Monday, March 20, 2023

The Last of Britbong

Before I knew who Britbong was, I knew there were guys from 4chan coming into SecondLife looking to fuck with him.  Their interest in him is what made me look for his videos on youtube.  "Another guy copying Esteban" was my estimation of his work then, and it hasn't changed since.   Since Esteban appeared in the online version of Wired, a dozen guys had come to make SecondLife videos.  Britbong had an English accent.  Other than that, he was the same.

When I finally met him, I figured out why there had been guys following him around and fucking with him since he was seventeen.  Britbong overreacted to everything.  He had a gigantic chip on his shoulder, and for guys who were bored, it was kind of fun to flick it off and see what he did.

There were two guys on SecondLife who had autism and had a following of people who found it incredibly entertaining to fuck up their day and see the reaction.  One was Britbong, and the other was Ninetales.  

Britbong hated me because I had to be the one to tell him Upraksi was back with Justin, so his anti-fan club soon found me too, and began inviting me when they would fuck with him.  Nobody ever really cared about Forever Alone or Ralph Potawn, but it was super clear that he lied about them, and confronting him about these lies made him angry across several social platforms on the internet, so that became a regular thing for them.

Britbong's ultimate weakness was that other streamers made him insanely jealous, and he couldn't resist attacking them.  It proved fatal when Britbong started going after a guy named RussoPlays, who had never heard of Britbong, raiding his channel and slandering him all over.  Russo appealed to Keemstar and Youtube for help, and that was the end of Britbong.  

Britbong appealed to CollosalisCrazy to get Keemstar to take his side and get him reinstated on Youtube, but Keemstar said he wasn't big enough to help, and that started the great Britbong/Keemstar war, which ended with Britbong losing everything.  Allegations of distributing child pornography ended Britbong forever.  No one will touch him now.

Over time, after consistent begging, Britbogn won his twitch and his Twitter back.  It may be too late.  Social Blade says his audience is down about eighty percent and still going down.  

I can't say whether what happened to Britbong is fair or not.  At every turn, he made the choice that played into the hands of the people who were seeking to ruin his plans.  Maybe if he had left Russo alone, maybe if he'd left Keemstar and ColossalisCrazy alone, none of this would have happened, but he did, and so here we are.

Thursday, December 15, 2022

Mental Health Days

I got up this morning at seven a.m.  When I glanced at my computer, I noticed there were several discord messages posted an hour before from g3nn3vi3 complaining loudly about Aubrey.  All I could think of was that if that's what you're thinking about at six a.m., then Aubrey isn't your problem.  Apparently, her health is too poor to play Ark or Rust, but she'll spend all day and night worrying about Aubrey on Secondlife.  

Samango, for his part, apparently spent all night uploading dozens of videos about Nacho, then got up at the same time as g3nn3vi3, ready to do battle with the same.  That's a perfectly normal thing for the father of a small child to do at Christmas.  These are the memories that child will have of their father.

For some people, Secondlife is very bad for their mental health.  Harrison was on Secondlife the night he tried to kill his sister.  That guy from Missfits was on Secondlife the night he did kill his stepson.  Kevin was on SecondLife the night he decided to eat only McDonalds, then eat only air, then drink his own pee the entire time, devising a way to make an AI girlfriend so he would have somebody to talk to when he was on Secondlife.  Stefanos and Michellita spent five years calling the police on each other because of Secondlife.  Misty Putzo once put his fist through his monitor because Nym kept saying his name over and over on Secondlife.  Dreams Emerald pulled a gun on Justin and harasses his mom to this day after her voodoo doll didn't work, all because of Secondlife.

All I can say is that if Secondlife isn't good for you, then remove it from your life.  Don't wait for it to get better.  Don't wait until your enemy is vanquished.  It's not going to get better.  Your enemy is most likely as addicted as you are so they're not going to be vanquished.  Linden Lab spent the last six years trying to eliminate the hub community.  Maybe they're on to something.

Saturday, November 26, 2022

News From Hell

 Since I'm not really part of SecondLife anymore, if I end up getting news from Secondlife, it's pretty bad.

Samango has apparently joined the ranks of losers who have bothered Poppin's family, a company that includes Doggy Lipstick, Jaypee, and Harrison.  Sterling creatures all.  They have no problem attacking underage family members in their crusade to make their secondlife less miserable.  Poppin's problem is that her life isn't fucking horrible, but she hangs out with people whose lives are nearly suicidal bad, and she has the nerve to talk about how her life isn't that bad in front of them.  You honestly cannot expect any less from these people.  That they cannot behave any better is a big part of why their lives are so horrible.  There are reasons Liden Lab tries to rid itself of the hub people, but they literally have nowhere else on the planet to go so they always find a way to cling to some phantom of existence online.

With his birthday coming up and forty looming large on the horizon, Britbong has decided that if he can't make SecondLife trolling videos, then nobody can, and he's been on a campaign of false reporting everyone else who makes the videos claiming they're why he got banned even though he knows that's a lie.  Britbong got banned because he started fucking with Russoplays, who went to Twitter and asked youtube for help.  That's it.  No other streamers or people from SecondLife were involved.  He got banned because he was a dumbass and started fucking with a person not involved in his drama.  

