Thursday, June 30, 2016

He Came Back Anyway

Looks to me like he was 17K short of his goal, but who's counting.

Creepy Weird Kid

Remember that creepy weird kid in school who drilled a hole in the wall to the girl's bathroom in hopes of getting a peek at them peeing?

Ratting some dumb broad's computer in hopes of finding nude photos or gain access to her webcam is PRETTY MUCH THE SAME FUCKING THING...

There's a much easier way to get a girl's nudes... ask her

If she says "no" then move on to the next one

If they say "no" too, there's some fucking amazing looking Russian girls on Chatturbate who will put a rib roast in their vagina for about $3 American.  Look into it friend.

Autism In Violet

Looks like Ninetales has it over Britbongreturns on several important points

Remember When I Said Leslie Whittenstall Was Crazy??

Apparently she thinks these random people on twitter talking about cats are me.

I wonder if she reported them to the police yet

RIP Trump HQ in Secondlife

RIP all the mods

Turns out it really was a bunch of notorious griefers after all.  Who knew?

Why Twitch Cheers Are Dumb

Even though one of my favorite streamers is part of the audience for this, literally every other streamer I know say they have no interest in this.  Even the ones with super friendly, super supportive chat communities see it just as a way for Twitch to get their fingers in the donor income, which allegedly will be up to a 30% cut for Twitch, with the cheers.

Wednesday, June 29, 2016

The Keemstar Response Video

blah  blah  blah

 blah blah blah

I didn't do nuthin

blah blah blah

out of context

blah blah blah

I'll forgive you if you'll forgive me

blah blah blah

that's an hour of my life I'll never get back.

two months ago I didn't know who Kemmstar was.  I'm more than happy going back to that.

There's Someone For Everyone

In a world where everyone mutes Seeker Guardian and Seleukos Causten they somehow found each other.  Sadly no one knows what they talk about since the entire game mutes them both.

Somehow there's still nobody for Harrison though...

Incredible Shrinking Audience

Fewer every time

Movies On Steam

I never noticed they even offered this before.  The prices seem to be about the same as Amazon but with a much smaller catalogue.

Might Be Off The Internet For A While

Apparently Britbongreturns is gonna tell some company named Micfo (a hosting company?) that I once told Aliya Sahara that if she thought it was ok to pass around photos of Stefano's kids then somebody should pass around pictures of her kids.  Seems logical to me.

This, along with the whole business of stealing Leslie's raccoons might just be enough to do me in.

One of Britbong's friends tried to start shit with me earlier, then I found this:

Then This:

He quit talking to me after that.  I wonder if it's the autism that attracts so many weird furries to his channel.

I don't think these guys realize that the Britbong war ended like a year and a half ago.  He's sort of an inside joke on Secondlife now, creating dozens of accounts just to be heard for a few seconds before the entire room mutes him.

Ron BIzzle Lays Down The Law

Robert In His Lovely SL Home With Sex Bed

Leslie Whittenstall Ignored And Crazy

Just so you know, 
I didn't really steal Leslie's Raccoon.  
It died from being force fed catfood and the gobs of human hair left in her shower drain.

No wonder that page was getting so many hits.  She must have refreshed it 300 times looking for her missing raccoon

The image is on the internet on her own blog

You'd think a "computer technician" would be able to tell where an image is hosted using simple (really simple) HTML

Stolen Raccoons Find New Home

The Sacrifice

i really hope that stealing & sacrificing a virtual baby is what finally gets my main permabanned

The Nazis Banned Me

lol look who happened to be advertising in this subreddit

Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Princess Aubreyxx

As drawn by cammy (Egjiipkitty2000)

Britbongreturns Surrenders -- Peace Restored

In the war he created ...
                                     and lost ...
                                                         Britbongreturns Surrenders

At the insistence of his friends, Britbongreturns asked DanielFromSL for a truce which DanielfromSL graciously granted.

