Friday, April 27, 2018

Britbong Viewership Down 80% Plus

After losing his Youtube Channel last summer, Britbong's regular viewing audience shrank to 80% of it's size this time last year.

Later, in the Winter, Britbong was also banned from Twitter, which might account for some of the low numbers, but I interviewed some of his former viewers and hit on what might be the real problem.

"He's just not funny anymore" Said one former fan

"Since he lost his youtube, all he does is go on these rants for hours about the way people treat him and how he wants to get revenge"

Several fans report being banned from his once friendly discord without any reason.  Britbong's discord had been one of his biggest assets sine he would openly socialize with his viewers, but that apparently has stopped.

Britbong swears he has absolutely no plans to quit streaming, but his audience seems equally determined to quit him.  I don't see how he can possibly reach a new audience without a youtube channel. is a very, very small streaming service so it's very unlikely he'll get new viewers there.  Banned from Twitter, he's been using something called which is even more deserted than

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