Monday, April 30, 2018

While CheChe143 Gothly's RL Husband is Home Paying The Bills...

[19:14] L (Bistoufly31): i'm kim jing , i take the americans girls for my sub
[19:14] L (Bistoufly31): king jong
[19:14] L (Bistoufly31): I am Kim Jong, I am going to make American women for soumsies
[19:18] Circleward: I don't really have any problem with guys who prefer whores
[19:18] Circleward: at least you know what you're getting
[19:19] L (Bistoufly31): yes , i love my whole ♥
[19:19] Circleward: whore
[19:19] Circleward: whole is something else
[19:19] L (Bistoufly31): my whole , my slut , my wife , my GF ♥
[19:19] Circleward: so cheche is your slut your wife and your gf?
[19:20] L (Bistoufly31): yes all
[19:20] L (Bistoufly31): love my cheche ♥

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