Tuesday, April 17, 2018

So How Did Joe Leifstrom Get Banned Anyhow?

When Secondlife still had people, Joe Leifstrom spent most of his time at Hyannisport with a small group of people.  As Secondlife emptied out, that little group began to realize they were stuck with Joe so they began quitting secondlife all together.

Alone and friendless. Joe Leifstrom migrated to Help Island with Pixie Khitan (who was in the same position)

Joe has control issues.  At Help Island, he decided he just didn't like having Chase McClure and Colie Ceriano around.  Their presence really bugged him so he acquired a sim crasher and went to work. 

For over four months Joe would crash Help Island Public on an alt whenever Chase or Colie would show up, being careful to change his proxy IP each time to protect his Joe Leifstrom account. 

Eventually, Linden Lab went beyond IP and matched the machine ID's of the sim crasher to Joe and deleted all his accounts and removed his right to access Secondlife.

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