Friday, February 26, 2016

BritbongReturns Harassses Videogamedunkey

Even though VideogameDunkey gave him a HUGE break by including him in a video, Britbongreturns just couldn't help but be a dick

Linden Lab Bans Outrun

In (what's become) a semi-anual traditon, Linden Lab has (again) purged the grid of the griefer known as Tizzers Foxchase.

Last night, Linden Lab banned all of Outrun (including Pomf Pomf) along with Insilico and Poop.  By the afternoon all of the Skills Hax accounts were returned and her sims back online, but outrun and Tizzers remain banned.

For some reason, Linden Lab always seems to ban Tizzers just as she runs out of ideas about what to do with her sim.

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

History Of The Secondlife Troll Video (From Esteban Winsmore To DanielFromSL)

By "troll video" I mean, specifically videos of Secondlife Residents reacting (or over-reacting) to someone intentionally trying to get a reaction out of them.

Notable Exception
(The Beginning 2008)
Man Vs Secondlife
Sean Krueger Uploaded on Dec 3, 2008

Technically not a "troll video", I include this because it was the first Secondlife comedy video uploaded to Youtube

Esteban Winsmore
Esteban Winsmore began trolling secondlife in 2009 as charliezzz.

Second Life: Chargglez Strikes FROM THE OCEAN
charliezzz Uploaded on May 3, 2009

Charliezzz originally used a ghetto voice but soon invented the nondescript asian character known as Esteban Winsmore Character

Second Life: The Story of Esteban Winsmore (Episode One)
charliezzz Uploaded on Jul 14, 2010

Appearances Outside Of Secondlife Or Youube: Charliezzz Esteban Winsmore Character became so popular he even earned his own Know Your Meme Page and appeared on Comedy Central

General Minus
 (2011) Subscribers 82,161
The first youtuber to imitate the success of Esteban Winsmore was GeneralMinus (who already had a successful youtube channel).

Second Life Griefing - EXTREME ANGRY RAGER!!! Hilarious Trolling
GeneralMinus  Uploaded on Oct 26, 2011

Nimh on this video developed a following of his own and even earned a page on KnowYourMeme

(2011) Subscribers 754
Soon to emulate the popularity of GeneralMinus was Harrison Digfoot with his Russel Coba Show Videos.  Started as a "troll channel" the Russell Coba show soon became a vehicle for Harrison to grasp at revenge on the many people who made fun of him.

Russell Coba in his element
tHE RUSSELL COBA SHOW  Uploaded on Oct 31, 2011

 (2011)  Subscribers: 225,308
Combining the ideas of the Esteban Winsmore show with the idea of Ralph Pootawn (not invented by Britbongreturns), Vinesauce made their own videos introducing Ralph Bluetawn

[Vinesauce] Vinny - Second Life Alpha Guy(with Dre4m Goodfellow)
Exinthevatican: Vinesauce Joel Published on Oct 15, 2011

(2013) Subscribers 473
How To Play Second Life Basics: Part 1 Making Friends
Cyberdaddy Published on Nov 3, 2013

(2013) Subscribers 36,377
Wanting to copy the success of Esteban Winsmore, Britbongreturns started making videos using the same formula.  Also the first time Britbong tried to claim he was Ralph Pootawn (first seen in 2010)

Second life: Swashbuckling Adventures (Trolling)
BritbongReturns Published on Nov 28, 2013

Oliver Sargent
(2014) Subscribers 1,461
SecondLife | FAK OAFF
Oliver Sargent Published on Mar 3, 2014

(2014) Subscribers 6,202
Second Life: Ted Life "Horse Auction"
Scandinavian Prince Published on Aug 4, 2014

When Britbongreturns was banned from twitch, he initially blamed Ted but later retracted it when TheZombiUnicorn admitted she was responsible for getting Britbongreturns banned for harassing her.

(2014) Subscribers 93
Beast Lions Published on May 9, 2014

(2014) Subscribers 63,086
Virtual purchasings
DanielFromSL  Published on Nov 8, 2014

Of the youtubers who got their start in Secondlife, DanielfromSL has (by far) the most subcribers and the highest views-per-video rate.  As Daniel's success on youtube and twitch grew, Britbongreturns and some of his friends (pixskull) and craufo mostly) began a campagin of harrasment which Daniels seems fairly amused by.

