Friday, June 29, 2018

Britbong Banned From Discord: Again

For the second time in six months, Britbong has lost his own discord when he tried to harass other people's discord.

In this case it was his former friend Shadman.  Britbong lost his mind when he saw one of his former followers in Shadman's discord and caused such a stink that he ended up banned from Shadman's discord.  Britbong got his friends to join him in mass reporting Shadman's discord, only to have Discord realize Britbong was actually ban evading and reversing the entire thing on him.

Shadman is a very controversial character.  It was possibly a bad idea to support him in the first place, but to turn around and attack him now just seems disingenuous.

If he ends up blacklisted from Discord like he is from twitter and youtube it's going to be almost impossible to maintain his viewer base.

I'm hearing now that the discord was actually owned by Pixskull who also recently lost the Youtube channel he let Britbong use.  I hope Britbong is actually paying Pix at this point.  I mean thousands too.  He's moderated Britbong's channels for years and put up with his shit and is in serious danger of losing his internet presence for it.

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