Friday, March 2, 2018

Don't Be So Mean To Monkeycheese: they said

Here's a short list of people who think it's
just fine to write songs about people's children
Don't Be So Mean To Monkeycheese: they said
He's a changed man: they said
Give him a second chance: they said

So...with his secondchance, some loser on sSecondlife bought little Tone a new guitar (since he couldn't afford one himself and he sold the one Alco sent him to buy beer).

With that new guitar that some loser on Secondlife bought him, Little Tone decided to write a sexually explicit song about someone's young daughter and the mods over at little adam's NOT VIOLET discord thought it was just dandy.

So, for every time I saw a trio of angry females beating up some other female for "talking about somebody's kids" who seem to be just fine with little Tone writing songs about kids: you're certainly welcome to just go fuck yourselves.

Vyrnox Ming is one of the main mods in the "violet discord" who allowed this to happen, even though he knows it's wrong.  That makes Vyrnox Ming a bitch.

update:  apparently some other loser bought him a bycycle and yet an even bigger loser bought him a microphone.  Little monkeycheese is a one man welfare state.

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