Sunday, May 12, 2019

Comments on Harrison's Arrest Report

The night Harrison's arrest appeared in his local newspaper, people from Secondlife posted the following comments:
Originally there were dozens and dozens more comments as nearly everyone from all the hubs got involved, but the next day the people who ran this small-town newspaper website saw they had more traffic than ever before and deleted most of the comments.  What you see below was considered lost for many years, until one enterprising soul admitted she saved some of it.

^ the actual link to the news report^

Rome man charged with terroristic threats
by Lauren Jones, staff writer
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A Rome man was arrested and charged with making terroristic threats at his residence on Morrison Campground Road on Thursday evening, according to a Floyd County Jail report.

According to the report:

John ****************************, was arguing with a relative and making threats.

When the relative said she was going to record his threats on her phone, the argument became more heated, and he threatened to kill her.

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2 Hours Ago
I am so glad my relationship with Rocket is over, because now I can explore my backdoor fetish, and Rocket was just way too small. I also hope to get some 3-way action in with John Harrison King when he gets out of the Floyd County Jail, since he will have alot of practice with man on man love.

2 Hours Ago
I love you baby. Can we just lay here and forget the world?

11 Minutes Ago
You complete me.

3 Hours Ago
Ummmmmm I have no job...ummmmmm Harrisons a dick. Ummm I used to have a anymore. Ummmmm girls who talk politics ummmmm seduce me. Ummmmmmmmmmmmmm Owen's a dick.

3 Hours Ago
I love you 4D Im so glad were together

2 Hours Ago
I had to break up with Rocket Andretti to be with 4D

3 Hours Ago
I always likkkkeeeddd Harrison...even though he wasn't gayyyyyyy. Perhaps in prison he will learn the wayysss of the gayyyyysss....and come out with some anal warts! For me to popppppp and then we can be gayyyyyyyy togetherrrrrr!

3 Hours Ago
I for one will not give this man a copy of Microsoft's new OS, or a copy of our new Office.
- Bill Gates OUT!

3 Hours Ago

3 Hours Ago
Have no fear young Zeppo, I and my other fellow Lindens such as Torley, Yoshi, and more will do our best to keep him out of the Second Life grid!
*Phillip Linden vanishes*

3 Hours Ago
This man is insane, keep him in jail. He threatens girls and others in an online Community game called Second Life.

His YouTube Channel is

3 Hours Ago
Zeppo is right. This guy is an online stalker. He records girls voices online and then posts them on his youtube channel.

3 Hours Ago
Zeppo I will Orally pleasure you for being the first to post on this thread

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Saturday, May 11, 2019

Britbong (MrBtfo) Begs Google For Help When He Can't Help Himself

Responding to recent changes in UK law, Google now allows UK citizens to petition for removal of websites from their search results, made in the UK, if they consider them slanderous.   Embarrassed by the content on these sites, Britbong (who is banned from Google's Youtube) is begging Google to hide the sites listed.  I'm not sure how effective it is, he's done this to my site but I still get about half my visitors from the UK.

Considering his history it's actually hilarious to see how of a snitch MrBtfo has become

Thursday, May 2, 2019

Why Rocky (1976) is One Of The Greatest Movies Ever Made

The many sequels to the original Rocky pretty much ruined its reputation.  People forget the original film earned an amazing 10 Oscar nominations.  Try and forget what came after and consider the amazing achievement 1976's Rocky was.

Rocky, a 30 year old ex-boxer turned enforcer for a local loan shark, has no family, no friends, but he loves a girl named Adrian, locally believed to be retarded because she's so shy.

When his scheduled opponent breaks his hand, World Heavyweight Chamption Apollo Creed, decides to take on a nobody fighter as a novelty rather than canceling the planed match.

In this scene, Rocky accepted the offer to fight Apollo Creed, but he has no money, no representation, no training and no friends.  The only person in the world who believes in him is Adrianna (Adrien)  Unsure of himself and way out of shape, Rocky begins to train.  The music and the editing (both nominated for an oscar) emphasize his mood

Rocky's situation is desperate.  He knows there's no way he can face Creed in the ring the way he is.  The last time spoke to Micky (Burgess Meridith-nominated for an oscar) Micky called him a bum and a failure.  He's understandably surprised when Mickey shows up at his door.  This scene alone demonstrates why both Stalone and Meredith earned Best Actor Oscar nominations.  Again, Bill Conti's musical replaces pages of dialogue with a few simple notes.

Mickey saw something in Rocky and Rocky saw something in Mickey.  With mickey in his corner and  Adrian in his heart, Rocky's training changes.  This became one of the most famous sequences in movie history for its editing (which won Richard Halsey an oscar) While Avildsen and Halsey constructed the sequence they kept calling composer Conti, asking him to make his score a few seconds longer.  Released as a single titled "Gonna Fly Now" (which became a Top 40 hit), The finished score for this scene became Conti's most famous work.

The City of Philadelphia so loved this sequence, that they would keep the statue of Rocky (Made as a prop for for Rocky III and re-cast in actual bronze) beside the steps of the Philadelphia Museum of Art, where thousands of tourists each year take selfies.

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