Wednesday, July 4, 2018

Ellen Frog Works To Ban People

For years I've told you how most abuse reports in Secondlife come from Ellen Frog and her group.  She's recently decided to make a note-card to sort of justify what she's doing:

First and foremost, please understand that being a part of the Second Life Community is a privilege, not a right. 
Second, don't be a jerk.  This one sounds simple but it is amazing how some people just can't  help from seeking attention for themselves by being mean, tormenting, overbearing, and just plain vicious.  IF you happen to be one of these people, it is suggested that you purchase your own land to be a jerk on or better yet, secure yourself an evil haven within another virtual world.  
Third, any individual who has been banned have been put in that position for a reason.  LL is not allowed to tell residents the details of that reason nor should they.  As such, if you are getting your details and reasoning from the said banned individual, then it is more than likely that they are not telling you the actual full story of what they did.                         (actually that's not true.  If you persist they will give you the details) 
Fourth, know that you are being watched.  (watched by Ellen Frog and 007BJamesB mainly, but also Joanna Loon and a couple of others.)  If you have ever drawn attention to yourself in the past, it is in your best interest to not only  show consideration to others in your new avatar, but to do so for the long  haul.  It is understood that anyone can pretend to be a decent human being for a short period of time.  (Ellen Frog has been pretending for a while now) Doing the right thing is great, doing the right thing all the time is better, and doing the right thing all the time (even when you think no one is looking) is the highest form of personal growth.
Fifth, make amends.   This may be the most difficult for anyone to do because if you have caused someone harm, it will take 10 times the amount of positive interaction to regain some form of trust.  For those who say they will never ever accept your apology, you must understand that and make this your mantric response:  "I completely understand that you can't accept my apology, but I will give you space and I hope that in time, someday you will see that I am not her to hurt you.  I respect your feelings and will honor your wishes for me  to leave you alone."  At this point, it is in your best interest to leave that area and convene with friends on another virtual world.  Even if you have done nothing wrong on that particular day or moment, know that just being there may draw attention to yourself once again.  (this is rich coming from the person who caused Pastor Mike's RL divorce and destroyed Heather's Welcome Area.  How about YOU make amends first Ellen Frog?)
Finally, people change.  Hopefully, your experiences in your virtual worlds and in your real life can be ones that you grow from and help you find peace in your heart as well as meaning to your life.  (people change, but Ellen Frog does not.  She's always wanted some form of control of secondlife which is why she destroys everything she touches when she comes here) 

Video made during the period when Ellen Frog
was trying to take control of House Of Prayer

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