In the words of another famous englishman "we have achieved peace for our time"

lol apparantly Britbong was concerned I had too much influence over Daniel and passed this image around SL to prove it

Mystery Solved
I guess somebody pointed out to Britbongreturns that he was getting his ass kicked again

Whoever predicted it'd take Britbong
 less than an hour to fuck it up wins!

Lol Well That Didn't Last Long

I'm pretty sure Daniel actually would like to be shed of the whole thing since he's not really involved iin Secondlife in any way..  Somehow I doubt the peace will last though. At this point, starting shit with larger youtubers is Britbong's only way to get any new traffic.

Hippies Vs Nazis in Sacramento

Spoiler: Hippies Win

Last Known Photo of Trigger (Criminal Minds)

BritbongReturns Suicidal Over Latest DanielFromSL Video

Not 24 hours since Daniel released his most recent video and the bitching on twitter is already at a fever pace.  Ever since Daniel got that Silver YouTube Play Button Britbong has been in a really sour mood.

So far he's made (and deleted) as many as 17 comments on Daniel's video itself, not counting sock puppets.   Seven hours later and Britbongreturns continues to rant on reddit, twitter, facebook and youtube.

**Update**  after an intervention from what few friends he has left, Britbongretruns asked DanielfromSl for a truce, which Daniel has graciously granted.  The China Syndrome has been averted.., at least for today.  He's deleted a buch of the most angry tweets which is a good thing.

Basically in the war Britbong created and lost, he's now surrendering.

Monday, June 27, 2016

George R.R. Martin event in Second Life

Problems Most 30 Year Old Youtube Personalities Don't Have

  • Getting banned from Steam
  • Getting banned from 4Chan
  • Getting banned from Twitch
  • Getting banned from Hitbox
  • Bumming rides from relatives because they don't have a driver's license
  • Virginity at 26
  • Noise Complaints...From Their Mom
  • Not being able to reach boxes on the top shelf without a step-stool
  • Having Tesla steal their girlfriend...three times


Recurring BV and what I did that helped
I was one of the special cases where the drugs wouldn't work anymore. I lived with the odor constantly for four straight years, and it would show up in the tests, except for the wiff test, that I had no infection. There wouldn't even be clue cells. I was just a "stinky girl" and no one, not even Johns Hopkins had answers.
I tried it all: pro-biotics, homeopathy, flagyl, cleocin, clyndomycin, metrogel, some weird stuff from india that looked like syrup, rephresh, vitamins, those green pills that give you diarrhea, douching (big no no, I know), I tried it ALL.
You know what's working? In total I've had recurring BV for ten years and you know what's working? It irritates me that something so simple could work and doctor's aren't telling us:
A light layer of Neosporin applied with the finger three times a day. NO ODOR. NONE. ALL OF THE MONEY THAT I'VE THROWN AT THIS AND THIS IS WHAT WORKS AND I HAD TO FIND OUT FOR MYSELF....I'm beyond irritated and relieved.
I hope that it works for you.
CAUTION: You have to use polyisoprene condoms with this, because latex condoms will break.
Get back to your life and try this, it's working for me

Second Life: Virtual Retirement Home (Trolling)

Sunday, June 26, 2016

The Return of Korea1

[19:22] .Dαd (emma.folger): IS KOREA BACK??
[19:25] .x x. (aubreyxx): is it?
[19:26] .Dαd (emma.folger): I got a TP to it the other day
[19:27] .x x. (aubreyxx): i will resurrect it eventually
[19:27] .x x. (aubreyxx): like christ did.
[19:27] .Dαd (emma.folger): LMAOOOO
[19:27] .Dαd (emma.folger): On Easter.
[19:27] .x x. (aubreyxx): i may or may not involve dragons
[19:27] .Dαd (emma.folger): I will bring back korea
[19:27] .x x. (aubreyxx): LOL yes

Sims By Demi Ellison

Epsilon Panda Final Form
Epsilon Panda

Harrison Digfoot

Homeless Cat In the Ghetto Seeks Adoption Before Some Crazy Old Woman Adds It To her "Collection"

Otherwise known as "That-Crazy-Old-White-Lady-Who-Lives-In-The-House-That-Smells-Funny", Leslie Whittenstall plots to kidnap yet another Ghetto Cat.

