Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Britbong's Mental State

A little over a week ago, someone approached me and said that their friend was making a Britbong video, would I be able to speak to him.  I said "sure", but his friend never contacted me.  I would later learn this was The Exceptional Detective.

The next thing I heard I was being invited to discord to read the comments on the video as it was about to upload to youtube.  That was the first time I ever met Exceptional Detective.  Britbong is a bit famous for over-reacting to anything negative and spamming the comments so a fairly large group gathered to watch the fireworks when Britbong finds the video.

I didn't think the video was that much different than the Spooks video from this summer, but something in it must have really triggered Britbong.  As you can see the video's only been up for 3 days and it has over 250 comments, most from Britbong using up to five different accounts.

The next day, one of Britbong's friends and a moderator on his stream messaged me to ask that we take the video down as it was having a negative impact on Britbong's mental health.  I told him I had nothing to do with the video and had only just met the guy who made it.

I believe it really must be impacting his mental health, because today he came into discord and yelled at me for more than four hours about things Upraksi did over three years ago.  Something about her must be driving him crazy, because, as you see in the video, he was playing 3 year old recordings he made of arguments they had for his stream.

Britbong's mental health may very well be deteriorating.  He's lost so much since last spring.  That youtube channel was all he ever wanted in life, and its loss has to be painful every day.  His obsession with getting revenge on Derrick and The Bad Guys is irrational and unwarranted.  They literally did nothing to him, except keep their youtube channels while he lost his.

** Update ** Britbong filed a "defamation" claim against the video, which apparently only works in the UK, so while the video is still up, people in the UK (including him) cannot see it or comment on it.  Considering that most of Britbong's fans are not in the UK, I kind of feel like he just shot himself in the foot.  What's really funny though, all those sock puppet accounts he used to comment on the video are now blocked form making any further comments, so the video is still up, but he cannot defend himself.

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