Saturday, June 9, 2018

Lonely, Britbong Tries A Dating Ap

Most people assume these dating profiles aren't 100% accurate, so I guess it's forgivable that Britbong lies about his age and height.

Considering the trouble he was in recently, Britbong stipulates 18 and above (but probably doesn't mean it) It's ironic that he specifies he values honesty the most, but then lies twice on his profile.

Original As Submitted By Britbong

Corrected Version


  1. I'm not sure how corrected is right considering the age is still wrong and all the lies.

    1. good point. I think they're still working it. He took the original down within an hour of it being discovered so correctors will have to work with the archived copy.

  2. Fucking hilarious....a total non entity.


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