Thursday, March 31, 2016

Is This Sane?

A bizarre old woman sent a note to a friend of mine complaining about people from Secondlife.  It contained 2,310 words  and 12,558 characters according to

As a result, my friend is now *convinced* there is something seriously wrong with that woman.

Leslie Whittenstall is Crazy In Three Worlds Now

Some of the new folks at InWorldz have been enjoying my crazy leslie stories.  Some even added some new ones of their own to the collection.

For somebody who "doesn't care" about Shazz, she sure seems to be talking to strangers about her a lot.

Seccond Life Has A New Name

My Special Life

Why Britbong and Paravana (Ehl) Never Made It

After getting dumped by Upraksi, Britbongreturns briefly tried to get with Paravana (one of his mods) but then cheated on her with Harlow, then betrayed Harlow and doxed Paravana to have a second chance with Upraksi, which lasted for about two weeks until she (Upraksi) realized what a psycho he was (you've probably heard the recordings) and dumped him again leaving him "forever alone" again.

[3/26/15, 12:34:39 AM] Britbong: I am not trying to be shitty
[3/26/15, 12:35:18 AM] just harlow: Well ty for not being shitty lol
[3/26/15, 12:35:43 AM] Britbong: :D
[3/26/15, 12:35:59 AM] Britbong: Wasn't trying to be weird
[3/26/15, 12:36:22 AM] Britbong: I just thought you were QT and shit dawg
[3/26/15, 12:36:36 AM] Britbong: You deserved to know
[3/26/15, 12:36:40 AM] Britbong: :)
[3/26/15, 12:30:24 AM] Britbong: Sorry for hitting on you btw
[3/26/15, 12:30:44 AM] just harlow: Lmaooo i dont mind
[3/26/15, 12:30:48 AM] Britbong: We aren't dating yet
[3/26/15, 12:31:03 AM] just harlow: "Yet"
[3/26/15, 12:31:12 AM] Britbong: I mean
[3/26/15, 12:31:26 AM] Britbong: Me and kopys ex
[3/26/15, 12:31:34 AM] Britbong: We might meet up
[3/26/15, 12:31:38 AM] just harlow: OH
[3/26/15, 12:31:47 AM] Britbong: I am seeing how it goes
[3/26/15, 12:31:59 AM] Britbong: Basically otherwise
[3/26/15, 12:32:03 AM] Britbong: I wouldn't
[3/26/15, 12:32:08 AM] just harlow: I thought you said you recently just started dating
[3/26/15, 12:32:21 AM] Britbong: We will if we meet up
[3/26/15, 12:32:29 AM] just harlow: O alrite
[3/26/15, 12:32:34 AM] Britbong: Is what I mean
[3/26/15, 12:32:43 AM] just harlow: I got ya
[3/26/15, 12:32:55 AM] Britbong: It's complicated
[3/26/15, 12:32:57 AM] Britbong: Lol
[3/26/15, 12:33:14 AM] Britbong: I left it alone with all that drama
[3/26/15, 12:33:25 AM] Britbong: For a little while
[3/26/15, 12:33:48 AM] Britbong: We haven't really hanged out in a while
[3/26/15, 12:33:52 AM] Britbong: N shit
[3/26/15, 12:34:10 AM] just harlow: O i feel ya
[3/25/15, 12:55:00 AM] Britbong: Sorry if I am saying weird stuff I drank 4 ciders
[3/25/15, 12:56:19 AM] Britbong: I had a little crush on you for a while though
[3/25/15, 12:56:24 AM] Britbong: Lol
[3/25/15, 12:56:32 AM] Britbong: (facepalm)
[3/26/15, 12:15:51 AM] Britbong: Should let me stay over for reals watch epic animes
[3/26/15, 12:16:30 AM] just harlow: I don't think my dad would like that v much looool
[3/26/15, 12:16:41 AM] Britbong: How come
[3/26/15, 12:16:42 AM] just harlow: I'm moving out soon tho
[3/26/15, 12:16:53 AM] just harlow: Cuz he's gay
[3/26/15, 12:17:00 AM] Britbong: Hehe
[3/26/15, 12:17:14 AM] Britbong: I am your daddy though
[3/26/15, 12:17:23 AM] Britbong: You can have me over
[3/26/15, 12:19:32 AM] just harlow: Tru
[3/26/15, 12:20:01 AM] Britbong: So that's a yes then
[3/26/15, 12:20:05 AM] Britbong: :)
[3/26/15, 12:20:28 AM] just harlow: I don't think ur gf would like that very much
[3/26/15, 12:20:37 AM] Britbong: Rofl
[3/26/15, 12:20:50 AM] Britbong: What watching anime?
[3/26/15, 12:21:15 AM] Britbong: (ninja faps)