Second Life: Ted Life "Porn In The Floor" (Trolling)

The Benefits Of Streaming On Twitch

It wasn't me and it wasn't Damnright, but while she was offline, someone sent Malika more money than Britbongreturns will make in six months on

Saturday, June 25, 2016

Pretty Sure This Is S2C3

The Failures Of Secondlife

Logs In To Find A Girlfriend (and fails)
Dream Emerald
Epsilon Panda
Matt Damon (RevolutionNo9)
Pixie Khitan

Logs In To Find Friends (and fails)
Max (Sizzla)
Dreams Emerald
Leslie Whittenstall

Has Conversations With Themselves (if no one else will talk to them)
Seeker Guardian
Max (Sizzla)
Dasaved (may not be aware no one can hear him)
Epsilon Panda
JustHere999 Halostar  (may not be aware no one can hear him)
Pixie Khitan
Matt Damon (RevolutionNo9)

Plays The Guitar To Get Attention (and fails)
P3T3R Panthar
Epsilon Panda
Matt Damon (RevolutionNo9)
Addie Braveheart

Talks About How Great Their Weed Is
Max (Sizzla)
Pixie Khitan

The Funniest Thing BritbongReturns Ever Did

Was make that video about how unfair Twitch was to him a little less than two weeks before he got banned from Hitbox for the same thing.  Literally a Homer Simpson moment.  DOH!

Friday, June 24, 2016

Ya Adder Theories

Theories about Ya Adder's Identiy Are Numerous

Ouch ---> harrison
Fat Tranny --> goos
Torley Linden's Time Traveling Neice --->> Justin

Leslie Whittenstall Ban Evades Continues To Stalk Inworldz

Using a VPN proxy, Leslie was able to make this avatar modeled after her RL photos

Dunno if Stream.Me Is Gonna Make It

This is the entire viewing community on playing all games on Friday afternoon

142 viewers Britbongreturns
7 viewers dazedillusionz
0 viewers chunktv
7 viewers lohpally
3 viewers MrCraigTunstall
1 viewers Gaudium
0 viewers Benevenga
0 viewers bsc24
1 viewers WiggleVilla
0 viewers st1m
0 viewers Wiki FM -
0 viewers TybeeTV4
0 viewers VIAJAM19
1 viewers [WOLFBANE]
1 viewers cherrykillah4
0 viewers MACKerMD4
0 viewers BiggieSmallsRIP
7 viewers SHTF5
1 viewers steamfocus1
1 viewers ntatv2
0 viewers mikepanini3
2 viewers theDoctorTHE11th0
1 viewers CptAmerica
0 viewers silenthilldk
1 viewers HOMESIGN

That's it. 25 people streaming at prime time with fewer than 180 viewers.

By Comparison

At the same moment on Twitch there were 130,543 viewers watching just League of Legends, on Hibox there were 6,375 viewers watching just GTAV

DanielfromSL Stream - Vote for daniels

Top Posts From Last Week

Jun 23, 2016, 2 comments

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Jun 18, 2016, 5 comments

WHEN YOU WERE NEW TO ARK! (Ark: Survival Evolved Cinematic Experience)

Rust Improves On The "Naked Guy" Look

Mainly by giving you something more interesting to do besides listening to Dreams Emerald drunkenly masturbating.

Britian Votes Out Of The EU To Avoid Brown People

Lemme know how that works out for ya, sport.

Considering the geography of the UK I doubt they'll ever really control immigration

Thursday, June 23, 2016

Leslie Whittenstall Naked

Sooo Why DID You Pay Britbong Anyway?

