Sunday, June 3, 2018

Was Youtube Unfair To Britbong?

Since losing his Britbongreturns channel on Youtube, Britbong has made at least seven more channels, all of which were terminated within a month.  Several people have pointed out this may be unfair since people like Keemstar were allowed to make new channels after being banned, so why is Britbong singled out for blacklisting.

It's true, youtube believes in second chances.  There are numerous cases of it.  Their TOS even says, they may allow you to come back.  So why not Britbong?

Before making Britbongreturns, ManlytearsUK was banned from youtube at least six times that we know of, including his Britbong account (hence Britbong"returns").

It's clear Youtube gave Britbong a second chance (even a third, fourth and fifth chance) to correct the error of his ways and become a productive part of the Youtube community, all of which he wasted by doing the same thing: attacking other Youtubers. 

It would seem obvious that Youtube frowns on people using their platform to fuck with other people on their platform, but Britbong doesn't seem to be getting the message. 

At some point along the way, youtube decided Britbong was incorrigible and blacklisted him instead of just banning him. 

The other factor here is that Britbong not only knows it was the involvement of the YouTube Hero program that got him banned, but the specific member of the program who did it.  Logically, if he actually wanted to return to Youtube, you'd think he'd do whatever he could to make peace with this person, but not Britbong.  On twitter he vacillated between attacking (even threatening) @trustedflagger and trying to use him against other youtubers.  The outcome there really should have been obvious, but Britbong isn't the sharpest knife in the drawer.

At this point, there's probably nothing that can save Britbong.  His audience gets smaller every month and with no new blood coming from anywhere the future is obvious.  The biggest problem is, he's just not funny anymore.  It's been more than two years since he's made anything approaching a funny video and his streams are mostly him complaining about the way people treat him, or (what he sees as) preferential treatment given to other youtubers.  The writing is on the wall.


  1. I thought you were trying to get him arrested good job on that shoebox


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