Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Secondlife Mole Tours: USS Reprisal

Place: Woodbine
Rating: Mature
Status: Res Area
Continent: Jeogeot
Owned By: Linden Department Of Public Works
Scripts: Yes
Voice: Yes
Building/Rezzing: Yes 10 Minute Return
Builder(s): Crazy Mole

A fantastic mesh aircraft carrier with a cool audio experience, the USS Reprisal is a great place to rez plans or boats.  Nearly full scale, this is a really unique build and a nice quiet place to open a package.

Secondlife Mole Tours: Degrand

Place: Degrand
Rating; Mature
Status: Info Hub
Continent; Corsica
Owned By: Governor Linden Maintenance Group
Scripts: Yes
Voice: Yes
Building/Rezzing: Yes by pier
Builders: Crazy Mole

Degrand is a great nautical spot with rezing areas on the piers to rez your boats.

Qentatzo to the west features some great undersea builds.

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