There was a time in Upraksi's life when she wasn't happy with her real life relationship and chose to go see Britbongreturns in England to prove something to her RL boyfriend.

She must have proven it to him because she left England two weeks early to return home (his home).

Britbong, for some reason, decided to surprise her by buying a ticket to see her in the USA.  She told him if he showed up at her house she'd call the cops and her boyfriend would beat the shit out of him.

He blamed me for this (because that makes sense) and refused to believe she was back with her boyfriend.

He asked for proof on skype, I provided proof and he began to cry (literally).  This was the first girlfriend he ever had (he was 27 at the time) and he'd spent money he didn't have to see her and (because he'd bought the ticket too close to the departure date) couldn't get a refund.  To him: his life was ruined.

At the time, I had a casino in Secondlife which accumulated a great deal of lindens which I never used except to pay tier.  Moved by hearing the tears of a grown man crying over a girl we both knew, I gave him the lindens I had accumulated that month (almost 100K) on the condition that he not try and do anything bad to her and wished him well.

A few days later I heard him tell his friend he was going to "put her shit on 4chan" and keep the money I gave him too.  That's where the recording you've heard was made.  I told him that if he was going to break our deal I expected the money back or I'd pass around the notecards of our conversation so that everyone on Secondlife would know how pitiful he was.

He never gave the money back and had a friend post her photos to 4chan** so I did send most of the people I know the notecards of him crying.  (He's lucky I wasn't recording voice like he normally does)  and somebody else gave me the money back which I then gave to SLRelay For Life.

In the end it worked out ok.  I made my tier payment that month anyway (casinos in SL  used to make a lot of money) Upraksi eventually did break off things with her boyfriend and her life's turned out pretty well without any of us in it.

To date Britbong still does not have a girlfriend.  He met LittleRen for a few hours but she bailed and he doxed her out of revenge.  He kind of thought Luna was his internet girlfriend but when he saw photos of her with RL boys on snapchat he deleted all of his social  media except for twitter.

All of us have moved on except for him.  Maybe she really did ruin his life.

This might be my last Britbong post.  After bans from both Twitch and Hitbox, his streaming career is done and with the new TOS his youtube channel is soon done.  It's unlikely he'll do anything interesting after this.

Dreams Emerald Celebrates Ramadan

Listening to Dreams Emerald masturbate while Uncle Lawl recites from the Koran may have ruined the Secondlife  experience forever.  I feel like Arapaima should be fumigated now.

You can't make this shit up.  You literally can't.

Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Frustratedashellx Is A Weird Guy

Frustratedashellx Wants  Strange Things  From Kristi

Woman Gives Epsilon Panda Handjob

Criminal Intent

LunaVerityMay posts this photo of her with just a few blood spots on her shirt after tearing the heart from some poor bastard's body

If you read the comments below, Britbongreturns seems to think this is about him somehow.

It's a prank bro!  She didn't really kill anybody.

Monday, June 20, 2016

Harrison Digfoot Shreading In Violet

Britbongreturns Lies Because He Was A Shitty Son

What actually happened was a couple of us called him out on twitter for fucking around on Secondlife and not visitinig his mom in the hospital.

Nobody called her, not even Britbong

SL Cross Dressers

Zarina Zuta
Pixie Khitan (20 years ago)
Dana Untermeyer

YouTube Terms Of Service

The new YouTube terms of service appear to be very real.  I've gone through and made my channel complaint with the new TOS even though I rarely use it.  I doubt if others will do the same with theirs.

I'm going to wait a few weeks before flagging any videos as I'm pretty sure they're swamped right now.  If you'd like a list of videos to flag just DM me.

Honestly, making video games more civil isn't a bad thing.  YouTube was becoming a cesspool, so maybe this will turn things around.

This Tea Tastes Funny


"No Scrubs" (TLC) 1940s Cover by Robyn Adele Anderson feat. Darcy Wright...