Britbong's New Girlfriend

Wednesday, March 30, 2016

DanielFromSL Master Troll

Lol Triggering Continues

aaaand the obligitory "I'm not mad video"

Father Figure

[02:35]  br0 (colossal): i wana be ure SL dad
[03:28]  Emily (frayfraynas): idont role play
[03:29]  br0 (colossal): i don't mean rp
[03:29]  Emily (frayfraynas): i doooo
[03:42]  br0 (colossal): brb lil slut

Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Violet Quotable

[21:13] boxxy bro (LunaVerityMay): do u think george michael would go str8 for me

Sunday, March 27, 2016

Owen Aldrin Is Banned From Secondlife

Owen Aldrin is a disgusting human being and should be burned at the stake.

He's not, however, very guilty of violating Linden Lab's terms of service and yet he's been permanently banned along with his alt accounts.

Owen's ban, along with several others the last two years, (Lunaire, Zeph, Shazz, Talatha, MrNoob, Raggajo and several more) tell me that the Secondlife abuse report system is utterly broken beyond repair.

These people may be annoying (to some) but they're not breaking Linden Lab's TOS.  Some (like Lunaire) didn't even have any minor infractions, but are still permanently banned.

Even though their TOS is written so that they can ban people for any cause, they still have to have a fucking clause.

This is just getting stupid, Owen is a disgusting person and I wouldn't urinate on him if he was on fire (unlike Leslie Whittenstall) but he's not guilty of violating Linden Lab TOS.

Lady Tot's Vagina According To Google

Leslie Whittenstall Isn't Popular Because She's Boring

So I saw Leslie Whittenstall's last blog post where she quotes Theodore Rosevelt talking about perseverance and courage and victory and a bunch of other stuff--which might seem cool if she wasn't talking about people making fun of her on a fucking video game.

If you read though this woman's blog(s) it's clear she's VERY upset about the people on Secondlife and an outside observer might wonder why.

It started on Secondlife in an info hub known as Hanja.

A group of people began to meet fairly regularly in Hanja and they grew to be  friends and grew to be loyal.  Leslie also went to Hanja, but it became fairly obvious early on that she was not accepted by the group.  She wasn't accepted because she's boring as fuck. All she wanted to do was play Abba gestures and talk about cats and gossip about the other members of the group.

She was particularly focused on Shazz Larnia.  Shazz was patient with Leslie and willing to speak kindly to her, not because she liked Leslie, but because she's a patient person.  Never having an actual friend, Leslie took this patience to mean that she and Shazz were "sisters" and wrote extensively in her profile about how they were the dynamic duo of Hanja..only they weren't.

Eventually the day came when Shazz had to start backing out of her contact with Leslie because Leslie was starting to annoy the fuck out of her.  Initially Shazz was fairly polite about it, but Leslie took this rather gentle rebuff as an affront and began to write the most horrific things about Shazz in her profile and send anyone who would listen the most ridiculous and verbose notecards about Shazz that literally no-one read.

By attacking the one person who was ever kind to her, Leslie sealed her own fate.  Shazz was (and is) popular, Leslie never was and Hanja was full of trolls so everyone began making fun of Leslie.  They made signs saying "Abba Sucks" using the band's actual logo, they made particle emitters of crazy old ladies with cats and spraying her avatar with particles of virtual "urine".

Apparently that was the last straw, because I got a call from the police to say a deranged old woman in California had reported me for urinating on her over the Internet.  I wasn't in any trouble though, because it's not actually illegal to pee on a cartoon, and the police were more interested in how I did it than in making me stop. 

Seven years later, Leslie is still mad.  She blames the people from Hanja for her lack of friends and still sends a barrage of note cards to anyone who will listen to her tale of woe (which isn't many).

Shazz got banned from Secondlife and the entire Hanja crowd moved to Indworldz, which I'm sure made Leslie even more angry because her own cats wouldn't follow her anywhere even if she stuffed her pockets with tuna.

