Monday, July 14, 2014

Legal Gaming In SecondLife

Linden Labs announced last week that they will begin to re-introduce legal gambling into Secondlife.  Several people have suggested that this may be an act of desperation and a sign that Linden Labs is going under. I believe these people are wrong and here's why:
  1. Linden Labs was never more profitable than when they offered legal gambling on Secondlife.
  2. Linden Labs only disabled legal gambling on Secondlife when the US Congress bowed to the lobby of the RL Gambling industry and made very strict anti-internet-gambling laws.
  3. The courts have since decided that many parts of these laws were not constitutional, and Congress itself has discovered that many parts of their original legislation are simply impractical given the international nature of the internet. I.E ; the laws they passed were completely ineffective.
  4. These changes to the laws that originally made Linden Labs disallow gambling are probably the real motive behind their announcement.  They never wanted to get rid of gambling and now they see an opportunity to bring it back.
  5. Ebbe Altberg , the new CEO of Linden Labs has announced several new (and perfectly logical) policy changes--this being one of them.
  6. Semi-legal gambling has been a fact of SL for a while now and is hugely successful.
These facts in mind, this seems like a perfectly logical (and good) business move for Linden Labs, and not a signal of distress at all.

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