Someone may have to explain to Harrison what "post modern" and "cover" means.  (see comments below)

What the hell is VEVO

and why do they host most of the music on Youtube?

Vevo is a jont venture between Sony Music and Universal Music with Abu Dhabi media and Google Alphabet as their two largest share holders.  Basically VEVO is new world order illuminati shit.

Secondlife Drag Shows Are Dissapointing

If You Thought Secondlife Drama Got Bad

Over at youtube it's several levels above.

Apparntly this guy named Keemstar who was trying to build some sort of syndicate among youtubers--only he must have been a dick about it because his former associates are turning against him.

My theory is that this is all a set up sort of like what Vince McMahon used to do.  Youtube has become the WWE

Sunday, June 19, 2016

Vote For Jumpy's Pizza

Rappin' for Jesus

From Youtube's New TOS

Harassment may include :

  • Abusive videos, comments, messages
  • Revealing someone’s personal information
  • Maliciously recording someone without their consent
  • Deliberately posting content in order to humiliate someone
  • Making hurtful and negative comments/videos about another person
  • Unwanted sexualization, which encompasses sexual harassment or sexual bullying in any form
  • Incitement to harass other users or creators


Typical Britbong Fan

22 years old draws furry porn.........
came to violet hoping to meet Britbong

Mongini Crime Family In Steep Decline

Once the scourge of Waterhead and Violet, the Mongini Crime Family is all but extinct.

Don Armando:  Retired--Found Jesus
Adam: Erectile Disfunction
Brash: Retired--Married with children
Hades: Banned From League of Legends
Monkeycheeese: Incarcerated
Tristen: Deceased
Nacho: Retired--Doesn't play SL  anymore
Other Nacho: wasn't a Mongini, also doesn't play Secondlife anymore
Nym: Retired--Serving in English Parlement
Suz Rau: Retired--Running fashion shows in Canada.
Zarco:  Told the Monginis to fuck off after 12 attempts to force him to do more initiation hazing.

Guess We Know How This Night Ended

At this point I'm kind of looking for photos of Monkey in some other shirt.  (any other shirt)

Monkeycheese Rehabilitation

I've gotten so much Monkeycheese fan art the past several days.

I'm gonna try and figure out a way to do a contest to see which ya'll like best.

Proceeds will go to the Free The Cheese campaign of course.

Free Twitch Shirts At E3

Guess who didn't get one of these free shirts. 

Partly because he couldn't afford to go to E3 and partly because he's banned from Twitch (and hitbox)

Better yet, guess which two streamers from Secondlife did get a free shirt.

Ripahar Is A Retard

So Declan had this video taken down from youtube, and because he's not retarded or anything, Ripahar re-uploaded the same video to the same account thinking it'll turn out different a second time.

If you guys could go to and report it for pretty much anything we'll be one strike closer to getting rid of Ripahar.


[04:18] Pixie Khitan: "she goes in cycles" who doesnt
[04:18] Pixie Khitan: if she didn't bleed, i'd be worried

Dota Offers One Of These If You Win

Secondlife Won't Even Give You A T-Shirt

Project Bento Release Disappointing

Project Bento which adds new "bones" and vast new possibilities to the Secondlife avatar was released more than two weeks ago, with almost no one buying the available project bento avatars or any new creators taking advantage of the new system.

Halmlet Au writes more about the situation here.  I was rather hoping Project Bento would be a huge success.  I've been wrong about these things before.

Saturday, June 18, 2016

LadyJoJo Apparantly Not Dead

Not the first time I've been tricked

danielfromsl getting a new Stick

Living Well Is The Best Revenge

bitches can ruin your life
While Britbongreturns struggles to find an audience again after getting banned from Hitbox, the woman who got him banned from Twitch signs autographs at E3 and celebrates her television contract.

How Can You Stalk Someone Who Won't Go Away?

Vendors and Creators