The moral of the story is that Leslie Whittenstall has no friends because she's weird and obsessive and boring and NOT because of anything Shazz or Quinby or Glurp or I did, and were Teddy Rosevelt alive he'd tell her to fucking get over it and find people who do like her rather than obsessing over people who rejected her SEVEN FUCKING YEARS AGO.

At this point, she's so fucking alone she's taken to making fake comments on her own blog to make it look like people are actually reading it and on her side--when it's really fucking easy to check the site's traffic on google and see that NO ONE is reading it but her.

Lol, her response post pretty much illustrates everything I've said much better than I could.  In summation, she has no friends ands he blames me.

There's a 50/50 chance she's sent a copy of this blog post to both the police and Linden Lab

Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Britbongreurns Is A Dick To People Who Try To Help Him

Derick's a pretty good guy.  

  • Tried to be friends with Britbong,
  • Tried to help him
  • Got fucked-over in return.

His videos are pretty funny and he's not an autistic psycho like manlytearsuk

For the record, he didn't try to "toe-suck" Daniel.  He just happened to run across the same lady that was in one of Daniel's videos.

Linden Lab Shuts Down Poop

For the second time in a month, Linden Lab (owners of Secondlife) has shut down the Poop sim (Wal-mart) and banned its owner Skills Hak.

Insillico, Skills' other sim is still on the grid but inaccessible.
(Skills wrote this goodbye letter)

So far, Linden Lab has made no comment on the incident.

Personally I have to wonder why they would continue with these semi-annual purges of anything tainted by Woodbury (who really are just harmless trolls) when people are hacking their employees.

Britbongreturns Doesn't Leave The House Much I Guess

Apparantly this is from his twitter or something

Violet In Happier Days

Sunday, March 20, 2016

The Genius of DanielFromSL

Your typical SecondLife "Troll" video goes like this.  Someone puts on a zany-looking avatar, goes to a role play sim, says something super rude, gets 20 seconds of video of somebody being angry then they get banned.  Sometimes it's funny, often it's not, but at this point it's super fucking repetitive.

Daniel is different.

Daniel uses the default avatar.  Something you wouldn't really notice.  He's never rude to people.  Just the opposite, he's usually very polite but proceeds to drive them absolutely crazy simply by being (falsely) inept at what ever the person wants them to do.

Charlie's (Esteban Winsmore) videos were like this too.  About the rudest thing he says in any of his videos is "too bad you smell like doo doo".  He gets a response more by feigning ineptness than by aggression or rudeness.

Linden Lab Employee Hacked

I've been hesitant to discuss this because I don't want to cause a panic, but it's pretty important so let me try and be super fair to everybody involved.

A lot of you may have heard about Tia Linden getting "hacked".

There's not a lot of information out there but here's what we know.

Sometime on Feb 11, 2016, someone logged into Tia Linden's account who was not Tia Linden.

They contacted several people in Secondlife, distributed (presumably) stolen lindens to several accounts, tried to access god mode, then was logged out by an administrator.  At some point in the video, Britbongreturns gave his avatar to the person hacking Tia Linden and they continued to wear his avatar until they were logged out.

Two videos of the event appeared on Youtube declaring "war" on Linden Lab, but both were taken down, either by Youtube or by the uploader.

There was initially some thought that Tia Linden was one of the employees who were fired in 2010, but she apparently was not.  From what I can gather she has been the Intellectual Property Coordinator for linden labs from 2009 until today.  Her responsibilities seem to be more legal in nature rather than technical.  From all accounts I've seen, she's a super nice person and very professional and good at her job.

Before the video was taken down, you could see whoever accessed her account try to initiate the god tools and do things like ban people, change parcel properties and a few other things all of which failed.

I'm told that the "god mode" of secondlife is identified by the hardware signature and that's why it failed. Take that statement with a grain of salt because nobody from Linden Lab has commented on it. Whatever the reason, they did fail to gain God Mode though.

There hasn't been much discussion about the issue in general but here's what I've found so far:

The company has yet to make an official comment on the event.  That they haven't made an official statement may be a good sign as it might inidcate that the event wasn't really as threatening as it may sound.

Ironically, on the same day linden lab added this post about password security to their wiki.