Trouble by the waterside
Daniel's Most Popular Secondlife Video Yet

Top Performers
Technically not a Secondlife video, Daniel's BowMaster Video was the first video by a Secondlife youtuber to earn over a million views (not including "Why I'm Afraid Of Furries" by Ninetales666 which was removed from Youtube when Ninetales was banned for making vomit videos.  Before being removed "Why I'm Afraid of Furries" had over 3 million views making it the most successful Youtube Video by a Secondlife user ever.

BowMaster Daniels
The Most Successful Video By A Secondlife Youtuber

2009 Esteban Winsmore Subscribers Unknown
2011 General Minus  Subscribers 82,161
2011 tHE RUSSELL COBA SHOW   Subscribers 754
2011 Vinesauce    Subscribers: 225,308
2013 BritbongReturns Subscribers 36,377
2014 Oliver Sargent  Subscribers 1,461
2014 6Ted9 (2014) Subscribers 6,202
2014 DanielfromSL  Subscribers 63,086

Sunday, February 7, 2016

Britbongreturns DDosing A Teenage Girl

Britbongreturns DDosing A Teenage Girl Who Rejected Him
  • Yellow Kek (bongthemong):bye boxxy
  • 3 Pump Chump (isaakx):grief*
  • Yellow Kek (bongthemong):booter kek
  • Yellow Kek (bongthemong):giving your I.P to JP btw brb
  • Yellow Kek (bongthemong):101.****.****.****

  • [7/02/2016 12:37:44 pm] Britbong: where you go bro
  • [7/02/2016 12:41:14 pm] Britbong: see ya later whore lol
  • [7/02/2016 12:55:20 pm] Britbong: mad bro?

Caught On Video

Monday, February 1, 2016

Britbongreturns Lies About Creating Ralph Pootawn

Britbongreturns tries to claim that he began his secondlife career when he created the Ralph Pootawn character which became a popular 4Chan Meme

Who Or What Is Ralph Pootawn?
Ralph Pootawn was a troll-like character who gained a small amount of internet fame for spying on people in Secondlife while they had sex.  The catch phrase "Ralph Pls Go" reached it's peak in December 2009.

Britbongreturns claims to have created Ralph Pootawn when he was a member of the Secondlife Griefer organizsaton known as W-Hat?, yet after speaking to literally dozens of other members of W-Hat, not one of them remembers him ever being in the organization, either as Snowe Sondergaard or Ralph Pootawn.

Ralph Pootawn Account On Secondlife
Britbongreturns claims that he can't log into the Ralph Pootawn account to prove that he created it because Ralph Pootawn was banned for griefing, yet Ralph Pootawn still shows up in search which banned accounts do not.

Britbongreturns original Secondlife account was Snowe Sondergaard, created June 10, 2005 and Banned In 2015 for revealing real life information on his ex (and only) girlfriend.

The Ralph Pootawn account was created December 17, 2009 (for years after the Snowe Sondergaard account and it still active (but unused)

If he was hardware and IP banned (as he claims) on the Ralph Pootawn  account, then why was he still able to use the Snow Sondergaard account until 2015.  Snowe Sondergaard was hardware banned in 2015 for passing out the work phone number of his ex-girlfriend (Upraksi) to trolls in violet when she wouldn't return his calls.  If he really was Ralph Pootawn, it would have been banned for sharing the same IP and hardware profile as Snow Sondergaard, but wasn't.

The editors of the popular Know Your Meme website have flat-out refused to give Britbongreturns credit for Ralph Pootawn, despite his (repeated) attemps to shoe-horn himself into the article.

Encyclopedia Dramatica
The Encyclopedia Dramatica article on both Ralph Pootawn and Manlytearsuk also refuse to give him credit and call him a habitual liar

Original Ralph Pootawn Image
The Real Ralph Pootawn
Multiple resources claim that the actual Ralph Pootawn creator was a member of the LUElinks discussion boards named Potty Time in late 2009 where the images first began (before 4-Chan).  None of the confirmed members of LUElinks I've talked to remember Britbongreturns being active on the board and generally consider ManlytearsUK to be a huge lying faggot.  Britbongreturns was probably not a member of LUElinks because it was primarily popular among college students and he never attended college after being expelled from high-school.

Ralph Bluetawn
Ralph Bluetawn was a character created by the popular Vinesauce youtube channel based on the original Ralph Pootawn Meme.  Vinesauce has never claimed to be the original Ralph Pootawn

Most people also consider Britbongreturns claim to have creted "forever alone" also a HUGE FUCKING LIE
Facts About BritbongReturns

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