Saturday, April 28, 2018

Britbong Files False DMCA On Bad Guys

Frustrated with a rapidly shrinking audience and trouble getting along with his family (but still unwilling to move out) Britbong filed a false DMCA claim on one of the Bad Guys Videos.

The Youtube counterclaim system is pretty straight forward, and the video will be restored, but you can tell how frustrated and desperate Britbong is getting.

Previously he filed a DMCA claim on a video Lavender Storydel posted on twitter of her making kissy noises over one of his old videos for much the same reason.

**  Update on April 30, Britbong apologized to The Bad Guys, Zoom and Kopy and removed his improper and illegal DMCA claim on the Bad Guys Video.



    1. did you ever get a role so you can use voice in discord


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