BritbongReturns Brags About His Involvement In The Hacking

One of Several Encounters Between The Fake Tia and SL Residents
[14:30] Tia Linden: please get away from me.
[14:39] נ υ ℓ ι α  (shishkovaa): lose the attitude
[14:40] Tia Linden: do you like playing second life
[14:40] נ υ ℓ ι α  (shishkovaa): Why?
[14:40] Tia Linden: if you give me attitude again you'll lose your account quick step

Second Life: Middle East Relations ( Trolling)

Saturday, March 19, 2016

HarriKrishna: lest i got som pussy

Bloodgoiil: sister fucker
HarriKrishna: i fucked her so what
HarriKrishna: lest i got som pussy
HarriKrishna: i win

Tristina's Broken Leg

For all the crazy stories Tristina tells, apparantly she really did break her leg.

Photo Anylysis by LaFupaJean Zuzu

Friday, March 18, 2016

Harrison Might Be Insane

He starts out just angry and paranoid
HarriHoudini (harrihoudinii): im about done with it

Ladytotx: Because you are bipolar Harri, one minute you are okay the next you are a nasty fuck

HarriHoudini (harrihoudinii): are u friends with bpyd?
HarriHoudini (harrihoudinii): did u see boyds video where he laughs at tristen
HarriHoudini (harrihoudinii): and uses it agaisnt monkey cheese

Ladytotx: Im friends with one person in this sim, and its not Boyd - His name aint green

HarriHoudini (harrihoudinii): so i guess im perma blocking u
HarriHoudini (harrihoudinii): im always nice ot u for years

Ladytotx: Oh christ, you are always a dickhead to me Harri

HarriHoudini (harrihoudinii): no im not

Ladytotx: The other night you were out of line , as per usual

HarriHoudini (harrihoudinii): boyds the one who tells everyoneu masterbated with tristen
HarriHoudini (harrihoudinii): and got naked
HarriHoudini (harrihoudinii): i dont do shit to u

Ladytotx: Why do you care so much about Boyd, I dont even talk to the guy, grow up

HarriHoudini (harrihoudinii): u grow the fuck up
HarriHoudini (harrihoudinii): im always nice to u
HarriHoudini (harrihoudinii): do u want me to just perma block u?

Ladytotx: You aint always nice to me in the slightest
Ladytotx: you are okay one minute, then a prick the next

HarriHoudini (harrihoudinii): i am nice to u lord have mercy lol

Ladytotx: please do

HarriHoudini (harrihoudinii): ok see ya

Ladytotx: Why do you care so much about Boyd, I dont even talk to the guy, grow up
(true, we don't talk very much)

HarriHoudini (harrihoudinii): he sure says u talk to hima lot lol
(not really)

Ladytotx: The only time I spoke to him this year was asking if he could find out about Ben for me
Ladytotx: You are misinformed purely so he can annoy you - you just cannot fucking see that

HarriHoudini (harrihoudinii): i dont bother u
HarriHoudini (harrihoudinii): i dont say anything but nice things so
HarriHoudini (harrihoudinii): karma is a bitch they doppin like flys
HarriHoudini (harrihoudinii): if u havnt notice

Ladytotx: Yes you do, every time i log on, its Boyd this, Boyd that

(here's where it starts to get weird)
HarriHoudini (harrihoudinii): they droppi like flys
HarriHoudini (harrihoudinii): are u on that list?

Ladytotx: Who are dropping like flies?

HarriHoudini (harrihoudinii): that karma list

Ladytotx: Karma list for what?

HarriHoudini (harrihoudinii): they are hangngt hemselves

Ladytotx: Jeeze Harri I have a life byond this poxy chat site

HarriHoudini (harrihoudinii): well thats nice but u dont want me to be ur friend
HarriHoudini (harrihoudinii): and i dont get it ive alwyas beeen nice

Ladytotx: That is very true, I dont want to be friends with someone that changes their personality every 5 minutes

HarriHoudini (harrihoudinii): they hanging themselves to be honest dont fall o the wrong side of karma

Ladytotx: please do block me like you said you would

(here's where he goes full nuts)
HarriHoudini (harrihoudinii): they killing themselves
HarriHoudini (harrihoudinii): lol
HarriHoudini (harrihoudinii): stefonos
HarriHoudini (harrihoudinii): tristen

Ladytotx: Bye harri.