There's really no hope for Britbong.  He has pretty severe autism, and the entire small town he lives in knows his father was in jail for being stupid.  He'll soon be forty and will have never had a job or a girlfriend that lasted more than two weeks.  His career as a youtube is over, and according to social blade, there are fewer people watching his streams every month.

Secondlife is a dead end and a trap.  My best advice is to just avoid it.

Samango is flipping out in my comments.  I really couldn't care less.  I suppose he might not survive the holidays, but that's his own fault.

Monday, December 27, 2021

Finally Quitting Secondlife

 Back last spring, I came to the realization that most of the people I enjoyed playing Secondlife with no longer played.  Some intermittently still came on, but I found myself tuning out SecondLife while playing other games.  

Other than occasionally talking to Justin about music or comics, there were very few people to talk to normally anymore, and it was getting worse.  I started thinking about leaving then but resisted because I was stubborn.

Secondlife became a place where you could log in and hear somebody have a breakdown or watch relationships fall apart in a loud and public way.  

For four or five years now, Secondlife became a weirdly competitive platform where people were unbelievably horrible to each other.  My strategy became being more terrible than whoever was awful to my friends.  Unfortunately, I got pretty good at that.  

Battling pretty bad people by being worse became how almost everyone played SecondLife.  Gone were the avenues for creativity in the world of SecondLife.  You could visit some pretty cool builds, but most paled to anything done in Unreal Engine.  

By May, I became pretty determined to dramatically reduce my time on Secondlife; by June, I was logging in once or twice a week, and by July, I was gone.  

It was the right decision.  SecondLife makes you petty and mean if you're around it enough.  Even if you escape that, you're still going to witness good people suffer and break down, and there's nothing you can do to stop it.  Honestly, I wish I'd given it up three or four years ago.  The things I've witnessed in those years were not pleasant.  SecondLife became dominated by miserable people, making me unhappy too.  

I still care about a few people in the game, but I can care about them without being in SecondLife.  It's impossible to shield them from the toxicity dominating the game, but it's their choice to be in it.  I'm choosing not to.  

Friday, October 16, 2020

You People Are Addicts

So, my blog has been gone for weeks now and there are still 100 to 200 people a day that check this web address to see if anything has changed.

I'll spell it out for you...

Not a goddamn thing has changed...

The crazy people are still crazy, the angry people are still angry, the lonely people are still lonely and the addicted people are still addcted.  Leslie's still in a homeless shelter, Nacho's wearing a dress, Harrison is looking for high school girls, Stefanos is angry and nuts, yadda yadda yadda.  Who really cares?

Secondlife is dying and these people are trapped in a repetitive downward cycle of nothingness.

If you're curious about the Britbong saga, check Twitter and Youtube.  It's heating up but I just don't care because it really is just more of the same.  

Look, if you've been using Secondlife as some sort of real-life reality show, the show's over.  It jumped the shark maybe a year and a half ago and now they're just waiting for the contracts to run out.  

Wednesday, September 23, 2020

Where's The Blog?

Since disgraced former DJ Stefanos spent weeks reporting my blog trying to get it taken down I thought I'd save him the trouble and shut it down.

I've been talking with my friends about this for a couple months now, and it's time.  Truth be told, it's been a long time since the blog was either fun to write or read.  What's left of the community I once wrote about now hangs out a couple dozen at a time in empty fields or roadsides waiting for Linden Lab to turn the voice off there too.

What we had isn't coming back and writing about the death of our community hasn't been much fun.

The Britbong thing was fun when we'd say he lied about Ralph Pootawn and he'd get upset, but the shit that happens with him now is gross and shocking and I want no part of it.  Maybe discord or law enforcement or somebody can sort it out but I'm just going to watch from a distance.

I'm told that several people have archives of the blog and plan to re-upload it.  Please at least let me know before you do that.  Honestly, it's not worth it.

So, thanks for all the fish guys.  Maybe one day I'll come back, but don't hold your breath. 

Monday, August 31, 2020

Ten Years Since Operation Harrison Pigface

 This January, we celebrate the tenth year of Operation Harrison Pigface, the troll that ended the musical career of Harrison Digfoot in Secondlife.  

You can read my original account of the event here

I want to say the Chapel organized the troll, but it might have been Celeste.  I know I was there, Starr, Jider, Damnright, Chapel, and Nym.  As you can tell from the photo there were plenty more.  The one guy not in a Harrison Digfoot avatar is Socrates who was too drunk to figure out how.

I can't remember why I didn't mention the girl's screen name in the original article.  Maybe she asked me to or something.  Either way, I won't here either.

You'd think after this, Harrison would never bother another high school girl, but sometimes people just don't learn.

There was a pretty good video of it, but it's long-since gone.  I want to say it was on Crunk's channel.

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