanna of Babylon (inanna420): Prove it.
[18:05] zepнyr (richbitz): he is standing next to me
[18:05] Inanna of Babylon (inanna420): Are you a weird redhead trapped on the interwebs?
[18:05] zepнyr (richbitz): no.
[18:05] Inanna of Babylon (inanna420): obsessed with escorts?
[18:05] zepнyr (richbitz): no.
[18:05] Inanna of Babylon (inanna420): I smell lies and deceit.
[18:05] zepнyr (richbitz): oh really no
[18:05] Inanna of Babylon (inanna420): You're new.
[18:05] zepнyr (richbitz): are you roleplaying
[18:06] Inanna of Babylon (inanna420): Why do you know who Justin is?
[18:06] zepнyr (richbitz): idk, why do you?
[18:06] Inanna of Babylon (inanna420): I just learned who he was
[18:06] zepнyr (richbitz): yeah me too
[18:06] zepнyr (richbitz): who is he
[18:06] Inanna of Babylon (inanna420): >.>
[18:06] Inanna of Babylon (inanna420): Lies.
[18:06] zepнyr (richbitz): how can a question be a lie?
[18:07] zepнyr (richbitz): lol..
[18:07] Inanna of Babylon (inanna420): The question wasn't the lie.
[18:07] Inanna of Babylon (inanna420): The answer was.
[18:07] zepнyr (richbitz): what is the lie
[18:07] Inanna of Babylon (inanna420): no.
[18:07] zepнyr (richbitz): you ae confusing
[18:07] zepнyr (richbitz): are*
[18:08] Inanna of Babylon (inanna420): You are easily confused/
[18:08] zepнyr (richbitz): about what?
[18:08] Inanna of Babylon (inanna420): whatever you find confusing.
[18:08] zepнyr (richbitz): you don't make sense, that is what is confusing
[18:08] zepнyr (richbitz): spouting lies
[18:08] Inanna of Babylon (inanna420): You sound confused.
[18:08] zepнyr (richbitz): you are a liar
[18:08] Inanna of Babylon (inanna420): I am Inanna
[18:09] Inanna of Babylon (inanna420): You are Justin.
[18:09] zepнyr (richbitz): oh touche what is this 2nd grade
[18:09] Inanna of Babylon (inanna420): Hello.
[18:09] zepнyr (richbitz): hi
[18:09] Inanna of Babylon (inanna420): And goodbye.
[18:09] zepнyr (richbitz): I'm not justin
[18:09] zepнyr (richbitz): lol

Dunno What This Is But....

It made IHM Squeel like a little girl

Britbongreturns Gives Up On Youtube

He forgot mom's spaghetti

TED Talks Makes A Video Everybody Thinks Is Secretly About Trump

the best of Ratcloner Suprising How Little Has Changed in Six Years

Montezuma Sucks At Pokemon Go

Thursday, July 21, 2016

Babygirlqueen25 Is Retarded

Honey BooBoo

+20 Years

Look!! I found A Snorlax!

Winter Is Coming

[23:16] .x x. (aubreyxx): IM BRINGING BACK KOREA.
[23:17] .x x. (aubreyxx): I AM RECLAIMING MY KINGDOM
[23:17] .x x. (aubreyxx): PREPARE YOURSELVES


LilDamien Gothly: you should do the same little boy before your found .. and mess with the wrong people who can crash your system from within ..

I Win

Sizzla Looks Like Leafy

Normally this wouldn't be a big deal, but Sizlla is nearly 20 years older than leafy.

BritbongReturns Paranoia Sets In

Facebook and Skype he deleted himself when Luna broke his heart.  The rest is just nonsense.

I can't tell if he actually believes these things or if he just says them to try and get attention/sympathy

The he tweeted this:
Clearly hoping people would say things like "no don't!" Or "We love you!"

Instead he got:

really? D:


Much luck on your newest journey.

not to mention 29 likes and no dislikes
Failing to get any sympathy his next tweet was


Tuesday, July 19, 2016

For All You Guys Trying To Make A Living On The Internet

On Youtube this guy made more money in the last six months than your dad made in the last 20 years.

Popular On Twitch

Pretty hard to pull these numbers on

Leslie Whittenstall Tries To Steal A Cat

Pretty sure she's wearing a wig

Britbongreturns Struggles To Make New Video

Desperate to save his dying Youtube channel, Britbong struggles to make (yet another) pointless Secondlife video, when he ran into a slight problem--He has no money.

Since This Was Published SocialBlade Reduced Britbongreturns Channel Grade To "C"
To Reflect His Reduced (and still sinking) Performance
Apparantly his streaming income wasn't enough to buy
Doom months ago when it was still relevant.

Einstein Thinks Harrison Is Insane Too

Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. 
-----Albert Einstein

For seven years Harrison Digfoot has logged into Secondlife every day looking for a girlfriend and not finding one.