HarriHoudini (harrihoudinii): lol
HarriHoudini (harrihoudinii): haha
HarriHoudini (harrihoudinii): u lost utr masterbaitng partner
HarriHoudini (harrihoudinii): lol
HarriHoudini (harrihoudinii): hahaha
HarriHoudini (harrihoudinii): u watched him jack off
HarriHoudini (harrihoudinii): lol
HarriHoudini (harrihoudinii): hahahaha
HarriHoudini (harrihoudinii): u prolly killed the guy

Harrison Digfoot Finally Admit's It's His Penis In the Photo

Britbongreturns Can't Forget The Past

For some reason Britbongreturns (manlytearsuk) has been using old recordings to make it seem like people are bullying him in the present.

First he posted this recording of Upraksi screaming at him (for acting like a little bitch) on Valentines Day even though she hadn't spoken to him in a year.

Then he posted this recordinng of Kopyboat and Tesla from a night a year ago when they were both (admittedly) pretty drunk

Let's look at some more recent interations between the two, including this one where Britbongreturns says he'll "throw poo" at Kopy's Window

Or this one which gives the true history of Britbongreturrns and Kopyboat

For a "Troll" and a "Bully" Britbongreturns Sure Cries To The Admin A Lot

Looks like manlytearsuk might be a bit of a pussy

Britbongreturns reported my tumblr 87 times for "bullying" leading them to suspend it for "investigation"

After getting spanked on twitter a few times he decided to report Kopy for the same:

Bullied On Twitter Britbong Reports Kopy

Looks Like Britbong (manlytersuk) might be a bit of a pussy

Harison DMCA's His Penis Picture

Thursday, March 17, 2016

Harrison Digfoot vs donley kibngf

[12:54] HarriHoudinii: i neevr in my life have doine notung buit be nice to u
[12:54] HarriHoudinii: thats fine u watch ur back bitch
[12:54] HarriHoudinii: now u do hjave me on ur ass
[12:54] HarriHoudinii: fuck u
[12:54] HarriHoudinii: liar
[12:55] Grubbmaster: liar?
[12:55] HarriHoudinii: its on
[12:55] Grubbmaster: wtf
[12:55] HarriHoudinii: like donley kibngf
[12:55] HarriHoudinii: uiu wanna trell people im staklkin u

The Harrison Digfoot Chronicles

Esmae Vs Harrison

[14:34] HarriHoudinii: i love you
[14:34] HarriHoudinii: holds ur hand
[14:40] HarriHoudinii: did u get my im

[14:40] Esmae xx (esmaegrey): no..
[14:41] Esmae xx (esmaegrey): what did you say

[14:41] HarriHoudinii: i said I LOVE YOU!!!!

[14:41] Esmae xx (esmaegrey): shut up idiot

[14:41] HarriHoudinii: if we were at home
[14:41] HarriHoudinii: alone
[14:41] HarriHoudinii: u know what we would be doing

[14:41] Esmae xx (esmaegrey): Look at my face
[14:41] Esmae xx (esmaegrey): Look at my body
[14:41] Esmae xx (esmaegrey): Now look at yours
[14:41] Esmae xx (esmaegrey): do you see why we will never be together?

[14:42] HarriHoudinii: fuk u

[14:42] Esmae xx (esmaegrey): lmao

Harrison Romances a 16 Year Old Girl


Weezy (screameh): Bleh its like ten past midnight.
Weezy (screameh): My eyes hurt.

harri houdini: close ur eyes
harri houdini: ill rub ur back
harri houdini: ur the cutest giurl ever
harri houdini: and fun
harri houdini: and sweet
harri houdini: and obviously open hearted if u gave a catfosh a chance
harri houdini: rediculous lol
harri houdini: i would be absolutly in love with u
harri houdini: you have a cute accent


Weezy (screameh): Lol lying in bed on my phone ;p

harri houdini: :)
harri houdini: um wish i was there

Weezy (screameh): Hahah. I dont like sharing my bed haha. I cant stand sleeping in a bed with anyone.
Weezy (screameh): Been like that since i was young.

harri houdini: aw i see i have a king size bed so its like havin 2 beds


Harri Houdini (dirtyharrii): ur joking me u said u werew 18
Harri Houdini (dirtyharrii): i neevr said nothing to u
Harri Houdini (dirtyharrii): im reporting u

