Friday, June 15, 2018

CheChe's Lie Of The Day

Sometimes, the lies CheChe143 Gothly tells are obvious: like when she said she was in medical school.

All of her lies are aimed at people who are too stupid to tell the difference.  The lie she told today was one that required just a tad of thinking to reveal how much of a lie it was.

Today CheChe143 Gothly said that when Wintown doxed her, he "found" her tax returns proving she made over $80,000 that year.

Wintown is a pretty weird guy.  He would do a mixed bag of drugs and stay up all night on google which made him a pretty effective doxer.  I remember when Wintown Doxed Cheche143.  He found her facebook.  He found her husband's facebook.  He found where she was trying to flip ghetto houses.  He even found her listings of houses that simply wouldn't sell because they were too ghetto, but he didn't find her taxes .

Tax returns are a different matter though.  You can't "find" people's tax returns online.  The only way Wintown would have found CheChe143's tax returns would be if he somehow hacked the IRS or the State Bureau of Revenue or possibly the accountant who prepared her taxes.  Wintown is a pretty scary guy, but he's not exactly a federal level hacker.

The other obvious option is: CheChe143 Gothly just lied to try and make stupid people believe she made far more money than she did.


  1. I said he found out my Tax bracket LOL pay attention old man!

  2. lol you can't find that on google either though. Maybe you should just admit you lied


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