Monday, July 18, 2016

Milk Must Mean Something Different In Australia

snowbellaa: will you let me put it in your bunghole
LonelyGuy69: mmmm that sounds hawt
snowbellaa: will you milk
LonelyGuy69: mmmm sounds like so sensual
LonelyGuy69: Do you have a squildo?
snowbellaa: is that a digimon
LonelyGuy69: No it's a squildo baby. mmm
snowbellaa: oh it sounds like a mango
LonelyGuy69: I'll roleplay as an Imperial Japanese Navy Officer circa 1942 invading Australia and you can be like one of those Haboriginals ready to please
snowbellaa: and i run away and i jump the rabit proof fence and i get caught in it and split my belly open and my organs fall out and i die
LonelyGuy69: I use my scroll of resurection +3 so you come back and are fine, yay!

Tristina Can't Get A Break

Even her massage therapist raped her.

Never Click This Link

[16:36] Sweet Aura (SweetAuraMegaHeart):
[16:37] Sweet Aura (SweetAuraMegaHeart): i eat my own poo out of nappy
[16:37] Sweet Aura (SweetAuraMegaHeart):

Sunday, July 17, 2016

I want a squilldo

LonelyGuy69: Are u a fin domme?
Aunnalise: kinda sorta why
LonelyGuy69: that's actually really hawt
Aunnalise: ty
LonelyGuy69: do u like steam gifts or is paypal hawter?
LonelyGuy69: or do u like have like a wishlist?
Aunnalise: what?
Aunnalise: idk what any of that stuff is
Aunnalise: and i dont use paypa;l
LonelyGuy69: like wud it make u hawt to get money on paypal, or wud like free games on steam be hawter?
LonelyGuy69: ah!
Aunnalise: what is steam?
LonelyGuy69: its a chat client with videogames
LonelyGuy69: do u like have an amazon wish list?
Aunnalise: i want a squilldo

crum all over the milk

LonelyGuy69: Daaaaar u a fin domme? mmmm
snowbellaa: why
LonelyGuy69: because i think it sounds really hawt
LonelyGuy69: do u want to be spoiled? mmm
snowbellaa: Well, duh.
LonelyGuy69: Mmm sounds hawt
LonelyGuy69: Do u like steam gifts, or is paypal hawter? mmm
snowbellaa: neither, give me lindens
LonelyGuy69: do lindens make u crum hard baby? mmm
snowbellaa: yeah I crum all over the milk
LonelyGuy69: would it be possible for you to roleplay as a non australian character?

Ellie 4 Years Ago

BritbongReturns Youtube Channel In Steep Decline

Even He Knows His Videos Suck

Top 10 Ways Britbongreturns Can Save His Dying Youtube Channel

  1. Make videos of his dad yelling at him to be quiet
  2. Get in a fake fight with HeyHeyPay #makeyoutubegreatagain
  3. Make a video crying about getting banned from Hitbox (sort of like the one he made crying about getting banned from Twitch)
  4. Visit a dying fan in an Autism Hospital
  5. Beg Dunkey to feature him again (like he did he first time)
  6. Collaborate with Keemstar (in the works)
  7. Stop making fake "troll" videos
  8. Attack a much larger Youtuber (like he did with AngryJoe to start his channel)
  9. Copy LeafyisHear but with an English accent (a couple of his friends are doing it already)
  10. More Humor-Less Cringe

Shit's Getting Real

The city, along with most of South Louisiana, is in lock down as is most of the rest of the state.  Myself and everyone I know is fine.  The shooting was a lot closer to Monkeycheese, but I have no reason to believe he's in an danger.

People are speculating that the shooting is a BLM response to the Alton Sterling shooting but there is no proof of that at the moment.

My heart and prayers go out to families of the police officers shot.

Tempest Lefafre Lost And Confused

At 2:37 PM yesterday, Tempest Lefavre left her home in search of a nearby squirtle.  Just before she found that sneaky bastard, PoodleCorp took out the Pokemon servers again making Lefavre realize she was stuck outside with no idea how to get home or find her prized pocket monster.

When in distress, Lefavre sometimes reverts to her native language which sounds like "russian or jewish or something" to most native Australians making it difficult for them to help her.

Sour Grapes

Remember when Britbongreturns deleted most of his social media because a girl he liked on Secondlife went out on a date in Real Life?  He's still mad.

Dating has not been a positive experience for the Angry Autist.

Lol, and then he changed his SecondLife name to "Womenaretrash"

You People Are Weird

For some reason, the most popular post from last week was the one about Mr Noob wearing diapers.  I hope people realize that's not really her in the pictures almost as much as I hope they don't really WANT to see photos of Mr Noob in diapers

Second Life: Second Life Saturday Night (Trolling)

I like Lavender a lot.  She's like the child Nym had when she was 13.

Thank God For Poodlecorp

Saturday, July 16, 2016

Friday, July 15, 2016

Jubilee Terrace: Episode 5

Jubilee Terrace: Episode 5

The Night SHE Came Home

DoggyDont: is that tizz or ratcloner pretending to be tizz?
Tizzers Foxchase (MissTizzers): I can form a complete sentence. You draw your own conclusions.
The Real Ya Adder (CelesteFleur): lol
DoggyDont: lol hi tiz!
DoggyDont: it's edgar
The Real Ya Adder (CelesteFleur): good point
DoggyDont: lol
DoggyDont: put me in my place
DoggyDont: lol
Tizzers Foxchase (MissTizzers): Does Ratcloner really still come here pretending to be me?
Tizzers Foxchase (MissTizzers): I legit feel bad for that kid.

Demi Eats Like A Man

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