Weezy (screameh): You knew i was 16

Harri Houdini (dirtyharrii): i did not

Weezy (screameh): You did

Harri Houdini (dirtyharrii): r u joking me

Harrison's Penis

Harrison Digfoot has filed a DMCA on his penis picture.  I guess that settles any question of it’s authenticity


Photo 2

Source Of Photo #1

ღ Des ღ (destineeray): funny harrison says he never fapped on cam when he did it to me without even asking me if it was cool

ღ Des ღ (destineeray): he turned on cam and started wacking his shit not caring that my 5 year old daughter was there

ღ Des ღ (destineeray): i had to turn of cam

Master Button (edgar.button): lol

Master Button (edgar.button): can I put that on tumblr?

ღ Des ღ (destineeray): sure

Photo 2 he distributed himself

Wednesday, March 16, 2016


aiunit000 is a complete fraud and most likely insane.
To begin with aiunit000 is the alt account of a MAN named vuvanator.  He will tell you he works for some company named Vanatori (which doesn't exist in the real world)
Vânători is an imaginary company invented by vuvanator.  He's a paranoid schizophrenic living somewhere in middle america trying to tell noobs at Social Island 1 and safe hub that he works for the government.  He doesn't.  He doesn't work for linden labs either--he doesn't work at all because he's fucking insane.
His alts are:
You can tell his alts because it usually has something like this in his profile:
Concubină Caste.
Gazon MEA - rădăcină expansiune.
Gazon MEA - Detaşament de recunoaştere Sef
Vânător Femeie - de Ordinul Intâi
Complete gibberish of course.

Monday, March 14, 2016

Britbongreturns Lies About Forever Alone (Big Surprise Huh)

Having thoroughly destroyed Britbong's claims that he had anything to do with Ralph Pootawn, lets move on to his other claim to have created the Forever Alone drawing.

The problem with his claim is that nobody seems to believe him.

My own doubts about this story began when Paravania (one of his channel mods) confided in me that he admitted to her that it was all a scam and he had nothing to do with the original drawing.

One of my first stops was the popular website Know-Your-Meme who have a fairly extensive article on Forever Alone.  Editors there tell me they thoroughly investigated his claims and found  no merit in them--even asking a copyright attorney, who also found his claims had no merit.

According to Know-Your-Meme, the origin of Forever Alone:
"Forever Alone is considered one of the first major rage comic spin-off characters to be creater after the original Rage Guy, which first sprang up on 4chan in 2009. According to various sources, the original comic was uploaded in a thread titled “April Fools” byFunnyJunk user Azuul on May 28th, 2010"

My next step was to contact the merchandising department of Hot Topic since he claims they were paying him for Forever Alone merchandise.  They never heard of him.

I also checked with two other wholesalers who carry Forever Alone merchandise and they also never heard of  him.

A thorough discussion of the issue on Reddit ended with pretty much everyone telling ManlytearsUK to fuck off.

It looks like Britbong's entire claim to have created "Foreve Alone" can be traced to a UK website that allows you to copyright pretty much anything.

Other Sites Which Deny Britbong's Claim:

     First Article
     Follow Up

Forever Alone first appeared on Funny Junk in 2012, but Britbong didn't post it to his Deviant Art page until April 17, 2013, two months after he started making the claim on 4-chan.

Most Popular Post Ever

For some reason is the most popular post in the history of this blog, with more hits than several of his videos.  I can only assume it's the effect of somone posting it to 4chan or other sites where manlytearsuk is hated.

Friday, March 11, 2016

Britbongreturns Explains How He Lost His Government Benefits (for his autism)

One of my little birdies sent me this interesting chatlog

I swear I had nothing to do with him losing his benefits (although I did get an advanced notice that something was a-foot)

Apparantly he had to pay back over $4,000 (lol)

My favorite part is where he bitches about how he earned that money--after admitting he's never worked.  (Earned it by being born retarded I guess)

This apparantly is a chatlog from one of his streams.


