Monday, July 9, 2018

Boglins Vs Gremlins

The 1984 film Gremlins was a surprise smash hit.  Like most successful films, copies and rip offs were soon to follow, including Ghoulies (1984), Critters (1986) and the toy line Boglins released in 1987.

Boglins are literally cheap rip-offs of Gremlins.


  1. Boglins were sweet as fuck in their sculpting. I'd take a Boglins toy over any Gremlins toy.

  2. Actually, i think the #1 reason I never bought any of them was... retarded kids were always killing them in-package. Being made of foam, it was shitty to find one that looked cool, but missing their nose or with fingernail scratches in them. >___>


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