  • Britbongreturns was receiving money from the British government (in compensation for his "disability")
  • He was not reporting the money he made from YouTube
  • Someone from Secondlife reported the $200 to $300 he was making on YouTube
  • The Crown decided Britbong was defrauding them and demanded their money back (some $4,000 worth) 
  • Weeks later Britbongreturns was banned from Twitch, causing him further financial stress

Thursday, March 10, 2016

Popular On The Internet

A lot of people (Leslie Whittenstall, Harrison Digfoot, Britbong, H4Z3, Talatha, 007BJamesB and many more) blame me because they're not popular on the Internet.

The truth is, if they were likable people--they WOULD be popular and have girlfriends and all these things, and there would be NOTHING I could do about it.

They're not popular on the Internet, they're alone on the Internet because nobody likes them: not because anything I ever did.

Name                 Real  Reason They're Not Popular
Leslie Whittenstall          Crazy old lady with a persecution complex
Harrison Digfoot             Crazy red-neck with a persecution complex
Britbongreturns               Not as funny as DanielfromSL or Esteban Winsmore
Talatha                            Crazy fat woman who thinks Jesus will help her
007BJamesB                   Rejected by the Green Lanterns  for being weird.

The list goes on.  The thing is though, if I somehow never existed, nothing would change for any of these people.  They'd still be alone, they'd still be unhappy and they'd just pick somebody else to blame.

Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Britbongreturns Vs Kopyboat (The True Story)

A lot of people have asked why Britbong hates Kopyboat so much.  well, I can tell you: it's about a girl...

Her name was EHLnofey on Secondlife. She's known as Paravaina or Opalsaga on Britbong's stream.

Kopy dated her in real-life (for quite a while actually) but it ended, as these things sometimes do.

When that relationship ended, and Britbong's relationship with Upraksi went up in flames, Britbong and EHLnofey got together for a few weeks, but she dumped him when it was revealed Britbong was also trying to get with another girl (Harlow).

Having burned his chance with both EHLnofey and Harlow, Britbong decided to try again with Upraksi.  To show his good faith, Britbong completely threw EHLnofey under the bus in every way.  After a few weeks of trying, Upraksi dumped Britbong (a second time) due to some of his irrational behavior (you have probably heard her screaming about it in one of his recordings)

To sum up the two men's relationship with EHLnofey


  • Was with her in real life
  • Was fairly good to her even after it ended
  • Protected her reputation when it ended (and continues to protect her to this day)
  • Has a decent job
  • Has a chance in life


  • Threw her under the bus to have a second chance with Upraksi, sending EHLnofey's nude's to Upraksi (who sent them to me) making fun of both her weight and her heritage (race) with the result of them giving her the nickname "moonface" in private conversations.
  • Never met her in real life 
  • Cheated on her with Harlow
  • Was too shy to have voice sex with her so he sent her recordings and voicemail of him masturbating (she told me this herself) 
  • Admitted to her he lied about creating Forever Alone  (she told me this herself) 
  • Is drastically inferior to her intellectually  (she told me this herself) 
  • Doxed the fuck out of Paravaina (Ehl) in an effort to win Upraksi back (who then passed along her dox and photos to me in disgust with Britbong's behavior)
  • Defaced her father's memorial page and harassed her mother by telephone.

So, make of it what you will. As usual, it's about a girl.

Monday, March 7, 2016

Britbongreturns Rejected By Know Your Meme (again)

Know-Your-Meme, a popular website chronicling Internet culture since 2007, has been a problem for Britbongreturns (manlytearsUK) for some time now.

A major part of Britbong's plan for Internet domination is to convince people that he's the creator of both Ralph Pootawn and Forever Alone, both of which are listed on the immensely popular Know Your Meme site and both of which flatly deny his claims to be their creator.

Britbongreturns Rejected By Know Your MemeDeciding he's had enough rejection, Britbongreturns decided to force his way into Know-Your-Meme by creating the entry himself, but it was immediately rejected (dead pooled) by both the community and the admins.

I have it on a pretty good authority from within Know-Your-Meme that BritbongReturns (aka manlytearsUK) will *NEVER* be acknowledged on their website because when they investigated his claims about Forever Alone they found out he's a pathological liar and simply not to be trusted or believed in any way.

To make matters worse, Know-Your-Meme does have active entries for several Britbong enemies:

Saturday, March 5, 2016

Leslie Whittenstall Is Still Crazy

Leslie (Winter Leker) is still writing blogs about Stefanos who hasn't been seen for months.

Be sure and swing by and leave an abuse report

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